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objdump(sfnet) ObjDump objDump, a small Java framework that dumps any ... Télécharger
mediablog(sfnet) MediaBlog This project is an open source p2pTV, based on ... Télécharger
javaplistreader(sfnet) Plist Reader and Writer library This library is developed to read and write Pro... Télécharger
xoopsfrance(sfnet) Xoops France Publication du réseau francophone de Xoops (tra... Télécharger
irc-chat(sfnet) Advanced IRC Chat Program (VB + VB.Net) an IRC chatting application with many advanced ... Télécharger
openprj(sfnet) openprj this is for test in vfp9 Télécharger
jetris(sfnet) Jetris - A Java based Tetris clone Jetris is a Java based Tetris clone. It can be ... Télécharger
luacv(sfnet) LuaCV LuaCV is OpenCV library wrapper for Lua languag... Télécharger
openimgmanager(sfnet) OpenImageManager OpenImageManager, the new Opensource Image Mana... Télécharger
tntconcept(sfnet) TNTConcept Moved to GitHub http://github.com/autentia/TNTC... Télécharger
openscenegraph(sfnet) OpenSceneGraph The OpenSceneGraph (OSG) is a cross platform C+... Télécharger
squid-graph(sfnet) Squid Graph Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squ... Télécharger
lapack(freshmeat) LAPACK LAPACK is a linear algebra library, based on LI... Télécharger
shellp(freshmeat) Shellp Shellp is a shell helper library. It is intend... Télécharger
text2speech(sfnet) Text2Speech Text2Speech is a small and easy to use Text To ... Télécharger
sidplay-residfp(sfnet) libsidplayfp Libsidplayfp (and its console frontend sidplayf... Télécharger
herskowkinesin(sfnet) herskowkinesin Discrete State Kinesin Model. Please see our pa... Télécharger
symphonic(sfnet) Symphonic A portable MP3/WMA/OGG/FLAC file manager for So... Télécharger
wideimage(sfnet) WideImage WideImage is an object-oriented PHP image libra... Télécharger
iqr(sfnet) iqr large-scale neural systems simulator iqr is a simulation software to graphically des... Télécharger
automouse(sfnet) StevenSof Automouse Ein Programm das Mausklicks simuliert. Mit frei... Télécharger
delphi-dx9sdk(sfnet) Delphi DirectX 9.0 headers / SDK Delphi DirectX 9 SDK Télécharger
dxf(sfnet) DXF DXF Viewer and Editor (Lines- Arcs - Circles - ... Télécharger
pdaxrom(sfnet) pdaXrom pdaXrom-ng is a build system for creating boota... Télécharger
kafs(sfnet) kafs A simple KDE interface for managing the ACL of ... Télécharger
securepoint(sfnet) OpenVPN Client Windows OpenVPN GUI for Windows. Télécharger
intelligere(sfnet) Intelligere SCS Intelligere SCS is a collaboration system with ... Télécharger
octave(freshmeat) Octave Octave is a high-level language, primarily inte... Télécharger
nettoplcsim(sfnet) NetToPLCSim TCP/IP-Network extension for the PLC simulation... Télécharger
netsuiteroot(sfnet) SuiteFlex This project is for collecting the opensource S... Télécharger
active-ist(sfnet) ACTIVE-IST Open Source Tools The ACTIVE-IST project is a set of libraries (e... Télécharger
gsi-sshterm(sfnet) GSI-SSHTerm Application A Grid Security Interface (GSI) enabled SSH ter... Télécharger
wintar(sfnet) WinTar WinTar is a C# based program to handle TAR and ... Télécharger
soulparsing(sfnet) Soul Parsing Framework Soul is a recursive descent parser generator to... Télécharger
sharpssh(sfnet) SharpSSH SharpSSH is a pure .NET implementation of the S... Télécharger
persianmobidict(sfnet) Persian Mobile Dictionary An English-Persian and French-Persian word dict... Télécharger
mldaap(sfnet) DAAP for Winamp A Media Library plugin for winamp to allow acce... Télécharger
gradle-felix-launcher-plugin(freshmeat) Gradle Felix Launcher Plugin Gradle Felix Launcher Plugin is a Felix Launch... Télécharger
