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tclplugin(freshmeat) XChat Tcl Plugin The XChat Tcl Plugin adds the complete Tcl scri... Télécharger
uc(freshmeat) UrlCrawler UrlCrawler is a Web spider which uses the resul... Télécharger
dzt(freshmeat) dzt Dzt is a YATGT (Yet Another Tabbed GNOME Termin... Télécharger
course(freshmeat) course course is a program for sports events (in Frenc... Télécharger
lignumcad(freshmeat) lignumCAD lignumCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) prog... Télécharger
datesync(freshmeat) Datesync Datesync is a Perl program to synchronize your ... Télécharger
pfmon(freshmeat) pfmon Pfmon is a monitoring tool for Linux/ia64. It m... Télécharger
phavon(freshmeat) Phavon Phavon is a 2D vertical scrolling progressive-w... Télécharger
phportal(freshmeat) PHPortal PHPortal is a PHP application development envir... Télécharger
libpst(freshmeat) LibPST LibPST, part of the ol2mbox project, provides f... Télécharger
javareadline(freshmeat) JavaReadline JavaReadline adds readline support to java con... Télécharger
fsviewer(freshmeat) FSViewer FSViewer is a FileViewer lookalike for Window ... Télécharger
syscriptor(freshmeat) Syscriptor Syscriptor is a little program that displays in... Télécharger
autoautofs(freshmeat) auto-autofs Auto-autofs is a Perl script which searches blo... Télécharger
rpgboard(freshmeat) RPGBoard RPGBoard is a WWWBoard-style message board scri... Télécharger
sledd(freshmeat) SLice EDitor SLice EDitor (SLED) is a simple slice viewer fo... Télécharger
defcon(freshmeat) DefCon.epplet The DefCon epplet shows your current Defense Co... Télécharger
libpfm(freshmeat) libpfm libpfm is a helper library to use on Linux/ia64... Télécharger
x86disasm_pl(freshmeat) Perl x86 Disassembler The Perl x86 Disassembler is a full x86 disasse... Télécharger
nabr(freshmeat) Netscape Address Book Recovery Netscape Address Book Recovery is a tool get yo... Télécharger
xfax(freshmeat) xfax xfax is a powerful X fax program, including a f... Télécharger
yaml4r(freshmeat) YAML For Ruby For Ruby developers, YAML is a natural fit for ... Télécharger
prtdiag(freshmeat) prtdiag prtdiag is a bash script that generates a repor... Télécharger
k15(freshmeat) K15 K15 is the KDE version of the fifteen game. It ... Télécharger
phpostman(freshmeat) PHPostMan PHPostman is another FormMail replacement. Like... Télécharger
gplify(freshmeat) GPLify GPLify is a Perl script that adds notice of the... Télécharger
ppd(freshmeat) Project Penguin Database Project Penguin Database (PPD) is a centralized... Télécharger
xslt-process(freshmeat) XSLT-process XSLT-process is a minor mode for (X)Emacs that ... Télécharger
mrtnk(freshmeat) MRTNK MRTNK is a set of scripts that generate RRD dat... Télécharger
autocheck(freshmeat) Autocheck Autocheck is a distributed, extensively configu... Télécharger
nautilus-rpm(freshmeat) nautilus-rpm Nautilus-rpm is a set of tools for viewing the ... Télécharger
dnsredir(freshmeat) dnsredir.pl dnsredir.pl is a simple Perl script that allows... Télécharger
llamachat(freshmeat) LlamaChat LlamaChat is a Java-based chat server/client pa... Télécharger
gspdf(freshmeat) GSPdf GSPdf is a PostScript and PDF Viewer for GNUst... Télécharger
gdraw(freshmeat) GDraw.app GDraw.app is a vector drawing program for GNUst... Télécharger
echolot(freshmeat) echolot echolot sniffs ARP packets on ethernet network ... Télécharger
luxor(freshmeat) Luxor Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Lan... Télécharger
pysmbsearch(freshmeat) PySMBSearch PySMBSearch is a crawler and search engine for ... Télécharger
cdfw(freshmeat) cdfw cdfw is a CDROM-based firewall. It takes Red Ha... Télécharger
subsubsub(freshmeat) SubSubSub SubSubSub allows creation and editing of hierar... Télécharger
echelirc(freshmeat) EchelIRC Echelirc is a IRC channel logging bot written i... Télécharger
pdbs(freshmeat) PDBS PDBS is a secure and simple backup system, dis... Télécharger
banspam(freshmeat) BanSPAM BanSPAM is a pair of TCL scripts for Eggdrop IR... Télécharger
phpcdarchive(freshmeat) PHP CD Archive PHP CD Archive is designed for people who do a ... Télécharger
ipr(freshmeat) Infinite Planes of Reality Infinite Planes of Reality is a next-generation... Télécharger
fluxspace(freshmeat) Fluxspace Fluxspace seeks to add advanced desktop functio... Télécharger
phpform(freshmeat) phpForm phpForm is a PHP3 script that allows you to eas... Télécharger
ctail(freshmeat) ctail ctail is like running tail -f, but can be used ... Télécharger
houston(freshmeat) Houston Houston is an open-source, lightweight status a... Télécharger
libwmf(freshmeat) libwmf libwmf is a library to convert Microsoft's WMF ... Télécharger
