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xhtmldbg(freshmeat) xhtmldbg This software provides you with the facility to... Télécharger
maven-license-plugin(freshmeat) maven-license-plugin The Maven license plugin manages the LICENSE.TX... Télécharger
nagus(freshmeat) Nagus Nagus is a Nagios filesystem for FUSE. It is a ... Télécharger
cloudlinux(freshmeat) CloudLinux CloudLinux is a Linux operating system designed... Télécharger
pcchess(freshmeat) PCChess PCChess lets you to enrich a Web site powered b... Télécharger
ptee(freshmeat) ptee ptee is a Unix shell tool similar to tee, but i... Télécharger
hc-sr04-ultrasonic-arduino-lib(freshmeat) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Arduino Library HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Arduino Library is specifica... Télécharger
ndslibris(sfnet) dslibris An ebook reader for the Nintendo DS, focusing o... Télécharger
redribbon(sfnet) Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for PS3 Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for PS3 is a new PPC64 GNU... Télécharger
icarusay(freshmeat) icarusay icarusay is a Python script printing Icarus' me... Télécharger
pumastatectrl(sfnet) pumastatectrl This version is discarded: it does not have the... Télécharger
sirgue(sfnet) sirgue Centre de Partage de Sirgue Télécharger
eartoner(sfnet) EarToner EarToner is ear training software for learning ... Télécharger
bonjour-grid(sfnet) BonjourGrid BonjourGrid is a meta-desktop grid (DG) middlew... Télécharger
php-keyword-density-calculator(freshmeat) PHP Keyword Density Calculator PHP Keyword Density Calculator is a class which... Télécharger
sql-parser(freshmeat) SQL Parser SQL Parser is a PHP class which parses SQL file... Télécharger
php-microdata-generator(freshmeat) PHP Microdata Generator PHP Microdata Generator generates semantic HTML... Télécharger
idroid(sfnet) idroid iPhone port of the Android operating system. Télécharger
whitedb(freshmeat) WhiteDB WhiteDB is a fast, lightweight graph/N-tuples s... Télécharger
x4j-analytic(freshmeat) X4J Analytic X4J Analytic is a reporting API for Java. The i... Télécharger
php-utils(freshmeat) PHP Utils PHP Utils provides general purpose functionalit... Télécharger
tank3d(sfnet) Tank 3D This is a project for university. I will recrea... Télécharger
feeden(freshmeat) FeedEn FeedEn is a library that builds Atom feeds. Télécharger
microsatelight(sfnet) microsatelight MICROSATELIGHT is a Perl/Tk graphical user inte... Télécharger
arias(sfnet) ARIA ARIA (Accounting, Receiving and Inventory Admin... Télécharger
gpgdecrypter(freshmeat) gpgdecrypter gpgdecrypter is a server which acts as an SMTP ... Télécharger
gsm-ussd(freshmeat) gsm-ussd gsm-ussd is a small command line utility to sen... Télécharger
evil-cult(freshmeat) Evil Cult Evil Cult is a turn-based strategy game about b... Télécharger
nospex-graphing-library(freshmeat) NoSpex Graphing Library NoSpex is a Python scripted realtime graphing l... Télécharger
pcms(freshmeat) PCMS PCMS is a content management system (CMS) for P... Télécharger
oback(freshmeat) OBack OBack is a Linkback helper. It is a library tha... Télécharger
uncrustify(sfnet) Uncrustify Code Beautifier Banish crusty code with the Uncrustify C/C++/C#... Télécharger
powertoolsexcel(sfnet) powertoolsexcel This addin project for excel 2003 provides a ba... Télécharger
nocc(freshmeat) NOCC NOCC is a simple and fast Web-based e-mail read... Télécharger
termostato(sfnet) termostato realizzazione termostato con RaspberryPI e sens... Télécharger
pigcrapmailer(sfnet) pigcrapmailer Aplicación sencilla y practica para enviar emai... Télécharger
blockfortressschoolmodproject(sfnet) BlockFortress (school mod project) I'm not the original owner of the game, for the... Télécharger
crayzedsgui(sfnet) Crazy Eddies GUI System Crazy Eddie's GUI System is a free library for ... Télécharger
delaboratory(freshmeat) delaboratory delaboratory is an image postprocessing applica... Télécharger
lispcabinet(sfnet) lispcabinet A set of utilities, tools and configuration fil... Télécharger
svm(sfnet) OSU SVM Toolbox for MATLAB OSU SVM is a Support Vector Machine (SVM) toolb... Télécharger
indent-stat(freshmeat) Indentation statistics tool indent-stat displays indentation statistics fro... Télécharger
sido(sfnet) SiDO SiDO is a Java API that allows the creation and... Télécharger
gstcisp(sfnet) gSTC-ISP gSTC-ISP is used to program the STC89C52RC by s... Télécharger
jfractionlab(sfnet) jfractionlab JFractionLab helps you to practise fractions ca... Télécharger
ksoap2genstub(sfnet) ksoap2genstub Ksoap2 generator for web services client using ... Télécharger
huida(freshmeat) Huida Huida is a lightweight Web-based help desk syst... Télécharger
htmlcoderhelper(sfnet) htmlcoderhelper HTML Coder Blog. Files of the htmlcoderhelper.c... Télécharger
git-repository(freshmeat) Git::Repository Git::Repository is a Perl interface to Git, all... Télécharger
