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lpr-via-http(freshmeat) LPR via HTTP LPR via HTTP provides a Web frontend for LPR qu... Télécharger
clonch(freshmeat) Clonch Clonch is a little keyboard-centric desktop uti... Télécharger
sx-watchdog(freshmeat) SX-Watchdog SX watchdog (Stock Exchange Manager) helps you ... Télécharger
libflv(freshmeat) libflv libflv is able to create FLV streams for use wi... Télécharger
abe(freshmeat) Abe's Amazing Adventure!! Abe's Amazing Adventure!! is a scrolling, plat... Télécharger
e17genmenu(freshmeat) e17genmenu e17genmenu is an application to automatically g... Télécharger
moto4lin(freshmeat) Moto4Lin Moto4Lin is a file manager and seem editor for ... Télécharger
phpchartplus(freshmeat) phpchartPlus phpchartPlus is a set of cooperating classes fo... Télécharger
usb-radio(freshmeat) USB Radio USB Radio is a project including the software a... Télécharger
net_info(freshmeat) Net_Info NetInfo is intended to be multifunctional and u... Télécharger
rrp_statify(freshmeat) rrp_statify rrp_statify is plugin for rpmrebuild. It will s... Télécharger
ivsmilter(freshmeat) IVS Milter IVS Milter is a virus, spam, and content milter... Télécharger
purpleview(freshmeat) PurpleView PurpleView is a paper review system that was de... Télécharger
opensignature(freshmeat) OpenSignature OpenSignature is a project for the digital sign... Télécharger
mod_suid(freshmeat) Apache mod_suid Apache mod_suid allows per-vhost execution of s... Télécharger
rush2005(freshmeat) Rush 2005 Rush 2005 is a project to create an American f... Télécharger
pdbv(freshmeat) Package DataBase View Package DataBase View generates an HTML view of... Télécharger
pole(freshmeat) POLE POLE is a portable C++ library to access struct... Télécharger
socnetv(freshmeat) Social Networks Visualizer Social Networks Visualizer (SocNetV) is a flexi... Télécharger
gnats(freshmeat) GNATS GNATS is a portable incident/bug report/help re... Télécharger
gno3dtet(freshmeat) Gnome 3D Tetris Gnome 3D Tetris is a 3D Tetris game for Gnome. Télécharger
cko(freshmeat) cko cko (Colored Kernel Output) is a Linux 2.4 and ... Télécharger
infospace(freshmeat) InformationSpace InformationSpace is a causal set exploration to... Télécharger
osmer(freshmeat) Open Source Microsoft Exchange Replacement The OSER project provides a replacement for Mic... Télécharger
commuter(freshmeat) Commuter Commuter is a command line tool that creates im... Télécharger
jscalendar(freshmeat) The Coolest DHTML Calendar The Coolest DHTML Calendar is a DHTML calendar ... Télécharger
elist(freshmeat) Elist Elist implements a cyclic C++ list for non-copy... Télécharger
xes(freshmeat) XML Encoded Source XML Encoded Source is a tool that encodes sourc... Télécharger
viper-toolkit(freshmeat) Video Performance Evaluation Resource The Video Performance Evaluation Resource (ViPE... Télécharger
uihierarchy(freshmeat) UIHierarchy The UIHierarchy library aims to simplify the de... Télécharger
ht_imview(freshmeat) Hugues Image Viewer Hugues Image Viewer is an image viewing and im... Télécharger
pvmgmake(freshmeat) PVM Gmake PVM Gmake is a GNU make which uses PVM to build... Télécharger
simplegui(freshmeat) SimpleGUI Support Module SimpleGUI Support Module is a simple GUI widget... Télécharger
pinghealth(freshmeat) The PING Personally Controlled Health Record PING is a distributed, Web-based, personally co... Télécharger
planetexpress(freshmeat) Planet Express Planet Express is a feed aggregator. It support... Télécharger
autodepend(freshmeat) Autodepend AutoDepend keeps track of all files accessed d... Télécharger
gofoto(freshmeat) GOFoto GOFoto is an appliaction for managing large col... Télécharger
nacctsql(freshmeat) netacct-mysql Netacct-mysql is modified version of traffic ac... Télécharger
mysqmail-postfix-logger(freshmeat) mysqmail-postfix-logger mysqmail-postfix-logger is a (very small) daemo... Télécharger
kstereoscope(freshmeat) KStereoScope KStereoScope is a simple OpenGL quad-buffered s... Télécharger
netlcdclient(freshmeat) netlcdclient netlcdclient is a client for LCDproc. It shows ... Télécharger
jmxdump(freshmeat) JMXDump JMXDump enables (read-only) command-line access... Télécharger
antinstaller(freshmeat) AntInstaller AntInstaller is a flexible front end for deploy... Télécharger
constrict(freshmeat) Constrict Constrict is a Python library for parsing DNS m... Télécharger
pgsqlformac(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Installer pgsqlformac is a collection of GUI tools and in... Télécharger
pddpd(freshmeat) The Pluggable Distibuted Data Processing Daemon The PDDPd allows creation of a customized syste... Télécharger
cxbsdiff(freshmeat) cx_bsdiff cx_bsdiff is a very simple Python extension mod... Télécharger
cxxchecker(freshmeat) cxxchecker - C++ source-code style checker cxxchecker scans C++ source files and checks fo... Télécharger
bmp-itouch(freshmeat) bmp-itouch bmp-itouch is a Beep Media Player plugin that a... Télécharger
