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smartui(freshmeat) SmartUI SmartUI is a lightweight Java library for user ... Télécharger
contour(freshmeat) Contour Contour consists of a viewer for bathymetric da... Télécharger
appswitch(freshmeat) Application Switch The Application Switch sits between application... Télécharger
pdumpq(freshmeat) pdumpq pdumpq can be used to take queued packets from ... Télécharger
cdxa(freshmeat) CDXA CDXA is an Audio XA file decoder/player that ha... Télécharger
svg2swf(freshmeat) svg2swf svg2swf is a Python script which converts W3C S... Télécharger
ti85emu(freshmeat) TI85 Emulator ti85emu is a free TI85 calculator emulator for ... Télécharger
muzcat(freshmeat) muZCat muZCat is Flate uncompression filter that can ... Télécharger
dev-cpp(freshmeat) Dev-C++ for Linux Dev-C++ is a full-featured IDE for C/C++ which ... Télécharger
photolib(freshmeat) Photolib Photolib is a Web-based photo gallery program, ... Télécharger
ddgen(freshmeat) Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator is a ... Télécharger
formatfloppy(freshmeat) format floppy format floppy formats your floppies with differ... Télécharger
elmpd(freshmeat) ELMP:TNG Server ELMP:TNG Server is the server component of the ... Télécharger
lune(freshmeat) Lune Lune is a MUD server written from scratch in th... Télécharger
virtusergen(freshmeat) Virtusergen Virtusergen allows you to specify address mappi... Télécharger
faqpool(freshmeat) FAQ-Pool FAQ-Pool is a Web-based FAQ administration tool... Télécharger
itm_libnetcomm(freshmeat) IT/m libnetcomm IT/m libnetcomm is a library which provides the... Télécharger
gnome-gcj(freshmeat) Gnome-GCJ Gnome-GCJ is a set of GTK+ and GNOME bindings f... Télécharger
standardfaq(freshmeat) StandardFAQ StandardFAQ is a simple FAQ manager, orginally ... Télécharger
nexus(freshmeat) Nexus framework Nexus is an infrastructure for component-based ... Télécharger
sitetools(freshmeat) Perl Site Tools The site tools package has classes to support a... Télécharger
cms2cvs(freshmeat) cms2cvs cms2cvs is a set of expect scripts to migrate e... Télécharger
xlogical(freshmeat) XLogical XLogical is a puzzle game based on an Amiga gam... Télécharger
crazybeans(freshmeat) CrazyBeans CrazyBeans provides an API to read, analyze, mo... Télécharger
l2micq(freshmeat) l2mICQ l2mICQ is a Perl-script intended for users swit... Télécharger
battstatapplet(freshmeat) Battstat applet Battstat is a battery status applet that monito... Télécharger
nethttpclient(freshmeat) HTTP Client class Net_HTTP_Client is a PHP class that provides an... Télécharger
kraftwurfel(freshmeat) Kraftwurfel The Kraftwurfel is a Linux-based appliance serv... Télécharger
maso(freshmeat) Merlinz AD&D Spell Organizer MASO (Merlinz AD&D Spell Organizer) is a GT... Télécharger
davidsperlgames(freshmeat) David's Perl Games These games are recreations of simple ASCII gra... Télécharger
ryansiob(freshmeat) Ryan's In/Out Board Ryan's In/Out Board is a Perl driven in/out boa... Télécharger
v3proxy(freshmeat) v3 v3 allows any user that has restricted net acce... Télécharger
magnetic_poetry(freshmeat) PHP Magnetic Poetry PHP Magnetic Poetry is Web-based bi-polar elect... Télécharger
net-ical(freshmeat) Net::ICal Net::ICal is an object-oriented Perl module for... Télécharger
siglab(freshmeat) SigLab SigLab is a calculator designed for working on ... Télécharger
hierarchic_sitemapper(freshmeat) Hierarchical Sitemapper Hierarchical Sitemapper is a Python script that... Télécharger
epgsqldb(freshmeat) PostgreSQL BIND-9 SDB interface PostgreSQL BIND-9 SDB interface is an enhanced ... Télécharger
super(freshmeat) super Super allows an admin to control access to file... Télécharger
nabn(freshmeat) NaBN NaBN is a small graphical text editor that auto... Télécharger
grpmerizor(freshmeat) Gtk::RPMmerizor The Gtk:RPMerizor is a graphical frontend for r... Télécharger
getxml(freshmeat) getxml getxml is an XML internationalization tool; it ... Télécharger
spacecraft(freshmeat) Spacecraft Analysis Spacecraft analysis is a set of four increasing... Télécharger
pinole(freshmeat) Pinole Pinole is a Perl-based script that allows you t... Télécharger
inphorm(freshmeat) inPhorm PHP Form Processing Class inPhorm is an all-in-one HTML form handling cla... Télécharger
explosions_demo(freshmeat) explosions demo "Explosions" is a simple SDL-based de... Télécharger
dtags(freshmeat) dtags dtags is a tool that allows you to use Exuberan... Télécharger
pmcms(freshmeat) Poor Man's Content Management System Poor Man's Content Management System (PMCMS) i... Télécharger
mozstreamer(freshmeat) MozStreamer The goal of MozStreamer is to create a multimed... Télécharger
astrocosmology(freshmeat) Astro::Cosmology The Astro::Cosmology Perl module allows you to ... Télécharger
