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rwdaddresses(freshmeat) rwdaddresses rwdaddresses is a simple little address book pr... Télécharger
mathmap(freshmeat) MathMap The MathMap GIMP plug-in is an image processing... Télécharger
nbgit(freshmeat) nbgit NbGit is a module for the NetBeans IDE that add... Télécharger
autoscan(freshmeat) AutoScan AutoScan is an application designed to explore ... Télécharger
mango(freshmeat) Mango Mac OS X contains the utility Migration Assista... Télécharger
gleam(freshmeat) Gleam Gleam is a simple Scheme language interpreter w... Télécharger
openmks(freshmeat) OpenMKS OpenMKS is a tool for searching and navigating ... Télécharger
referencegui(freshmeat) ReferenceGUI ReferenceGUI is a Java application to make it e... Télécharger
rta(freshmeat) Run Time Access RTA (Run Time Access) gives easy runtime access... Télécharger
hd2u(freshmeat) hd2u hd2u is Hany's Dos2Unix convertor, a filter use... Télécharger
yanopaste(freshmeat) Yet Another Nopaste Yet Another Nopaste is an implementation of nop... Télécharger
poedit(freshmeat) Poedit Poedit is a gettext translation (.po file) edit... Télécharger
wwmkr(freshmeat) Writer's World Maker Writer's World Maker (WWMKR) is software writte... Télécharger
page-watcher(freshmeat) page-watcher page-watcher is a script that, when used in con... Télécharger
writeexcel(freshmeat) Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Spreadsheet::WriteExcel is a Perl module which ... Télécharger
scout(freshmeat) scout Scout is a command line utility which allows th... Télécharger
lamejb(freshmeat) Lamejb Lamejb is a Java wrapper for the LAME MP3 encod... Télécharger
justjournal(freshmeat) Just Journal Just Journal is a blogging application. You can... Télécharger
glite(freshmeat) gLite The gLite distribution is an integrated set of ... Télécharger
rsnapshot(freshmeat) rsnapshot rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility base... Télécharger
redet(freshmeat) Redet Redet is a tool for developing and executing r... Télécharger
galapix(freshmeat) Galapix Galapix is an image viewer that allows you to d... Télécharger
tiger-audit(freshmeat) Tiger security tool TIGER is a set of Bourne shell scripts, C progr... Télécharger
cosmo(freshmeat) Cosmo Cosmo is the OSAF calendar sharing server. With... Télécharger
tclcurl(freshmeat) TclCurl TclCurl provides a binding for libcurl. It make... Télécharger
sensorweb(freshmeat) SensorWeb The SensorWeb project aims at developing the Op... Télécharger
editform(freshmeat) Scriptable Form Editor EditForm is a command line tool for editing for... Télécharger
tcltunes(freshmeat) Tickle Tunes Tickle Tunes is a themeable front end to mplaye... Télécharger
schoorbs(freshmeat) Schoorbs Schoorbs is a system to make room and resource ... Télécharger
novatk(freshmeat) NovaTK NovaTK is an object-oriented, cross-platform GU... Télécharger
feshoot(freshmeat) FeShoot Wiki FeShoot is an AJAX-enabled wiki for personal or... Télécharger
quodlibet(freshmeat) Quod Libet Quod Libet is a music library management progra... Télécharger
madbutterfly(freshmeat) MadButterfly MadButterfly is a toolkit for GUI environments.... Télécharger
beediff(freshmeat) BeeDiff BeeDiff (beediff) is a program with graphical u... Télécharger
ujac(freshmeat) Useful Java Application Components Useful Java Application Components (UJAC) is a ... Télécharger
xlightweb(freshmeat) xLightweb xLightweb is an easy-to-use HTTP network librar... Télécharger
mysqlbackup(freshmeat) MySQL Backup MySQL Backup is a Perl script that uses mysqlsh... Télécharger
postscriptum(freshmeat) Post Scriptum Post Scriptum is a programming language for pre... Télécharger
jsmud(freshmeat) jsmud jsmud is a MUD kernel that embeds SpiderMonkey ... Télécharger
gnocl(freshmeat) gnocl gnocl is a GTK+ / Gnome extension for the progr... Télécharger
goquotes(freshmeat) GoQuotes GoQuotes is a simple CGI quotes server. Télécharger
concrete5(freshmeat) Concrete5 Concrete5 is a content management system (CMS) ... Télécharger
moztraybiff(freshmeat) Mozilla New Mail Icon Mozilla New Mail Icon is an extension which dis... Télécharger
amora(freshmeat) Amora Amora (A mobile remote assistant) is an applica... Télécharger
ggr(freshmeat) Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix Ghouls'n Ghosts Remix is a remake of Ghouls'n G... Télécharger
dsnapshot(freshmeat) Directory Snapshot The dsnapshot script provides a high-level inte... Télécharger
schedtool(freshmeat) schedtool schedtool interfaces with the Linux CPU schedul... Télécharger
sgabios(freshmeat) SGABIOS The Google Serial Graphics Adapter BIOS, or SGA... Télécharger
prettyprint(freshmeat) prettyprint prettyprint is intended to provide an infrastru... Télécharger
parsconflib(freshmeat) parse_conf library parse_conf is a library for parsing standard co... Télécharger
