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liberorm(freshmeat) LiberORM LiberORM is a class that can be used to store a... Télécharger
opencms-ant-build(freshmeat) OpenCms ANT build OpenCms ANT Build allows multiple OpenCms devel... Télécharger
coronis-test(freshmeat) Coronis Test Coronis Test is an HTML test framework based on... Télécharger
antville(freshmeat) Antville Antville is high performance, feature rich webl... Télécharger
rtf2html(sfnet) rtf2html converter RTF to HTML converter for use both with your ap... Télécharger
imdev(sfnet) imDEV Project imDEV is an application of RExcel, whic... Télécharger
limbopcemulator(sfnet) limbo pc emulator A x86 emulator for android. NOTE: This used to... Télécharger
ooo-shqip(sfnet) OpenOffice.org Shqip - Albanian Localization of OpenOffice.org in Albanian (sq) Télécharger
magicjar(freshmeat) magic.jar magic.jar is a command line tool that allows yo... Télécharger
gpm-clamantivirus(sfnet) GPM Clam AntiVirus A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... Télécharger
biomechanical-toolkit(freshmeat) Biomechanical ToolKit Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK) is a cross-platform... Télécharger
openalpr(freshmeat) OpenALPR OpenALPR is an automated license plate recognit... Télécharger
instantclick(freshmeat) InstantClick InstantClick is a JavaScript library that makes... Télécharger
udop(sfnet) udop Unsupervised data-oriented parsing model put fo... Télécharger
jtracer(freshmeat) jTracer jTracer is a visualization tool for libcsdbg. ... Télécharger
paranoid-telnetd(freshmeat) Paranoid TelnetD Paranoid TelnetD is written in straight C with ... Télécharger
task-crunsher(freshmeat) Task Crunsher Task Crunsher is a simple tool to execute multi... Télécharger
loopmaker(sfnet) loopmaker This Program plays any looping metronome file w... Télécharger
android-metadata(freshmeat) android-metadata android-metadata is a utility library for Andro... Télécharger
jupiter(sfnet) Jupiter Simple, easy to use hardware and power manageme... Télécharger
insenvim(sfnet) Intellisense for Vim Enabling intellisense(also called CodeInsight o... Télécharger
c-boot(sfnet) C-Boot Crescent Bootloader is designed to be quick and... Télécharger
fcf-win7-ubuntu(sfnet) FCoFix Win7 Ubuntu Theme Windows 7 Theme for Ubuntu 10.04 or new. It's a... Télécharger
classingjs(freshmeat) Classing{js} Classing{js} creates a classical-like OOP inter... Télécharger
bonsaios(sfnet) BonsaiOS (Keeping it simple) This DIY os from the creator of Anitaos is for ... Télécharger
hometools(freshmeat) LocalTools LocalTools is a suite of small tools for use on... Télécharger
xmltv(freshmeat) XMLTV XMLTV is a set of programs to obtain and proces... Télécharger
flom(freshmeat) FLOM FLOM is a distributed lock manager that can be ... Télécharger
openbve(sfnet) openbve openBVE train simulator Télécharger
fbtools(sfnet) OOoFBTools Extension for Open/Libre Office for converting ... Télécharger
jrobust(sfnet) AtomicJ AtomicJ is a Java application for processing of... Télécharger
omnia2gl(sfnet) omnia2gl The lib that allows to run Xtrakt, Experiment 1... Télécharger
nworm(freshmeat) NW.ORM NW.ORM is a simple wrapper for accessing databa... Télécharger
openmiracle(sfnet) OpenMiracle Miracle I The next stepping ston... Télécharger
opencpnplugins(sfnet) opencpnplugins This project hosts various plugins for the Open... Télécharger
java4autocad(sfnet) Java for Autocad A Java API for accessing Autocad. A thin JACOB ... Télécharger
openpnl(sfnet) PNL The Open Source Probabilistic Networks Library ... Télécharger
trac(freshmeat) Trac Trac is a minimalistic but highly useful issue ... Télécharger
libmng(sfnet) libmng libmng -THE reference library for reading, disp... Télécharger
ac-archive(freshmeat) GNU Autoconf Macro Archive The GNU Autoconf Archive is a collection of mor... Télécharger
wapmon(sfnet) Wireless Access Point Monitor The Wireless Access Point Monitor (wapmon) will... Télécharger
sforce(sfnet) sforce Utilties and samples for use with sforce, the s... Télécharger
haowau(sfnet) haowau I M HERE,WELCOME TO CHINA......................... Télécharger
properjavardp(sfnet) properJavaRDP properJavaRDP is an open source Java RDP client... Télécharger
daolcms(sfnet) daolcms DAOL Core is the base frame of DAOL CMS. DAOL C... Télécharger
ggrelay(sfnet) Gadu-Gadu relaying agent Gadu-Gadu instant messenger protocol relaying a... Télécharger
stationripper(sfnet) StationRipper StationRipper, based off of streamripper, recor... Télécharger
novacontrolvst(sfnet) NovaControl_VST Bi-directional VST control interface for Novato... Télécharger
rpy(sfnet) RPy (R from Python) RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interf... Télécharger
