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ccured(freshmeat) CCured CCured is a source-to-source translator for C. ... Télécharger
p7zip(sfnet) p7zip p7zip is a quick port of 7z.exe and 7za.exe (co... Télécharger
coverjuke(sfnet) coverjuke This software allows you to view a multimedia l... Télécharger
passwd_exp(freshmeat) passwd_exp Passwd_exp notifies users via email of upcoming... Télécharger
streamy(sfnet) Streamy Streamy is an audio/video/network recorder. It ... Télécharger
macrumors(sfnet) macrumors MacRumors is a native iOS application for iPhon... Télécharger
gldirect(sfnet) GLDirect GLDirect is the utility package for Windows 95/... Télécharger
vtcl(sfnet) Visual Tcl Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality ... Télécharger
capa(sfnet) Capa chess Java chess game. JDK 1.4 or above required with... Télécharger
pcmcia-cs(sfnet) Linux PCMCIA Card Services Linux support for PCMCIA and CardBus devices, i... Télécharger
osc2nuke(sfnet) osc2nuke Our package is the integration of oscommerce ve... Télécharger
pcb(sfnet) Printed Circuit Board Layout Tool PCB is a tool for the layout of printed circuit... Télécharger
plazmastudio(sfnet) plazmastudio Eclipse Development Plugins: DB Manager, DB Des... Télécharger
loggingselenium(sfnet) LoggingSelenium LoggingSelenium is a Java library extending Jav... Télécharger
tapestry(sfnet) Tapestry: Java Web Components Comprehensive component-based web application f... Télécharger
linux-udf(sfnet) Linux UDF Linux UDF Filesystem module and userspace utili... Télécharger
jnrpe(sfnet) Java NRPE Server This software joins the power of NRPE with the ... Télécharger
vgmtoolbox(sfnet) VGMToolbox VGMToolbox is a C# based tool to assist VGM col... Télécharger
geoshell(sfnet) Geoshell GeoShell is a Windows Shell Replacement. It rep... Télécharger
pgui(sfnet) PicoGUI A small, portable, client/server GUI designed t... Télécharger
iislogs(sfnet) IIS Log analyser Hi I am able to make reports ourt off iis logs ... Télécharger
ceph(freshmeat) Ceph distributed storage Ceph is a distributed network file system desig... Télécharger
phpdataform(freshmeat) PHP DataForm PHP Dataform (PHP DF) is a simple tool for crea... Télécharger
gfbot(sfnet) GFBot: Robots for Internet Chess Servers Robots that run on Internet Chess Servers (i.e.... Télécharger
kloxo(freshmeat) Kloxo Kloxo is a lightweight and powerful Web hosting... Télécharger
udiskie(freshmeat) udiskie udiskie is a simple automounting daemon that us... Télécharger
usbinventory(sfnet) usbInventory - show USB descriptors Windows USB tool for scanning USB bus for activ... Télécharger
prails(freshmeat) Prails Prails is a PHP framework that is optimized for... Télécharger
appmanager(sfnet) App Manager Appmanager helps you to manage software on your... Télécharger
scope(sfnet) Scope: a generic HMVC framework Java framework built on a generic implementatio... Télécharger
meussss(sfnet) meus downloadsss muito download bom... Télécharger
sqlbuddy(sfnet) SqlBuddy SqlBuddy is a tool for use with Microsoft SQL S... Télécharger
serial(sfnet) The Linux 8250/16550 Serial Driver This project contains the Linux serial driver f... Télécharger
cegojdbc(freshmeat) cegojdbc cegojdbc implements the JDBC driver for the Ceg... Télécharger
rtp-lib(sfnet) RTP Library in C RTP library in C. Send and receive RTP packets. Télécharger
thundaural(freshmeat) Thundaural Jukebox Thundaural Jukebox is a jukebox server and clie... Télécharger
dellflash(freshmeat) dellflash Dellflash is a utility to flash the BIOS of Del... Télécharger
fmod4perl(freshmeat) Fmod4Perl Fmod4Perl is a Perl extension for the FMOD musi... Télécharger
ccbuild(freshmeat) ccbuild ccbuild is like a dynamic Makefile. ccbuild fin... Télécharger
lutris(freshmeat) Lutris Lutris is an interface to manage and launch vid... Télécharger
classlesshasher(freshmeat) Classless.Hasher Classless.Hasher is a collection of standard ha... Télécharger
ripit(freshmeat) RipIT RipIT is a command line program for ripping, en... Télécharger
cdg2video(freshmeat) cdg2video cdg2video is a command line tool for converting... Télécharger
sudosh3(freshmeat) sudosh3 sudosh3 is an auditing shell and filter based o... Télécharger
openh323gk(sfnet) GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk) The GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk) is a full featured H... Télécharger
dump(sfnet) Dump/Restore ext2/3/4 filesystem backup Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines... Télécharger
libzrtpcpp(freshmeat) ZRTP Protocol Library ZRTP Protocol Library is an implementation of P... Télécharger
geek-menu(sfnet) geek.menu geek.menu is a fork of the PortableApps.com Men... Télécharger
elog(freshmeat) ELOG Electronic Web Logbook ELOG Electronic Web Logbook is an electronic lo... Télécharger
freedoom(sfnet) Freedoom ** Freedoom has moved to Savannah: http://savan... Télécharger
