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binfmtc(freshmeat) binfmtc binfmtc implements handlers for C and other lan... Télécharger
openlogos(freshmeat) OpenLogos OpenLogos is a large and powerful machine trans... Télécharger
tocaraul(freshmeat) TocaRaul! TocaRaul! is a playlist manager intended to be ... Télécharger
gopdit(freshmeat) GOPDIT GOPDIT (GOP accurate eDITor) is a simple progra... Télécharger
xtklib(freshmeat) Cross Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib) The Cross Platform Toolkit Library(xtklib) is a... Télécharger
pyrandr(freshmeat) PyRandR PyRandR is a Python module that provides simple... Télécharger
chgen(freshmeat) Championship Generator Championship Generator produces a list of all t... Télécharger
linvpn(freshmeat) linvpn Linvpn is a secure socket layer for pppd. It al... Télécharger
kde-hal-device-manager(freshmeat) KDE HAL Device Manager KDE HAL Device Manager is a KDE port of hal-dev... Télécharger
ngacl(freshmeat) ngacl ngacl is an effort to give Linux and its filesy... Télécharger
lodel(freshmeat) Lodel Lodel is a high-quality Web publishing system (... Télécharger
mysqmail-qmail-pop3d(freshmeat) mysqmail-qmail-pop3d mysqmail-qmail-pop3d is a replacement for the q... Télécharger
renamer(freshmeat) Renamer Renamer is a tool that makes it easy to rename ... Télécharger
mysqmail(freshmeat) mysqmail mysqmail is a replacement for the qmail standar... Télécharger
mysqmail-courier-logger(freshmeat) mysqmail-courier-logger mysqmail-courier-logger is a C parser that will... Télécharger
kboggle(freshmeat) KBoggle KBoggle is a Boggle game for KDE. Boggle is a g... Télécharger
picalo(freshmeat) Picalo Picalo Data Analysis Software is an open source... Télécharger
wowc(freshmeat) WoW Companion WoW Companion is a Java client/server used to ... Télécharger
pppstat(freshmeat) PPPstat PPPstat is designed to provide statistics on di... Télécharger
tfab(freshmeat) The Family Address Book The Family Address Book (TFAB) is a Web-based s... Télécharger
fann(freshmeat) Fast Artificial Neural Network Library Fast Artificial Neural Network Library is a neu... Télécharger
r2cl(freshmeat) R2cl R2cl is a proof of concept, minimal translator ... Télécharger
umlmon(freshmeat) UMLMON UMLMON is a complete run time environment for U... Télécharger
kdirstat(freshmeat) KDirStat KDirStat (KDE Directory Statistics) is a small ... Télécharger
dnasystem(freshmeat) Deep Network Analyzer DNA (Deep Network Analyzer) is an open, flexibl... Télécharger
javalogic(freshmeat) javaLogic Javalogic is a library that leads to the creati... Télécharger
craigslist-finder(freshmeat) Craigslist Finder Craigslist Finder is a simple script that monit... Télécharger
mod_plsql(freshmeat) mod_plsql MOD_PLSQL is an Apache module that allows you t... Télécharger
gpsdrive(freshmeat) gpsdrive Gpsdrive is a map-based navigation system. It d... Télécharger
wmapp(freshmeat) WMApp DockApp Library WMApp is a C++ based library for writing Window... Télécharger
gogrinder(freshmeat) GoGrinder GoGrinder is a Java program for practicing Go ... Télécharger
visionegg(freshmeat) Vision Egg The Vision Egg is a programming library (with d... Télécharger
piecesofflare(freshmeat) Pieces of Flare Pieces of Flare is an Eclipse Plugin which allo... Télécharger
core2(freshmeat) core2 core2 is a library that extends the ECMAScript ... Télécharger
uniletim(freshmeat) uniLETIM UniLETIM is a Web-based environment for comple... Télécharger
pdfdirectory(freshmeat) PDFdirectory PDFdirectory is a PHP/MySQL creation of a print... Télécharger
comoblog(freshmeat) CoMoblog CoMoblog is a community driven 'mobile orienta... Télécharger
everygui(freshmeat) EveryGUI EveryGui provides two applications. Chameleon i... Télécharger
spines(freshmeat) Spines Spines is a generic messaging infrastructure th... Télécharger
decloak(freshmeat) decloak decloak is a utility that endeavors to find hid... Télécharger
openrealty-rss(freshmeat) OpenRealty RSS Feeder OpenRealty RSS Feeder is an add-on script that ... Télécharger
silentjack(freshmeat) SilentJack SilentJack is a silence/dead air detector for t... Télécharger
apparmor(freshmeat) AppArmor AppArmor is an application security tool design... Télécharger
pam_login(freshmeat) pam_login pam_login is written specificly for PAM authen... Télécharger
phpbbblog(freshmeat) phpBB Blog The phpBB Blog system turns a phpBB forum into ... Télécharger
ser(freshmeat) SIP Express Router SER or SIP Express Router is a very fast and fl... Télécharger
webwork(freshmeat) WebWork MVC Framework WebWork MVC Framework is a Java pull HMVC Web ... Télécharger
waassistant(freshmeat) WAassistant WAassistant is a Web application for evaluating... Télécharger
grrapp(freshmeat) Grr.app Grr.app is a lightweight, easy-to-use RSS reade... Télécharger
tabfmt(freshmeat) Tabfmt Tabfmt is a command line utility to format tabu... Télécharger
