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atris(freshmeat) Alizarin Tetris Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a tw... Télécharger
pida(freshmeat) Python Integrated Development Application Python Integrated Development Application (Pida... Télécharger
clockingit(freshmeat) ClockingIT ClockingIT is a complete multi-user Web based p... Télécharger
xmms2jump(freshmeat) xmms2_jump xmms2_jump is a simple XMMS2 client that only p... Télécharger
atomail(freshmeat) AtoMail AtoMail is a script that converts mail messages... Télécharger
isszy(freshmeat) Isszy Iszzy Image Sorter is a simple sorting program ... Télécharger
anyfs-tools(freshmeat) anyfs-tools anyfs-tools allows you to recover and convert f... Télécharger
zort(freshmeat) Zort Zort is a Web-based RSS aggregator based on Mag... Télécharger
nagios_xmlsensors(freshmeat) nagios_xmlsensors nagios_xmlsensors is a plugin for the Nagios mo... Télécharger
cython(freshmeat) Cython Cython is a language that makes writing C exten... Télécharger
sysmgr(freshmeat) System Upgrade Manager sysmgr is an application that allows sysadmins ... Télécharger
internalize(freshmeat) Internalize Internalize is a little program designed to dis... Télécharger
spm(freshmeat) Spm Spm is a package manager that work for source p... Télécharger
funky-language(freshmeat) Funky Embeddable Interpreter Funky is a tiny, embeddable programming languag... Télécharger
prbeditor(freshmeat) prbeditor prbeditor is an editor for Java property resour... Télécharger
morabaraba(freshmeat) Morabaraba Morabaraba is an implementation of Morabaraba, ... Télécharger
myblog(freshmeat) My Blog My Blog aims to be simple to use while taking c... Télécharger
dmo(freshmeat) Database of Managed Objects DMO is generic object management, documentation... Télécharger
decibel(freshmeat) Decibel Decibel is a realtime communications framework,... Télécharger
monster(freshmeat) Monster Monster is a short NES/SNES style RPG. It takes... Télécharger
nulog(freshmeat) Nulog Nulog is a PHP interface for the MySQL plugin f... Télécharger
footballcommander(freshmeat) Fcc Fcc is a console program to store results of th... Télécharger
meldware(freshmeat) Buni Meldware Communication Suite Buni Meldware Communication Suite is an enterpr... Télécharger
libetpan(freshmeat) libEtPan! LibEtPan! implements different types of access ... Télécharger
pftdbns(freshmeat) pftdbns pftdbns sorts files into separate directories a... Télécharger
newfaction(freshmeat) newfileaction newfileaction (newfaction) invokes a program fo... Télécharger
drproject(freshmeat) DrProject DrProject is a Web-based software project manag... Télécharger
flatworm(freshmeat) Flatworm Flatworm is a framework for Java designed to el... Télécharger
aterm(freshmeat) aterm aterm (AfterStep term) is an xterm replacement,... Télécharger
endlos(freshmeat) endlos endlos is a platform-independent, multithreaded... Télécharger
gconf-cleaner(freshmeat) GConf Cleaner GConf Cleaner is a tool to clean a GConf databa... Télécharger
greenstone(freshmeat) Greenstone Greenstone is a complete digital library creati... Télécharger
zeta(freshmeat) Zeta Zeta is a virtual platform or architecture. It ... Télécharger
kcall(freshmeat) KCall KCall is the telephony application of Kontact. ... Télécharger
jzeno(freshmeat) jZeno jZeno is a meta-project that integrates a colle... Télécharger
jsircbot(freshmeat) jsircbot jsircbot is an Internet Relay Chat robot (IRC b... Télécharger
nsim(freshmeat) NamespaceSim This package can be used to emulate class names... Télécharger
moomba(freshmeat) Karora Moomba Moomba is an implementation of the Eclipse Work... Télécharger
textmail(freshmeat) textmail Textmail filters a mail message or mbox, replac... Télécharger
broadband-usage(freshmeat) broadband-usage Broadband-usage meters the traffic on an SNMP-e... Télécharger
creamcrm(freshmeat) Cream CRM Cream is a multilingual customer relationship m... Télécharger
radutmped(freshmeat) radutmp editor radutmped is a utility that can remove utmp ent... Télécharger
perlos(freshmeat) Perl OS Perl OS is a program that provides an easy inte... Télécharger
lpk(freshmeat) OpenSSH LDAP Public Key patch The OpenSSH LDAP Public Key patch provides an e... Télécharger
stratos-php-framework(freshmeat) Stratos PHP Framework The Stratos PHP Framework is an object-oriented... Télécharger
idc(freshmeat) Interactive Decompiler IDC is an interactive decompiler. The user star... Télécharger
ticket-linker(freshmeat) Ticket linker Ticket linker is a set of various plugins for i... Télécharger
kardsgt(freshmeat) KardsGT KardsGT is a card game suite for those who love... Télécharger
xautolock(freshmeat) xautolock Xautolock monitors console activity under the X... Télécharger
pastebot(freshmeat) pastebot Pastebot is an IRC bot that saves channels from... Télécharger
