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2020-02-26 17:07
I have a device that says it will take ymodem or ymodem-g transfers, however, it only send "G" instead of "C". Becaus...
2020-02-17 17:13
Dear, for a Bootloader to a Microchip MCU I wanted to use XMODEM protocol to transfer the HEX file. I meet some probl...
2020-02-10 16:21
Extension Negotiation in the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol (RFC8308) へ対応する。 対応範囲RFC8308 では以下の拡張ネゴシ...
2020-02-10 15:41
rsa-sha2-256, rsa-sha2-512 公開鍵アルゴリズムに対応する。 OpenSSH 8.2 にて Future deprecation notice として ssh-rsa (...
2020-02-04 17:06
I recently had to re-image my machine. On new Tera Term install running the same macros I'm now getting an Invalid Ho...

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2020-01-11 22:55

I needed Tera Term, not a driver updater program. It said TeraTerm4... but ....

2019-11-01 23:20

Better than putty when Tera Term connects to a serial device as some file tr....

2019-07-21 23:49

top software end very util tools

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