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cracklinux(freshmeat) cracklinux Cracklinux is a kernel module and shared object... Télécharger
fripp(freshmeat) Fripp Fripp is a music composition environment that u... Télécharger
humanzip(freshmeat) Humanzip humanzip is a compression program that operates... Télécharger
btk(freshmeat) Biomolecule Toolkit The Biomolecule Toolkit is an Open Source libra... Télécharger
svgcharter(freshmeat) SVG Charter SVG Charter is a small, sharp tool that generat... Télécharger
adobe-source(freshmeat) Adobe Source Libraries The Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) are a collecti... Télécharger
oreon(freshmeat) Oreon Project Oreon is a monitoring solution based on Nagios.... Télécharger
lux4(freshmeat) LUX4 LUX4 is a powerful and fast communication proto... Télécharger
cpuinfo(freshmeat) cpuinfo cpuinfo consists of an API/library used by prog... Télécharger
engine_pkcs11(freshmeat) Engine_pkcs11 Engine_pkcs11 is an implementation of an engine... Télécharger
rrdbot(freshmeat) RRDBot RRDBot is an SNMP polling daemon which writes t... Télécharger
biocluster(freshmeat) BioCluster BioCluster is a peer-to-peer clustering platfor... Télécharger
mysipswitch(freshmeat) The SIP Switch The SIP Switch is a Web application which allow... Télécharger
actualiza(freshmeat) Actualiza Actualiza is a semi-automatic update program fo... Télécharger
wiiframe(freshmeat) wiiFrame wiiFrame is a simple GUI frame that has an Open... Télécharger
jumble(freshmeat) Jumble Jumble is a Java mutation tool for measuring th... Télécharger
sdl_anim(freshmeat) SDL_anim SDL_anim is an animation library for SDL. It lo... Télécharger
bsod(freshmeat) bsod Bsod displays the famous Windows XP blue screen... Télécharger
xooctory(freshmeat) Xooctory Xooctory is yet another continuous integration ... Télécharger
cvsstat(freshmeat) cvsstat cvsstat helps you get a good overview of the CV... Télécharger
pysqlite(freshmeat) pysqlite SQLite is a powerful embedded relational databa... Télécharger
qpyprofiler(freshmeat) qPyProfiler qPyProfiler is a GUI (graphical user interface)... Télécharger
python_xhtml(freshmeat) Python XHTML Python XHTML is a simple Python module for the ... Télécharger
sshwindows(sfnet) OpenSSH for Windows An installer for a minimal installation of the ... Télécharger
secure-slinux(freshmeat) Secure-SLinux Secure-SLinux is a secure, stable and full-feat... Télécharger
wiclear(freshmeat) Wiclear Wiclear aims to provide a simple, small, and ac... Télécharger
z3c_formjs(freshmeat) z3c.formjs z3c.formjs is designed to provide a Python API ... Télécharger
ara-rss(freshmeat) Ara Editor Ara Editor is an online script with a graphical... Télécharger
joconda(freshmeat) Joconda Joconda is a simple and small desktop database.... Télécharger
gnome-terminator(freshmeat) GNOME Terminator Terminator is an application that provides lots... Télécharger
phpframew(freshmeat) phpFramewerk phpFramewerk is a simple Web development frame... Télécharger
initmanager(freshmeat) Init Manager InitManager is an init.d manager that allows th... Télécharger
mpibzip2(freshmeat) Parallel MPI BZIP2 MPIBZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bz... Télécharger
hermes(freshmeat) hermes Antispam Proxy hermes is a generic, transparent and multi-plat... Télécharger
iswitchwin(freshmeat) iswitchwin iswitchwin lets you easily switch between windo... Télécharger
multimail(freshmeat) MultiMail MultiMail is an offline mail packet reader for ... Télécharger
pipemeter(freshmeat) pipemeter pipemeter is a command line utility that displa... Télécharger
pipo(freshmeat) pipo pipo is a quick tool to scan and parse director... Télécharger
muclm(freshmeat) MUCLM MUCLM (My Uber Cool LDAP Manager) is an AJAX W... Télécharger
scrymud(freshmeat) ScryMUD ScryMUD is a MUD written completely from scrat... Télécharger
perlshell(freshmeat) Perl Shell The Perl Shell (psh) combines aspects of bash a... Télécharger
addresses(freshmeat) Addresses for GNUstep Addresses is a GNUstep address book that consis... Télécharger
slide40(freshmeat) Slide40 Slide40 is a program for displaying slide prese... Télécharger
itaka(freshmeat) Itaka Itaka is an on-demand screen capture server fea... Télécharger
change_website_mode(freshmeat) Change Web Site Mode Change Web Site Mode is a PHP class that can be... Télécharger
baygrab(freshmeat) Baygrab Baygrab is a script to download all images for ... Télécharger
mobileunit(freshmeat) mobileUnit mobileUnit provides a testing environment utili... Télécharger
flac2mp3(freshmeat) flac2mp3 flac2mp3 is a Perl script to convert FLAC files... Télécharger
klear(freshmeat) Klear Klear is a KDE-based TV viewer for DVB. It incl... Télécharger
ptracker(freshmeat) Project Tracker Project Tracker is a simple project tracker wri... Télécharger
