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docx2txt(sfnet) docx2txt Docx2txt is a Perl based command-line utility t... Télécharger
openavs(sfnet) OpenAVS OpenAVS is the open source implementaion of AVS... Télécharger
symplyos(sfnet) SymplyOS SymplyOS is a new, free Operating System. It’s ... Télécharger
easydbconnectio(sfnet) Easy DB Connection Easy DB Connection makes the MySQL, SQL Server,... Télécharger
climm(sfnet) climm (formerly mICQ) climm is a portable, small, yet powerful consol... Télécharger
wickedshell(sfnet) Wicked Shell Wicked Shell - A non-evil eclipse plugin provid... Télécharger
exponentes(sfnet) Exponentes Traducciones al español y personalizaciones de ... Télécharger
malbum(sfnet) malbum Web-based photo / movie / general media managem... Télécharger
fsed(sfnet) Free Subtitles Editor Free Subtitle Editor allows one to perform a se... Télécharger
sevenzipbw(sfnet) 7zip Backup Wraper graphical wrapper over 7zip that realizes full ... Télécharger
dustyscript(sfnet) Dustyscript:Computer Programs for Kids Create and maintain a "scripting" lan... Télécharger
phpadsnew(sfnet) OpenX (phpAdsNew) OpenX (phpAdsNew) is an open-source ad server, ... Télécharger
mmohack(sfnet) MMOHack MMOHack is a roguelike MMORPG modeled after Net... Télécharger
myplaylist(sfnet) My Play List This program allows to export the music of a li... Télécharger
regex-util(sfnet) Regex Util A eclipse plugin to test regular expressions (r... Télécharger
yarfraw(sfnet) YARFRAW - Yet Another RSS Feed Reader A YARFRAW is an open source Java API library for ... Télécharger
tcvswix(sfnet) TortoiseCVS Windows Installer MSI (Windows Installer) packages of TortoiseCVS... Télécharger
texsword(sfnet) TeXsword TeXsword is an equation management macro packag... Télécharger
p2pcam(sfnet) p2pcam ipcam p2p Télécharger
fckitext(sfnet) FCKitext (FCKeditor-iText) This project is powered by FCKeditor and iText ... Télécharger
ezop-project(sfnet) EZOP EZOP is a category representing educational sys... Télécharger
omegabb(freshmeat) OmegaBB OmegaBB incorporates AJAX thinking into forum s... Télécharger
httpclass(freshmeat) PHP HTTP protocol client PHP HTTP protocol client is a PHP class for mak... Télécharger
dclib(freshmeat) dlib C++ Library dlib is a C++ library for developing portable a... Télécharger
easyhook(sfnet) EasyHook A full featured hooking library for Windows 200... Télécharger
bookmarkhtoip(sfnet) Bookmark Hostname to IP converter When your DNS goes down but internet is still u... Télécharger
fsumfe(sfnet) Fsum frontend Fsum Frontend is a files integrity checker. It ... Télécharger
shape2kmladvanc(sfnet) Shape2Kml@Advanced easy ISRI shapefile to Kml converter based on s... Télécharger
lzlib(freshmeat) Lzlib The lzlib compression library provides in-memor... Télécharger
bbexpenses(sfnet) Blackberry Expenses A simple expense tracking program for Blackberr... Télécharger
useripacct(sfnet) useripacct Linux kernel patch for 2.6 kernels that allows ... Télécharger
explicitor(freshmeat) Explicitor Explicitor allows a user to scan through and do... Télécharger
cegcc(sfnet) CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC CeGCC is a cross-development environment for cr... Télécharger
rsyslog(sfnet) syslog replacement - rsyslog A syslogd supporting on-demand disk buffering, ... Télécharger
mm8leveleditor(sfnet) Might and Magic 6-8 Level Editor A Java Utility to edit and create new game cont... Télécharger
kvm-simple-init(freshmeat) kvm-simple-init kvm-simple-init can perform the following actio... Télécharger
jstree(sfnet) jsTree jsTree is a cross browser jQuery based tree com... Télécharger
swiss-atc(sfnet) Swiss ATC This is a simulation for x-plane pilots and con... Télécharger
framewave(sfnet) Framewave Framewave is a collection of popular image and ... Télécharger
fb-fight-game(sfnet) FreeBASIC Fighting Game A fighting game (currently in its beginnings) d... Télécharger
shoot(sfnet) The Shoot-em-up Project A 3D game (and engine/level editor) written usi... Télécharger
pml-mode(sfnet) pml-mode for Emacs A major mode written for GNU Emacs 22.1 to edit... Télécharger
fedoracolinux(sfnet) Fedora coLinux Fedora coLinux is a fully functional coLinux di... Télécharger
gf-tools(sfnet) Grammatical Framework The Grammatical Framework (GF) is a grammar for... Télécharger
pacpl(sfnet) Perl Audio Converter A Linux CLI tool for converting multiple audio ... Télécharger
gnuplot-py(sfnet) Gnuplot.py A Python interface to the gnuplot plotting prog... Télécharger
mysqlcc(sfnet) MySQL Control Center MySQL Control Center is an excellent GUI front ... Télécharger
openuss(sfnet) FSL - OpenUSS Freestyle Learning (FSL) and Open University Su... Télécharger
ida-x86emu(sfnet) ida-x86emu This is a plugin for IDAPro that allows emulate... Télécharger
