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manderlbot(freshmeat) Manderlbot Manderlbot is an Erlang written IRC bot and p... Télécharger
torch(freshmeat) Torch Torch is a machine learning library written in ... Télécharger
php-msrpc(freshmeat) php-msrpc php-msrpc is a PHP binding for MSRPC, which is ... Télécharger
elfvector(freshmeat) elfvector Elfvector is a package for generating and using... Télécharger
nautix(freshmeat) Nautix Nautix lets you command an Avatar through reali... Télécharger
bsd-jot(freshmeat) jot (BSD) Jot is used to print out increasing, decreasing... Télécharger
kommunik(freshmeat) Kommuni-K Kommuni-K is a complete communication system. I... Télécharger
g2c(freshmeat) Glade to C Translator g2c (Glade to C Translator) creates modularized... Télécharger
lam(freshmeat) lam Lam merges several input files line-by-line. By... Télécharger
wavelan-tools(freshmeat) 802.11b Network Discovery Tools 802.11b Network Discovery Tools is a gtk tool t... Télécharger
numtracks(freshmeat) numtracks numtracks is a simple command-line application ... Télécharger
randomsig(freshmeat) randomsig randomsig is a program that creates a .signatur... Télécharger
mapit(freshmeat) MapIt! MapIt! is a simple Web-mapping application impl... Télécharger
pearsession(freshmeat) PEAR Session Handler PEAR Session Handler stores PHP4 session inform... Télécharger
whatmask(freshmeat) Whatmask Whatmask is a small C program that helps with n... Télécharger
openev(freshmeat) OpenEV OpenEV is a library and reference application f... Télécharger
optv(freshmeat) opTV opTV is a small Video4Linux TV-program, with su... Télécharger
formapp(freshmeat) formapp formapp is a PHP library and small application ... Télécharger
dreamenc(freshmeat) DreamEncoder DreamEncoder is a TwinVQ batch encoder for Linux. Télécharger
swarm(freshmeat) SWARM SWARM is a software model of the basic ARM proc... Télécharger
scnannlib(freshmeat) SCN Artificial Neural Network Library SCN Artificial Neural Network Library provides ... Télécharger
xmt(freshmeat) Xmt Motif Tools Library The Xmt Library provides nine custom widgets an... Télécharger
plotter(freshmeat) Plotter Plotter is a GTK+ mathematical graph plotting a... Télécharger
kossmixer(freshmeat) KOssMixer KOssMixer allows a user to control the hardware... Télécharger
noope(freshmeat) NOOPE NOOPE is the Newtonian Object Oriented Physics ... Télécharger
webeventcalendar(freshmeat) WebEvent Calendar WebEvent is a commercial Web calendar and sched... Télécharger
ozvm(freshmeat) OzVM OzVM (Virtual Machine Project) is a simple, li... Télécharger
cim(freshmeat) GNU cim GNU Cim is a compiler for the programming langu... Télécharger
sigel(freshmeat) Sigel Sigel teaches virtual robots to walk in a physi... Télécharger
roundeyesduct-tapejukebox(freshmeat) RDTJ RDTJ lets you take a catalog of mp3s and constr... Télécharger
ssldump(freshmeat) ssldump ssldump is an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyz... Télécharger
openms(freshmeat) Open System Administration Open System Administration is Web-based adminis... Télécharger
firegen(freshmeat) Firewall Generator Firewall Generator is a CGI script that generat... Télécharger
mjbd(freshmeat) Mike's Jukebox Distro Mike's Jukebox Distro is really just a floppy i... Télécharger
gnu-mach(freshmeat) GNU Mach GNU Mach is the microkernel upon which a GNU Hu... Télécharger
tclib(freshmeat) tclib: Java Typed Collections tclib is a library/framework for type-specific ... Télécharger
apachejakartaregexp(freshmeat) Apache Jakarta Regexp Apache Jakarta Regexp is a 100% pure Java regul... Télécharger
python-gtkhtml(freshmeat) python-gtkhtml python-gtkhtml is a dynamic object module to ac... Télécharger
demish(freshmeat) demish Demish allows mirror maintainers full control o... Télécharger
binclock(freshmeat) binclock binclock is a fullscreen console "binary&q... Télécharger
opennap(freshmeat) OpenNap OpenNap is a server for Napster, a protocol for... Télécharger
tcpjunk(freshmeat) Tcpjunk Tcpjunk can be used as an IPv4 or IPv6 client o... Télécharger
myfiles(freshmeat) myfiles myfiles is a Web application that serves as a w... Télécharger
the-brick-engine(freshmeat) The Brick Engine The Brick Engine is a fast and simple lo-fi gam... Télécharger
webkit2pdf(freshmeat) Webkit2pdf Webkit2pdf is a little tool designed to fetch W... Télécharger
jtr(freshmeat) jtr jtr is a small Java library that implements the... Télécharger
pdv(freshmeat) Payload Delivery Vehicle Payload Delivery Vehicle (PDV) is a program tha... Télécharger
lyscvs(freshmeat) LysCVS project server LysCVS is a collection of software that provide... Télécharger
z80-asm(freshmeat) Z80-ASM Z80-ASM is a compiler for the Z80 CPU assembler... Télécharger
xdiarycalendar(freshmeat) xdiary/calendar Xdiary is a simple X11 application that display... Télécharger
