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esxoops(sfnet) XOOPS Spanish ES-XOOPS develops and manages some Xoops relate... Télécharger
efrontlearning(sfnet) eFront - Refreshing eLearning eFront LMS is an easy to use, visually attracti... Télécharger
gsdview(sfnet) gsdview Geo-Spatial Data Viewer (GSDView) is a lightwei... Télécharger
phpdbo(sfnet) PHP Database Objects (phpDBO) A high level collection of classes for accessin... Télécharger
waspap(sfnet) Web Application Security Papers Archive Aimed for web app security with hope of quick r... Télécharger
cleanmagic(sfnet) CleanMagic This is a 2.1 rom for magic 32a devices based o... Télécharger
falf(sfnet) FALF Player FALF Player is brand-new, written from scratch ... Télécharger
j-xchange(sfnet) j-XChange: MSExchange Unbounded ! Pure java implementation of the entire Collabor... Télécharger
zeronet(sfnet) ZeroNet Accounting computers, devices and subnets in yo... Télécharger
snapraid(sfnet) SnapRAID SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. I... Télécharger
sendmail-sql(sfnet) Sendmail-SQL This project integrates various facilities of o... Télécharger
activebpel502(sfnet) activebpel502 Version 5.0.2 of the ActiveBPEL engine. This wa... Télécharger
iese-sop(sfnet) SOP 2.0 SOP 2.0 is a Wiki-based implementation of the S... Télécharger
wins3fs(sfnet) wins3fs WinS3fs is a filesystem for Windows allowing ac... Télécharger
s3u(sfnet) USB Mass Storage Device Memory Test USB Flash Memory (and Card Reader) memory and p... Télécharger
physxplugin(sfnet) PhysX plugin A plug-in used for defining and exporting physi... Télécharger
gema(sfnet) gema gema is a general purpose text processing utili... Télécharger
aceoperator(freshmeat) Ace Operator Ace Operator enables live click to chat service... Télécharger
freeanalysis(sfnet) FreeAnalysis FreeAnalysis is a complete java (Eclipse RCP) a... Télécharger
heldenviewer(sfnet) HeldenViewer HeldenViewer makes it possible to search, downl... Télécharger
delphisvn(sfnet) Subversion plugin for CodeGear Delphi Subversion plugin for CodeGear Delphi Télécharger
abdf1(sfnet) Allen Bradley (AB) PLC DF1 Protocol AB DF1 Protocol RS232 driver for Micrologix, SL... Télécharger
xlightweb(sfnet) xLightweb xLightweb is an easy to use http network librar... Télécharger
omnimeeting(sfnet) Omnimeeting Omnimeeting is a multiplatform C++ videoconfere... Télécharger
xeo(sfnet) xeo xeo is a free (GPLv3) open project management f... Télécharger
jmaps(sfnet) JMap A mapping application written in Java that disp... Télécharger
freewerm(sfnet) FreeWERM FreeWERM is a web-based application that can ma... Télécharger
sq023(sfnet) 023SQ 023SQ Télécharger
itsfv(sfnet) iTunes Store file validator iTunes Store file validator is an open source a... Télécharger
openredalert(sfnet) OpenRedAlert Westwood red alert game engine. (original .mix ... Télécharger
opensmile(sfnet) openSMILE SMILE = Speech & Music Interpretation by La... Télécharger
cloudtoolkitnet(sfnet) Cloud Toolkit.Net Cloud Toolkit .Net provides many useful and goo... Télécharger
shrinkta(sfnet) DVD Backup Tool DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop. Allows y... Télécharger
mvs380(sfnet) MVS/380 Modifications to IBM's MVS 3.8j operating syste... Télécharger
xpad(sfnet) xpad xpad is a sticky pad, or "post-it" no... Télécharger
jasper(sfnet) Jasper Jasper in an open source, cross-platform web pr... Télécharger
c-open-smpp-34(sfnet) C Open SMPP v3.4 This work is directed to C programmers with bas... Télécharger
wqy(sfnet) WenQuanYi (Spring of Letters) This project aims to develop the most complete,... Télécharger
phylomurka(sfnet) murka This software solves the Phylogeny problem usin... Télécharger
joone(sfnet) an Object Oriented Neural Engine Joone is a neural net framework written in Java... Télécharger
gbrrdgraphix(sfnet) gbRRDGraphix gbRRDGraphix is a full solution to collecte , m... Télécharger
mda-vst(sfnet) mda VST plug-ins Source code for "mda" audio processin... Télécharger
asagao(sfnet) Asagao : JTAG-SPI-FLASH programmer The target of Asagao is to provide a handy SPI-... Télécharger
openrasmol(sfnet) RasMol The SourceForge OpenRasMol project is an adjunc... Télécharger
commore(sfnet) Commore communication framework Simple communication framework for distributed ... Télécharger
math-linux(sfnet) math-linux This project is for maintaining a linux system ... Télécharger
fileverifier(sfnet) FileVerifier++ FileVerifier++ is a Windows utility for calcula... Télécharger
ig-scripts(sfnet) IgnorantGuru's Scripts A collection of Linux scripts (download individ... Télécharger
sourcenav(sfnet) Source Navigator NG Source Navigator NG is a source code analysis t... Télécharger
xletview(sfnet) xletview XleTView is an emulator for testing MHP Xlets o... Télécharger
