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webface(freshmeat) WebFace Webface is an underlying technology that abstra... Télécharger
webfacewarp(freshmeat) Webface WARP WARP uses the abstractions in WebFace to create... Télécharger
myftpidx(freshmeat) myftpidx myftpidx is a tool for recursively indexing any... Télécharger
jtagger(freshmeat) jTagger jTagger is an MP3 tag and filename editor. It c... Télécharger
libsdb(freshmeat) Simple database library libsdb, the simple database library, provides a... Télécharger
zoneminder(freshmeat) ZoneMinder ZoneMinder is a suite of applications intended ... Télécharger
epiware(freshmeat) Epiware Document Management Epiware is an AJAX-enabled Project and Document... Télécharger
open-cobol(freshmeat) OpenCOBOL OpenCOBOL is a COBOL compiler, which translates... Télécharger
smlnj(freshmeat) SML/NJ sml/nj (Standard ML of New Jersey) consists of ... Télécharger
vmbackup(freshmeat) VMBackup VMBackup is a utility that performs a backup of... Télécharger
umlspeed(freshmeat) UMLSpeed UMLSpeed is a compiler for a C-style language o... Télécharger
sdcc(freshmeat) SDCC SDCC is a freeware, retargettable, optimizing A... Télécharger
avrada(freshmeat) AVR-Ada AVR-Ada aims to make the Ada part of gcc usable... Télécharger
cbench(freshmeat) cbench cbench is a compiler benchmark utility that was... Télécharger
yapprologsystem(freshmeat) YAP Prolog System Yap is a high-performance Prolog compiler devel... Télécharger
codeviz(freshmeat) CodeViz CodeViz is a call graph visualisation tool whic... Télécharger
orcaforum(freshmeat) Orca Interactive Forum Script Orca is an interactive Web-based forum script t... Télécharger
riffle(freshmeat) riffle netcast scripts riffle is a set of microscopic scripts to downl... Télécharger
rosegarden(freshmeat) Rosegarden Rosegarden is an audio and MIDI sequencer, scor... Télécharger
audiokonverter(freshmeat) audiokonverter audiokonverter is a small utility to easily con... Télécharger
pigletjotter(freshmeat) piglet jotter piglet jotter is a tree data store, in the thre... Télécharger
origo-mylyn(freshmeat) Origo Mylyn Connector The Mylyn Connector for Origo integrates the Or... Télécharger
rlplot(freshmeat) RLPlot RLPlot is a scientific plotting, charting, and ... Télécharger
lsat(freshmeat) Linux Security Auditing Tool Linux Security Auditing Tool (LSAT) is a post i... Télécharger
bzrgtk(freshmeat) Bazaar-GTK Bazaar-GTK is a GTK+ frontend for the Bazaar ve... Télécharger
unusedpkg(freshmeat) UnusedPkg UnusedPkg is a diagnostic tool to search the ol... Télécharger
cgilib(freshmeat) cgilib cgilib is a library that provides a simple prog... Télécharger
gui-apt-key(freshmeat) gui-apt-key gui-apt-key is a graphical front-end to the apt... Télécharger
streamripper(freshmeat) streamripper Streamripper records MP3, Ogg, AAC, and NSV aud... Télécharger
appsamurai(freshmeat) AppSamurai AppSamurai is a mod_perl based system to protec... Télécharger
goba(freshmeat) Goba Goba (Game Of Bases) is a remake of the classic... Télécharger
lifetype(freshmeat) LifeType The goal of the LifeType project is to create a... Télécharger
gerstensaft(freshmeat) gerstensaft Gerstensaft is an easy to use graphical oriente... Télécharger
centerim(freshmeat) Centerim CenterIM is a fork of CenterICQ. Télécharger
sunflower(freshmeat) Sunflower Sunflower is a small and highly customizable tw... Télécharger
ourico(freshmeat) ourico ouriço is a simple EWMH taskbar (no clocks, ico... Télécharger
clipf(freshmeat) clipf clipf is a personal finance manager with a comm... Télécharger
ase(freshmeat) Allegro Sprite Editor Allegro Sprite Editor (ASE) is a program specia... Télécharger
nautilus-clamscan(freshmeat) Nautilus-clamscan Nautilus-clamscan is a Nautilus extension that ... Télécharger
coolcurve(freshmeat) coolcurve_create ccurve_create.tcl is a TCL script (plus associa... Télécharger
telegnome(freshmeat) TeleGNOME TeleGNOME is a little GNOME program to view Tel... Télécharger
sibsim4(freshmeat) SIBsim4 The SIBsim4 project is based on sim4, which is ... Télécharger
studiodix(freshmeat) StudioDix StudioDix is a recording studio management syst... Télécharger
libtool(freshmeat) Libtool GNU libtool is a generic library support script... Télécharger
freetds(freshmeat) FreeTDS FreeTDS is an open-source implementation of the... Télécharger
naturaldocs(freshmeat) Natural Docs Natural Docs is a documentation generator for m... Télécharger
key-scripter(freshmeat) Key Scripter Key Scripter listens to key press/release event... Télécharger
pactester(freshmeat) pactester Pactester is a tool to test proxy auto-configur... Télécharger
metamail(freshmeat) metamail Metamail is an implementation of MIME (the Mult... Télécharger
vcard-creator-full(freshmeat) vCard Creator Full vCard Creator Full is a PHP class that can be u... Télécharger
