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ocaml-json(freshmeat) JSON for Objective Caml JSON for Objective Caml is an implementation of... Télécharger
modzipread(freshmeat) Mod ZipRead Mod ZipRead is an Apache 2 module to browse Zip... Télécharger
ezfm(freshmeat) Effort: Zero Franchise Manager The Effort: Zero Franchise Manager (EZFM) is a ... Télécharger
medoosa(freshmeat) Medoosa Medoosa is a documentation tool for C++ that ca... Télécharger
binify(freshmeat) Binify Binify is a small utility which produces binary... Télécharger
fusd(freshmeat) Framework for User-Space Devices Framework for User-Space Devices (FUSD) is a L... Télécharger
cbl(freshmeat) PortableCBL PortableCBL is an open C implementation of the ... Télécharger
cake(freshmeat) CAKE CAKE (Key Addressed Crypto Encapsulation) is a ... Télécharger
netjuke(freshmeat) Netjuke Artekopia Netjuke is a cross-platform Web-based... Télécharger
xfpd(freshmeat) xfpd xfpd is an OpenGL-based molecule viewer for F... Télécharger
omail-webmail(freshmeat) oMail-Webmail oMail-webmail is a Webmail solution for mail se... Télécharger
pendesktop(freshmeat) Penzilla Desktop Penzilla Desktop aims to be the ultimate in des... Télécharger
mrtg-rrd(freshmeat) mrtg-rrd mrtg-rrd is a CGI/FastCGI script for displaying... Télécharger
wmdf(freshmeat) wmdf wmdf is a dockable app to monitor disk usage an... Télécharger
jnumeric(freshmeat) JNumeric JNumeric is a port of Numerical Python to Jytho... Télécharger
caraxy(freshmeat) Caraxy Caraxy is a proxy that allows the Caramail chat... Télécharger
pf2x(freshmeat) pf2x pf2x is a PHP script that will take the output ... Télécharger
late(freshmeat) Late Late is a little game in which you must elimina... Télécharger
xfs(freshmeat) XFS XFS is a high-performance journaling file syste... Télécharger
webforum(freshmeat) WebForum Webforum is Java Web posting boards for forums.... Télécharger
furthurnet(freshmeat) FurthurNET Furthur is a peer-to-peer cataloging and music ... Télécharger
ibgs(freshmeat) IBGS IBGS is a game server for board games such as ... Télécharger
songanizer(freshmeat) songanizer songanizer is a script to organize a directory ... Télécharger
alpaca(freshmeat) Alpaca Alpaca is a multitasking operating system for Z... Télécharger
conv_ara_html(freshmeat) conv_ara_html conv_ara_html is a tool for converting numeric ... Télécharger
spacewar(freshmeat) Spacewar Spacewar is an arcade game in which two player... Télécharger
hovergen(freshmeat) Hovergen Hovergen is a utility for automated generation ... Télécharger
dp500serv(freshmeat) DP500Serv DP500-Serv is a simple program that shares medi... Télécharger
webval(freshmeat) WebVal WebVal is a system that will scan documents for... Télécharger
groupphplibrary(freshmeat) Group PHP Library Group PHP Library is a collection of PHP script... Télécharger
serialbridge(freshmeat) SerialBridge SerialBridge bridges data across two serial por... Télécharger
fbv(freshmeat) fbv fbv is a very simple graphic file viewer for th... Télécharger
mboxgrep(freshmeat) mboxgrep mboxgrep is a small utility that scans a mailbo... Télécharger
libaio(freshmeat) Audio Input-Output Library libaio is meant to solve the problem of differi... Télécharger
arachne(freshmeat) Arachne Arachne is a RPG game written on top of the Sha... Télécharger
dailystrips(freshmeat) dailystrips dailystrips is a utility to download your favor... Télécharger
proxy-applet(freshmeat) Proxy-applet Proxy-applet is a GNOME tray applet for changin... Télécharger
pstricks(freshmeat) PSTricks PSTricks is a package for TeX and LaTeX which l... Télécharger
thump(freshmeat) Thump Thump (The Unix MP3 Player) is a flexible and ... Télécharger
aio-xmms(freshmeat) aio-xmms aio-xmms is an output plugin for XMMS which pro... Télécharger
leaguerunner(freshmeat) Leaguerunner Leaguerunner is a Web-based application for man... Télécharger
pygopherd(freshmeat) PyGopherD PyGopherD is a modern Gopher server. It can ser... Télécharger
kissme(freshmeat) kissme kissme is a free Java Virtual Machine that can ... Télécharger
ogmencoder(freshmeat) ogmencoder ogmencoder is a Perl script that uses MPlayer/M... Télécharger
pysmpp(freshmeat) pysmpp pysmpp is a Python module that implements the S... Télécharger
digio(freshmeat) digio Digio is a Linux driver set for supporting Digi... Télécharger
bounce(freshmeat) bounce Given an mbox file of messages, bounce will bou... Télécharger
fwreport(freshmeat) FWReport FWReport is a log parser and reporting tool for... Télécharger
perl-md5-login(freshmeat) Perl MD5 Secure Login Perl MD5 Secure Login is a Web-based framework ... Télécharger
cursed(freshmeat) Cursed GTK Cursed GTK is an ncurses-based text console por... Télécharger
