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awtkd(sfnet) Ascii Windows ToolKit for DOS A library in C for DOS that allows you to creat... Télécharger
archframework(sfnet) ARCH Data Integration Framework Arch Data Integration Framework Télécharger
ssh-ident(freshmeat) ssh-ident ssh-ident allows you to have a single line in y... Télécharger
book-manager(freshmeat) Book Manager Book Manager is intended to provide a simple in... Télécharger
mydeb(freshmeat) MyDeb MyDeb is a simple manager for backing up and re... Télécharger
libqt4json(freshmeat) libqt4json libqt4jon is a JSON serializer and deserializer... Télécharger
itunesxpx64(sfnet) itunesxpx64 its Simple, unzip the file, and double click on... Télécharger
kunagi(freshmeat) Kunagi Kunagi offers integrated project management, su... Télécharger
performous(sfnet) Performous Performous is an open-source rhythm/performance... Télécharger
groonga(freshmeat) Groonga Groonga is a fast and accurate full text search... Télécharger
wiziq-moodle19(sfnet) WizIQ Virtual Classroom –moodle1.9 The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Moo... Télécharger
mroonga(freshmeat) Mroonga Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine based on Groo... Télécharger
moskitogameupa(sfnet) moskitogameupa A game of a moskito in the building of upa Télécharger
issuesearch(sfnet) issuesearch Test Issue Tracking System Télécharger
simjs-discrete-event-simulatio(freshmeat) SIM.JS SIM.JS is a general-purpose Discrete Event Simu... Télécharger
kassem(sfnet) kassem Interconnexion de Système Ouvert avec une appli... Télécharger
maastermind(sfnet) maastermind A small Mastermind game for Windows created wit... Télécharger
luninux-os(freshmeat) LuninuX OS LuninuX OS a Linux distribution designed to be ... Télécharger
lzmzskj(sfnet) lzmzskj 龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联... Télécharger
flwm(freshmeat) flwm Flwm is an X window manager designed to be user... Télécharger
strawberry(freshmeat) Strawberry Strawberry is a Web application that allows you... Télécharger
pysimplequiz(freshmeat) pySimpleQuiz pySimpleQuiz lets you define a simple online qu... Télécharger
art-linux(sfnet) Advanced Real-Time Linux Advanced Real-Time Linux (ART-Linux) is a hard ... Télécharger
mantisconnect(sfnet) MantisConnect MantisConnect provides an easy way to connect t... Télécharger
zebra_dialog(freshmeat) Zebra_Dialog Zebra_Dialog is a small, compact, and highly co... Télécharger
khmertext(sfnet) khmertext Open data for a Khmer language corpus and lexic... Télécharger
kbd-cheatsheet(freshmeat) kbd-cheatsheet kbd-cheatsheet is a small application that gene... Télécharger
europepki(freshmeat) EuropePKI EuropePKI is a European Project supported by th... Télécharger
bootcd(freshmeat) bootcd bootcd is a script that can help with the devel... Télécharger
pviewer(sfnet) pviewer visualisation of proteins Télécharger
wesitecinemanew(sfnet) wesitecinemanew c'est le nouveau website de moi meme ,il offert... Télécharger
ashraf7amdy(sfnet) ashraf7amdy easySlider1.7 code for blogger tube Télécharger
ipt_blacklist(freshmeat) ipt_blacklist ipt_blacklist adds an extra layer of network se... Télécharger
zebra_transform(freshmeat) Zebra_TransForm Zebra_TransForm is a tiny (3KB minified) jQuery... Télécharger
qtnotifydaemon(freshmeat) qtnotifydaemon qtnotifydaemon is a flexible and configurable n... Télécharger
polysh(freshmeat) Polysh Polysh is a tool to aggregate several remote sh... Télécharger
skylinegrouptri(sfnet) SkylineGroupTriviaPurfuit Class project for developing a version of Trivi... Télécharger
trapkat-editor(sfnet) pljones TrapKAT Editor for .Net/MONO A TrapKAT Sysex Data Dump Editor for .Net/MONO.... Télécharger
backshift(freshmeat) Backshift Backshift is a deduplicating (variable-sized, c... Télécharger
apollon(sfnet) Apollon Apollon - the greek god of music, mp3s, and vi... Télécharger
wiziq-moodle-2(sfnet) WizIQ Virtual Classroom –moodle2.0 The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Moo... Télécharger
ero(sfnet) Enchanted RO Enchanted RO development in patcher Télécharger
macopenfoam(sfnet) OpenFOAM for Mac OS X Precompiled disk images for OpenFOAM 1.7.x and ... Télécharger
jcalendar(sfnet) jcalendar The JCalendar library is a set of Java classes ... Télécharger
foreve(sfnet) foreve FOREVER is an environment to translate UML Sequ... Télécharger
externalsort(freshmeat) ExternalSort ExternalSort is a class that can sort large fil... Télécharger
kobolds-quest-2(freshmeat) Kobold's Quest 2 Kobold's Quest 2 is an RPG game in which the qu... Télécharger
useocl(sfnet) USE: UML-based Specification Environment USE is a system for the specification and valid... Télécharger
civ4ffplus(sfnet) Civ4: Final Frontier Plus A Civilization 4 mod that improves, optimizes, ... Télécharger
otonat(freshmeat) otonat otonat is a 1:1 NAT implementation for FreeBSD.... Télécharger
w3v(freshmeat) w3v Some Web players recognize only a few formats, ... Télécharger
turnmeon(freshmeat) turnMeOn turnMeOn is a Qt-based program that lets you se... Télécharger
text-translation-for-asterisk-(freshmeat) Text translation for Asterisk using MS Translator Text translation for Asterisk using MS Translat... Télécharger
