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license3j(freshmeat) License3j License3j is a free license manager library for... Télécharger
cchess(freshmeat) VDB Chinese Chess VDB Chinese Chess is a Chinese chess program wh... Télécharger
dynarchlib(freshmeat) DynarchLIB DynarchLIB is an AJAX toolkit aimed for writing... Télécharger
ymacs(freshmeat) Ymacs Ymacs is an extensible AJAX text editor aimed f... Télécharger
mathcast(sfnet) MathCast Equation Editor A Mathematics Equation Editor. Lets you type in... Télécharger
jpdftweak(sfnet) jPDF Tweak A Swiss Army Knife GUI application for PDF docu... Télécharger
atmailopen(sfnet) AtMail Open AtMail is an open source webmail client written... Télécharger
debrief(sfnet) Debrief Debrief is an Open Source Java application used... Télécharger
te-edu-password-meter(freshmeat) te-edu Password Meter The te-edu Password Meter class can be used to ... Télécharger
university(sfnet) University ERP System The University environment needs Portal, Studen... Télécharger
chttpclient(sfnet) HTTP Client C API Highly portable API written in C that implement... Télécharger
cysphere(freshmeat) Cysphere Cysphere is an integrated social networking ser... Télécharger
simple-login-class(freshmeat) Simple Login Class Simple Login Class is a PHP class that can be u... Télécharger
wiggle(freshmeat) wiggle wiggle is A utility that applies conflicted pat... Télécharger
php-crawler(sfnet) PHP Crawler PHP Crawler is a simple website search script f... Télécharger
xos-shop(sfnet) XOS-Shop E-Commerce Shopping Cart XOS-Shop is a powerful e-commerce shopping cart... Télécharger
farspice(freshmeat) Farspice "Farspice, a melange odyssey" is an a... Télécharger
sharppdf(sfnet) sharpPDF sharpPDF is easy-to-use c# library to generate ... Télécharger
astpa(sfnet) A-STPA A-STPA is an analysis support tool for the STAM... Télécharger
udeproject(sfnet) Unix Desktop Environment Project (UDE) The UDE-Project is creating a new Desktop Envir... Télécharger
freepoomaaddon(sfnet) FreePOOMA Add-On Pack Contains add on code for the FreePOOMA Physics ... Télécharger
yabasic(sfnet) Yabasic Yabasic is a free, multi-platform implementatio... Télécharger
designux(sfnet) designux Live Linux distributive on base of Salix OS. Op... Télécharger
phpreports(sfnet) phpreports You can use PHP reports to easily make a report... Télécharger
orientdb-c(freshmeat) orientdb-c A binary protocol client for OrientDB. Télécharger
osgps(sfnet) osgps OpenSource GPS is software for x86 PCs that all... Télécharger
ixp4xx-osdg(sfnet) IXP4XX Open Source Development Guide IXP4XX Open Source Development Guide - A centra... Télécharger
sdl-draw(sfnet) SDL_draw SDL_draw is a basic primitive drawing library b... Télécharger
inkey(sfnet) inKey inKey - small encryption utility with big encry... Télécharger
rrabuntu(sfnet) rrabuntu For the best Radio Automation system, download ... Télécharger
cubemap(sfnet) CubeMap CubeMap is a software package to convert the te... Télécharger
gjid(freshmeat) GJID GJID is a puzzle game where you move crates to ... Télécharger
unojazz(sfnet) unojazz JUST TEST !!! Télécharger
hosh(sfnet) hosh Hosh is a shell for fun. There are commands lik... Télécharger
unicode-screensaver(freshmeat) unicode-screensaver The unicode-screensaver is a simple screensaver... Télécharger
search-engine-referrals-conflu(freshmeat) Search Engine Referrals Confluence Plugin Search Engine Referrals Confluence Plugin is a ... Télécharger
mcommerce-webkit-ui(freshmeat) mCommerce WebKit UI mCommerce WebKit UI is a mobile commerce UI for... Télécharger
apphp-tabs(freshmeat) ApPHP Tabs ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generate... Télécharger
ailurus(freshmeat) Ailurus Ailurus is an application which tells its users... Télécharger
hotp-toolkit(freshmeat) HOTP Toolkit The HOTP Toolkit package contains tools that ar... Télécharger
uox3(sfnet) UOX3 DevTeam Community Project Home of the Ultima Offline eXperiment3 DevTeam ... Télécharger
egalite(sfnet) egalite Egalite supports direct 1-1 chat with SSL over ... Télécharger
nagios-cn(sfnet) nagios-cn Nagios-cn is an inoffical branch of nagios proj... Télécharger
minishare(sfnet) MiniShare - Minimal HTTP Server A minimal web server with a simple GUI meant f... Télécharger
i2ctools(freshmeat) I2C Tools for Linux This package contains a heterogeneous set of I2... Télécharger
keka(sfnet) Keka Keka is a Mac OSX GUI for p7zip (7-zip/7zip por... Télécharger
partlogic(freshmeat) Partition Logic Partition Logic is a partitioning and disk mana... Télécharger
netdisco(sfnet) Netdisco Netdisco is an SNMP-based L2/L3 network managem... Télécharger
pawnfornotepad(sfnet) f Programming PAWN, the scripting language for SA... Télécharger
subdiversvn(sfnet) subdiversvn SubdiverSVN is a Subversion client for Linux wi... Télécharger