spxml(freshmeat) Simple Plain Xml Parser Simple Plain Xml Parser (spxml) is a simple and... Télécharger
phpki(freshmeat) PHPki PHPki is a Web application for managing a multi... Télécharger
pvolley(freshmeat) Pvolley Pvolley is an arcade volleyball game, similar t... Télécharger
gstatz(freshmeat) GStatz GStatz is a utility for tracking cycles of mens... Télécharger
efx(freshmeat) Enterprise File Exchange Enterprise File Exchange (EFX) slots in where e... Télécharger
gajet(freshmeat) GAJET GAJET (Genetic Algorithm for Java Evolutionary ... Télécharger
drqueue(freshmeat) DrQueue Drqueue is a distributed rendering queue. It he... Télécharger
unmass(freshmeat) unmass unmass is a tool to extract game archives. It s... Télécharger
diago(freshmeat) Diago Diago is a dialog-based system for easily creat... Télécharger
lienmp3(freshmeat) Lien Mp3 Player Lien Mp3 is a simple and easy MP3 and Audio CD ... Télécharger
securestorage(freshmeat) Secure Storage service for the gLite middleware The Secure Storage service for the gLite middle... Télécharger
jhextris(freshmeat) Hextris Hextris is a Tetris version where the stones ar... Télécharger
pykota(freshmeat) PyKota Print Quota System PyKota is a full featured, internationalized, c... Télécharger
openidforphp(freshmeat) OpenID For PHP OpenID For PHP is a library for implementing Op... Télécharger
promoter(freshmeat) Promoter Promoter automates the task of add company data... Télécharger
python-elinks(freshmeat) python-elinks python-elinks installs an encoding error handle... Télécharger
sharehound(freshmeat) sharehound Sharehound is a network file systems indexer an... Télécharger
sitemanager(freshmeat) Roadsend PHP SiteManager SiteManager is an Open Source Web Application T... Télécharger
sc101nbd(freshmeat) sc101-nbd sc101-nbd allows Linux to access a Netgear SC10... Télécharger
qprog(freshmeat) QProg QProg is a software interface to the popular D... Télécharger
textsort(freshmeat) TextSort TextSort is a graphical application for sorting... Télécharger
ckjm(freshmeat) ckjm ckjm calculates Chidamber and Kemerer object-or... Télécharger
kdtree(freshmeat) kdtree kdtree is a simple, easy to use C library for w... Télécharger
drossellog(freshmeat) Drossellog Drossellog is a log file analyzer for Apache's ... Télécharger
dbslayer(freshmeat) DBSlayer The DBacesslayer (or DBSlayer for short) is a l... Télécharger
methos(freshmeat) Cosmos of Methos Cosmos of Methos is a game where you are placed... Télécharger
motion(freshmeat) motion motion uses a video4linux device for detecting ... Télécharger
gnomego(freshmeat) gnomeGo gnomeGo is a very simple but nice GUI that allo... Télécharger
phpobjgen(freshmeat) Php Object Generator PHP Object Generator (POG) is a PHP code genera... Télécharger
zig(freshmeat) ZIG ZIG is a portable, game-oriented client-server ... Télécharger
wyrmtools(freshmeat) Wyrm Tools Wyrm Tools is a suite of tools for any RPG syst... Télécharger
mysqueaks(freshmeat) MySqueaks MySqueaks is a PHP class that allows you to cre... Télécharger
jagger(freshmeat) Jagger Jagger is a Java application monitoring tool th... Télécharger
libgeotiff(freshmeat) libgeotiff libgeotiff is a library (normally built on top ... Télécharger
bstracer(freshmeat) Beesoft Tracer Beesoft Tracer is a suite of tools for remote d... Télécharger
viewsvn(freshmeat) ViewSVN ViewSVN provides a simple, easy to set up Web i... Télécharger
godo(freshmeat) GoDo GoDo is a simple remember-to-do-application tha... Télécharger
fbpanel(freshmeat) fbpanel fbpanel is a lightweight GTK-2 based desktop pa... Télécharger
pbbuttonsd(freshmeat) PBButtonsd PBButtons is a daemon to handle special hardwar... Télécharger
atris(freshmeat) Alizarin Tetris Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a tw... Télécharger
pida(freshmeat) Python Integrated Development Application Python Integrated Development Application (Pida... Télécharger
clockingit(freshmeat) ClockingIT ClockingIT is a complete multi-user Web based p... Télécharger
xmms2jump(freshmeat) xmms2_jump xmms2_jump is a simple XMMS2 client that only p... Télécharger
atomail(freshmeat) AtoMail AtoMail is a script that converts mail messages... Télécharger
isszy(freshmeat) Isszy Iszzy Image Sorter is a simple sorting program ... Télécharger
anyfs-tools(freshmeat) anyfs-tools anyfs-tools allows you to recover and convert f... Télécharger
zort(freshmeat) Zort Zort is a Web-based RSS aggregator based on Mag... Télécharger
nagios_xmlsensors(freshmeat) nagios_xmlsensors nagios_xmlsensors is a plugin for the Nagios mo... Télécharger
cython(freshmeat) Cython Cython is a language that makes writing C exten... Télécharger
sysmgr(freshmeat) System Upgrade Manager sysmgr is an application that allows sysadmins ... Télécharger

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