sensorlock(sfnet) SensorLock SensorLock is a locking program designed for th... Télécharger
ipdecap(freshmeat) ipdecap Ipdecap can decapsulate traffic encapsulated wi... Télécharger
owl(sfnet) Owl Intranet Knowledgebase Owl is a multi user document repository (knowle... Télécharger
bisect(freshmeat) Bisect Bisect is a code coverage tool for the Objectiv... Télécharger
wive-ng(sfnet) wive-ng Alternative firmware and software with open sou... Télécharger
perfparse(sfnet) PerfParse PerfParse. Storage and analysis of binary perf... Télécharger
gmailassistant(sfnet) gmailassistant Notifier for multiple Gmail and Google Apps ema... Télécharger
luciddb(sfnet) LucidDB LucidDB is a DBMS optimized for business intell... Télécharger
proxytunnel(sfnet) proxytunnel Proxytunnel is a program that connects stdin an... Télécharger
irm(sfnet) Information Resource Manager IRM is a Web-based asset tracking and trouble t... Télécharger
sftpliteserver(sfnet) SFTP Lite Server SFTP Lite Server is a Java based SFTP server wi... Télécharger
opendocman(sfnet) OpenDocMan OpenDocMan is a web based document management s... Télécharger
plcsimulator(sfnet) PLC simulator Based on WSH, OLE, and other MS Windows technol... Télécharger
vchannel(sfnet) vchannel VChannel Player is the cross-palrformed media p... Télécharger
freeway-ecom(sfnet) Freeway Freeway is the open source eCommerce platform f... Télécharger
jlinkgrammar(sfnet) JLinkGrammarParser JLinkGrammarParser is a Java port of the CMU li... Télécharger
icolorfolder(sfnet) iColorFolder iColorFolder is a software allowing to change t... Télécharger
nat-pt(sfnet) NAT-PT This project is an enhancement to the open sour... Télécharger
openfvm(sfnet) OpenFVM OpenFVM is a general open source three-dimensio... Télécharger
cyclops-group(sfnet) Cyclops Group Our goal is making software not profound and po... Télécharger
classification(sfnet) Matlab Classification Toolbox Matlab Classification Toolbox contains implemen... Télécharger
dieta(sfnet) dieta DIETA is a simple program that allows you to ma... Télécharger
winlop(sfnet) WinLop - Lopster for Win32 WinLop is a port of the linux version of Lopste... Télécharger
wa-nowplaying(sfnet) NowPlaying-Plugin for Winamp This is a Plugin for Winamp, which shows some i... Télécharger
treegrid(sfnet) TreeGrid The TB.TreeGrid is a Asp.Net WebControl used to... Télécharger
telnetservice(sfnet) telnetservice Java library that allows to integrate telnet to... Télécharger
fischertagebuch(sfnet) Fischertagebuch With this fishing diary it's possible to docume... Télécharger
oserl(sfnet) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) is an erlang ... Télécharger
afms(sfnet) Artefact Management System AFMS is an Artefact Management System to manage... Télécharger
wapiti(sfnet) Wapiti Wapiti is a vulnerability scanner for web appli... Télécharger
osirix(sfnet) OsiriX - moved to Github The project has moved to GitHub: https://github... Télécharger
kiax(sfnet) Kiax - an IAX Softphone Kiax is a softphone (soft phone, VoIP client) w... Télécharger
karthas(sfnet) Karthas I am currently working on this project because ... Télécharger
bsf4oorexx(sfnet) BSF4ooRexx BSF4Rexx version for ooRexx 4.1.0 and later, ex... Télécharger
mplay(sfnet) mplay mplay is a console based frontend to MPlayer. I... Télécharger
popfile(sfnet) POPFile - Automatic Email Classification POPFile is an email classification tool with a ... Télécharger
japc(sfnet) AutoProxy Configurator AutoProxy Configurator is a web application, wh... Télécharger
concretecms(sfnet) concrete5 PHP based CMS. Developers, we're on GitHub the... Télécharger
gcoll(sfnet) GColl GColl is videoconferencing environment focused ... Télécharger
arclog(sfnet) arclog arclog archives the log files monthly. It suppo... Télécharger
z-bar(sfnet) z-bar A collection of MS VS.NET (C++, C#, VB.NET) com... Télécharger
calypsorcp(sfnet) Pimento A Contact Manager similar to, Act!. More powerf... Télécharger
bmap4j(sfnet) bmap4j bmap4j is a framework for the management and pr... Télécharger
yii(sfnet) Yii PHP Framework Yii is a high-performance programming framework... Télécharger
mandelhash(sfnet) MandelHash I'm using an MD5 hash of a username and passwor... Télécharger
wxcommunicator(sfnet) wxCommunicator wxCommunicator is a cross platform SIP softphon... Télécharger
pdfcrop(sfnet) PDFCrop PDFCrop crops the white margins of PDF pages an... Télécharger
rrfw(sfnet) Round Robin Database Framework Round Robin Database Framework is the universal... Télécharger
vruby(sfnet) VisualuRuby This is a GUI library for Ruby just only on MS ... Télécharger
fis-gtm(sfnet) GT.M High end TP database engine GT.Mtm is a vetted industrial strength, transac... Télécharger

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