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qwebsockets(freshmeat) QtWebSockets QtWebSockets is a pure Qt implementation of Web... Télécharger
lse(sfnet) Linux Scalability Effort Research ways of making Linux scale better, bot... Télécharger
clodhopper(freshmeat) ClodHopper ClodHopper is a Java library for high-performan... Télécharger
qir(sfnet) Quantum Information Access framework Implementation of quantum information access fr... Télécharger
joopita-ibs(freshmeat) Joopita IBS The Joopita IBS is a suite of tools for busines... Télécharger
openscb(freshmeat) OpenSCB OpenSCB is a hardware and software solution for... Télécharger
pysd(freshmeat) pysd pysd is a small script that automatically downl... Télécharger
libee(freshmeat) libee Libee is an event expression library that is in... Télécharger
libestr(freshmeat) libestr libestr is a library that contains some essenti... Télécharger
liblognorm(freshmeat) liblognorm liblognorm is a tool to normalize log data. It ... Télécharger
repoguard(freshmeat) RepoGuard RepoGuard is an advanced validation framework w... Télécharger
luaeditor(sfnet) Lua Editor Write and run pure Lua code. This is a great to... Télécharger
postgresql-mingw-w64(sfnet) postgresql-mingw-w64 This project (licensed under LGPLv3) provides f... Télécharger
chronolabs(sfnet) Chronolabs Chronolabs Co-op deals in CMS Technology on the... Télécharger
testechitz(sfnet) testechitz Primeiro projeto de teste que estou iniciando e... Télécharger
imi(sfnet) IMI Adds different filters to the image Télécharger
extension(sfnet) osasuna an extention to windows 7 for connecting pc to ... Télécharger
jdkxz(sfnet) jdkxz jdk Download for Chinese Télécharger
wget(sfnet) wget wget for something for Linux and Stuffs Télécharger
openal-mixer(freshmeat) OpenAL mixer The OpenAL mixer library aims to provide a mult... Télécharger
sql-bench(freshmeat) sql-bench sql-bench is a database benchmarking tool that ... Télécharger
ocfa(freshmeat) Open Computer Forensics Architecture The Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA)... Télécharger
jwablogger(freshmeat) ContentRoller ContentRoller is an easy-to-configure, set up, ... Télécharger
jpersist(freshmeat) jPersist jPersist is an extremely powerful object-relati... Télécharger
libbacktrace(freshmeat) Wolf Software Backtrace Library Backtrace is a C library that replicates the bt... Télécharger
bitvectorlibrary(freshmeat) Wolf Software Bitvector Library Bitvector is a C library that allows you to use... Télécharger
libdates(freshmeat) Wolf Software Dates Library Dates is a C library that provides a selection ... Télécharger
dynablock(freshmeat) Wolf Software Dynablock Library Dynablock is a C library that allows you to cre... Télécharger
libfilefunc(freshmeat) Wolf Software Filefunc Library Filefunc is a C library that gives access to a ... Télécharger
libgll(freshmeat) Wolf Software Generic Linked Lists Library GLL (Generic Linked Lists) is a C library that ... Télécharger
hashlib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Hash Library Hash is a C library that provides a selection o... Télécharger
echo3(freshmeat) Echo3 Echo3 is a framework for developing rich Web ap... Télécharger
rt-flag-updated(freshmeat) RT Flag Updated rt-flagupdated is an extension that makes any t... Télécharger
genericlinqdals(sfnet) Generic Linq DAL & Sortable List View C# Class for Generic LINQ DAL CRUD and Sortable... Télécharger
test-run(freshmeat) Test-Run Test-Run is an improved test harness for script... Télécharger
goldenpod(freshmeat) GoldenPod GoldenPod is a command line podcast client. It ... Télécharger
porcupineserver(freshmeat) Porcupine Porcupine is a Web application server that prov... Télécharger
mixxx(freshmeat) Mixxx Mixxx is software for DJs that provides everyth... Télécharger
vuzitruby(freshmeat) VuzitRuby VuzitPHP is a library that allows developers to... Télécharger
armitage(freshmeat) Armitage Armitage is a graphical cyber attack management... Télécharger
innerspace(freshmeat) antioch antioch is a Web application for building scala... Télécharger
uevalrun(freshmeat) uevalrun uevalrun is a self-contained computation sandbo... Télécharger
j2dgf(freshmeat) J2DGF The J2DGAMEFRAMEWORK provides the necessary cla... Télécharger
avdata(freshmeat) avdata avdata is a set of tools for extracting usefull... Télécharger
postbix(freshmeat) postbix Postbix is a plugin designed to work with Zabbi... Télécharger
allowhtml(freshmeat) allowHTML allowHTML is a PHP class that can be used to fi... Télécharger
jwebannotation(freshmeat) jWebAnnotation jWebAnnotation is designed to let you move conf... Télécharger
loadavg(freshmeat) LoadAvg LoadAVG is a simple and lightweight method of m... Télécharger
libmx(freshmeat) libmx libmx provides a framework for dealing with (ex... Télécharger
wolf-software-complex-number-c(freshmeat) Wolf Software Complex Number Class Wolf Software Complex Number Class is a compreh... Télécharger
