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extractdata(sfnet) ExtractData ExtractData is a program which scans your files... Télécharger
multiinstall(sfnet) Multi Install A cool looking installer for multiple programs ... Télécharger
bluemarine(sfnet) blueMarine blueMarine is a Java(TM) based digital photo ed... Télécharger
openddpt(sfnet) OpenDDPT OpenDiscreteDynamicProgrammingTemplate : founds... Télécharger
maxedit(sfnet) MaxEdit - an OS X Browser XML Editor An Native Cocoa XML Editor based on the same Br... Télécharger
hamsterhunter(sfnet) Hamster Hunter Public description: Hamster Hunter is a game wh... Télécharger
easyasap(sfnet) easyasap Provide a portable C++ implementation of OASIS ... Télécharger
blaze-wins(sfnet) Blaze Blaze is an application launcher that distingui... Télécharger
tjmail(sfnet) Tiger JMail Tiger JMail is a open source javamail library w... Télécharger
comete(sfnet) Comete Comete is a Java framework that aims to make ea... Télécharger
freegetopt(sfnet) Free Getopt A getopt library compatible with GNU-getopt, bu... Télécharger
trilat(sfnet) Trilateration This trilateration routine will do anchor-free ... Télécharger
noname(sfnet) No Name Development Releases by No Name Development. All original c... Télécharger
vbwinapi(sfnet) Windows API for VB This is going to a Visual Basic version of the ... Télécharger
jniosocket(sfnet) Java NIO Socket Framework A Java 1.4 based NIO socket framework. This hid... Télécharger
musicman(sfnet) Music Manager Musicman helps in the management of large colle... Télécharger
firewalladdons(sfnet) ipcop firewall addons User written Addons and Updates for the IPCop F... Télécharger
pascal-int(sfnet) Simple Pascal Interpreter Simple Pascal Interpreter Télécharger
docfrac(sfnet) DocFrac DocFrac is a document converter that can conver... Télécharger
winprinthylafax(sfnet) Winprint HylaFAX Makes a HylaFAX Server look like a standard Win... Télécharger
hawk-idsips(freshmeat) Hawk IDS/IPS Hawk IDS/IPS is a lightweight log analyzer whic... Télécharger
gpib82357a(sfnet) Python GPIB-USB 82357A Interface GPIB-USB 82357A interface (agilent) module for ... Télécharger
spblinux(sfnet) SPBLinux SPBLinux: modular mini distribution running com... Télécharger
xtetris(sfnet) XTetris - a Tetris clone for X11 with Qt This tetris clone is a first attempt at program... Télécharger
sqlite4delphi(sfnet) SQLite for Delphi Delphi port for SQLite Télécharger
phpirc(sfnet) PHP:IRC The PHP:IRC suite allows you to run an IRC appl... Télécharger
flatstyle(sfnet) Delphi Flatstyle Component set A VCL component set for Borland Delphi providin... Télécharger
itp7(sfnet) Interpreter Turbo Pascal 7 Naszym celem jest stworzenie prostego interpret... Télécharger
libnids(sfnet) Libnids - NIDS E-component library Libnids - NIDS E-component, based on Linux kern... Télécharger
webimagegetter(sfnet) Web Image Getter Web Image Getter is a downloader for images fro... Télécharger
gnu-gv(sfnet) gv Postscript and PDF viewer gv allows a user to view and navigate through P... Télécharger
germanmacosx(sfnet) German resources for Mac OS X apps German localization of popular Mac OS X software Télécharger
unpyc(sfnet) UnPyc Unfortunately this project has been suspended. ... Télécharger
metaboss(sfnet) MetaBoss MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for de... Télécharger
joyce(freshmeat) Joyce and Anne Joyce and Anne emulate the Amstrad PCW series o... Télécharger
softwareplc(sfnet) Software PLC for RT-Linux Software PLC using Instruction List language as... Télécharger
rubyscript2exe(sfnet) RubyScript2Exe RubyScript2Exe transforms your Ruby script into... Télécharger
sablotron(sfnet) Sablotron This is a new home for Sablotron XML processor ... Télécharger
im-snif(sfnet) IM Sniffer imsniff is a pcap-based instant messaging sniff... Télécharger
jxwb(sfnet) Java Extensible Web Browser (JXWB) The goal of the project is to create a 100% pur... Télécharger
derrick(freshmeat) Derrick Derrick is a simple tool for recording data str... Télécharger
genesys-mw(sfnet) GeneSyS Middleware GeneSyS is an open generic framework for networ... Télécharger
loganalyser(sfnet) Log Analyser for Netscreen Firewalls Netscreen Firewall Log Analyser which can analy... Télécharger
pse(sfnet) PSE PSE (Personal Site Engine) is a small PHP/XML b... Télécharger
perlprimer(sfnet) PerlPrimer PerlPrimer is a GUI application written in Perl... Télécharger
hidjoin(sfnet) CyberZone-HIDJoin USB-equipped SOHO router transfers data from se... Télécharger
scitech-states(sfnet) SciTech States We aim to create a nation simulation game inspi... Télécharger
servant(sfnet) The Servant The Servant MMORPG is back on sourceforge for g... Télécharger
tripeakssol(sfnet) TriPeaks Solitaire A version of TriPeaks solitaire. The only free ... Télécharger
sadms(sfnet) sadms Integration of Linux hosts in Active Directory ... Télécharger
