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Retro Computer Image Libraryは、Amiga、Atari 8 ビット、Atari Portfolio、Atari ST、Atari Falcon、Commodore 64、Macintosh 128K、MSX、SAM Coupe、ZX Spectrum の画像形式をデコードします。プロジェクトにはシンプルなビューアー、汎用画像ビューアーおよびエディターのプラグイン、すべてをpngにするコンバーターが含まれます。

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BINS photo album

BINS is a valid HTML 4 photo album generator with support for internationalization, EXIF, and customizable charset encoding, including UTF-8 (Unicode). Albums can contains other sub-albums. The appearance of the album can be fully personalized by using template and configuration parameters. The number and size of scaled pictures can be chosen in pixels or percentage of the original image. Several description fields (date, location, etc.) can be associated with the pictures, and you can add additional description fields. A command line utility or a GTK+ GUI can be used to set or edit description fields. BINS can use the EXIF data structure found in some pictures to automatically fill some fields (most notably, date and time) and to produce a page providing all information available on the picture, as well as the DigiCam settings when the photo was taken. All image meta-data are stored in XML files.

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Gifsicle is a powerful command-line program for manipulating GIF image files. It has good support for transparency and colormap manipulation, simple image transformations (cropping, flipping), and creating, deconstructing, and editing GIF animations. It can also optimize GIF animations for space. Also included is a GIF animation viewer and a program that checks whether two GIFs look the same.

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RPhoto is a handy image editor to simplify cropping of digital camera pictures and avoid white borders introduced by incorrect height/width ratios. It also has lossless rotate and flip features, as well as a unique way to rectify a bad angle by only drawing a horizontal or vertical line.

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image2mpeg is a tool to convert digital photos (or
any other images) into MPEG video streams, with
transitions between the images. The photo stream
may be accompanied with music (or any other audio
stream). The resulting slideshow may be prepared
for VCD, SVCD, or DVD playback in stand-alone
players, or the MPEG videos may be converted into
FLV (Flash Videos). The type of transition can be
selected for each image separately from a set of
fade, slide, roll, etc.

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Developer's Image Library

Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library utilizing a simple syntax to load, save, convert, manipulate, filter, and display a variety of images with ease. It is highly portable and has been ported to several platforms, including the Pocket PC.

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Renrot renames files according the flexible name template (allowing DateTimeOriginal and FileModifyDate EXIF tags, if they exist; otherwise, the name will be set according to the current timestamp). It can aggregate files according to shooting time period. It can losslessly rotate JPEGs and their thumbnails according to the Orientation EXIF tag or a given angle. It can put commentary into the Commentary and UserComment tags. Personal details can be specified via XMP tags defined in a configuration file.

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Système d'exploitation: OS Independent
Langage de programmation: Perl
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Shapefile C Library

Shapefile C Library is a C library for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles and their related DBF files. All geometry types are supported, with robust DBF support. Shapelib is widely used for commercial and free projects. Shapelib includes command line utilities for dumping, subsetting, clipping, shifting, scaling, and reprojecting shapefiles.

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Tumble converts one or more TIFF (B&W only) and
JPEG files into a PDF file. It was developed
primarily for use with scanned images. B&W images
will be encoded with Group 4 fax (T.6) lossless
compression. JPEG images are embedded as-is.
Tumble supports multi-page TIFF files, and can
generate PDF outline entries (bookmarks) based on
the file name and/or the page number.

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PdfRipImage is a utility to extract images from
.pdf files and convert them to the format of your
choice. It is really a front-end for 'pdfimages'
from Xpdf and 'pnmto*' from netpbm. The program
is available as a command line shell script and a
GNOME graphical version.

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libgocr is a library to help the creation of OCR
engines. Engines are released as plugins, and can
take advantage of several features that the
library provides. Frontends to the library can be
written for any kind of environment.

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Bulk Image Resizing Thing

BIRT is a simple application that allows a large number of
images to be resized in one go. It was created in order to
facilitate the maintenance of an online photo album
where each hi-res photo needs a low-res copy and a

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tex2im is a simple tool that converts LaTeX formulas into high resolution pixmap graphics for inclusion in text processors or presentations. Results look much better than the results of embedded formula editors, and tex2im allows the reuse of formulas from your latex documents.

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ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems that allows you to perform OCR on DjVu files.

Dernière Mise à Jour: 2004-04-12 00:09


Delineate is a tool for converting bitmap raster
images to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using
AutoTrace or potrace. It loads images using JIU
and displays results using Batik. The valid input
formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNM, PBM,

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