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abveritas(sfnet) abveritas Chakra packages, extragear Télécharger
dpp(sfnet) Saros - Distributed Party Programming Saros brings multi-writer synchronous distribut... Télécharger
rct3cs(sfnet) RCT3 Custom Scenery All of TomboFry's RCT3 Custom Scenery Projects ... Télécharger
alc900-cups(sfnet) AcuLaser C900 CUPS support on i386 Linux This project provides a LINUX CUPS package (inc... Télécharger
psposte(sfnet) PSPoste PSPoste is the first fully functional email app... Télécharger
tilemapeditor2d(sfnet) tilemapeditor2d Tile map editor (TileME) is for design tile map... Télécharger
vcfviewer(sfnet) VCF Viewer Shows you all VCF files, that are inside chosen... Télécharger
nassp(sfnet) Project Apollo - NASSP Project Apollo - NASSP (also known as NASSP or ... Télécharger
openl2tp(sfnet) OpenL2TP OpenL2TP is an L2TP client/server written speci... Télécharger
newgenlib(sfnet) NewGenLib Integrated Library Automation and Networking So... Télécharger
googlechartwrap(sfnet) Java Google Chart Wrapper Java Libary for Googles Chart API. It supports ... Télécharger
snortsas(sfnet) Snort SMS Alert System This project focuses on developing an SMS alert... Télécharger
odin-win(sfnet) ODIN (Open Disk Imager in a Nutshell) A utility for easy backup of hard drive volumes... Télécharger
virtualrtailab(sfnet) Virtual RTAI Lab Virtual RTAI Lab is a project aimed to develop ... Télécharger
rexsl(freshmeat) ReXSL The idea of ReXSL is simple: to make a RESTful ... Télécharger
barbecue(sfnet) Barbecue - Java barcode generator Barbecue is a Java library that enables the cre... Télécharger
bugle(sfnet) BuGLe BuGLe combines a graphical OpenGL debugger with... Télécharger
lainshell(sfnet) LainShell LainShell is a textmode network client/server a... Télécharger
wxmp3val(sfnet) wxMP3val wxMP3val is a free front-end for the MP3val. ... Télécharger
chronosxp(sfnet) ChronosXP ChronosXP is a planetary hours astrology progra... Télécharger
ksar(sfnet) ksar : a sar grapher ksar is a sar graphing tool that can graph for ... Télécharger
log4cpp(sfnet) Log library for C++ A library of C++ classes for flexible logging t... Télécharger
xpose(sfnet) Xpose Xpose - an S/R based population PK/PD model bui... Télécharger
sprite2d(sfnet) Sprite2d A Java framework for writing sprite based games... Télécharger
elefantpp(sfnet) Elefant password/posting manager C# application for storing usernames/passwords ... Télécharger
ipapers(sfnet) iPapers iPapers is an application that manages many PDF... Télécharger
facecart(sfnet) faceCart e-commerce AJAX shopping cart face cart is AJAX powered shopping cart present... Télécharger
virt-dimension(sfnet) Virtual Dimension The project tries to create a free, fast and fe... Télécharger
catacombae(sfnet) Catacombae This project serves as a collection of differen... Télécharger
qjson(sfnet) QJson JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. ... Télécharger
larkc(sfnet) Large Knowledge Collider This is the official collaborative development ... Télécharger
cain(sfnet) Cain Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simu... Télécharger
ddrrs(sfnet) Database Driven RoboCup Rescue Server Database Driven RoboCup Rescue Server is a vers... Télécharger
acegisecurity(sfnet) Acegi Security System for Spring Spring Security (formerly Acegi Security) is no... Télécharger
phptimeclock(sfnet) phpTimeClock Effective and easy to use timeclock. Allows for... Télécharger
oxelonmediaconv(sfnet) Oxelon Media Converter Free media file converter for Windows that supp... Télécharger
zk1(sfnet) ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile Ajax+Mobile Java Web framework. With 200+ Ajax ... Télécharger
icq7(sfnet) icq7 ICQ7 is an attempt to create a full-featured IC... Télécharger
nlptools-es(sfnet) Spanish NLP Tools for GATE NLPTools-ES is a Spanish plugin for GATE (Gener... Télécharger
ueoz(sfnet) Oz Unity Oz Unity Remix Project Télécharger
jposloader(sfnet) Java POS Config Loader This open source software is provided for confi... Télécharger
pit2peer(sfnet) pit2PEER pit2PEER is a collaborative tool that people im... Télécharger
sqliteeditor(sfnet) SQLite XML Editor Construct and execute SQL commands manually and... Télécharger
cinux-loader(sfnet) CinuxLoader CinuxLoader is a console application written in... Télécharger
androidonhtc(sfnet) androidonhtc 中国的androidonhtc项目,不知道别人有没有弄过,... Télécharger
shapes(sfnet) Android Shapes Drag the centre shape to it's matching counterp... Télécharger
tex4cream(sfnet) tex4cream A set of macros for usage of Vim + Cream as a L... Télécharger
vanilladraw(sfnet) Vanilla Draw A Lightweight, Simple And Classic Drawing Appli... Télécharger
cbrmetronome(sfnet) Cell Metronome A java metronome for cell phone Télécharger
pdpm(sfnet) PDPM PDPM is an automated time tracking & produc... Télécharger
wowcoreteam(sfnet) WoW CoRE Software Team Zona de descarga de software para el proyecto W... Télécharger
