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jaxlr(sfnet) jaxlr A simple java library for text and object orien... Télécharger
lemonpos(sfnet) Lemon Pos Lemon Is an opensource Point of Sale software f... Télécharger
inscore(sfnet) INScore INScore provides representation, composition an... Télécharger
slam6d(sfnet) 3DTK - The 3D Toolkit The 3D Toolkit provides algorithms and methods ... Télécharger
ajaxplorer(sfnet) Pydio Pydio is the mature open source alternative to ... Télécharger
protomol(sfnet) ProtoMol- Molecular Dynamics Simulation ProtoMol is an object-oriented component based ... Télécharger
ikasaneip(sfnet) Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform The Ikasan Enterprise Integration Platform and ... Télécharger
infonode(sfnet) InfoNode Docking Windows InfoNode Docking Windows is a Java Swing based ... Télécharger
boomerang(sfnet) Boomerang decompiler After a program has been thrown into the world ... Télécharger
asio(sfnet) asio C++ library asio is a cross-platform C++ library for networ... Télécharger
ojob(sfnet) Oddjob A flexible job scheduler for the distributed en... Télécharger
tclap(sfnet) Templatized C++ Command Line Parser This is a simple templatized C++ library for pa... Télécharger
opencyc(sfnet) OpenCyc OpenCyc is the open source version of the Cyc(r... Télécharger
rsyntaxtextarea(sfnet) RSyntaxTextArea RSyntaxTextArea is a syntax highlighting, code ... Télécharger
evolutility(sfnet) Evolutility - CRUD framework for ASP.net Evolutility is lightweight framework for heavy ... Télécharger
dotsesame(sfnet) dotSesame The dotSesame project is a C# port of the Sesam... Télécharger
uriparser(sfnet) uriparser uriparser is a strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI ... Télécharger
frontaccounting(sfnet) FrontAccounting FrontAccounting (FA) is a professional web-base... Télécharger
hibersap(sfnet) Hibersap Hibersap helps developers of Java applications ... Télécharger
vztemplates(sfnet) VZ Templates - The Best OpenVZ Templates Free Templates For Openvz VZ Templates, a colle... Télécharger
trustedjava(sfnet) Trusted Computing for the Java Platform Trusted Computing for the Java(tm) Platform pro... Télécharger
jnfe(sfnet) jNFe - Java NFe API Java da camada de servicos para NFe baseada... Télécharger
mfmanipulator(sfnet) Media File Manipulator MFM operates with audio/video files supported b... Télécharger
civicrm(sfnet) CiviCRM CiviCRM is an open source and freely downloadab... Télécharger
octave(sfnet) Octave Forge GNU Octave is a programming language for numeri... Télécharger
elastix(sfnet) Elastix Elastix is an appliance software that integrate... Télécharger
seafile(freshmeat) Seafile Seafile is a file synchronization and collabora... Télécharger
freevo(sfnet) Freevo - Media Centre Platform Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre inte... Télécharger
veejay(sfnet) veejay Veejay is a visual instrument and real-time vid... Télécharger
lziprecover(freshmeat) Lziprecover Lziprecover is a data recovery tool and decompr... Télécharger
podofo(sfnet) PoDoFo The PoDoFo library is a free, portable C++ libr... Télécharger
ede(freshmeat) EDE EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) is simple, fa... Télécharger
newscoop(freshmeat) Newscoop Newscoop (formerly known as Campsite) is an ope... Télécharger
liteopt(freshmeat) LiteOpt LiteOpt is a lightweight yet extensible Java co... Télécharger
interleave(freshmeat) Interleave Interleave is a Web-enabled business process au... Télécharger
gadmin-rsync(freshmeat) GAdmin-Rsync GAdmin-Rsync is an easy to use GTK+ frontend fo... Télécharger
mockmockweb(freshmeat) MockMockWeb MockMockWeb is a Heroku-ready Node.js-based Web... Télécharger
vice-emu(sfnet) VICE VICE is an emulator collection which emulates t... Télécharger
omrreader(sfnet) OMR Reader OMR Reader is an application to read data from ... Télécharger
benchmarksql(sfnet) BenchmarkSQL An easy to use JDBC benchmark that closely rese... Télécharger
xtrkcad-fork(sfnet) XTrkCAD Model RR Track Planner XTrackCAD is a CAD program for designing model ... Télécharger
mico(sfnet) MICO MICO is a mature, secure, robust, fully standar... Télécharger
gdf(sfnet) GDF (abandoned) This project has been abandoned due to a name c... Télécharger
mbm(sfnet) MBM Software related to Ericsson mobile broadband m... Télécharger
loggerithim(sfnet) Loggerithim Loggerithim is an extensible monitoring and rem... Télécharger
mdp-toolkit(sfnet) Modular toolkit for Data Processing MDP The Modular toolkit for Data Processing (MDP) i... Télécharger
mobility(sfnet) Mobility Project The Mobility Project wants to make communicatio... Télécharger
linux-vrf(sfnet) Virtual Routing and Forwarding for Linux Virtual Routing and Forwarding for Linux Télécharger
nlog(sfnet) NLog - Advanced .NET Logging NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich l... Télécharger
mtpaint(sfnet) mtPaint mtPaint is a painting program designed for crea... Télécharger
