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sj(freshmeat) Sound Juicer Sound Juicer is a CD ripping tool that features... Télécharger
cduce(freshmeat) CDuce CDuce is a programming language adapted to writ... Télécharger
pushoksema(freshmeat) PushOK SEMA PushOK SEMA is a group/project management appli... Télécharger
simplealarm(freshmeat) SimpleAlarm.app SimpleAlarm is a Cocoa-based application that a... Télécharger
poterm(freshmeat) PoTerm PoTerm is a terminal shell that can be used for... Télécharger
dcache(freshmeat) dcache The dcache library implements a fixed size cach... Télécharger
img2eps(freshmeat) img2eps img2eps packages raster images into EPS (Embedd... Télécharger
objectivelib(freshmeat) ObjectiveLib ObjectiveLib is a framework for Objective-C tha... Télécharger
eximdsn(freshmeat) Exim DSN Patch The Exim DSN patch adds delivery status notific... Télécharger
pylinda(freshmeat) PyLinda Linda is a widely studied distributed computing... Télécharger
gaimnosd(freshmeat) gaimnosd gaimnosd provides notifications in a TV gauge s... Télécharger
deme(freshmeat) Deme Deme is a Web tool to host asynchronous meetin... Télécharger
libmtrwe(freshmeat) Libmtrwe Libmtrwe is a library for connecting data produ... Télécharger
flmkisofs(freshmeat) flmkisofs flmkisofs is a very simple program for creating... Télécharger
jmemprof(freshmeat) JMemProf JMemProf is a live Java memory profiler suitabl... Télécharger
mod_mysql_userdir(freshmeat) mod_mysql_userdir mod_mysql_userdir is a module for the Apache We... Télécharger
xfcr(freshmeat) File Content Recoverer File Content Recoverer (XFCR) is Linux-based to... Télécharger
navigation(freshmeat) Navigation Navigation implements a design pattern that all... Télécharger
sid-ids(freshmeat) SID-IDS SID-IDS is a PTY host intrusion detection syste... Télécharger
transtalo(freshmeat) Transtalo Transtalo is an automatic translator. It consis... Télécharger
skencil(freshmeat) Skencil Sketch is a vector drawing program similar to C... Télécharger
dtdparse(freshmeat) DTDParse DTDParse is a tool for processing SGML and XML ... Télécharger
domtt(freshmeat) DOM Tooltip DOM Tooltip allows developers to add customized... Télécharger
ipodbackup(freshmeat) iPodBackup iPodBackup is a tool that backs up your home fo... Télécharger
mshare(freshmeat) Money Share Money Share is an expense management tool that ... Télécharger
udpbalancer(freshmeat) udpbalancer Udpbalancer is a reverse proxy that sorts UDP ... Télécharger
pdfdom(freshmeat) pdfDOM pdfDOM is a PHP library for creating PDF docum... Télécharger
modman(freshmeat) The Modular Manual Browser The Modular Manual Browser is a set of PHP scri... Télécharger
potracegui(freshmeat) potracegui Potracegui is a GUI for potrace, a program for ... Télécharger
privateer(freshmeat) Privateer Remake Privateer gives you the freedom to carve your o... Télécharger
entry-cleaner(freshmeat) Entry-Cleaner Entry-Cleaner is as small utility that deletes ... Télécharger
net-fu(freshmeat) Net-Fu Net-Fu is a DHTML implementation of the classi... Télécharger
snareapache(freshmeat) Snare for Apache Snare for Apache provides a remote distribution... Télécharger
snaresquid(freshmeat) Snare for Squid Snare for Squid provides a remote distribution ... Télécharger
epstool(freshmeat) epstool epstool is a utility that can create and extrac... Télécharger
csv2xml(freshmeat) csv2xml csv2xml is a simple CSV to XML converter that ... Télécharger
qdist(freshmeat) QDist The QDist package implements the O(n log^2 n) t... Télécharger
weplab(freshmeat) Weplab Weplab is a tool to review the security of WEP ... Télécharger
facets(freshmeat) Facets Facets is a Web application framework that leve... Télécharger
gillo(freshmeat) Gillo Gillo is a two-player game in a virtual reality... Télécharger
cpufrequency(freshmeat) cpufrequency cpufrequency is a daemon used to switch the CPU... Télécharger
castorphpwebbuilder(freshmeat) Castor PHP Web Builder Castor is a framework to facilitate the develop... Télécharger
remerge(freshmeat) remerge remerge is a simple browser-based interface to ... Télécharger
vyqchat(freshmeat) VyQChat VyQChat is a real-time, text-based, serverless ... Télécharger
resmgmtgame(freshmeat) Resource Management Game Resource Management Game is a PHP framework for... Télécharger
codeanalyzer(freshmeat) Code Analyzer Code Analyzer is a software source file metrics... Télécharger
divmod(freshmeat) Divmod Quotient Quotient is multi-protocol (SMTP, POP, IMAP, SI... Télécharger
fisterra(freshmeat) Fisterra Fisterra is a GNOME development framework for i... Télécharger
lix(freshmeat) Lix Lix is a client-server mechanism to manage Linu... Télécharger
xmms-syncup(freshmeat) xmms-syncup xmms-syncup is a plugin for the XMMS music play... Télécharger
