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multidb(freshmeat) Multiple Database Factory Class Multidb is a factory class that generates objec... Télécharger
darkcodex(freshmeat) DarkCodex DarkCodex is a direct translation of WWWThreads... Télécharger
decision_tree_hierarchy(freshmeat) decision tree hierarchy decision_tree_hierarchy produces a decision tre... Télécharger
pdamirror(freshmeat) PDA Mirror PDA Mirror turns the entire screen on your PDA ... Télécharger
kaweth(freshmeat) kaweth Kaweth is a driver for Kawasaki KL5KUSB101 base... Télécharger
crack-attack(freshmeat) Crack Attack! A puzzle/action game in which you rush to elimi... Télécharger
syntex(freshmeat) SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program SyNTeX is a LaTeX preprocessor that draws synta... Télécharger
dim(freshmeat) dim - directory image "dim," short for "directory imag... Télécharger
chatlet(freshmeat) Chatlet IRC Gateway Chatlet is an applet / servlet gateway to IRC. ... Télécharger
joint(freshmeat) Joint Middleware Server Joint is a competent middleware server that sup... Télécharger
qdj(freshmeat) qdj A Qt-based application to control the GlobeCom ... Télécharger
trace2perl(freshmeat) trace2perl trace2perl is a Perl utility which takes Oracle... Télécharger
tinypopupdb(freshmeat) tinypopupdb Tinypopupdb is a plugin for X-Chat that generat... Télécharger
ithought(freshmeat) ithought ithought is a personal thought manager, allowin... Télécharger
cryptixsasl(freshmeat) Cryptix SASL The Cryptix SASL Library is an implementation o... Télécharger
photoshelf(freshmeat) PhotoShelf PhotoShelf is a complete Web-based system for a... Télécharger
boardstatus(freshmeat) BoardStatus Boardstatus is a Web-CGI/PostgreSQL database to... Télécharger
mozmp(freshmeat) Mozilla Media Player The Mozilla Media Player is an audio and video ... Télécharger
xtemplate(freshmeat) XTemplate XTemplate is a template engine for PHP which al... Télécharger
palm-bookmarks(freshmeat) palm-bookmarks palm-bookmarks parses the bookmarks file of Net... Télécharger
pam_smbpass(freshmeat) pam_smbpass pam_smbpass is a stackable PAM module for Linux... Télécharger
seecommerce(freshmeat) See-Commerce See-Commerce is a completely modular solution f... Télécharger
amf(freshmeat) amf amf is an mpg123 frontend that mixes tunes and ... Télécharger
sdlroids(freshmeat) SDLRoids SDLRoids is essentially an Asteroids clone, but... Télécharger
wmlpq(freshmeat) wmlpq wmlpq is an WindowMaker docking utility which g... Télécharger
mailmgr(freshmeat) mailmgr Sendmail analisys report generator parses the ... Télécharger
hlmaps(freshmeat) HLmaps HLmaps is a pair of Perl/CGI scripts for Half-L... Télécharger
libfreenet(freshmeat) libfreenet libfreenet is a Freenet library written in C. Télécharger
hawknl(freshmeat) HawkNL HawkNL is a game-oriented network API. It is a ... Télécharger
absync(freshmeat) ABSync ABSync is a program that can convert to/from Pa... Télécharger
lexter(freshmeat) Lexter Lexter is a real-time word puzzle for text term... Télécharger
libros_pl(freshmeat) libros.pl libros.pl is a personal book database written i... Télécharger
chatit(freshmeat) PHP ChatIt PHP ChatIt is a simple chat script. Users and ... Télécharger
matterial(freshmeat) matterial matterial is a free and professional non-linear... Télécharger
qtcheck(freshmeat) QTCheck QTCheck securely deletes trash files that get l... Télécharger
jmirror(freshmeat) JMirror Through the use of the java.lang.reflect packag... Télécharger
hotkeys(freshmeat) Hotkeys The HotKeys daemon listens for the "specia... Télécharger
xmp3burn(freshmeat) Xmp3Burn With xmp3burn, you can record audio CDs from MP... Télécharger
lifewire(freshmeat) LifeWire LifeWire is an attempt to create a self-healing... Télécharger
gicq(freshmeat) GICQ gicq is an ICQ-compatible instant messaging cli... Télécharger
kaptain(freshmeat) Kaptain Kaptain is a universal graphical frontend for c... Télécharger
osdd(freshmeat) On-screen Display Daemon Osdd (On-screen Display Daemon) polls a soundca... Télécharger
splay(freshmeat) Splay Splay is a MPEG-1/2 layer 1,2,3 and wave file p... Télécharger
korbis(freshmeat) Korbis Korbis has two aims. The first is to make rippi... Télécharger
surf(freshmeat) surf surf is a tool to visualize algebraic curves an... Télécharger
searchit(freshmeat) PHP SearchIt SearchIt is a search engine for a Web site. Use... Télécharger
midi-music(freshmeat) MIDI::Music MIDI::Music is a high-level interface to /dev/m... Télécharger
mampa(freshmeat) MAMPA MAMPA is an acronym for Mod_Auth_Mysql PHP Admi... Télécharger
xmms-oggeditor(freshmeat) Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor for XMMS The Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor for XMMS is a plugin ... Télécharger
witme(freshmeat) witme witme is a file manager for Linux and other POS... Télécharger