naps2(sfnet) NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) NAPS2 is a document scanning application with a... Télécharger
espresso-java(sfnet) espresso game framework Espresso Game Framework Télécharger
htcone(sfnet) HTC One Miscellaneous for HTC One Télécharger
baghira(sfnet) Baghira Baghira is a native (means binary - not pixmap)... Télécharger
myqueryanalyzer(sfnet) MySQL Query Analyzer MySQL Query Analyzer is a simple MySQL client w... Télécharger
opensi(sfnet) French Accounting Software French Accounting Software (OpenSI) Télécharger
virtualdubffmpeginputplugin(sfnet) Virtualdub FFMpeg Input Plugin Input plugin for virtualdub Uses FFMpeg to load... Télécharger
xcmapedit(sfnet) MapView Map Editor for the original XCom ufo/tftd games... Télécharger
gplab(sfnet) GPLAB GPLAB is a Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB Télécharger
toby(sfnet) Toby Web Mail Toby is a PHP webmail application. It retreive... Télécharger
mpeg-recorder(sfnet) MPEG Recorder A real-time recorder and compressor of audio an... Télécharger
numrecognition(sfnet) Handwritten Number Recognition A handwritten number recognition system was dev... Télécharger
ocrfeeder(freshmeat) OCRFeeder OCRFeeder is a document layout analysis and opt... Télécharger
mossco(sfnet) MOSSCO The Modular System for Shelves and Coasts (MOSS... Télécharger
greensql(sfnet) GreenSQL GreenSQL is a database firewall engine used to ... Télécharger
mmario(sfnet) Mega Mario Mega Mario is a Super Mario Bros. 1 clone. It f... Télécharger
omsaud(sfnet) saudsalh No description Télécharger
parm(freshmeat) parm Parm compiles Markdown files to HTML files. It... Télécharger
vfu(freshmeat) VFU File Manager VFU is console (text mode) file manager for UNI... Télécharger
mlpack(freshmeat) MLPACK MLPACK is a C++ machine learning library with a... Télécharger
text-fiction(freshmeat) Text Fiction Text Fiction is a Z-Machine for playing text ad... Télécharger
xbindkeys(freshmeat) xbindkeys xbindkeys is a program that associates keys or ... Télécharger
spiderinabox(freshmeat) Spiderinabox Spiderinabox provides an out-of-the-box solutio... Télécharger
txm(sfnet) TXM TXM is a free and open-source cross-platform Un... Télécharger
database-viewer(sfnet) Data Manipulator Data Manipulator is a pure Java GUI interface f... Télécharger
pircbotcpp(sfnet) pircbotcpp, C++ IRC SDK port of pircbot pircbotcpp is a IRC C++ software development ki... Télécharger
reactorsrv(sfnet) Reactor Server The Reactor Server is an easy to install Apache... Télécharger
griffith(freshmeat) Griffith Griffith is a film collection manager applicati... Télécharger
toe(sfnet) TOE - A Tiny and Open Editor TOE is a tiny, open, highly customizable and ea... Télécharger
bmforum(sfnet) BMForum BMForum is a open source forum based on PHP &am... Télécharger
paystream(sfnet) AudienceConnect::THR33 AudienceConnect connects any digital property's... Télécharger
devana(sfnet) Devana Devana is an open source browser strategy game ... Télécharger
morph-lexicon(sfnet) Morphological Lexicon Morphological lexicon (data and tools) Télécharger
tincanjukebox(freshmeat) Tin Can Jukebox Tin Can Jukebox is a very fast, full-featured, ... Télécharger
hsqldb-plugin(sfnet) HSQLDB Plug-In for Eclipse The HSQLDB Plug-in embebs a HSQLDB pure-java da... Télécharger
jdbc4olap(sfnet) jdbc4olap jdbc4olap is a ready-to-use JDBC 3.0 driver tha... Télécharger
xpn(sfnet) XPN XPN is a multiplatform newsreader with unicode ... Télécharger
bnf-for-java(sfnet) BNF for Java BNF for Java is a BNF Compiler-Compiler, or Par... Télécharger
multiget(sfnet) MultiGet file downloader MultiGet is a http/ftp downloader with a nice G... Télécharger
ars(freshmeat) ARS ARS (Autonomous Robot Simulator) is a physicall... Télécharger
flashrecruit(sfnet) flashrecruit Job board and recruiting software with applican... Télécharger
bcm440xqnx(sfnet) Broadcom 440X driver for QNX A driver for the Broadcom 440X series of networ... Télécharger
memoreek(freshmeat) Memoreek Memoreek is a memory puzzle starring Linux dist... Télécharger
mp4ui(sfnet) mp4UI mp4UI is an easy-to-use software for opening, c... Télécharger
imagej(sfnet) imagej ImageJ is a public domain Java image processing... Télécharger
binjs(freshmeat) /bin/js /bin/js is a Bash/JavaScript-based shell script... Télécharger
rodbc(sfnet) RODBC Wrapper to connect to database servers using OD... Télécharger
cobricks(sfnet) Cobricks (Community Bricks) Cobricks is a Java-based modular Community Supp... Télécharger
dsnviewer(sfnet) DSN Viewer DSN Viewer provides information for a given DSN... Télécharger
windtalker(sfnet) WindTalker A lightweight server-less Instant Messenger pro... Télécharger
tkgate(sfnet) tkgate TkGate is a event driven digital circuit simula... Télécharger

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