cognito(freshmeat) cognito cognito is a template-based CMS designed for ea... Télécharger
lectrotest(freshmeat) LectroTest LectroTest is an automatic, specification-based... Télécharger
mime-editor(freshmeat) MIME-Editor MIME-Editor is a GTK frontend to the freedeskto... Télécharger
snowlog(freshmeat) Snowlog Snowlog is a Web server access log browser and ... Télécharger
studs(freshmeat) Studs MVC Framework+ Studs MVC Framework+ contains a port of Apache'... Télécharger
tstat(freshmeat) Tstat Tstat provides information about classic and no... Télécharger
qplay(freshmeat) qplay qplay is a console music player frontend (for m... Télécharger
webfonts4linux(freshmeat) webFonts4Linux webFonts4Linux is a shell scripts that automate... Télécharger
bincimap(freshmeat) Binc IMAP Binc IMAP is a well designed, modular IMAP serv... Télécharger
ruli(freshmeat) Resolver User Layer Interface RULI stands for Resolver User Layer Interface. ... Télécharger
srmccp(freshmeat) Master Combat Control Program Master Combat Control Program is an improved cl... Télécharger
jsyncmanager(freshmeat) jSyncManager jSyncManager is a Java-based data synchronizat... Télécharger
xplc(freshmeat) XPLC XPLC is a component system that tries to enable... Télécharger
erw(freshmeat) ERW ERW (Entities and Relationships on the Web) is ... Télécharger
p18(freshmeat) P18 Internationalizing Preprocessor P18 is a fast and flexible general purpose file... Télécharger
rivatv(freshmeat) RivaTV The RivaTV project is trying to produce Linux d... Télécharger
daffodilcrm(freshmeat) Daffodil CRM Daffodil CRM is an application that enables sea... Télécharger
pychecksum(freshmeat) PyChecksum PyCheckSum is a simple program for generating a... Télécharger
pwpwikiprocessor(freshmeat) PWP Wiki Processor PWP (PWP Wiki Processor) is a Wiki written in P... Télécharger
linuxtrustees(freshmeat) Linux trustees The main goal of the Linux Trustees project is ... Télécharger
cda123(freshmeat) cda123 cda123 is a command line CD player that looks l... Télécharger
wnews(freshmeat) wnews wnews downloads and displays RSS news feeds fro... Télécharger
apt-history(freshmeat) apt-history apt-history logs the changes to /var/lib/dpkg/s... Télécharger
asapm(freshmeat) asapm asapm is an AfterStep look & feel Advanced ... Télécharger
pyglplot(freshmeat) pyglplot pyglplot is an interactive 3D plotting and visu... Télécharger
jcsc(freshmeat) JCSC JCSC is a powerful tool that checks source code... Télécharger
avrora(freshmeat) Avrora Avrora is a set of tools for programs that run ... Télécharger
nnf(freshmeat) NNF2 NNF2 is a C++ library for feed-forward neural n... Télécharger
diskstat(freshmeat) diskstat Using diskstat, insight can be gained into the ... Télécharger
kiopov(freshmeat) KIO-POV KIO-POV is a KDE IO-Slave for the Persistence o... Télécharger
binaryparser(freshmeat) BinaryParser BinaryParser is a class that serializes and uns... Télécharger
qtoidua(freshmeat) QtOIDUA QtOIDUA is a graphical user interface for OIDUA... Télécharger
s4g(freshmeat) Sandbox for Grids Sandbox for Grids (s4g) is a Linux user-mode sa... Télécharger
palmavr(freshmeat) PalmAVR PalmAVR is an Atmel AVR In-System-Programming s... Télécharger
bts(freshmeat) BTS The BTS (Ben's Task System) is a Web based task... Télécharger
exifprobe(freshmeat) exifprobe Exifprobe reads images produced by digital came... Télécharger
kmldonkey(freshmeat) KMLDonkey KMLDonkey helps integrate the MLDonkey P2P soft... Télécharger
pydspam(freshmeat) Pydspam Pydspam is a Python wrapper for the dspam proje... Télécharger
dfp(freshmeat) dfp Dfp is a decimal floating point math library fo... Télécharger
nlstego(freshmeat) NL Stego NL Stego is a system for text generation and te... Télécharger
boule(freshmeat) Boule Boule is a user chat Web application. It is bas... Télécharger
iptrafficvolume(freshmeat) IP Traffic Volume Logger IP Traffic Volume uses Linux kernel iptables to... Télécharger
openhbci(freshmeat) openHBCI openHBCI is a C++ library for the German HomeBa... Télécharger
iptrope(freshmeat) IPtables ROPE ROPE is an open-ended iptables match module th... Télécharger
breakinguard(freshmeat) breakinguard breakinguard is a syslog watcher that matches c... Télécharger
smarty-gettext(freshmeat) Smarty Gettext Smarty Gettext is a module that provides gettex... Télécharger
2257(freshmeat) 2257 2257 is a database to manage record keeping as ... Télécharger
python-iptables(freshmeat) python-iptables python-iptables is a Python binding for the ipt... Télécharger
prestoweb(freshmeat) Presto Web Presto Web is an utility that provides an easy,... Télécharger
sefir(freshmeat) SEFIR SEFIR (Secure File Burning On a Remote Machine)... Télécharger

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