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Py IPv6 Info

A small utility to fetch information about IPv6 addresses and possibly also any associated IPv4 address.

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6d535bbd2017-06-06 15:56:53Eric HopperHopefully this is now Python 2/3 agnostic.
40ca37f32016-12-31 19:40:04Eric HopperAdded README for Bitbucket and other public hosting.
6ef79e372013-02-27 02:19:18Eric HopperInitial script checkin. Could probably use a distutils se...
This Python program tries to give as much information about an IPv6 address
as it can. Additionally, if it appears to be an IPv6 address for one of the
commonly used IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling technologies, it tries to fetch
information about the IPv4 endpoint of the tunnel.

This information includes reverse DNS lookups and information about address
classification (like that it is a tunnel address).

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