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ufdbguard(freshmeat) ufdbGuard ufdbGuard is a URL filter. The URL filter block... Télécharger
kchmviewer(freshmeat) KchmViewer kchmviewer is a CHM (Winhelp) files viewer writ... Télécharger
gtkspell(freshmeat) GtkSpell GtkSpell provides word-processor-style highligh... Télécharger
meetingroombookingsystem(freshmeat) Meeting Room Booking System The Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS) is a PHP... Télécharger
tarzan-aws(freshmeat) Tarzan Tarzan is a fast, powerful PHP toolkit for buil... Télécharger
inspircd(freshmeat) InspIRCd InspIRCd is a fully modular IRC daemon with mod... Télécharger
splintgui(freshmeat) splintgui splintGUI is an graphical frontend for the synt... Télécharger
mp_doccer(freshmeat) mp_doccer mp_doccer is a tool that travels C code files, ... Télécharger
nulog2(freshmeat) Nulog2 Nulog2 is a complete rewrite of Nulog, the hist... Télécharger
localizer(freshmeat) Localizer Localizer is a Zope product that provides a set... Télécharger
velocity(freshmeat) Apache Velocity Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It pe... Télécharger
freeranger(freshmeat) FreeRanger FreeRanger is an electronic field guide impleme... Télécharger
findutils(freshmeat) findutils The findutils package consists of three program... Télécharger
erdgutenberg(freshmeat) ERDlanguage ERDlanguage is a Web-based language research to... Télécharger
flickfleck(freshmeat) FlickFleck FlickFleck is a tool to transfer photos from a ... Télécharger
ngspice(freshmeat) ngspice Ngspice is a mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit s... Télécharger
dvdslideshow(freshmeat) dvd-slideshow dvd-slideshow makes a video slideshow with from... Télécharger
oaf(freshmeat) Open Arena Fortress Open Arena Fortress is a mod for Open Arena tha... Télécharger
freshmeatprojectquery(freshmeat) freshmeat Project Query Class freshmeat Project Query Class queries freshmeat... Télécharger
zlog-logging-library(freshmeat) zlog logging library zlog is a reliable, efficient, thread safe, fle... Télécharger
textlicense(freshmeat) Text License Text License is a module for the Drupal CMS tha... Télécharger
uzklive(freshmeat) uzklive Uzklive is the live port of Uruzuki GNU/Linux. ... Télécharger
virtmus(freshmeat) VirtMus VirtMus (virtual music) allows the user to disp... Télécharger
phpremoteshell(freshmeat) phpRemoteShell phpRemoteShell is an all-in-one Web application... Télécharger
sunscape(freshmeat) Sunscape Sunscape is a screen saver and locker for Pocke... Télécharger
hexchat(freshmeat) HexChat HexChat is an easy-to-use graphical IRC chat cl... Télécharger
sqlitejdbc(freshmeat) SQLiteJDBC SQLiteJDBC is a Java JDBC driver for SQLite 3. ... Télécharger
pocobot(freshmeat) PocoBot PocoBot is a modular IRC bot written in C++. Mo... Télécharger
pbooks(freshmeat) PBooks Pbooks is a PHP-based accounting and bookkeepin... Télécharger
blinkensisters(freshmeat) BlinkenSisters Jump'n'Run Blinkensisters is a Parallax-style 2D scrolling... Télécharger
kiezellisp(freshmeat) Kiezellisp Kiezellisp is a Lisp interpreter/compiler writt... Télécharger
yacat(freshmeat) yaCat yaCat (yet another catalogator) is a small text... Télécharger
model-builder(freshmeat) Model Builder Model Builder is a graphical tool for designing... Télécharger
jind(freshmeat) Jind Jind is an interpreter for a toy programming la... Télécharger
nmaven(freshmeat) nmaven NMaven provides Maven plugins to support the bu... Télécharger
phpw2ml(freshmeat) phpW2ML PhpW2ML is a W2ML (Web 2 Markup Language) proce... Télécharger
wiipdf(freshmeat) wiipdf wiipdf is a tiny tool to present a PDF using xp... Télécharger
ait(freshmeat) AIT Artificial Intelligence Toolkit is a C++ librar... Télécharger
ayam(freshmeat) Ayam Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the... Télécharger
nvderz(freshmeat) nV@derz! nV@derz! is an arcade-style space shooter inspi... Télécharger
pyawale(freshmeat) pyAwale pyAwale is a pure Python implementation of the ... Télécharger
clipsafe(freshmeat) cliPSafe cliPSafe is a command line interface (CLI) to P... Télécharger
ezmorph(freshmeat) EZMorph EZMorph is simple Java library for transforming... Télécharger
json-lib(freshmeat) Json-lib JSON-lib is a Java library for transforming bea... Télécharger
dochttx(freshmeat) dochttx dochttx is a simple, text-mode teletext browser. Télécharger
mbootpack(freshmeat) mbootpack mbootpack is a tool that takes a Multiboot kern... Télécharger
p-w-s(freshmeat) pws pws aims to be a fully compatible passwordsafe ... Télécharger
antiplate(freshmeat) Antiplate Antiplate is an Ant script that creates a commo... Télécharger
pontoon(freshmeat) Pontoon Pontoon is a PHP CMS framework. Pontoon suppor... Télécharger
mobilempdnet(freshmeat) MobileMpd.Net MobileMpd.Net is a small program that can be us... Télécharger
