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ntci(sfnet) Net::Telnet::Cisco::IOS A Perl package which extends Net::Telnet::Cisco... Télécharger
imaptools(sfnet) imap_tools imap_tools consists of three programs: imap_sea... Télécharger
debacker(sfnet) Debacker's Toolbox Set of JavaScript scripts to parse MinML string... Télécharger
nodrvman(sfnet) NoDrives Manager NoDrives Manager is a free, simple tool for hid... Télécharger
jupe(sfnet) Jupe Jupe is a UML Plugin for Eclipse. It provides s... Télécharger
mkore(sfnet) mKore Project mKore is a collaborative project for creating a... Télécharger
touch-dot-net(sfnet) recursive touch for windows .net This is a program to recursively touch contents... Télécharger
gopens(sfnet) gopens Open source Android (1.6 or greater) GPS for Op... Télécharger
aresrpg(sfnet) Ares Ares stands for Aural RPG Experience System. It... Télécharger
mulinux(sfnet) mulinux muLinux is a miniature, but nearly full-feature... Télécharger
boolstuff(freshmeat) BoolStuff BoolStuff is a small C++ library that computes ... Télécharger
alphabetlearning(sfnet) Alphabet Learning It's only for child who are on the learning ste... Télécharger
vvvapp(sfnet) VVV (Virtual Volumes View) Catalog the content of removable volumes like C... Télécharger
tribix(sfnet) tribix Tribix - Extended emitters for BIRT(Business In... Télécharger
safox(sfnet) SAFOX - simple php api for xml handlig SAFOX - Simple API For XML Handling php project... Télécharger
adagide(sfnet) AdaGIDE AdaGIDE: GNAT Integrated Development Environmen... Télécharger
flacfrontend(sfnet) FLAC Frontend As Speek's celebrated FLAC Frontend hasn't been... Télécharger
kevora(sfnet) kevora Kevora provides an IDE for database developers ... Télécharger
g-manual-duplex(sfnet) gnome-manual-duplex gnome-manual-duplex is a utility that adds manu... Télécharger
arbaro(sfnet) Arbaro Arbaro is an implementation of the tree generat... Télécharger
crc64(sfnet) crc64 (Production / Stable) Command line tool to comp... Télécharger
nc110(sfnet) Netcat Memorial of original *Hobbit*'s version 1.10 of... Télécharger
freecell(sfnet) Mobile Freecell and Sudoku A Java / J2ME implementation of the popular Fre... Télécharger
kitab(sfnet) Kitab: An Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor Kitab is a Java typing tutor for the Arabic key... Télécharger
jaffa(sfnet) Java Application Framework For All An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid ... Télécharger
ipset_list(freshmeat) ipset_list ipset_list is a wrapper script for listing sets... Télécharger
columba(sfnet) Columba Columba is an email client written in Java, fea... Télécharger
stockeye(sfnet) Stock Eye Given a stock symbol and an index, along with a... Télécharger
jbcpp(sfnet) Java Bytecode ++ Java Bytecode ++ defines an Ecore meta-model fo... Télécharger
php-sqlite3(sfnet) php-sqlite3 SQLite3 extension package for PHP Télécharger
tajrp(sfnet) Tom And Jonnys Role Play Random stoof :D Télécharger
sccm2007blp(sfnet) sccm2007blp The SCCM 2007 Bulk List Processor allows admini... Télécharger
umtsmon(sfnet) control/monitor your UMTS card This program is to control your UMTS PCCard: en... Télécharger
soffid(sfnet) Soffid IAM Soffid is a highly distributed Identity Manager... Télécharger
vmrp(sfnet) Virtual Max Records Program This is not for business purposes rather for st... Télécharger
exirion(sfnet) EXIRION/OS Welcome to Nova32 EXIRION/OS project, a free op... Télécharger
ku1k(sfnet) KU1K KU1K is a set of tools for 4D,5D and 6D compact... Télécharger
vassalengine(sfnet) VASSAL Engine VASSAL is a game engine for creating electronic... Télécharger
dynamicreports(freshmeat) DynamicReports DynamicReports is a Java reporting library base... Télécharger
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw(freshmeat) sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw is firmware for Cypress... Télécharger
libsigrokdecode(freshmeat) libsigrokdecode libsigrokdecode is a shared C library that prov... Télécharger
gnugk(freshmeat) GNU Gatekeeper The GNU Gatekeeper is a free H.323 gatekeeper b... Télécharger
libserialport(freshmeat) libserialport libserialport is a minimal, cross-platform shar... Télécharger
jplex-gui(sfnet) Jplex - Java GUI for mplex A Java(tm) graphical user interface for the mpl... Télécharger
i-cms(sfnet) iCMS iCMS is a web based control and monitor applica... Télécharger
gdam(sfnet) GDAM GDAM is real-time music remixing, production an... Télécharger
webtareas(sfnet) webTareas -Project Management -Bug Tracking -Content Mana... Télécharger
mptcp(sfnet) MPTCP - DelayTolerant Transport Protocol MPTCP is a "Delay-Tolerant Transport Proto... Télécharger
marcion(sfnet) Marcion Marcion is a software forming a study environme... Télécharger
esyssim(sfnet) Esys.Net ESys.NET is a new system-level modeling and sim... Télécharger