quack(freshmeat) Quack Gnutella Server Quack is a Gnutella server daemon written in py... Télécharger
searchbox(freshmeat) searchbox searchbox is a Perl script that will add a sear... Télécharger
qvwm(freshmeat) Qvwm Qvwm is a Windows 95 like window manager for th... Télécharger
rdcd(freshmeat) Register Deleted .co.za (coza) Domains Shell script with needed tools that help automa... Télécharger
oggedit(freshmeat) GTK Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor The GTK Ogg Vorbis Tag Editor allows you to edi... Télécharger
cvs-ru(freshmeat) CVS Documentation in Russian CVS Documentation in Russian includes the main ... Télécharger
soot(freshmeat) Soot Soot is a Java optimization framework. It provi... Télécharger
mosst(freshmeat) MOSST MOSST (Modular Online Software for Self-paced T... Télécharger
nss_pgsql(freshmeat) nss_pgsql nss_pgsql is a PostgreSQL backend for the Linux... Télécharger
pam_pgsql(freshmeat) pam_pgsql pam_pgsql is a Postgres backend for Linux PAM. ... Télécharger
cvsbookmarks(freshmeat) CVS bookmarks patch A patch for CVS that allows bookmarks (stored i... Télécharger
cvssearch(freshmeat) CVSSearch CVSSearch searches for code fragments using CVS... Télécharger
avi2mpegpatch(freshmeat) Avifile Glue Patch for mpeg2_movie Avifile Glue for mpeg2_movie started as a simpl... Télécharger
fplib(freshmeat) Beartronics Java FixedPoint Library A fixed point (16 bit integer, 16 bit fraction)... Télécharger
mp3clean(freshmeat) mp3clean mp3clean takes a list of files and presents eac... Télécharger
gmemlogger(freshmeat) GMemLogger GMemLogger is a memory tracker that redefines s... Télécharger
psp-web(freshmeat) psp-web psp-web is a set of forms that allow the user t... Télécharger
container(freshmeat) C++ Container Templates C++ Container Templates provides some easy-to-u... Télécharger
gcam(freshmeat) gcam Gcam is a GTK+ webcam viewer for Philips USB we... Télécharger
partytimephotocommunity(freshmeat) PartyTime Photo Community The PartyTime photo sharing system is currently... Télécharger
parseduat(freshmeat) Parse Direct User Access Terminal Parse Direct User Access Terminal mitigates inf... Télécharger
grandfatherclock(freshmeat) grandfatherclock grandfatherclock plays audio files to report th... Télécharger
dxr2gui(freshmeat) dxr2gui dxr2gui is a DVD player only for Creative's dxr... Télécharger
nisldap(freshmeat) NISLDAP NISLDAP is an attempt to bridge the gap between... Télécharger
pytalk(freshmeat) Pytalk Pytalk is a natural language understanding prog... Télécharger
scl+sssl(freshmeat) scl+sssl The small crypto library (scl) is a collection ... Télécharger
sgalasms(freshmeat) sgalaSMS sgalaSMS sends messages to GSM via SMS and can ... Télécharger
pimpaq(freshmeat) pimPAQ pimPAQ is a collection of Perl modules to devel... Télécharger
gpfr(freshmeat) Generic PHP Framework The Generic PHP Framework is a library of reusa... Télécharger
phpunit(freshmeat) phpUnit phpUnit is a unit testing framework for PHP scr... Télécharger
pimpaq_todo(freshmeat) pimPAQ::Todo pimPAQ::Todo is a Todo application for Compaq i... Télécharger
pyuiml(freshmeat) Python UIML renderer UIML stands for User Interface Markup Language.... Télécharger
spag(freshmeat) SPAG SPAG is a mouse-driven GUI for building and bro... Télécharger
pampgsql(freshmeat) pam-pgsql pam-pgsql is a PAM module which uses a PostgreS... Télécharger
pertergrin(freshmeat) Pertergrin Pertergrin is a fantasy RPG system. It lets you... Télécharger
pconsole(freshmeat) pconsole pconsole is a parallel console tool, and is mea... Télécharger
clone-debian(freshmeat) clone-debian clone-debian is a Bash shell script to clone th... Télécharger
xdata(freshmeat) xdata xdata implements an interface to arbitrary key-... Télécharger
nickle(freshmeat) Nickle Nickle is a desk calculator language with power... Télécharger
gnuboy(freshmeat) gnuboy gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld cons... Télécharger
mp3cd(freshmeat) MP3 to CD Small script that uses Perl::Gtk to make MP3 to... Télécharger
agbrowser(freshmeat) AudioGalaxy Browser AudioGalaxy Browser is a program to complement ... Télécharger
jdb(freshmeat) jdb JDB is package of commands for manipulating fla... Télécharger
kopisusu(freshmeat) Kopi Susu KopiSusu is a Java compiler based on the KOPI s... Télécharger
funkboard(freshmeat) FunkBoard A PHP-based message board which uses MySQL. Re... Télécharger
fkp(freshmeat) Folkert's kernel patches Patches against the Linux kernel. Most of them ... Télécharger
mergelog(freshmeat) mergelog mergelog is a small and fast C program, which m... Télécharger
comanche(freshmeat) Comanche Comanche is a quality, cross-platform, GUI tool... Télécharger
psp(freshmeat) Perl Server Pages Perl Server Pages is an object-oriented Web dev... Télécharger
openai-java-neuralnet(freshmeat) OpenAI Java Neural Net OpenAI is a project which is centred around the... Télécharger

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