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rssdesk(freshmeat) RSS-desk RSS-desk is a reusable component for the news a... Télécharger
hidam(freshmeat) HIDAM HIDAM aims to be a hierarchical editor that fea... Télécharger
simulus(freshmeat) Simulus Game Engine The Simulus Game Engine is a cross-platform, fl... Télécharger
contact_vcard_build(freshmeat) Contact_Vcard_Build Contact_Vcard_Build is a PHP class to build and... Télécharger
db_table(freshmeat) DB_Table DB_Table is an object-oriented interface to a d... Télécharger
tesh(freshmeat) tesh tesh is a simple shell which allows you to crea... Télécharger
contact_vcard_parse(freshmeat) Contact_Vcard_Parse Contact_Vcard_Parse is a PHP class that allows ... Télécharger
bblog(freshmeat) bBlog bBlog is a weblogging application written in PH... Télécharger
zdict(freshmeat) zdict zdict is a GTK+ 2 viewer for the "edict&qu... Télécharger
revbot(freshmeat) Revbot IRC Bot Revbot is an IRC bot that uses a Perl Object En... Télécharger
phpsavant(freshmeat) phpSavant Savant is a powerful but lightweight PEAR-compl... Télécharger
openpmf(freshmeat) OpenPMF OpenPMF is a policy management framework which ... Télécharger
sparkline(freshmeat) Sparkline Sparkline is a specialized graphing library des... Télécharger
comhit(freshmeat) comhit comhit is a scriptable serial communications pr... Télécharger
dsmltools(freshmeat) DSML Tools DSML is the Directory Services Markup Language,... Télécharger
turkey(freshmeat) Turkey Turkey is a dummy text generator. It is useful ... Télécharger
huexec(freshmeat) huEXEC huEXEC is a wrapper that executes CGIs under v... Télécharger
zgsmplay(freshmeat) zgsmplay zgsmplay is a curses-based realtime GSM file pl... Télécharger
guththila(freshmeat) Guththila Guththila is a streaming SOAP parser which is i... Télécharger
openvps(freshmeat) OpenVPS OpenVPS is a set of software built on top of th... Télécharger
idra(freshmeat) IDRA IDRA is a GUI that acts as a frontend for vario... Télécharger
ntmf(freshmeat) Network Traffic Manipulation Framework NTMF is a C++ framework for developing software... Télécharger
ibsh(freshmeat) Iron Bars SHell Iron Bars SHell is a restricted Unix shell. The... Télécharger
hanihani(freshmeat) Hanihani Operation Sanctuary Hanihani Operation Sanctuary is a port and Engl... Télécharger
jbup(freshmeat) JBup JBup (Java Backup) aims to become a robust, pro... Télécharger
colobus(freshmeat) colobus colobus is an NNTP server written in Perl for e... Télécharger
qtsfv(freshmeat) QTSfv QTSfv is a tool to create and verify filesets i... Télécharger
knightsmail(freshmeat) Knight's Mail Knight's Mail is a Web mail application that us... Télécharger
ifplugd(freshmeat) ifplugd ifplugd is a lightweight Linux daemon which con... Télécharger
smbcrawler(freshmeat) SMBCrawler SMBCrawler is a command-line utility for listin... Télécharger
traceproto(freshmeat) TraceProto Traceproto is a traceroute replacement that all... Télécharger
wap54g-log(freshmeat) wap54g-log wap54g-log listens on the syslog port for commu... Télécharger
jnettool(freshmeat) jNetTool jNetTool is a Swiss-knife for networks. It incl... Télécharger
nsqlcli(freshmeat) nsqlcli nsqlcli includes three tools: nsqlcli, nsqlsp, ... Télécharger
forums(freshmeat) Forums Forums lets users create their own message boar... Télécharger
metalanguage(freshmeat) MetaL meta-programming language MetaL is a meta-programming language that works... Télécharger
skatoswm(freshmeat) SkatOSWM SkatOSWM is a very small window manager which c... Télécharger
mod_mp3(freshmeat) mod_mp3 mod_mp3 turns the Apache Web server into an MP3... Télécharger
domo(freshmeat) Domo Domo is a music organizer which indexes digital... Télécharger
tipjse(freshmeat) Tipue Tipue is a JavaScript site search engine. It wo... Télécharger
villakino(freshmeat) Villakino Villakino aims to be a complete seating managem... Télécharger
logfilter(freshmeat) Log Filter Log Filter is a filter and viewer for arbitrary... Télécharger
icguard(freshmeat) ICGuard ICGuard (IpCop Guard) is a monitoring program f... Télécharger
lostirc(freshmeat) LostIRC LostIRC is a simple, yet very useful IRC client... Télécharger
pgreet(freshmeat) Penguin Greetings Penguin Greetings is a Perl Web-based greeting ... Télécharger
qform(freshmeat) QueryForm QueryForm is a Java GUI application that provi... Télécharger
tomcatstatuswidget(freshmeat) Tomcat Status Widget Tomcat Status Widget is a dashboard widget for ... Télécharger
karibou(freshmeat) Karibou Karibou is a PHP5 MVC-like framework for develo... Télécharger
subplay(freshmeat) Subplay Subplay is a script for playing movies with sub... Télécharger
hollywoodplusdxr3linuxdrivers(freshmeat) Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers The Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers provide k... Télécharger
pam_bioapi(freshmeat) pam_bioapi pam_bioapi adds BioAPI support to the Linux PAM... Télécharger