adminkit(freshmeat) adminkit AdminKit is a tool to manage the configuration ... Télécharger
trak(sfnet) TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework TRAK is a general systems-thinkers'/system-cent... Télécharger
genj(sfnet) GenealogyJ GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogi... Télécharger
eix(sfnet) Gentoo Linux Ebuild IndeX eix (Ebuild IndeX) is a utility for searching e... Télécharger
lumiera(freshmeat) Lumiera The Lumiera project strives to create a video/f... Télécharger
runonce(freshmeat) runonce runonce is an attempt to take some of the pain ... Télécharger
xolotl(sfnet) xolotl Cuenta la leyenda que cuando los dioses se ofr... Télécharger
xy-alfanoid(sfnet) Xymon scripts These are Xymon scripts I have created over the... Télécharger
mide-bgu(sfnet) mide-bgu MIDE is an IDE for working with UML Class Diagr... Télécharger
videomanager(freshmeat) Videomanager Videomanager is a Web-based video manager. It'... Télécharger
freecolor(freshmeat) freecolor freecolor adds color and bargraphs to the "... Télécharger
fang-of-mongo(freshmeat) Fang of Mongo Fang of Mongo is a Web based user interface for... Télécharger
gps-tool(freshmeat) GPS Tool GPS Tool is a flexible tool for downloading and... Télécharger
udp-test(freshmeat) UDP Test UDP Test is a simple UDP server and client bund... Télécharger
ipinfodb-php(freshmeat) IP location PHP class IP location PHP class is a PHP class to query ... Télécharger
iptables-country-block(freshmeat) iptables country block iptables country block is a bash script to bloc... Télécharger
postremotelog(freshmeat) PostRemoteLog PostRemoteLog is a tool that allows you to send... Télécharger
aftpd-2(freshmeat) Anonymous FTP Daemon Aftpd is an FTP server for anonymous access des... Télécharger
virtualdomainssupportforgnupop(freshmeat) virtual domains support for GNU pop3d This patch for gnu-pop3d allows multiple POP3 u... Télécharger
gnupop3d(freshmeat) GNU pop3d The GNU POP3 daemon is a small, fast, and effic... Télécharger
rubydns(freshmeat) RubyDNS RubyDNS is a high-performance DNS server that c... Télécharger
bedtime(freshmeat) Bedtime Bedtime controls the bedtime of your children b... Télécharger
data-shovel-pinnacle-performan(freshmeat) Data Shovel Pinnacle Performance Utilities Data Shovel Pinnacle Performance Utilities is a... Télécharger
nsound(freshmeat) Nsound Nsound is a C++ library and Python module for a... Télécharger
klugerlab(sfnet) klugerlab Projects and applications developed from the la... Télécharger
x4l-reload(sfnet) x4l-reload A suite of software tools written in Java for a... Télécharger
opensvcdecoder(sfnet) Open SVC Decoder Open SVC Decoder aims to provide a real-time co... Télécharger
easy-eigrp(sfnet) Easy-EIGRP Easy-EIGRP is an implementation of the Enhanced... Télécharger
wintermute(freshmeat) Wintermute Wintermute is an intelligent framework of appli... Télécharger
cirrostratus-soql-editor(freshmeat) Cirrostratus Cirrostratus is a lightweight SalesForce/Databa... Télécharger
grbtusofia(sfnet) grbtusofia .NET implementation of GRID resource broker. De... Télécharger
rtlsdrscanner(sfnet) RTLSDR Scanner A cross platform Python frequency scanning GUI ... Télécharger
bible-verse(freshmeat) Bible Verse bibleverse is a command line tool to randomly d... Télécharger
yabause(sfnet) Yabause Yabause is a portable Sega Saturn emulator. Télécharger
cupl(freshmeat) cupl cupl is an interpreter for the archaic CUPL and... Télécharger
hotpotato(freshmeat) hotpotato hotpotato (or hptt, for short) is a high perfor... Télécharger
sems(freshmeat) SEMS SEMS is a media and application server for SIP ... Télécharger
tsf(freshmeat) tsf tsf is a command line utility for creating time... Télécharger
likwid-topology(freshmeat) likwid-topology likwid-topology is a command line tool for show... Télécharger
av-book-library(freshmeat) AV Book Library AV Book Library is a Web application for keepin... Télécharger
byte(sfnet) 0 byte 0 byte, is a SLAX modification to security. Dow... Télécharger
os9exec(sfnet) os9exec - os9 emulator OS9exec - execution environment for OS-9/68k us... Télécharger
jimagedb(sfnet) JImageDB JImageDB is a system of applications for creati... Télécharger
vnstat(freshmeat) vnStat vnStat is a console-based network traffic monit... Télécharger
netkitty(freshmeat) NetKitty NetKitty is a stripped version of Netcat suppor... Télécharger
dynamic-ad-hoc-routing-simulat(freshmeat) Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator (DARS) is a pl... Télécharger
cinvoke(freshmeat) C/Invoke C/Invoke is a library which can call C function... Télécharger
megatvhd(sfnet) megatvhd Programa para entretenimento , tv online , radi... Télécharger
restricted-shell-rbash(freshmeat) Restricted Shell Rbash A tool for setting up account environment using... Télécharger
cock(freshmeat) cock Cock provides a digital version of a petcock. A... Télécharger

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