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win32diskimager(sfnet) Win32 Disk Imager This program is designed to write a raw disk im... Télécharger
ucdetector(sfnet) UCDetector UCDetector (Unnecessary Code Detector) is a Ope... Télécharger
ipv6-care(sfnet) IPv6 CARE IPv6 CARE, "IPv6 Compliant Automatic Runti... Télécharger
fenix(sfnet) Fenix A scripting language designed to create console... Télécharger
eyecm-physx(sfnet) eyecm-physx A customizable NVIDIA PhysX SDK wrapper library... Télécharger
buzz(sfnet) Buzz XML/OPML editor Buzz is a fast graphical editor for XML files w... Télécharger
suitframework(sfnet) SUIT Framework SUIT (Scripting Using Integrated Templates) is ... Télécharger
zina(sfnet) Zina is not Andromeda Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 colle... Télécharger
httpfs(sfnet) httpfs: mount a http url as a file httpfs depends on FUSE. It uses HTTP/1.1 extens... Télécharger
javautil(sfnet) Java Utilities A set of common reusable code that I use, manag... Télécharger
jonas(freshmeat) JOnAS JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE... Télécharger
synscope(freshmeat) SynScope SynScope is an offline visualization and alignm... Télécharger
wdb(freshmeat) WDB WDB is a weather data storage system for storag... Télécharger
loopee(freshmeat) loopee loopee is a simple interpreter for loop program... Télécharger
bran-backup-server(freshmeat) Bran backup server Bran is a backup server solution based on Bacul... Télécharger
font-manager(freshmeat) Font Manager Font Manager is a font management application f... Télécharger
tagfs(freshmeat) tagfs tagfs is a virtual user space file system to ha... Télécharger
eclipse-diagram-tools(freshmeat) Eclipse Diagram Tools Eclipse Diagram Tools supplies Eclipse plug-ins... Télécharger
netdot(freshmeat) NetDoT NetDoT is a tool for network documentation. Rel... Télécharger
drm(freshmeat) Dream DRM Receiver Dream is a software implementation of a Digital... Télécharger
ramen-hdr(freshmeat) Ramen HDR Ramen is a node-based image and video composito... Télécharger
smartmysqladmin(freshmeat) smartMySQLAdmin smartMySQLAdmin is an AJAX-based MySQL manageme... Télécharger
eclipse-bulk-import(freshmeat) Eclipse Bulk Import Eclipse Bulk Import was a plugin created to han... Télécharger
likeorhate-php-library(freshmeat) LikeOrHate PHP Library LikeOrHate PHP Library makes it more convenient... Télécharger
xsd-gen(freshmeat) xsd-gen xsd-gen is a command-line tool to generate an X... Télécharger
linuxcommand(sfnet) LinuxCommand LinuxCommand.org is a site for Linux education ... Télécharger
tumorhats(sfnet) tumorhats HATS (Haplotype Amplification in Tumor Sequence... Télécharger
rgedit(sfnet) RGedit Gedit (Gnome editor, www.gedit.org) plug-in all... Télécharger
mrjava(freshmeat) Mr.Java Mr.Java is a Java IDE that is one step above a ... Télécharger
colladamodo(sfnet) colladamodo modo COLLADA is a plug-in that allows modo 401 ... Télécharger
pfmpad(sfnet) PfmPad PfmPad is an image viewer. Well, maybe you tho... Télécharger
axyl(sfnet) Axyl A PHP library/framework for the development of ... Télécharger
vcard(sfnet) vcard This is a simple program that allows you to get... Télécharger
file-utilities(freshmeat) file utilities file utilities is a collection of file utilitie... Télécharger
igesture(sfnet) iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition fr... Télécharger
brahms(sfnet) BRAHMS BRAHMS is a Modular Execution Framework for dyn... Télécharger
opendhcp(freshmeat) Open DHCP Server Open DHCP Server is full fledged, all purpose D... Télécharger
mailfilter(freshmeat) Mailfilter Mailfilter is a flexible utility to get rid of ... Télécharger
pdfbooklet(sfnet) PdfBooklet PdfBooklet is a Python Gtk application which al... Télécharger
dbfit(sfnet) DB Fit Please note the project has moved to GitHub, se... Télécharger
makepp(freshmeat) makepp Makepp, a build program that has a number of fe... Télécharger
conky(sfnet) Conky Conky is an advanced, highly configurable syste... Télécharger
babel(sfnet) Babel Enterprise Babel is a enterprise grade secure monitoring p... Télécharger
libmlp-cpp(sfnet) Mobile Location Protocol Library The open-source C++ implementation of the Open ... Télécharger
salamcast-podcast-generator(freshmeat) SalamCastGen SalamCastGen is an RSS 2.0 podcast generator wi... Télécharger
xymonesxi(sfnet) Xymon Monitor for Vmware ESXi Queries an ESXi for all essential data and popu... Télécharger
sql-viewer(sfnet) SQL-Viewer The SQL-Viewer is a Visual Studio 2008 Add-In f... Télécharger
wiigee(sfnet) wiigee wiigee is a gesture recognition library for acc... Télécharger
freeside(freshmeat) Freeside Freeside is an open-source billing and trouble ... Télécharger
thymeleaf(sfnet) thymeleaf Thymeleaf is a java web template engine designe... Télécharger