stor2rrd(sfnet) Storage monitoring: IBM DS8000, Storwize STOR2RRD is free storage performance and capaci... Télécharger
dune-numerics(freshmeat) DUNE (Numerics) DUNE, the Distributed and Unified Numerics Envi... Télécharger
starclient(sfnet) STAR Client (S)chneider (T)ransports (A)ccounting (R)ich Cl... Télécharger
act-mp3(sfnet) Automatic Cover Tool The 'Automatic Cover Tool' software will proces... Télécharger
dvrbox(sfnet) DVRBox DVRBox allows you to edit dvr-ms files and conv... Télécharger
jbyjsharp(sfnet) J by J# Project to to port common Java libraries like J... Télécharger
gmport(sfnet) Greasemonkey Port Please note that there are no guarantees that X... Télécharger
jxdao(sfnet) jxDao Este projeto implementa o Designer Partner DAO.... Télécharger
jxswing(sfnet) jxSwing Swing Class Library Este projeto reune classe... Télécharger
aa25assist(sfnet) America's Army 2.5 Assist A GUI client application for Downloading Instal... Télécharger
overdose(sfnet) Overdose Overdose is a simple Yahoo! Chat client written... Télécharger
openoffice-es(sfnet) OpenOffice.org en Español Proyecto de soporte a la versión en Español de ... Télécharger
squidconf(sfnet) SquidNT Configurator SquidNTConf is a GUI based squid configuration ... Télécharger
pisilinux(sfnet) Pisi Linux Our work is still continuing on http://github.c... Télécharger
quickui(sfnet) QuickUI QuickUI is a library for creating simple user i... Télécharger
phpmychat(sfnet) phpMyChat phpMyChat is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use mu... Télécharger
ushare(sfnet) uShare GeeXboX uShare is a UPnP (TM) A/V Media Server.... Télécharger
geexbox(sfnet) GeeXboX GeeXboX is a standalone media player Linux dist... Télécharger
monami(sfnet) MonAMI - your friendly monitoring daemon MonAMI: your friendly monitoring daemon. The Mo... Télécharger
linuxrpms(sfnet) Packaging Packaging for various a/v projects. Currently h... Télécharger
busybox(sfnet) BusyBoxDotNet BusyBoxDotNet is an ASP.NET library targeting U... Télécharger
platinum(sfnet) Platinum UPnP A cross-platform C++ library for discovering, c... Télécharger
dwr(sfnet) DWR: Direct Web Remoting DWR is a Java open source library which helps d... Télécharger
jxcontroller(sfnet) jxController Este projeto implementa lógicas de Controle ent... Télécharger
peidextsigedit(sfnet) PEID external signature file editor Win32 Delphi applciation allows convienent edit... Télécharger
smbc(sfnet) Samba Commander Samba Commander is a text mode SMB network comm... Télécharger
memcacheddotnet(sfnet) .NET memcached client library C#/.NET memcached client library. This library ... Télécharger
tikiwiki(sfnet) Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware "Software made the wiki way" A full-... Télécharger
calc2latex(sfnet) Calc2LaTeX Calc2LaTeX is an OpenOffice.org Calc (Spreadshe... Télécharger
powersave(sfnet) Powersave Provides battery,temperature,ac,cpufreq (SpeedS... Télécharger
jarsearch(sfnet) jarsearch JarSearch is an Eclipse plugin that integrates ... Télécharger
opencaesar3(sfnet) CaesarIA (openCaesar3) openCaesar3 is a remake of the classic Caesar3 ... Télécharger
pspradio(sfnet) PSPRadio Online Streaming Music Client for the Sony PSP ... Télécharger
dws(sfnet) DelphiWebScript DelphiWebScript is a scripting language for use... Télécharger
laofoss(sfnet) Lao Open Source Localization project Lao Open Source Localization project Télécharger
ganim8(sfnet) gAnim8 - Animation and Video Suite gAnim8 is a full suite of tools for building an... Télécharger
glare(sfnet) glare GLARE is a library and a software for product b... Télécharger
browser(freshmeat) DeforaOS Browser DeforaOS Browser is a file browser for the Defo... Télécharger
jmbox(sfnet) jmbox The jmbox project (read jambox) is a Local Stor... Télécharger
ast-cppsock(sfnet) C++ framework for Asterisk Sockets Asterisk Manage API and FAGI C++ Framework. Imp... Télécharger
amestarpdfs(sfnet) AmestarPDFs Un programa pa amestar, separtar, rotar, firmar... Télécharger
ds-scheduler(freshmeat) DS Scheduler DS Scheduler is a centralized 'cron' type sched... Télécharger
ipoddisk(sfnet) iPod Disk iPodDisk is a tool designed to make it easy and... Télécharger
blender-mathutils(freshmeat) Blender-Mathutils The Blender-Mathutils module originated from Bl... Télécharger
vbexifreader(sfnet) Visual Basic JPEG EXIF Reader A Visual Basic project to read and display EXIF... Télécharger
wavemesh(sfnet) WaveMesh Physical simulation of an elastic mesh that tra... Télécharger
minebot(sfnet) Minebot A client bot written in Visual Basic.NET for Mi... Télécharger
rdkit(sfnet) RDKit A collection of cheminformatics and machine-lea... Télécharger
mtosi-ri(sfnet) MTOSI Reference Implementation Reference implementation for the MTOSI interfac... Télécharger
cfkp(sfnet) Custom Fedora Kernel project This project consists of the availability of so... Télécharger

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