astrocatalog(freshmeat) Astro::Catalog Module The Astro::Catalog module is an generic, object... Télécharger
astrosimbad(freshmeat) Astro::SIMBAD Module Astro::SIMBAD Module is an objected orientated ... Télécharger
php-bulksms(freshmeat) php-bulksms php-bulksms is a powerful interface for the Bul... Télécharger
dbsql2xml(freshmeat) dbsql2xml dbsql2xml is Java tool for transforming a relat... Télécharger
jishyo(freshmeat) Jishyo Jishyo is an English to Japanese dictionary. It... Télécharger
ggseq(freshmeat) Gungirl Sequencer Gungirl Sequencer is an easy-to-use audio seque... Télécharger
mod_unzip(freshmeat) mod_unzip mod_unzip is an Apache 2.0 module to transparen... Télécharger
blogfish(freshmeat) Blogfish Blogfish is a Gnome panel applet that allows yo... Télécharger
wmpal(freshmeat) wmpal wmpal is a useless Window Maker dockapp based o... Télécharger
theptk(freshmeat) The Parser Toolkit The Parser Toolkit is a C++ STL-based parser to... Télécharger
fqircd(freshmeat) FreeQuest IRCD The FreeQuest IRCd is the ircd currently in use... Télécharger
skychart(freshmeat) Sky Chart SkyChart is software to draw a map of the night... Télécharger
onis(freshmeat) onis not irc stats Onis is a script that converts IRC logfiles int... Télécharger
jscf(freshmeat) Java Security Component Framework Java Security Component Framework (JSCF) is a p... Télécharger
documancer(freshmeat) Documancer Documancer is a programmer's documentation read... Télécharger
paldap(freshmeat) PALDAP: A Lazy Directory Administrator's Pal PALDAP is yet another LDAP administration tool ... Télécharger
lutelwall(freshmeat) LutelWall LutelWall (formerly known as Lutel Firewall) is... Télécharger
oliver-dataviewer(freshmeat) OLIVER Data Viewer OLIVER is MassGIS's OnLIne data ViewER. Written... Télécharger
hogmem(freshmeat) Hogmem Hogmem is a program for managing memory status ... Télécharger
unitconverter(freshmeat) UnitConverter MIDlet UnitConverter MIDlet provides easy unit convers... Télécharger
stickybeak(freshmeat) The Stickybeak The Stickybeak uses dynamically generated image... Télécharger
wgrab-fetcher(freshmeat) wgrab http file fetcher wgrab is an HTTP file fetcher similar to wget t... Télécharger
alternatives(freshmeat) Alternatives system Alternatives system is an implementation of a D... Télécharger
freshmeat-ruby(freshmeat) Freshmeat-Ruby Freshmeat-Ruby is a set of Ruby bindings for th... Télécharger
cereal(freshmeat) cereal emulation framework cereal is an emulation framework able to emulat... Télécharger
kontact(freshmeat) KDE Kontact KDE Kontact is a personal information managemen... Télécharger
kmail(freshmeat) KMail KMail is a fully-featured email client that fit... Télécharger
korganizer(freshmeat) KOrganizer KOrganizer is the KDE PIM/Calendar/Scheduling t... Télécharger
ebla(freshmeat) Experience-Based Language Acquisition Experience-Based Language Acquisition (EBLA) is... Télécharger
samoth(freshmeat) Samoth Samoth is a medieval/fantasy universe RPG. Télécharger
pserv(freshmeat) Pico Server Pico server (pserv) is a small-footprint Web se... Télécharger
dlm(freshmeat) Distributed Lock Manager Distributed Lock Manager is a Linux kernel patc... Télécharger
mvth(freshmeat) Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness (MVTH) is a... Télécharger
netballs(freshmeat) Netballs Netballs is a network flow monitor for SuperKar... Télécharger
fortune-hitchhiker(freshmeat) fortune-hitchhiker fortune-hitchhiker is a collection of quotes fr... Télécharger
xdoclet(freshmeat) XDoclet XDoclet is a code generation engine for Java th... Télécharger
pstreams(freshmeat) PStreams PStreams allows you to run another program from... Télécharger
cpc(freshmeat) Camera Picture Copier Camera Picture Copier reads files from a source... Télécharger
yajp(freshmeat) Yet Another Java Profiler Yet Another Java Profiler is a profiler tool th... Télécharger
natali(freshmeat) NataLi NataLi is an information system that has been d... Télécharger
arping(freshmeat) Arping Arping is an ARP level ping utility. It's good ... Télécharger
perlabook(freshmeat) perl-abook perl-abook synchronizes a Palm database with an... Télécharger
tclsigx(freshmeat) TclSigX TclSigX is a client for the SigX dynamic signat... Télécharger
pictosniff(freshmeat) PictoSniff PictoSniff allows you to spy live on PictoChat ... Télécharger
symmetrichaos(freshmeat) Symmetry in Chaos Symmetry in Chaos calculates fractals using a m... Télécharger
relffuhs(freshmeat) Relffuhs Relffhus is a playlist for Noatun that handles ... Télécharger
dcore(freshmeat) dCore dCore offers developers the facility to run an ... Télécharger
libgksuui(freshmeat) LibGKSuUI LibGKSuUI is a library from the gksu program th... Télécharger
mfgames-node(freshmeat) MfGames.Node MfGames.Node is an I/O abstraction layer that c... Télécharger

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