selinux(freshmeat) NSA Security-enhanced Linux NSA Security-enhanced Linux is a set of patches... Télécharger
autocrypt(freshmeat) autocrypt autocrypt is a udev/hotplug script that allows ... Télécharger
freebaser(freshmeat) freebaser freebaser is collection of Free database applic... Télécharger
debsync(freshmeat) DebSync DebSync is a Python command line tool which hel... Télécharger
abstractdb(freshmeat) AbstractDB AbstractDB is a database abstraction layer, ob... Télécharger
xslfo2pdf(freshmeat) xslfo2pdf xslfo2pdf translates XSL-FO and inline SVG to P... Télécharger
molevolve(freshmeat) Molevolve Molevolve is a library for running a genetic al... Télécharger
mc(freshmeat) MusicControl MusicControl is designed to put you in control ... Télécharger
xmmspitchplugin(freshmeat) XMMS PITCH plugin This is a simple pitch control plugin for xmms. Télécharger
denu(freshmeat) Denu Denu is a portage-based menu generator/editor f... Télécharger
ses-ppts(freshmeat) Project Planning and Tracking System PPTS is a WEB environment supporting the agile ... Télécharger
phpxplorer(freshmeat) phpXplorer phpXplorer is an file management system and exp... Télécharger
rcalc(freshmeat) rcalc rcalc is a fast and light symbolic calculator f... Télécharger
chatty(freshmeat) Chatty :) Chatty :) is a script that lets you create a si... Télécharger
lal(freshmeat) lal lal is a clock for the dock. It is a very simpl... Télécharger
deadmini(freshmeat) DeadMini DeadMini is a modular Linux distribution built ... Télécharger
hatx(freshmeat) HaTx HaTx is a script intended for adding diacritic ... Télécharger
refererlogger(freshmeat) referer logger referer logger is a simple statistic system wri... Télécharger
gsetroot(freshmeat) gsetroot gsetroot is a GUI front-end for Esetroot. It ca... Télécharger
deb-install(freshmeat) deb-install deb-install is a command line tool that can ins... Télécharger
doekaki(freshmeat) Dormando's Oekaki clone Dormando's Oekaki clone is a server software r... Télécharger
callbackext(freshmeat) Extended C++ Callback Library Extended C++ Callback Library provides functors... Télécharger
phptalext(freshmeat) PHPTalExt PHPTalExt is a PHP extension that provides nati... Télécharger
ghronos(freshmeat) Ghronos Ghronos is a gaming clock. Features include har... Télécharger
mrtg-parse(freshmeat) MRTG::Parse MRTG::Parse is a Perl extension that enables it... Télécharger
trafflogger(freshmeat) trafflogger trafflogger is a conf-based traffic logger. All... Télécharger
triamp(freshmeat) triamp triamp is simple music manager and player that ... Télécharger
clean(freshmeat) Clean Programming Language Clean Programming Language is a general purpose... Télécharger
nmaplr(freshmeat) nmaplr nmaplr is an nmap log reporting tool which prin... Télécharger
jini-dlm(freshmeat) JINI Distributed Lock Manager JINI Distributed Lock Manager is a fault-tolera... Télécharger
accent(freshmeat) Accent compiler compiler Accent is a compiler compiler that does not rel... Télécharger
gdxlib(freshmeat) GDXlib GDXlib is a graphical X tool kit for creating g... Télécharger
cocom(freshmeat) Cocom Cocom is a toolset that is oriented towards the... Télécharger
xtc4java(freshmeat) xtc4java xtc4java is a library consisting of a Java byte... Télécharger
mc4j(freshmeat) MC4J MC4J provides a rich management interface to Ja... Télécharger
cgicache(freshmeat) CGI::Cache CGI::Cache caches output of time-intensive CGI ... Télécharger
bzbyte(freshmeat) BZbyte Reports BZbyte Reports is a reliable and easy-to-use re... Télécharger
gentleccs(freshmeat) Gentle Compiler Construction System Gentle is the first compiler construction syste... Télécharger
elaw(freshmeat) eLawOffice.it eLawOffice is a program to manage lawyers' acti... Télécharger
projectadmin(freshmeat) ProjectAdmin ProjectAdmin is a flexible, modular system that... Télécharger
perltw(freshmeat) PerlTW Linux Tradewars Helper PerlTW is a Linux-based Tradewars Helper. It on... Télécharger
logpot(freshmeat) LogPot LogPot is a simple IRC logging bot. It supports... Télécharger
diet-agents(freshmeat) DIET Agents DIET Agents is a multi-agent platform in Java. ... Télécharger
wuhkag(freshmeat) Wuhkag wuhkag is a Web application for evaluating Web ... Télécharger
ping(freshmeat) Ping Ping is the official tennis simulator of the US... Télécharger
snapplatform(freshmeat) SNAP Platform SNAP Platform is a development toolkit that pac... Télécharger
containarray(freshmeat) ContainArray ContainArray is a set of multi-dimensional arra... Télécharger
portfolyo(freshmeat) Portfolyo Portfolyo is a Web-based tool for professionals... Télécharger
libgxx(freshmeat) libg++ libg++ is the C++ library used before libstdc++... Télécharger
octave-gtk(freshmeat) Octave GTK Octave GTK+ is a set of GTK+ bindings for Octav... Télécharger
jert(freshmeat) JavaEye Reporting Tool JavaEye Reporting Tool is a Web-based database ... Télécharger

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