jmove(sfnet) jmove How good is your software? jmove eases the unde... Télécharger
keeyai-tail(sfnet) Tail Tail is a graphical interface for following fil... Télécharger
bpmdj(sfnet) BpmDj: Free DJ Tools BpmDj: Free DJ tools contains an automatic &... Télécharger
octave-swig(sfnet) octave-swig SWIG language module for Octave Télécharger
enable-viacam(freshmeat) Enable Viacam Enable Viacam (eViacam) is a mouse replacement ... Télécharger
denzosoft(sfnet) DenzoSOFT Extended set of tools, libraries and applicatio... Télécharger
virtualmips(sfnet) VirtualMIPS VirtualMIPS is an emulator of MIPS based Soc. Télécharger
mysmartbb(freshmeat) MySmartBB MySmartBB is a bulletin board system that aims ... Télécharger
icrypt(sfnet) iCrypt iCrypt is an easy to use gui program written in... Télécharger
schibo(sfnet) 1964 1964 is a popular Nintendo64 Emulator for Windo... Télécharger
otva(sfnet) OpenTvArchitecture Do you manage a single channel tv or web-tv and... Télécharger
easystruts(sfnet) EasyStruts EasyStruts provide advanced support for develop... Télécharger
lily4jedit(sfnet) LilyPondTool for JEdit LilyPond editor based on JEdit, implemented as ... Télécharger
projeto-messias(sfnet) Projeto Messias - Ajudando o mundo Linux Projeto mantido por Júlio C. B. Monqueiro e Ala... Télécharger
scache-2(freshmeat) Scache Scache is a different approach for PHP session ... Télécharger
photospace(sfnet) photospace Photospace is an open platform for searching, v... Télécharger
ghostzilla(sfnet) Ghostzilla Ghostzilla was an open source web browser for M... Télécharger
caissystem(sfnet) CaIS System M Technology developer Télécharger
proshield(sfnet) ProShield ProShield is a security program for Ubuntu/Debi... Télécharger
vlkgps(sfnet) vlkGPS simple GPS navigation for java phones (J2ME) an... Télécharger
potrace(freshmeat) Potrace Potrace is a utility for tracing a bitmap (that... Télécharger
dfast(sfnet) wxDownload Fast wxDownload Fast is a multi-platform download ma... Télécharger
protege(sfnet) Protege Protege is a free, open-source platform that pr... Télécharger
retrotranslator(sfnet) Retrotranslator Retrotranslator is a tool that makes Java appli... Télécharger
gtads(sfnet) GTADS GTADS is an open source multiplayer server and ... Télécharger
baptools(sfnet) Broadcast audio production tools baptools - broadcast audio production tools Télécharger
casp(sfnet) CaspLab - Comet Assay Software Project CaspLab - Comet Assay Software Project Lab is a... Télécharger
numpy(freshmeat) Numerical Python Numerical Python (NumPy) adds a fast and sophis... Télécharger
amide(sfnet) AMIDE Amide's a Medical Image Data Examiner: Amide i... Télécharger
otter(freshmeat) Otter Otter is a layer of usability enhancements to t... Télécharger
testopia(sfnet) Testopia Bugzilla Testopia is a web-based test case mana... Télécharger
libbfcp(sfnet) libBFCP An open source BFCP (Binary Floor Control Proto... Télécharger
toolchain(sfnet) precompiled toolchains I compile toolchains for who doesn't have time ... Télécharger
tymeacse(sfnet) TymeacSE TymeacSE is a full-feature, multi-threading, fo... Télécharger
log4j-eclipse(sfnet) Eclipse log4j plug-in This project provides visual tool to help log4j... Télécharger
gna-jorm(sfnet) java OR-Mapper Lightweight high performance Object Relational ... Télécharger
regextester(sfnet) RegEx Tester With RegEx Tester you can fully develop and tes... Télécharger
goim(sfnet) Gamers Own Instant Messenger GOIM is a Jabber client with special features t... Télécharger
pootzmod(sfnet) DreaMule It´s a ed2k file sharing client, done for easy ... Télécharger
osal(sfnet) OS Abstraction Layer The OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL) project is a sm... Télécharger
unms(sfnet) Umbrella NMS A modular CMS that use flat files to store its ... Télécharger
mediabox(sfnet) Mediabox Mediabox displays flash, video, & html cont... Télécharger
projectlibre(sfnet) ProjectLibre Project Management ProjectLibre is an open source alternative to M... Télécharger
kronophobia(sfnet) Kronophobia Complete Event Based School Calendaring System ... Télécharger
genesis-py(sfnet) Genesis 2000 Python Interface An object-oriented Python Interface to Frontlin... Télécharger
lightalloy(sfnet) Light Alloy Light Alloy - is a compact multimedia player. I... Télécharger
fgexcel(sfnet) LabVIEW Excel Toolkit LabVIEW VI's to read write and update data valu... Télécharger
amule-adunanza(sfnet) aMule AdunanzA aMule AdunanzA e' un progetto volto a rendere a... Télécharger
choco(sfnet) choco choco: a java library for constraint satisfacti... Télécharger
lomboz(sfnet) Lomboz Lomboz™ is an open-source Eclipse-Plug-In init... Télécharger
gdcgnu(sfnet) GCC D Compiler for GNU/Linux GCC D Compiler (GDC) for GNU/Linux (RPM) See al... Télécharger

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