frozen-bubble(freshmeat) Frozen Bubble Frozen Bubble is a game in which you throw colo... Télécharger
pasdoc(freshmeat) pasdoc Pasdoc is a tool to generate documentation for ... Télécharger
pyproctools(freshmeat) pyproctools pyproctools is a set of various command line to... Télécharger
nebula(freshmeat) Nebula Intrusion Signature Generator Nebula is a data analysis tool that automatical... Télécharger
esl(freshmeat) EnGarde Secure Linux Engineered from the ground-up with specific reg... Télécharger
xvkbd(freshmeat) xvkbd xvkbd is a virtual (graphical) keyboard program... Télécharger
zrm_mysql(freshmeat) Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL simplif... Télécharger
hipergate(freshmeat) hipergate hipergate is a Web-based suite with intranet CR... Télécharger
stegavorto(freshmeat) StegaVorto On a Tuesday night, the author had a dream. In ... Télécharger
jaxen(freshmeat) jaxen Jaxen is a universal XPath evaluation engine. I... Télécharger
antares-project(freshmeat) Antares Project Antares is a PHP 5 framework intended to provid... Télécharger
shoutsend(freshmeat) ShoutSend ShoutSend is a simple streaming client for Shou... Télécharger
grabcartoons(freshmeat) GrabCartoons GrabCartoons is yet another comic-grabbing util... Télécharger
sv1(freshmeat) Sonic Visualiser Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing ... Télécharger
vx32(freshmeat) VX32 Vx32 is a user-mode library that can be linked ... Télécharger
gestiong(freshmeat) GestiONG GestiONG is an accounting and membership applic... Télécharger
scalex(freshmeat) VLAM scalex VLAM scalex is a scalable image processing syst... Télécharger
combobox(freshmeat) dhtmlxCombo dhtmlxCombo is a cross-browser JavaScript combo... Télécharger
dhtmlx_tab(freshmeat) dhtmlxTabbar dhtmlxTabbar is a cross-browser JavaScript tab ... Télécharger
mysql-connectorpython(freshmeat) MySQL Connector/Python MySQL Connector/Python implements the MySQL cli... Télécharger
fest-mocks(freshmeat) FEST-Mocks FEST-Mocks is a Java library intended to minimi... Télécharger
pyector(freshmeat) pyECTOR pyECTOR is a chatterbot which learns from what ... Télécharger
conserver(freshmeat) Conserver Conserver provides remote access to serial port... Télécharger
jscoverage(freshmeat) JSCoverage JSCoverage is a tool that generates code covera... Télécharger
rtems(freshmeat) RTEMS RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor S... Télécharger
convmv(freshmeat) convmv convmv converts filenames (not file content), ... Télécharger
wordgenerator(freshmeat) WordGenerator WordGenerator generates hypothetical words from... Télécharger
otrance(freshmeat) oTranCe oTranCe offers a ready to go and entirely Web-b... Télécharger
la4j(freshmeat) la4j la4j is a single threaded pure Java library whi... Télécharger
zonecd(freshmeat) ZoneCD The Public IP ZoneCD has been created to help i... Télécharger
q7z(freshmeat) J7Z J7Z is an alternative 7-Zip GUI. 7-Zip is a hig... Télécharger
fastcgipp(freshmeat) fastcgi++ fastcgi++ is a C++ library for developing Web a... Télécharger
pyisbn(freshmeat) pyisbn pyisbn is a module for working with various boo... Télécharger
geekigeeki(freshmeat) Geeki Geeki Geeki Geeki is a minimalistic wiki with a Git b... Télécharger
atutor(freshmeat) ATutor ATutor is a standards-compliant Web-based Learn... Télécharger
ldapdiff(freshmeat) ldapdiff ldapdiff compares ldif files with a running LDA... Télécharger
pywebgraph(freshmeat) Python Web Graph Generator Python Web Graph Generator is a threaded Web gr... Télécharger
awffull(freshmeat) AWFFull AWFFull is a Web server log analysis program, f... Télécharger
minibug(freshmeat) minibug minibug is a simple two-window debugger for ass... Télécharger
copy(freshmeat) copy copy is general copy program with features not ... Télécharger
mobile(freshmeat) Mobile Web Proxy The Mobile Web Proxy is a (CGI) tool to make mo... Télécharger
recordmydesktop(freshmeat) recordMyDesktop recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audi... Télécharger
spip(freshmeat) SPIP SPIP is an open-source, free publication system... Télécharger
asteroidbelt(freshmeat) Asteroid Belt Asteroid belt is a clone of the arcade classic ... Télécharger
rdw(freshmeat) Remote Desktop Web Remote Desktop Web is a Java AWT application th... Télécharger
mp3fs(freshmeat) mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem MP3FS is a read-only FUSE filesystem that trans... Télécharger
sndbite(freshmeat) SndBite SndBite is a specialized audio editor designed ... Télécharger
g3data(freshmeat) g3data g3data is a program for extracting data from gr... Télécharger
arrow_brushes(freshmeat) GIMP arrow brushes GIMP arrow brushes consists of 22 sets of arrow... Télécharger
smallsql(freshmeat) SmallSQL SmallSQL is a pure Java DBMS, a relational data... Télécharger

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