easyids(freshmeat) EasyIDS EasyIDS is an easy-to-install intrusion detecti... Télécharger
libsixdof(freshmeat) libsixdof libsixdof provides C and C++ interfaces to 6 de... Télécharger
tpu(freshmeat) TPU Project TPU is an RPG that takes place in the seventeen... Télécharger
greylite(freshmeat) Greylite Greylite is a SPAM filter with exceptional effe... Télécharger
jorbis(freshmeat) JOrbis JOrbis is a pure Java Ogg Vorbis decoder. Télécharger
dkplp(freshmeat) DKP Log Parser DKP Log Parser is a tool designed to help admin... Télécharger
wyneken(freshmeat) Wyneken Wyneken is a text processor that leverages seve... Télécharger
txt2html(freshmeat) txt2html txt2html is a Perl program that uses the HTML::... Télécharger
tracx(freshmeat) tracx tracx reads and stores any kind of XML data usi... Télécharger
kahua(freshmeat) Kahua Kahua is a continuation passing style (CPS) app... Télécharger
jdbfview(freshmeat) jdbfviewer jdbfviewer allows you to display dbf files in a... Télécharger
ufoai(freshmeat) UFO: Alien Invasion UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based tactical s... Télécharger
vblade(freshmeat) Vblade Vblade is a software-based AoE target, a virtua... Télécharger
mapmvideo(freshmeat) mapmvideo mapmvideo is a 1f42 MPEG video stream mapper. T... Télécharger
nomaticim(freshmeat) Nomatic*IM Nomatic*IM provides a service that supports the... Télécharger
ttftphp(freshmeat) ttftp server ttftp is a templating TFTP server. It allows th... Télécharger
cilib(freshmeat) CILib CILib (Computational Intelligence Library) is a... Télécharger
copix(freshmeat) Copix Copix is a multi-purpose framework for PHP Web ... Télécharger
eclipse-sftp-plugin(freshmeat) SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse SFTP Plug-in for Eclipse adds SFTP support to ... Télécharger
beepy(freshmeat) BEEPy Python BEEP Library The BEEPy Python BEEP Library is an implementa... Télécharger
krypt(freshmeat) Krypt Krypt is a simple application that sits in the ... Télécharger
gnuwin32(freshmeat) GnuWin32 GnuWin32 provides Win32 (MS Windows 95, 98, ME,... Télécharger
bufonidae(freshmeat) Bufonidae Bufonidae is a database query tool inspired by ... Télécharger
mythtv(freshmeat) MythTV MythTV is a project aiming to create a homebrew... Télécharger
gqviewarc(freshmeat) gqviewarc gqviewarc is an LD_PRELOAD module that makes GQ... Télécharger
rubyrailroad(freshmeat) RailRoad RailRoad is a class diagram generator for Ruby ... Télécharger
slack1f42(freshmeat) slack1f42 slack1f42 is a collection of command line utili... Télécharger
openqabal(freshmeat) OpenQabal OpenQabal is a federated, decentralized social ... Télécharger
geronimo(freshmeat) Apache Geronimo Apache Geronimo is an easy-to-use implementatio... Télécharger
hardware4linux(freshmeat) Hardware 4 Linux Hardware 4 Linux is a set of tools to report Li... Télécharger
gutenflash(freshmeat) GutenFlash GutenFlash is a streaming text reader, based on... Télécharger
n2n(freshmeat) n2n n2n (network-to-network) is a layer-two peer-to... Télécharger
tinyap(freshmeat) tinyap tinyap is a recursive descent parser with backu... Télécharger
dupefinder(freshmeat) DupeFinder DupeFinder is a simple application for locating... Télécharger
gis-sight(freshmeat) Sight (GIS) Sight is a GIS to archive old sites with archeo... Télécharger
mimms(freshmeat) mimms mimms is an MMS (e.g. mms://) stream downloader... Télécharger
lightorm(freshmeat) LightOrm LightOrm is a small, fast, and powerful ORM lib... Télécharger
bashgal(freshmeat) bashgal bashgal is simple bash shell script which gener... Télécharger
osg(freshmeat) OpenSceneGraph Open Scene Graph is a cross-platform C++/OpenGL... Télécharger
pysortnet(freshmeat) pySortNet pySortNet sorts IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) an... Télécharger
php_ctemplate(freshmeat) php_ctemplate php_ctemplate is a PHP extension for the Google... Télécharger
timecardimport(freshmeat) Timecardimport Timecardimport allows time sheet data to be imp... Télécharger
ckkern(freshmeat) ckkern Ckkern is a simple tool that lets you check you... Télécharger
streamsniff(freshmeat) streamsniff Streamsniff is a small command line tool that s... Télécharger
bashnavigationtoolkit(freshmeat) Bash Navigation Toolkit The Bash Navigate Toolkit provides a set of fun... Télécharger
barcode4j(freshmeat) Barcode4J Barcode4J is a barcode generation package. The ... Télécharger
ephotodb(freshmeat) Emacs Photo Database Emacs Photo Database provides functions for man... Télécharger
jbidwatcher(freshmeat) JBidwatcher JBidwatcher is a powerful eBay-user tool implem... Télécharger
xc2ical(freshmeat) XChange 2 iCal Xc2iCal reads your cached Microsoft Exchange (... Télécharger
transactionkit(freshmeat) TransactionKit TransactionKit is a C library that provides key... Télécharger

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