nagiosgrapher(sfnet) NagiosGrapher It collects the output of NagiosPlugins and gen... Télécharger
e2fsprogs(sfnet) Ext2 Filesystems Utilities The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) conta... Télécharger
autoap(sfnet) AutoAP AutoAP is an add on to DD-WRT that allows route... Télécharger
bigdata(sfnet) bigdata bigdata(R) is a scale-out storage and computing... Télécharger
xbps(sfnet) xbps The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is ... Télécharger
eclipsejsonedit(sfnet) Eclipse Json Editor Plugin The JSON Editor is a simple plugin for the Ecli... Télécharger
dcwaterdesign(sfnet) DC Water Design Extension The DC Water Design Extension integrates the EP... Télécharger
didjvu(freshmeat) didjvu didjvu uses the Gamera framework to separate fo... Télécharger
chunkd(freshmeat) chunkd chunkd is a simple storage service based on the... Télécharger
perl-cryptida(freshmeat) Perl Crypt::IDA Crypt::IDA is a Perl module that implements Rab... Télécharger
notalon(freshmeat) Notalon Notalon is a simplified note-taking application... Télécharger
libforensics(freshmeat) LibForensics LibForensics is a framework for developing digi... Télécharger
lionwiki(freshmeat) LionWiki LionWiki is a minimalist file-based (doesn't ne... Télécharger
chartmakerjava(freshmeat) ChartMakerJava ChartMakerJava is a fluent API for working with... Télécharger
nixstaller(freshmeat) Nixstaller With 'nixstaller' you can easily make installer... Télécharger
mckoiddb(freshmeat) MckoiDDB MckoiDDB is a distributed database system for a... Télécharger
ronworld(sfnet) ronworld Rownrodl 7.6 OpenTibia proyect Télécharger
squid-smp-sched(sfnet) squid-smp-sched Squid-smp-scheduler is a squid proxy server sch... Télécharger
t50(sfnet) T50 the fatest network packet injector Télécharger
printman(sfnet) PrinterManager A free java printer management tool for larger ... Télécharger
linuxomnia(sfnet) Linux on Samsung Omnia Welcome ! This project is simple : I create som... Télécharger
glues(sfnet) GLUES Global Land Use and technological Evolution Sim... Télécharger
goodmerge(sfnet) GoodMerge GoodMerge is the ultimate space-saving companio... Télécharger
aukios(sfnet) Auki OS Il progetto iniziato nel settembre del 2011 mir... Télécharger
unidb(sfnet) unidb UniDB is a database abstraction layer for PHP d... Télécharger
anyremote(sfnet) anyremote Remote control software for applications using ... Télécharger
emesene(sfnet) emesene emesene is a platform independent instant messa... Télécharger
delphiemail(sfnet) Delphi Email Client This is an open source Email client for Borland... Télécharger
wger-workout-manager(freshmeat) wger Workout Manager wger Workout Manager is a Web application that ... Télécharger
openssl(sfnet) OpenSSL This project offers OpenSSL for Windows (static... Télécharger
safmq(sfnet) SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue, message... Télécharger
tree(freshmeat) tree Tree is a depth-indented directory listing prog... Télécharger
cdgeditor(sfnet) CDG Editor - Edit Karaoke CDG Files CDG Editor is a tool that allows the user to ed... Télécharger
hssqlppp(freshmeat) hssqlppp hssqlpp is a parser, pretty printer, and type c... Télécharger
java-api-for-kml(freshmeat) Java API for KML The main goal of the Java API for KML (JAK) is ... Télécharger
xjig(freshmeat) XJIG XJIG is an image gallery based on HTML, JavaScr... Télécharger
words(freshmeat) words words is software for improving your English vo... Télécharger
corpussearch(sfnet) CorpusSearch CorpusSearch finds syntactic structures in a co... Télécharger
periodic(sfnet) Periodic Table Periodic table of the chemical elements for Jav... Télécharger
tuxchan(freshmeat) TuxChan TuxChan is a desktop client to follow the lates... Télécharger
wumwum(freshmeat) wumwum wumwum is a window manager manager. The idea be... Télécharger
gal(freshmeat) gal GAL is an application for managing, indexing, a... Télécharger
phew(freshmeat) phew phew is a simple Python framework for creating ... Télécharger
pti(freshmeat) Le Petit Poucet GPS Software Le Petit Poucet is a program to display and edi... Télécharger
mtgbrowser(freshmeat) Magic Assistant Magic Assistant is a multi-platform Eclipse/RCP... Télécharger
dac(freshmeat) DAC DAC (Dynamic Agent Computations) is a novel sof... Télécharger
guayadeque(freshmeat) Guayadeque Guayadeque is a music player that aims to be ea... Télécharger
pyside(freshmeat) PySide PySide provides a full set of Qt bindings and a... Télécharger
x2search(freshmeat) x2search x2search is a crawler based on machine learning... Télécharger
basic-broadcaster(freshmeat) Basic Broadcaster Basic Broadcaster (bb) allows you to transfer t... Télécharger

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