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ftplib(freshmeat) ftplib ftplib is a set of routines that implement the ... Télécharger
brewnix(freshmeat) BrewNIX BrewNIX is beer brewing software that will prim... Télécharger
burn(freshmeat) Burn Burn uses playlists as the input to quickly and... Télécharger
napsack(freshmeat) Napsack Napsack is a specialized multi-threaded client ... Télécharger
lphdisk(freshmeat) lphdisk lphdisk is a Linux utility to prepare hibernati... Télécharger
dblup(freshmeat) DocBook to LaTeX using Perl dblup (Docbook to LaTeX using Perl) enables eas... Télécharger
16kbps(freshmeat) QCom QCom is open source 16 kbps speech/music compre... Télécharger
oneripper(freshmeat) The One Ripper The One Ripper is a program for ripping and enc... Télécharger
ptrtd(freshmeat) Portable Transport Relay Translator Daemon (pTRTd) The Portable Transport Relay Translator Daemon ... Télécharger
testtool(freshmeat) NIASH's Test Tool NIASH's Test Tool is a prototype driver for sca... Télécharger
zlplay(freshmeat) zlplay zlplay is an MP3 player that uses the zlcatalog... Télécharger
traff(freshmeat) Traff Traff sniffs your network interfaces and accoun... Télécharger
netxplode(freshmeat) The Network Daemon Exploder This program was written to help test the Open ... Télécharger
guisearch(freshmeat) GUISearch GUISearch provides a Web interface for browsing... Télécharger
php-brainfuck(freshmeat) PHP-Brainfuck PHP-Brainfuck is an interpreter for the Brainfu... Télécharger
zlcatalog(freshmeat) zlcatalog zlcatalog is a C library that can be used to or... Télécharger
avm(freshmeat) Application Version Management Application Version Management (avm) allows you... Télécharger
mod_sqlinclude(freshmeat) mod_SQLInclude for Apache 1.x mod_sqlinclude is an Apache 1.x Web server shar... Télécharger
phptracker(freshmeat) PHP Tracker PHP Tracker is a request tracker which stores a... Télécharger
rdstuff(freshmeat) Ram Disk Stuff Utility The Ram Disk Stuff Utility inserts a file into ... Télécharger
fwmon(freshmeat) Firewall Monitor fwmon is a firewall monitor for Linux. It integ... Télécharger
fgguestbook(freshmeat) FG Guestbook FG Guestbook is a fast, powerful, and easy to i... Télécharger
openticket_(freshmeat) openTicket OpenTicket functions as an incident manager, ha... Télécharger
dkftpbench(freshmeat) dkftpbench dkftpbench is an FTP benchmark. It measures how... Télécharger
idel(freshmeat) Idel Idel is a low-level virtual machine designed wi... Télécharger
ccat(freshmeat) ccat ccat is a set of tools for C and C++ code analy... Télécharger
new_script(freshmeat) new_script new_script is a program that creates shell scri... Télécharger
klcc(freshmeat) KLCC KLCC is a KDE client for the LineControl server... Télécharger
klcmonitorapplet(freshmeat) KLCMonitorApplet KLCMonitorApplet is KDE applet that monitors a ... Télécharger
multivideo(freshmeat) MultiVideo MultiVideo is an image sequence viewer that is ... Télécharger
chsuf(freshmeat) Change Suffix chsuf changes the suffix of file and/or directo... Télécharger
kawa(freshmeat) The Kawa Scheme System The Kawa Scheme System is a full Scheme impleme... Télécharger
qexo(freshmeat) Qexo - an XQuery implementation Qexo (Query Expressions for XML Objects aka Kaw... Télécharger
chemsuite(freshmeat) Chemsuite Chemsuite is a set of programs to process chemi... Télécharger
jlouiss(freshmeat) jLouiss java tracer jLouiss is a shared library for logging of star... Télécharger
etora(freshmeat) Etora Etora lets you write readable, maintainable tab... Télécharger
ofnibot(freshmeat) Ofnibot Ofnibot seeks to reimplement a subset of the fu... Télécharger
mmptp(freshmeat) MMPTP MMPTP is a Linux kernel module and commandline ... Télécharger
pygcache(freshmeat) pyGCache GCache is a Python module that provides a gener... Télécharger
everyauction(freshmeat) EveryAuction EveryAuction is the original freeware auction s... Télécharger
freedraft(freshmeat) FREEdraft FREEdraft is a 2D mechanical CAD program. You c... Télécharger
airtraffic(freshmeat) AirTraffic Airtraffic is a game/simulator that puts you in... Télécharger
multiterm(freshmeat) MultiTerm MultiTerm aims to become an extendible Terminal... Télécharger
slritools(freshmeat) SLRI Bioinformatics Workshop The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) ... Télécharger
trackerdogs(freshmeat) Tracker Dogs Tracker Dogs is a search utility that searches ... Télécharger
mdtoceditor(freshmeat) Minidisc Toc Editor The Minidisc TOC Editor is an editor (Qt) for t... Télécharger
snapsource(freshmeat) SnapSource SnapSource is a utility written in Perl to auto... Télécharger
transauction(freshmeat) transAuction transAuction is a small personal database for s... Télécharger
qsmp3(freshmeat) QSMP3 QSMP3 is a MP3 Playback component for Delphi an... Télécharger
adsl4linux(freshmeat) ADSL4Linux ADSL4Linux is a program to install ADSL under L... Télécharger