kmediagrab(freshmeat) KMediagrab KMediagrab is a media grabber and encoder built... Télécharger
gnome_linc(freshmeat) Network Client Server Library linc is a library that eases the task of writin... Télécharger
plex86(freshmeat) Plex86 The Plex86 project (formerly known as FreeMWare... Télécharger
playmidi(freshmeat) PlayMIDI PlayMIDI allows playback of MIDI files (with ma... Télécharger
fddtrack(freshmeat) fddtrack:: fddtrack:: is a Web-based application to help t... Télécharger
cgi77(freshmeat) cgi77 cgi77 is a small CGI library for the GNU g77 fo... Télécharger
rab(freshmeat) Random Access Backup Random Access Backup (RAB) is a simple backup ... Télécharger
libpwmd(freshmeat) libpwmd Libpwmd provides an API for applications needin... Télécharger
wtail(freshmeat) wtail wtail does the equivalent of tail -f on several... Télécharger
treecc(freshmeat) treecc treecc is designed to assist in the developmen... Télécharger
libxmltree(freshmeat) XML Tree XML Tree is a library written in order to manag... Télécharger
flounder(freshmeat) flounder Flounder is a program to quickly visualize 4D d... Télécharger
vcg(freshmeat) Visualization of Compiler Graphs Visualization of Compiler Graphs (VCG) reads a ... Télécharger
changenav(freshmeat) Change Navigator ChangeNav is a GUI application for managing Cha... Télécharger
imagelistphp(freshmeat) image-list.php image-list.php is a drop-in enhancement of Apac... Télécharger
systeminstaller(freshmeat) System Installer System Installer (a component of the System Ins... Télécharger
jbossmx(freshmeat) JBossMX The JBossMX project is a JBoss application serv... Télécharger
cl-pdf(freshmeat) CL-PDF A cross-platform Common Lisp library for genera... Télécharger
msys(freshmeat) MSYS MSYS (Minimal SYStem) provides POSIX/Bourne con... Télécharger
mod_lisp(freshmeat) mod_lisp mod_lisp talks from Apache to Lisp processes by... Télécharger
easysok(freshmeat) EasySok EasySok is a sokoban game for KDE. Télécharger
crossover-daemon(freshmeat) crossover Crossover is a fast Linux daemon intended to be... Télécharger
lkmb(freshmeat) Linux Kernel Module Builder LKMB is a Perl module that can be used to creat... Télécharger
pfinger(freshmeat) PFinger PFinger is a highly configurable, secure and po... Télécharger
rip(freshmeat) rip Rip is a commandline-based Perl script which ri... Télécharger
animenu(freshmeat) Animenu Animenu is an on-screen animated menu controlle... Télécharger
irmix(freshmeat) IRMix IRMix is an audio mixer application for Linux. ... Télécharger
gstp(freshmeat) GSTP GSTP is a binary file transfer protocol that fo... Télécharger
socket_poll(freshmeat) Socket_poll Socket_poll is the first part of a set of libra... Télécharger
grande(freshmeat) Grande Grande is a "ZANAC"-esque 2D scrollin... Télécharger
sl45c(freshmeat) Siemens SL45 Data Suite Siemens SL45 Data Suite (SL45c) is a Linux impl... Télécharger
xbox-linux(freshmeat) xbox-linux The Xbox Linux project aims to create a version... Télécharger
nanoftpd(freshmeat) nanoFTPd nanoFTPd is a basic FTP daemon written in PHP. ... Télécharger
oracle_hotbackup(freshmeat) Oracle Perl Hotbackup for Unix Oracle Perl Hotbackup for Unix uses DBI to conn... Télécharger
cnikmp3(freshmeat) cnik MP3 cnik MP3 is a Java-based MP3 player. Télécharger
kbox(freshmeat) kbox kbox allows users of KDE/kwin to use styles tha... Télécharger
vtwatch(freshmeat) vtwatch vtwatch automatically switches the active virt... Télécharger
terminalapp(freshmeat) Terminal.app Terminal.app is a terminal emulator for GNUstep. Télécharger
mnet(freshmeat) Mnet Mnet is a universal file space (a single, globa... Télécharger
imagemagickclass(freshmeat) PHP ImageMagick Class PHP ImageMagick Class makes it possible to proc... Télécharger
caramel(freshmeat) Caramel Caramel is a collection of open-source Java uti... Télécharger
vcdmeta(freshmeat) VCDMeta VCDMeta is a Perl script which makes creating a... Télécharger
snarl-snmp(freshmeat) SNARLsnmp SNARLsnmp is a monitoring tool for dynamic Web ... Télécharger
mtftpd(freshmeat) mtftpd mtftpd is an FTP server, based in a multiple p... Télécharger
ermixer(freshmeat) ermixer ermixer is an OSS mixer with a lot of useful fe... Télécharger
stardork(freshmeat) stardork Stardork is a console-based game where you move... Télécharger
mod_bandwidth(freshmeat) mod_bandwidth mod_bandwidth is a module for the Apache Web se... Télécharger
session_pgsql(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Session Save Handler The PostgreSQL Session Save Handler is a C prog... Télécharger
tilp(freshmeat) TiLP TiLP is a linking program for Texas Instrument... Télécharger
mdbtools(freshmeat) MDB Tools MDB Tools is a library and set of utilities for... Télécharger

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