uli-plugins(freshmeat) uli-plugins uli-plugins is a collection of LV2 plugins. It ... Télécharger
padda(freshmeat) PADDA PADDA is a database abstraction, user authenti... Télécharger
slaktoolscripts(freshmeat) slaktool-scripts slaktool-scripts is a set of scripts to improve... Télécharger
ettext(freshmeat) Text::EtText EtText is a simple plain-text format which allo... Télécharger
mulinux(freshmeat) muLinux muLinux is a minimalistic, but mostly complete,... Télécharger
tinysrp(freshmeat) Tiny SRP The Tiny SRP library is a stripped-down version... Télécharger
mpgtx(freshmeat) mpgtx mpgtx (an MPEG ToolboX) allows you to manipulat... Télécharger
packet2sql(freshmeat) packet2sql Packet2sql will convert any text file/log file ... Télécharger
faqomatic(freshmeat) Faq-O-Matic The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that auto... Télécharger
xarclock(freshmeat) xarclock xarclock is an extension of the standard X cloc... Télécharger
phpopengl(freshmeat) php_opengl php_opengl is a PHP binding for OpenGL. Télécharger
xbsql(freshmeat) XBSQL XBSQL is a wrapper library that provides SQL a... Télécharger
mangoquest(freshmeat) The Blue Mango Quest The Blue Mango Quest is a 3D arcade game that ... Télécharger
opensimp-x(freshmeat) Open Simp-X Open Simp-X is a powerful Internet platform for... Télécharger
wrabbitftpserver(freshmeat) Wrabbit FTPServer Wrabbit is an FTP server written entirely in Ja... Télécharger
iam(freshmeat) iam - iptables accounting monster iptables accounting monster (iam) is a traffic ... Télécharger
x2c(freshmeat) X2c X2c is an Xbase compiler that creates executabl... Télécharger
airhook(freshmeat) Airhook Airhook is a reliable data delivery protocol, l... Télécharger
xpenguins(freshmeat) XPenguins Xpenguins makes cute little penguins fall from ... Télécharger
jspshop(freshmeat) jspShop jspShop is a JSP-based eCommerce platform. It a... Télécharger
qgallery(freshmeat) qgallery qgallery is a small commandline program that wi... Télécharger
nimda(freshmeat) Nimda Notifyer Nimda Notifyer is a Perl script that will autom... Télécharger
ledmail(freshmeat) ledmail Ledmail is a small mail checking utility that u... Télécharger
pinout(freshmeat) Pinout Pinout is a PERL script which makes it easy to ... Télécharger
xpathmethods(freshmeat) XPath Methods XPath Methods allows XPath queries on ParsedXML... Télécharger
kupgrade_sh(freshmeat) kupgrade.sh Kupgrade.sh is a simple script which automates ... Télécharger
bigletom(freshmeat) Bigletom RTBT The Bigletom RTBT floppy diskette is a Tom's RT... Télécharger
netload_applet(freshmeat) netload_applet netload_applet is a fully-customizable GNOME ap... Télécharger
gnu3dkit(freshmeat) GNU 3DKit The GNU 3DKit is a highlevel 3D graphics API wr... Télécharger
brickout(freshmeat) Brick Out Brick Out is a game where you move a paddle bac... Télécharger
aptsamever(freshmeat) aptsamever aptsamever lists or removes older duplicate ve... Télécharger
ppmtofb(freshmeat) ppmtofb ppmtofb displays netpbm-format graphics on univ... Télécharger
svats(freshmeat) svats SVATS (Safety Verification Analysis added To S... Télécharger
smartupload(freshmeat) smartupload smartupload is another tool for uploading a Web... Télécharger
routeplanner(freshmeat) routeplanner routeplanner is a highway trip planner, designe... Télécharger
npadmin(freshmeat) npadmin npadmin is a command line tool to administer ne... Télécharger
xwconfig(freshmeat) xwconfig xwconfig is a GTK-based application for configu... Télécharger
dexter(freshmeat) dexter dexter runs between a MySQL server and MySQL cl... Télécharger
radeontop(freshmeat) radeontop radeontop lets you view GPU utilization on open... Télécharger
wmcapshare(freshmeat) wmcapshare wmcapshare is a little Window Maker dockapp tha... Télécharger
omega-roguelike(freshmeat) Omega: the Roguelike omega is a complex rogue-style game of dungeon ... Télécharger
thumbpad(freshmeat) Thumbpad Thumbpad is a simple note taking program, which... Télécharger
phpfwgen(freshmeat) PHP firewall generator The PHP firewall generator is a simple PHP scri... Télécharger
qmls(freshmeat) Quine-McCluskey Logic Simplifier The Quine-McCluskey Logic Simplifier is a utili... Télécharger
paip(freshmeat) PAIP PAIP (pipe) is a universal filter application. ... Télécharger
expow(freshmeat) expow Expow generates directory indexes. It is writte... Télécharger
hounddog(freshmeat) Hounddog Hounddog displays the frequency and pitch (e.g.... Télécharger
rombrowser(freshmeat) ROMBrowser ROMBrowser is a Java tool for organizing emulat... Télécharger
hk_kdeclasses(freshmeat) hk_kdeclasses hk_kdeclasses is a C++ library for rapid develo... Télécharger
medusa(freshmeat) Medusa Server Medusa provides a framework for implementing a... Télécharger

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