musicd-2(freshmeat) musicd musicd is a daemon for indexing a music collect... Télécharger
tulp2g(sfnet) TULP2G TULP2G is a .NET based forensic software framew... Télécharger
myserver(sfnet) MyServer MyServer development has moved to GNU savannah ... Télécharger
wiztoolsorg-oembed-java-api(freshmeat) WizTools.org oEmbed Java API WizTools.org oEmbed Java API is a Java implemen... Télécharger
zurmo(freshmeat) Zurmo Zurmo provides an easy-to-use, easy-to-customiz... Télécharger
libdxfrw(sfnet) libdxfrw c++ library to read/write dxf files in binary a... Télécharger
jsi(sfnet) Java Spatial Index (RTree) Library The Java RTree project aims to maintain an Java... Télécharger
physmo(sfnet) PhysMo - Video Motion Analysis PhysMo is a tool for frame-by-frame video analy... Télécharger
side-by-side-stereo-image-to-m(freshmeat) sbs_proc sbs_proc (Side by Side Processor) is a simple c... Télécharger
linuxtimon(freshmeat) LinuxTimon LinuxTimon is a USB/SD/MMC/PXE miniature Linux ... Télécharger
pylibravatar(freshmeat) pyLibravatar pyLibravatar provides an easy way to make use o... Télécharger
ftpmicro(sfnet) FTPmicro Embedded web server open source with picmicro Télécharger
opendedup-virtual-nas-storage-(freshmeat) OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance The OpenDedup Virtual NAS Appliance is designed... Télécharger
lhasa(freshmeat) Lhasa Lhasa is a Free Software replacement for the Un... Télécharger
bitnami-tomcat-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Tomcat Stack BitNami Tomcat Stack Native Installer is an eas... Télécharger
openlldp(sfnet) OpenLLDP OpenLLDP is an Open Source implementation of th... Télécharger
chunk-templates(sfnet) Chunk, an HTML Template Engine for Java A powerful Java Template Engine, great for buil... Télécharger
madlibforpb(sfnet) MadLib for PureBasic All the functions, structures, constants, that ... Télécharger
coflo(sfnet) CoFlo CoFlo generates Control-Flow Graphs from C and ... Télécharger
rudp(sfnet) Simple Reliable UDP An object-oriented implementation of a reliable... Télécharger
xfstk(sfnet) Intel xFSTK Downloader The Intel xFSTK Downloader allows users to upda... Télécharger
udis86(sfnet) Udis86 Disassembler for x86 and x86-64 Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassemb... Télécharger
filerefresh(sfnet) FileRefresh Using Servlets and JSP, MVC Framework and Commo... Télécharger
openhms-sqlbuilder(freshmeat) SqlBuilder (OpenHMS) SqlBuilder is a library that attempts to take t... Télécharger
magnifier(sfnet) Virtual Magnifying Glass Virtual Magnifying Glass is designed for visual... Télécharger
wolf-software-image-captions(freshmeat) Wolf Software Image Captions Wolf Software Image Captions is a very simple j... Télécharger
wolf-software-slide-out-contai(freshmeat) Wolf Software Slide Out Container Wolf Software Slide Out Container is a simple j... Télécharger
wolf-software-page-statistics-(freshmeat) Wolf Software Page Statistics Class Wolf Software Page Statistics Class is a small ... Télécharger
mythgrid(sfnet) MythGrid The purpose of this project is to create a loca... Télécharger
qmdc(freshmeat) qmdc qmdc is a client for musicd written using PyQt4... Télécharger
eggdrop(sfnet) Eggdrop Eggdrop is the most advanced IRC robot availabl... Télécharger
php-codeigniter-class-library-(freshmeat) CodeIgniter for PayPal Payments Pro CodeIgniter for PayPal Payments Pro includes ev... Télécharger
filemaker-custom-functions-for(freshmeat) FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal APIs FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal APIs prov... Télécharger
peg-solitaire(sfnet) Peg Solitaire Peg solitaire is a board game for one player in... Télécharger
the-ti-basic-compiler(freshmeat) The TI-BASIC Compiler The TI-BASIC Compiler allows you to write TI-BA... Télécharger
moxestemplate(freshmeat) MoxesTemplate MoxesTemplate is a lightweight PHP template cla... Télécharger
libusbjava(sfnet) Java libusb/libusb-win32 wrapper libusbJava is a Java wrapper for the libusb and... Télécharger
firebird(freshmeat) Firebird Relational Database Firebird is a relational database offering many... Télécharger
mappstack(freshmeat) BitNami MAPPStack BitNami MAPPStack is an easy-to-install, ready-... Télécharger
elfviewer(sfnet) elf viewer(aka T34) ELF(Executable and Linkable Format) Viewer disp... Télécharger
foafpress(freshmeat) Foafpress Foafpress is a Web application and presentation... Télécharger
light-source(freshmeat) Light source Light source is an object which can apply a sha... Télécharger
wolf-software-dates-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Dates Class The Wolf Software Dates Class has a large numbe... Télécharger
erdvideo(freshmeat) ERDvideo ERDvideo is an application to display video in ... Télécharger
wolf-software-mersenne-twister(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mersenne Twister Class Wolf Software Mersenne Twister Class is a pseud... Télécharger
wolf-software-sessions-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sessions Class Wolf Software Sessions Class replaces the stand... Télécharger
wolf-software-tag-cloud-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Tag Cloud Class Wolf Software Tag Cloud Class takes an array of... Télécharger

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