philter(freshmeat) Philter Philter is a mail filter written in Python whic... Télécharger
vgrabbj(freshmeat) vgrabbj vgrabbj grabs a frame from the videodevice and ... Télécharger
shout2rtp(freshmeat) Shout2rtp Shout2rtp acts as a Shoutcast server. It receiv... Télécharger
urlobfuscator(freshmeat) URLmailto encoder and obfuscator URLmailto encoder and obfuscator produces email... Télécharger
bkcvs(freshmeat) bkcvs bkcvs allows you to easily download the current... Télécharger
xhdbench(freshmeat) xhdbench xhdbench is a Qt-based X-program for testing th... Télécharger
mingettyfb(freshmeat) Framebuffer suport for mingetty This is a simple patch for mingetty to support ... Télécharger
nuxusergroups(freshmeat) NuxUserGroups NuxUserGroups is a Zope product that adds the n... Télécharger
photoscript(freshmeat) PhotoScript PhotoScript is a online photo album written in ... Télécharger
mpy3(freshmeat) MPy3 MPy3 is a full-featured, modular, configurable ... Télécharger
folk(freshmeat) Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel The FOLK project aims to provide a single patch... Télécharger
perlsms(freshmeat) PerlSMS PerlSMS is a powerful front end to smssend. It ... Télécharger
networklens(freshmeat) NetworkLens NetworkLens is designed to be a simple-to-use W... Télécharger
dimage-color(freshmeat) GIMP Dimage color plugin The GIMP Dimage color plugin allows GIMP users ... Télécharger
tkxinput(freshmeat) tkxinput tkxinput contains Xi, a library that adds Xinpu... Télécharger
hypernon(freshmeat) Hypernon Hypernon is a tool to create and maintain hyper... Télécharger
snmp-audit(freshmeat) SNMP Network Auditor SNMP Network Auditor is a small collection of P... Télécharger
sucs(freshmeat) Simple Utility Classes The Simple Utility Classes are a compilation of... Télécharger
unicron(freshmeat) UniCron UniCron is a scheduler that can easily and simp... Télécharger
poplar(freshmeat) POPLAR Virtual Mail System POPLAR provides a framework for pure-virtual em... Télécharger
xpuzzle(freshmeat) Xpuzzle Xpuzzle is a puzzle bubble clone using OpenGL. Télécharger
lomac(freshmeat) LOMAC LOMAC uses Low Water-Mark Mandatory Access Cont... Télécharger
yasis(freshmeat) Yet Another System Information Script YASIS is a Perl port of phpSysInfo which, when ... Télécharger
zbcenterprise(freshmeat) Zephyr Basecamp Zephyr Basecamp is a functioning GTK frontend a... Télécharger
tinyldap(freshmeat) tinyldap tinyldap is a small (11k uncompressed static bi... Télécharger
cascade(freshmeat) Cascade Cascade is a Web-based content management syste... Télécharger
jcmd(freshmeat) JCmd JCmd is a pure Java command shell that is highl... Télécharger
sinfg(freshmeat) Sinfg SINFG is a flexible resolution-independent imag... Télécharger
ohtml(freshmeat) Objective HTML The Objective HTML toolkit allows programming o... Télécharger
tavi(freshmeat) WikkiTikkiTavi WikkiTikkiTavi is a full featured PHP based Wik... Télécharger
netlogon(freshmeat) NetLogon NetLogon dynamically generates netlogon scripts... Télécharger
badram(freshmeat) BadRAM BadRAM is a Linux kernel patch which attempts t... Télécharger
binarypatch(freshmeat) BinaryPatch BinaryPatch creates patch kits for all file typ... Télécharger
transitmount(freshmeat) transitmount transitmount is simple rack/removable hard disk... Télécharger
parp(freshmeat) parp parp is a powerful, extensible e-mail filter wi... Télécharger
pyos-chess(freshmeat) Python chess module pyos-chess (Python chess module) does not know ... Télécharger
vgettyservlet(freshmeat) vgetty-servlet The vgetty servlet allows you to listen to answ... Télécharger
id3edit(freshmeat) id3edit Id3edit allows you to edit MP3 ID3v1.1 tags. It... Télécharger
lcdmodxmms(freshmeat) lcdmodxmms lcdmodxmms is a XMMS visualisation plugin for L... Télécharger
mysqlconf(freshmeat) mysqlconf mysqlconf aims to be a full configuration modul... Télécharger
arnmusicmanager(freshmeat) Aurion Music Manager Aurion Music Manager (AMM) has been designed to... Télécharger
bomberinstinct(freshmeat) Bomber Instinct Bomber Instinct is a multiplayer-only bomberman... Télécharger
yahtzee(freshmeat) Palm Pilot Yahtzee Palm Pilot Yahtzee is an implementation of the ... Télécharger
mboxsecretary(freshmeat) mboxSecretary mboxSecretary is a tool to generate statistics ... Télécharger
nuweb(freshmeat) nuweb nuweb is a lightweight, fast Literate Programmi... Télécharger
acidlaunch(freshmeat) acidlaunch acidlaunch is a small, simple application launc... Télécharger
gn(freshmeat) GN gopher server GN is a fast, light and (for 1995 standards) se... Télécharger
graft(freshmeat) graft Graft provides a mechanism for managing multipl... Télécharger
ya-wipe(freshmeat) ya-wipe ya-wipe is a tool that effectively degausses th... Télécharger
bls-sendmail_pgsql(freshmeat) Sendmail+PostgreSQL patch The Sendmail+PostgreSQL patch adds PostgreSQL s... Télécharger

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