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Description du projet

Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

So far most of yash's features have been implemented. The author is currently writing auxiliary scripts to make command completion more usable.

Système requise

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Livrée : 2008-11-13 18:43
yash 2.2.2 (1 files Cacher)

Notes de release

Re-release of yash 2.2.2.

Originally available at:

Yash バージョン 2.2.2 の再リリースです。



Yash 2.2

+ "help", "pushd", "popd" and "dirs" builtins
= The value of $PWD set by the "cd" builtin is fixed. It now has a
correct value when changing to a relative path from the root
* Pathname expansion not properly performed for patterns including
"." or "..".

Yash 2.2

+ "help", "pushd", "popd", "dirs" 組込み
= ルートディレクトリから相対パスで "cd" するとき設定される $PWD
* "." や ".." を含むファイル名展開が正しく動作していなかった