wottankquiz(sfnet) WoT Tank Quiz The WoT Tank Quiz has moved to GibHub: https:/... Télécharger
java10(sfnet) java10 This is a Software Eng. Télécharger
text-tokenizer(freshmeat) Text-Tokenizer Text-Tokenizer is Perl module based on the flex... Télécharger
sevenzip4j(sfnet) sevenzip4j You are looking for a way to create sevenzip ar... Télécharger
dreamofmotorsport(sfnet) Dream of Motorsport Dream of Motorsport : a new way for Speed Dreams Télécharger
pound-irc(freshmeat) Pound-irc Pound is an IRC app that runs without rooting o... Télécharger
simplerolesecur(sfnet) Simple Role Security for .NET/MVC3 An easy way to implement configurable, robust r... Télécharger
clamsap(freshmeat) ClamSAP ClamSAP consists of two C shared libraries that... Télécharger
kde-redhat(sfnet) KDE Packaging Project This project intends to promote the use of KDE ... Télécharger
pybliographer(sfnet) Pybliographer A tool for managing bibliographic databases (Bi... Télécharger
vimcloud(sfnet) VIM cloud This is a pure IaaS cloud controller with all t... Télécharger
netxms(sfnet) NetXMS NetXMS is modular, enterprise-oriented monitori... Télécharger
as3-framework(sfnet) AS3 Framework - fw.linq: Linq To Objects - fw.reflection: Ref... Télécharger
widelands(freshmeat) Widelands Widelands is an economic and military simulatio... Télécharger
safehaven(freshmeat) SafeHaven SafeHaven provides a new approach to backup. T... Télécharger
gingko(freshmeat) gingko Gingko is a p2p file transfer tool whose usage ... Télécharger
neon-javascript-library(freshmeat) Neon Javascript Library Neon Javascript Library is a lightweight gener... Télécharger
pimp(freshmeat) Pimp Pimp is a highly interactive and programmable m... Télécharger
zebraaccordion(freshmeat) Zebra_Accordion Zebra_Accordion is a tiny (2KB minified) accord... Télécharger
web-study(sfnet) web-study 我的web学习相关资料。。。。。。。。。。 Télécharger
gpumat(sfnet) GPUmat Please download Windows and Linux version by cl... Télécharger
google-custom-search(freshmeat) Google Custom Search Google Custom Search is a class that performs s... Télécharger
hebe(freshmeat) Hebe Hebe is a KDE 4.4 front-end GUI for the Hercule... Télécharger
utterson(freshmeat) utterson Utterson is a static blog engine. It is based o... Télécharger
jext(sfnet) Jext Jext is a powerful programmer's text editor wri... Télécharger
vehiclesystem(sfnet) fleet/vehicle management system This is a vehicle/Fleet management system that ... Télécharger
sysinfogather(sfnet) Win System Information Gatherer (WinSIG) The Windows System Information Gatherer (WinSIG... Télécharger
finance-taxonom(sfnet) Finance Taxonomy Finance Taxonomy Télécharger
ohioedge(sfnet) Ohioedge CRM + BPM Server Ohioedge is a Web-based, Enterprise Java (J2EE ... Télécharger
filemerge(sfnet) File Merge Allows you to hide one file inside another Télécharger
kcd(sfnet) kcd: A Directory Change Utility kcd is a directory change utility similar to NC... Télécharger
ga-synthesis(freshmeat) ga-synthesis ga-synthesis is a simple, portable interface to... Télécharger
autotest-mk(freshmeat) Autotest.mk Autotest.mk is a software testing framework for... Télécharger
guardog(freshmeat) Guardog Guardog is a simple but powerful intrusion dect... Télécharger
ice-explorer(freshmeat) ICE Explorer ICE Explorer is a 3D application for viewing an... Télécharger
qanava(freshmeat) Qanava Qanava is a C++ library designed to display gra... Télécharger
vacina-de-pen(sfnet) Vacina de pendrive VACINA DE PENDRIVES é um software para Windows ... Télécharger
cplusplus(sfnet) Common C++ Libraries GNU Common C++ is now built as part of the ucom... Télécharger
colpy(freshmeat) ColPy ColPy is a small Python library for conversion ... Télécharger
rc-flyers-toolkit-box(freshmeat) RC Flyers Toolkit Box RC Flyers Toolkit Box is a handy toolbox for R/... Télécharger
bb_mug(freshmeat) bb_mug bb_mug is a simple, tiny, and fast Java class o... Télécharger
codetube(freshmeat) codetube codetube is software for building a version con... Télécharger
simple_dl(freshmeat) PHP Simple Download Tracker Simple Download Tracker is a PHP script that he... Télécharger
copfilter(sfnet) Copfilter Copfilter is a easy to install addon for the op... Télécharger
timeephem(sfnet) Time Ephemerides Project to calculate and distribute the general... Télécharger
unixodbc(sfnet) unixODBC Implementation of the popular ODBC standard for... Télécharger
flexive(sfnet) [fleXive] [fleXive] is a next-generation Java EE 5 conten... Télécharger
eqemulator(sfnet) EQEmulator - Everquest Server Emulator Game software for emulating an EverQuest server Télécharger
mahewinsexyurl(freshmeat) MahewinSexyUrl MahewinSexyUrl is a Web application for shorten... Télécharger
javascript-html-tooltip(freshmeat) HTML Tooltip HTML Tooltip is a JavaScript object that shows ... Télécharger

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