cervi(freshmeat) GTK Cervi GTK Cervi is clone of very good game called Cer... Télécharger
jools(freshmeat) Jools Jools is a clone of Bejeweled, a popular graphi... Télécharger
cl-gd(freshmeat) CL-GD CL-GD is a library for Common Lisp which provid... Télécharger
cewolf(freshmeat) Cewolf Cewolf can be used inside a Servlet/JSP-based W... Télécharger
ldapusrmgr(freshmeat) LDAP User Manager for the Web LDAP User Manager for the Web uses PHP to creat... Télécharger
smartproxy(freshmeat) Smartproxy Smartproxy is a library to dynamically create p... Télécharger
shellforge(freshmeat) shellforge shellforge enables you to write shellcode progr... Télécharger
ftvweb(freshmeat) ftv_web ftv_web is a Web-based interface for furious_tv... Télécharger
rpmpan(freshmeat) RPM PAN RPMPAN is a collection of RPMs of CPAN's Perl M... Télécharger
kbabel(freshmeat) KBabel KBabel is a set of tools for editing and managi... Télécharger
pmw(freshmeat) Pmw Pmw is a toolkit for building high-level compou... Télécharger
samsung-sgh-v200(freshmeat) samsung sgh-v200 photo utility This software allows you to download the photos... Télécharger
inti-sourceview(freshmeat) Inti-SourceView Inti-SourceView is an Integrated Foundation Cla... Télécharger
epdf(freshmeat) EPDF EPDF is an Eiffel library that allows the gener... Télécharger
milterquota(freshmeat) MilterQuota MilterQuota is a milter (mail filter) for sendm... Télécharger
pam_dotfile(freshmeat) pam_dotfile pam_dotfile is a PAM module which allows users ... Télécharger
lws(freshmeat) LiteWebServer LiteWebServer (LWS) is a small, modular Web ser... Télécharger
sbs(freshmeat) Simple Blog System SBS is a simple blog system. Entries can be add... Télécharger
tonto(freshmeat) Tonto Tonto is a developer-oriented companion to the ... Télécharger
zblast(freshmeat) zblast zblast is a simple but fairly manic shoot-em-up... Télécharger
photogallery(freshmeat) PHP Photogallery PHP Photogallery is a simple, easy-to-use photo... Télécharger
logintop10(freshmeat) logintop10 LoginTop10 creates several "Top 10" l... Télécharger
googlemailer(freshmeat) Google Mailer Google Mailer is a Perl script for running quer... Télécharger
wakkabox(freshmeat) Wakkabox Wakkabox is an amusing block shuffling puzzle ... Télécharger
blingbling(freshmeat) BlingBling BlingBling is a cross-platform puzzle game. It ... Télécharger
fmtm(freshmeat) Form and Table Manager Form and Table Manager is an HTML form and tabl... Télécharger
gkauth(freshmeat) GKAuth GkAuth is a call management system written for ... Télécharger
walter(freshmeat) Walter Walter will intercept keystrokes and insert tex... Télécharger
phpvcardcreator(freshmeat) PHP vCard Creator PHP vCard Creator is a PHP function for creatin... Télécharger
cryptoswap(freshmeat) cryptoswap The cryptoswap package supports creating an enc... Télécharger
martokbot(freshmeat) MartokBot IRC Framework MartokBot is a modular IRC bot built on pircbot... Télécharger
openthought(freshmeat) OpenThought OpenThought is a powerful and flexible Web appl... Télécharger
openplugin(freshmeat) OpenPlugin OpenPlugin is an architecture written in Perl w... Télécharger
getcodecs(freshmeat) GetCodecs GetCodecs is a simple applet written in Python ... Télécharger
freddy(freshmeat) Freddy Freddy is a programmer's editor, written in Qt.... Télécharger
wellenreiter(freshmeat) Wellenreiter Wellenreiter is a GTK/Perl wireless network dis... Télécharger
macker(freshmeat) Macker Macker is an architectural rule-checking utilit... Télécharger
upsguru(freshmeat) upsguru upsguru is a daemon that monitors a UPS connect... Télécharger
epsutil(freshmeat) epsutil epsutil is a PyQt3-based graphical Epson inkjet... Télécharger
mooix(freshmeat) mooix Mooix is a multiuser object-oriented dimension ... Télécharger
irclib(freshmeat) IRClib IRClib is an IRC client library for Java. It's ... Télécharger
boote(freshmeat) Boot Everywhere Linux bootE Linux is yet another minimalist (i386) Li... Télécharger
lyskomd(freshmeat) lyskom-server LysKOM is an online, text based, interactive di... Télécharger
coil(freshmeat) Coil Coil is an MVC framework for Python. It is bas... Télécharger
umix(freshmeat) Umix Umix is a program for adjusting sound card volu... Télécharger
slibo(freshmeat) Slibo Slibo aims to be a comfortable replacement for ... Télécharger
rmidi(freshmeat) rmidi Rmidi is a simple command line ALSA MIDI record... Télécharger
pkit(freshmeat) PKI Tools PKIT is a Java toolkit for performing common PK... Télécharger
apgd(freshmeat) Automated Password Generator Automated Password Generator is a set of tools ... Télécharger
colloquy-talker(freshmeat) Colloquy Talker Server colloquy is an Internet talker server. It lets ... Télécharger

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