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Pandora FMS is a performance & availability monitoring system, ready for big environments. It uses agents for local monitoring and can do several kinds of remote network monitoring (SNMP v3, TCP checks, remote WMI probes...) Agents works on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD systems.

Highly scalable (up to 2000 nodes with one single server), completely web-driven and a multitenant interface. It has a very flexible ACL system and a lot of graphical reports and user-defined control screens.


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2016-03-09 23:58
Évaluation de abostetxea

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A great tool once you master it. Fully integrated even further than any of its competitors. It was a standard at one of the companies I worked at and none of the users there (including our CEO) had any complaints on it.
-Fully integrated with 3rd party applications -Really flexible in functions compared to its competitors
-relatively large learning curve

2016-02-03 00:57
Évaluation de Swarmarr

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A bit complex at first, later becomes the most complete monitoring software for your servers, windows or linux
You can reuse your previous scripts or kwnoledgue
Not for dummies
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