jlint(freshmeat) Jlint Jlint will check your Java code and find bugs, ... Télécharger
otc(freshmeat) Oroborus Theme Changer Oroborus Theme Changer is a miniapp written in ... Télécharger
chbg(freshmeat) chbg ChBg is for changing desktop backgrounds in a g... Télécharger
hogwash(freshmeat) Hogwash Hogwash is a layer 2 packet scrubber based on t... Télécharger
potbot(freshmeat) Potbot - A simple IRC bot written in Perl Potbot is a simple IRC bot, designed to allow s... Télécharger
bobomail(freshmeat) BoboMail BoboMail is a Web mail application which enable... Télécharger
gbi(freshmeat) GtkBlowIT GtkBlowIT (a.k.a GNU BlowIt) is programming sof... Télécharger
printduplex(freshmeat) PrintDuplex PrintDuplex is a Gnome utility for manual duple... Télécharger
k-dbx(freshmeat) K-DBX K-DBX is based on LibDBX (part of the ol2mbox p... Télécharger
libffi(freshmeat) libffi libffi is a library that really only provides t... Télécharger
libaltpw(freshmeat) Alternate Password Library The library can be used by developers to quickl... Télécharger
ospam(freshmeat) oSpam oSpam is an anti-spam system based on Perl, qma... Télécharger
spgmr08(freshmeat) Spgmr08 Spgmr08 is a Linux software package for program... Télécharger
moon-buggy(freshmeat) moon-buggy Moon-buggy is a simple character graphics game,... Télécharger
osalp(freshmeat) Open Source Audio Library Project The Open Source Audio Library Project (OSALP) i... Télécharger
mpeg2movie(freshmeat) MPEG2-Movie Mpeg2 Movie is a complete set of tools for enco... Télécharger
textrace(freshmeat) TeXtrace TeXtrace is a collection of scripts that conver... Télécharger
tsbiff(freshmeat) tsbiff Tsbiff will oversee your mailbox and notify you... Télécharger
tclick(freshmeat) tClick tClick is a set of PHP scripts designed to prov... Télécharger
drawtool(freshmeat) drawtool Drawtool is an application that reads in simple... Télécharger
smessy(freshmeat) SMessy SMessy is a GTK+ application that allows you to... Télécharger
unixnpi(freshmeat) UnixNPI UnixNPI is a NewtonOS package installer written... Télécharger
guideparser(freshmeat) GuideParser GuideParser gets TV listings data from two publ... Télécharger
maes(freshmeat) MAES MÆS (an MP3 Audio Entertainment System) is a se... Télécharger
emlog(freshmeat) emlog emlog is a Linux kernel module that makes it ea... Télécharger
superzoom(freshmeat) superzoom superzoom zooms your pictures in very high qual... Télécharger
proxy-report_pl(freshmeat) proxy-report.pl proxy-report.pl generates a list of requested s... Télécharger
popy(freshmeat) PoPy PoPy is a Python driver for PostgreSQL 7.0. It ... Télécharger
ibaccess(freshmeat) IBAccess Interbase administration tool IBAccess is an Interbase client application tha... Télécharger
grubinvaders(freshmeat) GRUB Invaders GRUB Invaders is a game that runs directly on a... Télécharger
jtop(freshmeat) J/Top J/Top is a desktop application, written in Java... Télécharger
etc(freshmeat) ETC ETC is a tiny Linux distro and software for tur... Télécharger
searchage(freshmeat) Searchage Chinese Morphological Analyzer SearchAge Chinese Morphological Analyzer is one... Télécharger
jettalk(freshmeat) jettalk With jettalk multiple users can edit in a text ... Télécharger
wadext2(freshmeat) wadext2 wadext2 extracts all the lumps of a wad to sep... Télécharger
sdlmm(freshmeat) SDLmm SDLmm is a C++ glue library for SDL, or the Sim... Télécharger
phpeinaus(freshmeat) PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben is a PHP finance manager ... Télécharger
irspider(freshmeat) irspider irspider is a Linux-based IRC smartbot. It is v... Télécharger
mpsidl(freshmeat) MPSIDL MPS is a Message Passing System, similar to, bu... Télécharger
dialog(freshmeat) Dialog Dialog lets you to present a variety of questio... Télécharger
ensembl(freshmeat) Ensembl Ensembl is an open source project to create and... Télécharger
sersniff(freshmeat) sersniff sersniff is a program for tunnelling/sniffing f... Télécharger
nightingale(freshmeat) nightingale Nightingale allows you to cut a large WAV file ... Télécharger
discdb(freshmeat) DiscDB DiscDB is a little program that will use MySQL ... Télécharger
tkdvi(freshmeat) TkDVI TkDVI is a DVI previewer built with the Tcl/Tk ... Télécharger
eglade(freshmeat) eglade eglade is an Eiffel code generator that parses ... Télécharger
fsync(freshmeat) fsync Fsync is a Perl script which allows for file sy... Télécharger
pykstat(freshmeat) PyKstat PyKstat is a Python interface to the Solaris ks... Télécharger
procinfo(freshmeat) procinfo Procinfo is a package to allow you to get usefu... Télécharger
cgiwrap(freshmeat) CGIWrap CGIWrap is a setuid wrapper that allows users t... Télécharger
saprfc(freshmeat) SAP::Rfc This package is intended to facilitate RFC call... Télécharger

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