darwinop(sfnet) DARwIn-OP downloads page For more information visit http://support.robot... Télécharger
mikroconf(sfnet) MikroConf Router Configuration Interface MikroConf is a command line administration inte... Télécharger
sbcl(sfnet) Steel Bank Common Lisp A high performance Common Lisp compiler. In add... Télécharger
peptrix(sfnet) Peptrix Peprix is a software application for label-free... Télécharger
mingw-w64(sfnet) MinGW-w64 - for 32 and 64 bit Windows The mingw-w64 project is a complete runtime env... Télécharger
reportman(sfnet) Report Manager Report Manager is both a print scheme designer ... Télécharger
matsim(sfnet) MATSim MATSim is a framework for building multi-agent ... Télécharger
openmovieeditor(sfnet) Open Movie Editor The Open Movie Editor is a project that aims to... Télécharger
mlabwrap(sfnet) mlabwrap A high-level python to matlab(tm) bridge. Let's... Télécharger
patientos(sfnet) PatientOS Healthcare Information System (EHR EMR PMS) for... Télécharger
pantherengine(sfnet) Panther Game Engine Panther game engine is being developed as part ... Télécharger
catmdedit(sfnet) CatMDEdit - metadata editor CatMDEdit is a metadata editor tool for describ... Télécharger
png-mng(sfnet) PNG and MNG/JNG image formats: home site PNG (Portable Network Graphics image format) an... Télécharger
phimatex(sfnet) phimatex The aim of this project is to produce a softwar... Télécharger
gaul(sfnet) Genetic Algorithm Utility Library A flexible programming library for evolutionary... Télécharger
pkif(sfnet) PKIF The PKI Framework (PKIF) is a cross-platform li... Télécharger
wsdl2php(sfnet) wsdl2php PHP 5 Web Service Proxy Generator. wsdl2php is ... Télécharger
darkchess(sfnet) Basic Blind Chess Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess&quo... Télécharger
openxpki(sfnet) OpenXPKI The project aims at creating an enterprise-grad... Télécharger
submount(sfnet) Submount Submount is a new attempt to solve the removabl... Télécharger
snort-inline(sfnet) snort_inline Snort_inline is a modified version of Snort. It... Télécharger
mantid(sfnet) Mantid Mantid Project (www.mantidproject.org) Télécharger
precurio(sfnet) Precurio Intranet Portal (v2) [CLOSED] ********* THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN CLOSED ********... Télécharger
xrced(sfnet) XRCed XRCed is a simple resource editor for wxWindows... Télécharger
openamf(sfnet) OpenAMF - Java Flash Remoting The OpenAMF project is a free open-source alter... Télécharger
anuga(sfnet) ANUGA - Hydrodynamic Modelling THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF ANUGA! For recent ve... Télécharger
xming(sfnet) Xming X Server for Windows Xming is the leading X Window System Server for... Télécharger
j2eeforth(sfnet) J2EE Forth and J2SE Forth Forth Compiler written in Java. With Internet ,... Télécharger
ultumix(sfnet) Just Use Linux JULinux Goal: Create a Linux distribution that fits on ... Télécharger
genomeview(sfnet) GenomeView GenomeView is a genome browser and annotation e... Télécharger
supertuxkart(sfnet) SuperTuxKart SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game featuring Tu... Télécharger
gwsmhg(sfnet) gwsmhg - a GUI wrapper for hg and mq Mercurial (hg) is a distributed source control ... Télécharger
tcl(sfnet) Tcl Tool Command Language (Tcl) is an interpreted l... Télécharger
fina(sfnet) Financial Supervision Assistant FinA is Web Based, J2EE, OS/DB independent MIS,... Télécharger
tcllib(sfnet) tcllib tcllib is a Tcl-only library of standard routin... Télécharger
openvisualtrace(sfnet) Open Visual Traceroute Open source cross-platform (Windows/Linux) Java... Télécharger
dcm4che(sfnet) dcm4che, a DICOM Implementation in JAVA dcm4che is an implementation of DICOM and IHE a... Télécharger
garnetlisp(sfnet) Garnet - a Graphical Toolkit for Lisp Garnet is a Graphical Toolkit for Lisp, which o... Télécharger
pmsqueak(sfnet) Premium Markets This software requires http://www.java.com/ bef... Télécharger
yaacc(sfnet) Yaacc YAACC is an android upnp controller. It allows ... Télécharger
theblacktoolkit(sfnet) The Black Toolkit The interface supports drag and drop HTML compo... Télécharger
dunelegacy(sfnet) Dune Legacy Updated clone of Westood Studios' Dune2 which u... Télécharger
castget(freshmeat) castget castget is a simple, command line-based RSS enc... Télécharger
4mlinux(freshmeat) 4MLinux 4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focus... Télécharger
atratus(freshmeat) Atratus Atratus runs binaries built on Linux on WIndows... Télécharger
leaf(freshmeat) LEAF LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable em... Télécharger
rex-2(freshmeat) (R)?ex (R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all ... Télécharger
stepsim(freshmeat) StepSim StepSim is a lightweight step-based simulation ... Télécharger
snow(freshmeat) Snow SNOW is a utility for concealing messages in AS... Télécharger
backtobasics(freshmeat) BackToBasics BackToBasics is a simple music player for Linux. Télécharger

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