siverek(sfnet) siverek Siverek Bilgi Sitesi Dosya Deposu Télécharger
squirrelsh(sfnet) squirrelsh Squirrel Shell is a cross-platform alternative ... Télécharger
fastping(sfnet) FastPing A ping program for the Linux Operating that wo... Télécharger
angband(freshmeat) Angband Angband is a single-player rogue-like dungeon e... Télécharger
plack(freshmeat) Plack Plack is a set of tools for using the PSGI stac... Télécharger
tem-simulator(sfnet) tem-simulator Simulator for transmission electron microscope ... Télécharger
tie-rehash(freshmeat) Tie-REHash Tie-REHash is a Perl extension that provides a ... Télécharger
job-machine(freshmeat) Job-Machine Job-Machine is a small, but versatile system fo... Télécharger
ponyprog(sfnet) PonyProg: serial device programmer PonyProg is a serial device programmer based on... Télécharger
moin(sfnet) MoinMoin The MoinMoin wiki project has moved - please vi... Télécharger
gadmin-antivirus(freshmeat) GAdmin-Antivirus GAdmin-Antivirus is a fast and easy to use GTK+... Télécharger
webdevwebserver(sfnet) webdevwebserver The official ASP.NET Development Server version... Télécharger
jpodrenderer(sfnet) jPod intarsys PDF renderer jPod Renderer is based on the jPod library, als... Télécharger
touchwidgets(freshmeat) TouchWidgets TouchWidgets is a widget library for touch-bas... Télécharger
dotnetftpclient(sfnet) .NET FTP Client .NET FTP Client library written in C# Télécharger
genial(sfnet) GENIAL GENIAL is a C++ library for signal and image pr... Télécharger
mod_authn_dovecot(freshmeat) mod_authn_dovecot mod_authn_dovecot is an authentication module f... Télécharger
python-gearman(freshmeat) python-gearman python-gearman is a Gearman library for Python.... Télécharger
midi-sight-reader(freshmeat) MIDI Sight Reader MIDI Sight Reader is an online music applicatio... Télécharger
indexedmemcache(freshmeat) IndexedMemcache IndexedMemcache is a collection of PHP classes ... Télécharger
largexmlsitemap(freshmeat) LargeXMLSitemap LargeXMLSitemap allows PHP developers to genera... Télécharger
mutekh(freshmeat) MutekH MutekH is a portable and free operating system ... Télécharger
quotero(freshmeat) Quotero Quotero Server provides a full range of documen... Télécharger
soclib(freshmeat) SoCLib SoCLib is a library of pluggable SystemC cycle-... Télécharger
networktracker(freshmeat) Network Tracker and Management Network Tracker and Management is a Web-based n... Télécharger
girasol-alive-blog-writer(freshmeat) Girasol Alive Blog Writer Girasol is a desktop content editor, or desktop... Télécharger
pqrotation(sfnet) PQRotation PQRotation - an automated ability priority queue. Télécharger
jbdoc(freshmeat) JBDoc JBDoc is a very simple file format targeting l... Télécharger
spidermonkey(freshmeat) Spidermonkey Spidermonkey is Mozilla's JavaScript engine. Télécharger
yfi-hotspot-manager(freshmeat) YFi Hotspot Manager YFi Hotspot Manager is a modern AJAX Web front-... Télécharger
votail(freshmeat) Votail Votail is an implementation of Ireland's method... Télécharger
imagebmp-imagecreatefrombmp(freshmeat) imagebmp + imagecreatefrombmp imagebmp + imagecreatefrombmp is a class that c... Télécharger
zodb(freshmeat) ZODB The ZODB is an object database that allows for ... Télécharger
pssh(freshmeat) pssh pssh provides parallel versions of the OpenSSH ... Télécharger
jekyllove(sfnet) jekyllove 小T专用 .......................................... Télécharger
dmtcp(sfnet) Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing)... Télécharger
forfreedom617(sfnet) forfreedom617 good luck Télécharger
easy-rsa(freshmeat) easy-rsa easy-rsa is a small RSA key management package ... Télécharger
avrub(sfnet) AVR Universal Bootloader(AVRUB) This project is a general AVR bootloader, for d... Télécharger
perl-mingw(sfnet) perl-mingw This project offers the latest Perl stable real... Télécharger
wolf-software-roman-numerals-c(freshmeat) Wolf Software Roman Numerals Class Wolf Software Roman Numerals Class is a class f... Télécharger
surveyos(sfnet) SurveyOS SurveyOS supports Open Source software for the ... Télécharger
pt(freshmeat) Protothreads Protothreads are a type of extremely lightweigh... Télécharger
ubasic(freshmeat) uBASIC uBASIC is a tiny, non-interactive BASIC interpr... Télécharger
geobug(sfnet) Geobug Geobug is a student project from ITIN high scho... Télécharger
xrdsuite(sfnet) CombiView Visualization and clustering analysis of X-Ray ... Télécharger
wolf-software-sudoku-generator(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sudoku Generator Class Wolf Software Sudoku Generator Class is a class... Télécharger
bioe(sfnet) BIOE - Basic Input Output Elements The BIOE system is an open-hardware platform to... Télécharger
pxsystem(sfnet) Plume CMS Plume CMS is a fully functional Content Managem... Télécharger
habitat(freshmeat) System Garden Habitat Habitat is an application and system monitoring... Télécharger

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