kslackcheck(freshmeat) Kslackcheck Kslackcheck keeps in sync changelogs and shows ... Télécharger
scamprotect(freshmeat) Scam-protect Scam-protect is a milter which restricts the us... Télécharger
imgsvr(freshmeat) ImgSvr ImgSvr is a Web image server, which allows user... Télécharger
pptout(freshmeat) Passepartout Passepartout is a GTK-based Desktop Publishing ... Télécharger
sqlgrey(freshmeat) SQLgrey SQLgrey is a Postfix greylisting policy service... Télécharger
libacpi(freshmeat) libacpi libacpi is a general purpose shared library for... Télécharger
netpetcms(freshmeat) Netpet-CMS Netpet-CMS provides easy-going deployment and a... Télécharger
ipaccounter(freshmeat) IP accounter IP accounter measures and graphs traffic for IP... Télécharger
aodvruu(freshmeat) AODV-UU AODV-UU (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routi... Télécharger
greensocs(freshmeat) Greensocs Greensocs is a development kit for producing sy... Télécharger
blackbird(freshmeat) Blackbird Enterprise Service Bus Blackbird is the first enterprise service bus (... Télécharger
kiweecommerce(freshmeat) KiweeCommerce KiweeCommerce is a fully functional e-commerce ... Télécharger
libid3(freshmeat) libID3 libID3 is a small C library to parse ID3 tags. ... Télécharger
taskblocks(freshmeat) Task Blocks Task Blocks is a simple, easy to use task-sched... Télécharger
svk(freshmeat) svk svk is a distributed version control system des... Télécharger
omake(freshmeat) OMake OMake is a build system and scripting language ... Télécharger
pyqwt3d(freshmeat) PyQwt3D PyQwt3D is a set of Python bindings for the Qwt... Télécharger
libbi(freshmeat) LibBi LibBi is used for state-space modelling and Bay... Télécharger
wimp2(freshmeat) WiMp: The Wireless Mapper WiMp is a Web-based utility which facilitates t... Télécharger
amoebax(freshmeat) Amoebax Amoebax is a cute and addictive action-puzzle g... Télécharger
parsing(freshmeat) Parsing.py Parser Generator The Parsing module is a pure-Python module that... Télécharger
alphashooter(freshmeat) Alpha Shooter Alpha Shooter is a 3D first-person shooter game... Télécharger
nazooke(freshmeat) Nazooke! Nazooke! Client lets people track their friends... Télécharger
neem(freshmeat) NeEM The NeEM library provides an implementation of ... Télécharger
traxauth(freshmeat) TraxAuth TraxAuth is a Web-based user account registrati... Télécharger
tel(freshmeat) tel tel is a little console-based phone book progra... Télécharger
cpoint(freshmeat) CPOINt CPOINt is a presentations program designed to b... Télécharger
6502asm(freshmeat) 6502asm 6502asm is a simple 2-pass assembler capable of... Télécharger
pdfassassin(freshmeat) PDFassassin PDFassassin is a module for SpamAssassin that a... Télécharger
iphonenes(freshmeat) iPhoneNES iPhoneNES is a native NES emulator for the iPho... Télécharger
gnuparted(freshmeat) GNU Parted GNU Parted is a package for creating, destroyin... Télécharger
symlinker(freshmeat) Symlinker Symlinker is a minimalistic file manager that i... Télécharger
pywebmail(freshmeat) PyWebMail PyWebMail is a Python library and POP3 gateway ... Télécharger
smiservicesmaintenanceinterven(freshmeat) SMI SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a c... Télécharger
osinfo(freshmeat) osinfo osinfo reports the type, the version, the archi... Télécharger
memcachefs(freshmeat) memcachefs memcachefs is FUSE based filesystem which mount... Télécharger
cpcommander(freshmeat) Checkpoint Commander Checkpoint Commander is a cross-platform file m... Télécharger
timeriffic(freshmeat) Timeriffic TImeriffic is an Android application for muting... Télécharger
xrtti(freshmeat) eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++ eXtended RunTime Type Information for C++ (Xrtt... Télécharger
nexty(freshmeat) Nexty Nexty is an easy-to-use Web-based GTD tool. It ... Télécharger
python-musicbrainz2(freshmeat) python-musicbrainz2 python-musicbrainz2 provides simple, object ori... Télécharger
organdesigner(freshmeat) OrganDesigner OrganDesigner is a graphical tool for editing a... Télécharger
linhdd(freshmeat) linHDD linHDD is a frontend to several functions of ba... Télécharger
fsfs(freshmeat) Fast Secure File System FSFS is a secure, distributed, scalable, user-s... Télécharger
fvfsfind(freshmeat) gvfsfind gvfsfind searches for files in a directory hier... Télécharger
dnetj(freshmeat) Distributed Network John The Ripper Dnetj is a client/server wrapper around John Th... Télécharger
nomadpim(freshmeat) Nomad PIM Nomad PIM is an extensible personal information... Télécharger
php_svncommit(freshmeat) svncommit_hook.php svncommit_hook.php was written to address the n... Télécharger
jagosi(freshmeat) Java GForge SOAP Interface The Java GForge SOAP Interface (JaGoSI) is an a... Télécharger
tuxvsclippy(freshmeat) Tux vs Clippy In Tux vs Clippy, the battle for world dominanc... Télécharger

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