wausers(freshmeat) WAusers WAusers is one component of the WAhelper Web ac... Télécharger
mod_auth_bsd(freshmeat) mod_auth_bsd mod_auth_bsd is an Apache module which provides... Télécharger
pydespike(freshmeat) PyDespike PyDespike is a graphical cross-platform program... Télécharger
avrdude(freshmeat) AVR Downloader/UploaDEr AVRDUDE (AVR Downloader Uploader) is a program ... Télécharger
avarice(freshmeat) AVaRICE AVaRICE is a program which interfaces GDB with ... Télécharger
webcppui(freshmeat) (g)WebcppUI (g)WebcppUI is a Gtk+ port of WebcppUI, an inte... Télécharger
cor(freshmeat) Cracks of Reality Cracks of Reality is a fractal image rendering ... Télécharger
ypserv(freshmeat) ypserv The Network Information Service (NIS) provides ... Télécharger
placid(freshmeat) Placid Placid is a Web-based frontend for Snort that u... Télécharger
spindle-plugin(freshmeat) Spindle Plugin Spindle is a plugin for the Eclipse Platform th... Télécharger
ha-fst(freshmeat) HA/FST HA/FST is a high availability clustering tool f... Télécharger
angrydd(freshmeat) Angry, Drunken Dwarves In Angry, Drunken Dwarves, you are an angry, dr... Télécharger
almara(freshmeat) Almara Almara is a photo album that turns directories ... Télécharger
sunbeamoonshine(freshmeat) Sunbeam and moonshine Sunbeam and moonshine are a KDE kicker panel ap... Télécharger
ocl4java(freshmeat) ocl4java ocl4java lets you add special Java 5 annotation... Télécharger
jbother(freshmeat) JBother JBother is a groovy Jabber client. It supports ... Télécharger
netmindogg(freshmeat) Ogg for Java This project aims to be a complete, easy-to-use... Télécharger
myfw(freshmeat) myfw myfw is firewall based on iptables snipets or m... Télécharger
ser2net(freshmeat) Serial to network proxy The ser2net daemon allows telnet and TCP sessio... Télécharger
picinfo(freshmeat) picinfo libpicinfo is a C++ library for reading auxilia... Télécharger
ooolabels(freshmeat) OOo Label Templates OOo Label Templates is a collection of blank la... Télécharger
gbaconv(freshmeat) GBAconv GBAconv is a set of tools aimed at GameBoy Adva... Télécharger
webalizer-usercolor(freshmeat) webalizer-usercolor webalizer-usercolor is a patch against the Weba... Télécharger
sortimagesgui(freshmeat) SortImagesGUI SortImagesGUI is a Java Swing application for s... Télécharger
showimg(freshmeat) ShowImg ShowImg is a feature-rich image viewer which ca... Télécharger
slad(freshmeat) System Local Audit Daemon System Local Audit Daemon can run standalone or... Télécharger
cheetahtemplate(freshmeat) Cheetah Cheetah is a Python-powered template engine and... Télécharger
equ(freshmeat) EQU EQU is a realtime graphical equalizer that will... Télécharger
soundspigot(freshmeat) Soundspigot Soundspigot is a sound playing program for attr... Télécharger
tv_grab_uk_pdr(freshmeat) tv_grab_uk_pdr tv_grab_uk_pdr is a utility that grabs data fro... Télécharger
enemylines5(freshmeat) enemy lines 5 enemy lines 5 is a spaceship dogfight game with... Télécharger
ssss(freshmeat) ssss ssss is an implementation of Shamir's secret sh... Télécharger
mail2chart(freshmeat) mail2chart mail2chart generates various statistical charts... Télécharger
skypemenux(freshmeat) SkypeMenuX SkypeMenuX provides a Mac OS X System Extra men... Télécharger
mysqmail-qmail-logger(freshmeat) mysqmail-qmail-logger mysqmail-qmail-logger is a very small daemon th... Télécharger
awemud(freshmeat) AweMUD AweMUD is a MUD server for use with fantasy-set... Télécharger
gdgt(freshmeat) Goodgoat Linux Goodgoat Linux is a simple to use Linux distri... Télécharger
cbl_rememberme(freshmeat) CBL RememberMe CBL RememberMe is a tiny library that adds the ... Télécharger
tagneto(freshmeat) Tagneto Tagneto is a Web developer tool with JavaScript... Télécharger
grisbi(freshmeat) Grisbi Grisbi is personal accounting software that can... Télécharger
dispositionator(freshmeat) Dispositionator The goal of Dispositionator is a Web applicatio... Télécharger
gtkgrepmail(freshmeat) gtkgrepmail gtkgrepmail is a GTK frontend to grepmail, whic... Télécharger
fftv(freshmeat) fftv fftv is a TV viewer for use with TV cards and V... Télécharger
librd(freshmeat) Riverdrums Library Riverdrums is a C library with support for logg... Télécharger
graver-squares(freshmeat) Graver's Football Squares Graver's Football Squares was created so multip... Télécharger
syschk-ihtb(freshmeat) SysChk SysChk is a tool that aids in the monitoring of... Télécharger
ifstatus(freshmeat) ifstatus IFStatus was developed for Linux users that are... Télécharger
logwatcher(freshmeat) Logwatcher Log watcher is a PHP class that polls log files... Télécharger
oss-drivers(freshmeat) oss-device-drivers oss-device-drivers is a repository of open sour... Télécharger
smtarpit(freshmeat) SMTarPit SMTarPit is a chrooted SMTP honeypot/tarpit. It... Télécharger

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