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pixivD Tools

Auxiliary tools for users of pixiv_down

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pixivD Tools

Auxiliary tools for pixiv_down using pixivD.


Remove Unfollowed

Made to cleanup after some accounts that you have unfollowed. It will look through the directory where pixiv_down downloads all your images for the user IDs that are present. From there it'll check if you are following that ID or not.

For every user ID found that you do not follow, you'll be asked if you want to delete the directory.

To build, simply run dub build --config remove_unfollowed.

Combine Users

This program will search through all the user IDs that you've downloaded from using pixiv_down and check if there are any duplicate directories using the same user ID. This can happen if a user is participating in an event and changes their display name to contain a count down.

Each of the directory names will be displayed to you to choose from. Once a selection is made, all the files and sub-directories from the other directory names shown to you will be moved in to the chosen name.

To build, simply run dub build --config combine_users.


  • A D compiler
  • dub (version 1.23.0 or newer)
  • pixivD

If you're using a version of dub less than 1.23.0, then you'll need to manually add the dependency for pixivD.


Each tool is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License, which you can read in the LICENSE file.

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