fb_shash(freshmeat) fb_shash fb_shash is a UDF library for Firebird/Interbas... Télécharger
newsstar(freshmeat) newsstar Newsstar fetches news and posts it to a local n... Télécharger
plait(freshmeat) Plait Plait (pronounced "play") is a comman... Télécharger
acpi(freshmeat) Linux ACPI client Linux ACPI client is a command-line tool, simil... Télécharger
jmind(freshmeat) JSupermind JSupermind is a clone of the Super Mind mobile ... Télécharger
krss(freshmeat) K.R.S.S K.R.S.S. is a news aggregator for the KDE deskt... Télécharger
gengetopt(freshmeat) GNU gengetopt GNU gengetopt takes a simple description of ar... Télécharger
jabxpcom(freshmeat) JabXPCOM JabXPCOM is an XPCOM component which provides a... Télécharger
cupyvei(freshmeat) cupyvei Cupyvei reads an input file (normally a pipe wr... Télécharger
jpg2html(freshmeat) jpg2html jpg2html is designed to generate quick thumbnai... Télécharger
gringotts(freshmeat) Gringotts Gringotts is a small utility that allows you to... Télécharger
clansphere(freshmeat) clansphere clansphere is an advanced Web CMS for clan and ... Télécharger
ffl(freshmeat) Forth Foundation Library The Forth Foundation Library is a Forth library... Télécharger
bindery2ldif(freshmeat) bindery2ldif bindery2ldif is a Perl script that uses the nwb... Télécharger
webcheck_py(freshmeat) webcheck webcheck is a Web site checking tool for Web ma... Télécharger
rl(freshmeat) Randomize Lines rl is a command-line tool that reads lines from... Télécharger
h5utils(freshmeat) h5utils h5utils is a set of utilities for visualization... Télécharger
emelfm2(freshmeat) emelFM2 emelFM2 is a file manager that implements the p... Télécharger
mupen64plus(freshmeat) Mupen64Plus Mupen64Plus is a plugin-based N64 emulator for ... Télécharger
snmp-info(freshmeat) SNMP::Info SNMP::Info gives an object oriented interface t... Télécharger
fluks(freshmeat) fluks fluks (Free LUKS) is a disk encryption utility ... Télécharger
mysqlworkbench(freshmeat) MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, graphical ... Télécharger
tvim(freshmeat) tvim TVim is a GUI wrapper around GVIM's remote inte... Télécharger
hlogoz-wp(freshmeat) HLogoZ-WP HLogoZ-WP is a WordPress plugin that automatica... Télécharger
gengen(freshmeat) GNU Gengen Gengen (GENerator GENerator) is a tool that, st... Télécharger
sumo-access-manager(freshmeat) SUMO Access Manager SUMO Access Manager is a security system for PH... Télécharger
sbuttonz(freshmeat) S-ButtonZ S-ButtonZ is a plugin for the WordPress blog so... Télécharger
jarexplorer-2(freshmeat) JarExplorer JarExplorer is a cross platform application for... Télécharger
bulldoc(freshmeat) BullDoc BullDoc is a Web application for documentation ... Télécharger
javatemplar(freshmeat) JavaTemplar JavaTemplar is a simple, elegant, and lightweig... Télécharger
alltray(freshmeat) AllTray AllTray is a program you can use on UNIX and UN... Télécharger
diggz-et(freshmeat) diggZ-Et diggZ-Et is a WordPress plugin for displaying D... Télécharger
duplicati(freshmeat) Duplicati Duplicati is a backup system and an implementat... Télécharger
maven-android-plugin(freshmeat) Maven Android Plugin Maven Android Plugin makes it easier to do Andr... Télécharger
ductus(freshmeat) Ductus Ductus is a wiki system designed to handle arbi... Télécharger
duo(freshmeat) Duo Duo is a free implementation of the Crazy Eight... Télécharger
supercart(freshmeat) Supercart Supercart is a lightweight shopping cart system... Télécharger
dov4l2(freshmeat) dov4l2 dov4l allows you to query and set the capabilit... Télécharger
anti-inference-hub(freshmeat) Anti Inference Hub Anti Inference Hub is the first dynamic query p... Télécharger
cvsd(freshmeat) cvsd cvsd is a wrapper program for CVS in pserver mo... Télécharger
tietable(freshmeat) Tie::Table Tie::Table (formerly known as TableMap) is a li... Télécharger
gps-library-installer(freshmeat) GPS Library Installer The gps_installer is a GTK+ application used to... Télécharger
maildirsync(freshmeat) MaildirSync Maildirsync is a utility for Maildir synchroniz... Télécharger
scloader(freshmeat) Smart Cache Loader Smart Cache Loader is a very configurable Web g... Télécharger
mythryl(freshmeat) Mythryl Mythryl is a Linux-centric SML/NJ-derived scrip... Télécharger
community-id(freshmeat) Community-ID Community-ID is an OpenID implementation which ... Télécharger
tor-navigator(freshmeat) Ozirion Ozirion is an experimental Web browser allowing... Télécharger
side4linux(freshmeat) side4linux side4linux is a simple IDE intended for source ... Télécharger
libmtag(freshmeat) libmtag libmtag is a C music tagging library with simpl... Télécharger
fastcpp(freshmeat) fastcpp FastCPP is an Apache module which implements a ... Télécharger

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