mdbtools(sfnet) MDB Tools A set of libraries and utilities for reading Mi... Télécharger
ed(freshmeat) GNU ed GNU ed is an 8-bit clean implementation of the ... Télécharger
praya(sfnet) Praya Praya is a window to all your messages. It ship... Télécharger
libtrancevibe(sfnet) Trance Vibrator Drivers and Library Open source, cross platform driver set for the ... Télécharger
wifistatd(freshmeat) WiFi Statistics Daemon wifistatd is a script which generates a PNG gra... Télécharger
jscl-meditor(sfnet) jscl-meditor java symbolic computing library and math editor... Télécharger
scriptbasic(sfnet) Script Basic ScriptBasic is a mature Basic interpreter that ... Télécharger
itrans(freshmeat) itrans itrans is a package for printing texts in India... Télécharger
networx(sfnet) networx NetworX is a Social Media and Community Buildin... Télécharger
cx-bsdiff(sfnet) cx_bsdiff Python module performing binary diff and patchi... Télécharger
phpilelist(freshmeat) phpilelist phpilelist is a file listing script that you ca... Télécharger
gsplayer(sfnet) GSPlayer Player FLV, MP4 and MP3 Télécharger
talend-mdm(sfnet) Talend Open Studio for MDM Talend Open Studio for MDM provides tools to co... Télécharger
ciconv(freshmeat) ciconv cross iconv is an attempt to build libiconv wit... Télécharger
inotify-java(freshmeat) inotify-java The inotify-java library provides Java bindings... Télécharger
treappy(freshmeat) treap.py treap.py is a treap implementation for Python. ... Télécharger
megaglest(sfnet) MegaGlest _ PLEASE NOTE: Downloads and repositories have ... Télécharger
xqf(sfnet) XQF XQF is a game server browser and launcher for U... Télécharger
vtun(sfnet) VTun - Virtual Tunnels VTun is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunne... Télécharger
pw32(sfnet) PW32 the Posix-over-Win32 layer PW32 is primarily C runtime library for Win32 a... Télécharger
php-ajax-profile-module(freshmeat) PHP-Ajax Profile Module PHP-Ajax Profile is an application module that ... Télécharger
local-repo(freshmeat) local-repo Local-repo is a handy utility for Linux distrib... Télécharger
check_updates(freshmeat) check_updates Check updates is a Nagios monitoring system plu... Télécharger
xrecord(freshmeat) XRecord XRecord is an introspecting ORM that uses datab... Télécharger
odsphpgenerator(freshmeat) odsPhpGenerator odsPhpGenerator is a small and easy library to ... Télécharger
weup(freshmeat) WEUP Web 2.0 has drastically shifted typical Web use... Télécharger
librouteros(freshmeat) librouteros librouteros is a library that can be used to co... Télécharger
freedict(sfnet) Free Dictionaries Free translating dictionaries. Source format: T... Télécharger
simplemail(sfnet) SimpleMail SimpleMail is a simple to use but powerful mail... Télécharger
idlaunchblack(sfnet) IDLaunch_Black Version mise à jour du style IDLaunch_Black cré... Télécharger
tomatousb(sfnet) tomatousb Tomato USB is a fork of popular Tomato firmware... Télécharger
qshot(sfnet) QShot - Quick Screenshot Capturing A real quick screenshot capturing tool for Wind... Télécharger
vvfstat(sfnet) VV Free Stat Statistical program, somewhat like shareware Da... Télécharger
projectgislbgeo(sfnet) projectgislbgeo GIS project - Enriching LBGEo using Web GIS Télécharger
bbcape_eeprom-generator(freshmeat) BBCape_EEPROM Generator BBCape_EEPROM Generator is a simple tool to eas... Télécharger
forums(sfnet) Message Board Software nextBBS lets you create your own Community with... Télécharger
slaytanic(sfnet) Exuberanza Scripts Formerly Slaytanic Scripts. This is the place w... Télécharger
simbio(sfnet) simBio simBio is a Java package to create biological m... Télécharger
cpluspluspong(sfnet) Pong My first D3D10 game. It still is in the develop... Télécharger
vnuml(sfnet) vnuml VNUML is a virtualization tool designed to quic... Télécharger
prozgui(sfnet) prozgui Prozgui is the fast download accelerator. This ... Télécharger
advanced-gwt(sfnet) Advanced GWT Components This is a library of GWT components (widgets) w... Télécharger
gmail-notify(sfnet) Gmail Notifier Gmail Notifier is a Linux/Windows alternative f... Télécharger
heliosplatform(sfnet) heliosplatform The HELIOS project's goal is to provide an Open... Télécharger
fbvnc(freshmeat) fbvnc fbvnc is a small Linux framebuffer VNC viewer. Télécharger
lpr(sfnet) lpr Print spooler and associated software. Télécharger
fwptt(freshmeat) FWPTT FWPTT (Fast Web Performance Test Tool) is a Web... Télécharger
teleport(freshmeat) Teleport The Teleport command is a replacement for the t... Télécharger
wajaf(freshmeat) WAJAF WAJAF is a powerfull JavaScript framework that ... Télécharger
allowdirectportio(freshmeat) allowdirectportio allowdirectportio allows user-space Linux progr... Télécharger

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