delphivncserver(sfnet) Delphi VNC Server The goal of this project is the creation of an ... Télécharger
hmne(sfnet) HM NIS Edit HM NIS Edit is the best Editor/IDE for Nullsoft... Télécharger
science-quiz-bowl-challenge(freshmeat) Science Quiz Bowl Challenge Science Quiz Bowl Challenge is a game of questi... Télécharger
bookman(sfnet) Bookman The goal of bookman is to implement a network b... Télécharger
yapig(sfnet) YaPiG - Yet Another PHP Image Gallery Yet Another PHP Image Gallery is a simple scrip... Télécharger
zd1211(sfnet) ZD1211 USB WLAN Linux Driver Linux driver for the ZyDAS ZD1211(b) 802.11a/b/... Télécharger
reqman(sfnet) Requirements Manager This project provides a tool for requirement ca... Télécharger
magnethandler(sfnet) Magnet Handler A Magnet handler for Windows showing the user w... Télécharger
nemesis(sfnet) The Nemesis Project The Nemesis Project is designed to be a command... Télécharger
opengis(sfnet) OpenGIS OpenGIS is an IRC-Style communication solution ... Télécharger
fortools_dd(freshmeat) Fortools_dd Fortools_dd is a set of forensic apps, created ... Télécharger
lutsko(sfnet) Recreational Sports Management System Java-based software for running a recreational ... Télécharger
ip2ipmini(sfnet) IP2IP Mini Chat Chat program that is currently in development. ... Télécharger
poptrayu(sfnet) PoptrayU This email notifier builds upon the open source... Télécharger
gamekiller(sfnet) GameKiller A suite of programmes to restrict the ability o... Télécharger
pebuild-plugins(sfnet) Teletom's pe-builder plugins PE-Builder Plugins Télécharger
isstf(sfnet) ISSAF ISSAF Mission: We will research, develop, publ... Télécharger
devpaks(sfnet) devpaks Dev-C++ development packages provide C/C++ prog... Télécharger
reverseconnect(sfnet) RevConnect - Enhanced DC++ RevConnect is a file sharing program based on D... Télécharger
cdk4msp(sfnet) MSP430 Cross Development Kit CDK4MSP stands for Cross Development Kit for th... Télécharger
picoviewer(sfnet) pViewer All image viewers i've ever seen have something... Télécharger
jzforum(sfnet) jzForum jzForum is a forum written in Java. It has many... Télécharger
argus(sfnet) Argus FTN mailer Argus is an Open Source, free for non-commercia... Télécharger
is-webstart(sfnet) Delphi Web Utils Delphi Web Utils contain the uJson . uJson unit... Télécharger
hiberclipse(sfnet) Hibernate plugin for Eclipse HiberClipse is an eclipse plugin that generates... Télécharger
winnutclient(sfnet) Windows NUT client This is a NUT windows client for monitoring you... Télécharger
eqemu-hq(sfnet) EthernalQuest EQ Emulator EthernalQuest EQ Emulator provide a way to play... Télécharger
libmagicengine(sfnet) Magic Engine MagicEngine library is a open source crossplatf... Télécharger
lipidia(sfnet) Lipidia An artificial chemistry research platform to st... Télécharger
uced(sfnet) Use Case Editor UCEd a toolset for use cases edition, verifica... Télécharger
runonceexcmd(sfnet) RunOnceEx.cmd Creator Easy creation of a RunOnceEx.cmd file for creat... Télécharger
jbible(sfnet) jbible This program is an open source bible program. I... Télécharger
beepmp(sfnet) BMP BMP Is a versatile and handy multi platform med... Télécharger
sqlitemanager(sfnet) SQLiteManager SQLiteManager is a multilingual web based tool ... Télécharger
rospell(sfnet) rospell rospell is a UTF-8 text editor for programmers ... Télécharger
minitron(sfnet) MiniTRON MiniTron is a 2D-Lightcycles clone which will s... Télécharger
zports(sfnet) Zaurus Porting project Porting software project for the SHARP Zaurus. ... Télécharger
dnoa(sfnet) DotNetOpenAuth Formerly known as DotNetOpenId, this library br... Télécharger
jsane-net(sfnet) JSane-net A Java interface to the Saned Network Protocol. Télécharger
oxygene-project(sfnet) GeOxygene GeOxygene aims at providing an open framework w... Télécharger
phpnet(sfnet) php Net php Net is a light-weight flexible forum based ... Télécharger
ignition(sfnet) The Ignition Project The Ignition Project consists of several projec... Télécharger
noozyx(sfnet) Noozy 3 ZS Noozy is an advance digital cross-platform musi... Télécharger
zinc-project(sfnet) Zinc Project Experimental compiler for an extended version o... Télécharger
roemer(sfnet) Roemer Professional music typesetting, according to th... Télécharger
rtl8181(sfnet) RTL8181 Linux port to the Realtek RTL8181 wireless gate... Télécharger
subliminal-msgs(sfnet) Subliminal Messages Free Free subliminal messages application with exten... Télécharger
vizstack(sfnet) vizstack VizStack is a framework to run GPU-enabled appl... Télécharger
bigbluebutton(sfnet) BigBlueButton BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencin... Télécharger
xplanner-plus(sfnet) xplanner-plus XPlanner+ is a web-based project planning and t... Télécharger

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