puyo(sfnet) Puyo Puyo This is a C++ implementation of Puyo Puyo, a Ja... Télécharger
ldap-sdk(sfnet) UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java A fast, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Java API... Télécharger
sis4be(sfnet) BeOS drivers (SiS, USB, etc ...) BeOS drivers. Support SiS630 hardware, some USB... Télécharger
sing(sfnet) SING SING stands for 'Send ICMP Nasty Garbage'. It i... Télécharger
hypervideoconve(sfnet) Hyper Video Converter Hyper Video Converter is a frontend for various... Télécharger
ora-info-schema(sfnet) Oracle Information Schema Oracle does not support the SQL standard INFORM... Télécharger
xena(sfnet) Xena - Digital Preservation Software Xena transforms files into open data formats fo... Télécharger
pinklib(sfnet) pinklib Pinkl is a library written to build flexible ap... Télécharger
makingthings(sfnet) Make Controller The Make Controller is an open microcontroller ... Télécharger
qdvdauthor(sfnet) DVD Authoring GUI 'Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontend for dvdauthor ... Télécharger
contineo(sfnet) Contineo Contineo is a Web-based Document Management Sys... Télécharger
jt400(sfnet) Toolbox for Java/JTOpen The IBM Toolbox for Java / JTOpen is a library ... Télécharger
networkmanager(freshmeat) NetworkManager The GNOME NetworkManager is a set of co-operati... Télécharger
ccwatcher(freshmeat) ccwatcher ccwatcher monitors the progress of computationa... Télécharger
limpopo(sfnet) LIMPOPO Limpopo is a library for MAGE-TAB parsing and v... Télécharger
sigmagrid(sfnet) Sigma Ajax Data Grid View Written in pure javascript, Sigma Grid is an Aj... Télécharger
jesuschristsuns(sfnet) Crazy Machine music composition software http://www.image-line.com/documents/lovephilter... Télécharger
checksumtool(sfnet) checksumtool CheckSumTool allows user to calculate different... Télécharger
aquabuilds(sfnet) Software for Small Budget Science Everyday Software for the Researcher of Restric... Télécharger
smooks(sfnet) smooks Smooks is a Java Framework/Engine for processin... Télécharger
uda-chameleon(sfnet) uda-chameleon CHAMELEON is a declarative framework for tailor... Télécharger
osxsdhci(sfnet) Darwin SDHCI Driver for JMicron Devices This driver is intended to be used on any machi... Télécharger
ktechlab(sfnet) KTechlab KTechlab is an IDE for microcontrollers and ele... Télécharger
ccextractor(sfnet) ccextractor A fast closed captions extractor for MPEG and H... Télécharger
js-optimizer(sfnet) js-optimizer JavaScript Optimizer is a technical component d... Télécharger
freepasswordsaf(sfnet) Free Password Safe This is a website username and password databas... Télécharger
ismo(sfnet) Ismo - a PHP web application framework Ismo is a web application framework that takes ... Télécharger
jpen(sfnet) JPen - Java Pen Tablet Access Library Java library for accessing pen/digitizer tablet... Télécharger
jchardet(sfnet) Java port of Mozilla charset detector Java port of Mozilla's automatic charse... Télécharger
pyqpcr(sfnet) pyQPCR pyQPCR is a GUI application written in python t... Télécharger
gscan2pdf(freshmeat) gscan2pdf gscan2pdf is a GUI to ease the process of produ... Télécharger
unvanquished(sfnet) Unvanquished Unvanquished is a fast-paced, futuristic FPS wi... Télécharger
wmobufr(sfnet) wmobufr A Java system to decode the WMO BUFR format for... Télécharger
ascii(freshmeat) ascii ascii lists ASCII idiomatic names and octal/dec... Télécharger
cvsharp(sfnet) Computer Vision in C-Sharp CVSharp (aka Computer Vision in C#) is a Comput... Télécharger
gelisp(sfnet) GeLisp A portable and efficient wrapper for the Generi... Télécharger
androidgpscontr(sfnet) Android GPS Control This is for GPS user data self-control and acce... Télécharger
webman-cms(sfnet) Webman Webman is a professional website production sys... Télécharger
hodaxoops(sfnet) hodaxoops Hodaxoops provides Hodaka's works of modules ru... Télécharger
badaminesweeper(sfnet) Bada minesweeper Minesweeper on bada. Télécharger
yugiohscoreboar(sfnet) YuGiOh Card Duelist Scoreboard for Palm YuGiOh Card Duelist Scoreboard As it's name say... Télécharger
moeaframework(sfnet) MOEA Framework The MOEA Framework is a free and open source Ja... Télécharger
ogl-es(sfnet) Vincent ES 1.x Vincent ES 1.x is a 3D rendering library based ... Télécharger
wpspin(sfnet) WPSPin WPSPin es una aplicación para Android que posee... Télécharger
time4u(sfnet) Time4U Time-Tracking tool with client-server synchroni... Télécharger
arcmapbook(sfnet) Mapbook for ArcMap Mapbook for ArcMap allows generating a map seri... Télécharger
phpqrcode(sfnet) PHP QR Code PHP QR Code is open source (LGPL) library for g... Télécharger
uioe(sfnet) uioe Unofficial IOE is a project that documents info... Télécharger
openwiz(sfnet) OpenWiz OpenWiz is a project assist the development of ... Télécharger

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