zima-ps2pdf(sfnet) ZIMA-PS2PDF Designed for easy converting *.ps and *.plt (Po... Télécharger
teretera(sfnet) teretera Java software Télécharger
free-sa(sfnet) Free-SA Free-SA is logs processor and report generating... Télécharger
sprojct2dgames(sfnet) sprojct2dgames A simple 3D game engine and the 2D games create... Télécharger
jframework(sfnet) jFramework A Java framework for developing mixed-client (f... Télécharger
jadeutvt(sfnet) jadeutvt Development Jade Framework Mexico Utvt Télécharger
cooktool(sfnet) cooktool It is a student project in the University of Os... Télécharger
cpollcppsp(sfnet) CPoll based C++ server pages CPPSP (C++ Server Pages) is an open source web ... Télécharger
fxpm(sfnet) Frequent XML Pattern Mining This open source project is aimed to create an ... Télécharger
board-collect(sfnet) Board collect Board collect is a collection of some small boa... Télécharger
openlayers(freshmeat) OpenLayers OpenLayers is a pure JavaScript library for dis... Télécharger
tinyradius(sfnet) TinyRadius TinyRadius is a small, fast and reliable Java R... Télécharger
jcetaglib(sfnet) JCE taglib for JSP This project provides an interface to Sun's JCE... Télécharger
threeten(sfnet) threeten ThreeTen provides a modern date and time librar... Télécharger
automne(sfnet) Automne Automne is a CMS written in PHP/MSQL with that ... Télécharger
rekall(sfnet) Rekall Rekall is a personal, programmable DBMS system ... Télécharger
jpicusb(sfnet) jPicUSB jPicUSB makes possible USB comunication between... Télécharger
nwn2yatt(sfnet) NWN2: Yet Another Terrain Tool Yet Another Terrain Tool (YATT) is a plugin for... Télécharger
stepmania(sfnet) StepMania StepMania is a music/rhythm game. The player pr... Télécharger
exte(sfnet) EXTE EXTE recognizes temporal expressions in a text.... Télécharger
huggle2(sfnet) huggle2 Wikipedia tool for removing inappropriate conte... Télécharger
speichenrechner(sfnet) speichenrechner Speichenrechner is an extremely simple, platfor... Télécharger
jmatchparser(sfnet) jMatchParser A java-based parser for parsing/grabbing web si... Télécharger
gatitopred(sfnet) Gatito Prediction League A football prediction league web application wr... Télécharger
opendap(freshmeat) OPeNDAP OPeNDAP is a client/server system for making lo... Télécharger
simsee(sfnet) SimSEE SimSEE is a tool for optimal dispatch of hydrot... Télécharger
nxt-symbian(sfnet) NXT-Symbian NXT-Symbian is an mobile application developed ... Télécharger
post-nuke(sfnet) PostNuke Content Management System PostNuke is a weblog/Content Management System ... Télécharger
jpydbg(sfnet) jpydbg An open plugin providing a full Python Debuggin... Télécharger
winavr(sfnet) WinAVR WinAVR (tm) is a suite of executable, open sour... Télécharger
minorthird(sfnet) MinorThird MinorThird is an SDK/API for machine learning a... Télécharger
urbackup(sfnet) urbackup Efficient Client-Server Backup system for Linux... Télécharger
tpox(sfnet) Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX) TPoX is an XML database benchmark based on a fi... Télécharger
jwb(sfnet) Johnny's Web Browser jwb aka Johnny's Web Browser is a free and open... Télécharger
morrowindonline(sfnet) Morrowind Online This is an online mod for the game Elderscrolls... Télécharger
waterfox(sfnet) Waterfox Waterfox ist ein Open Source Browser der neuen ... Télécharger
roundup(sfnet) Roundup Issue Tracker Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-t... Télécharger
metamorphose(sfnet) Metamorphose Linux O Metamorphose é um sistema operacional baseado... Télécharger
jq-calculator(sfnet) jq-calculator JQuery Calculator is a JQuery plugin that adds ... Télécharger
cfa(sfnet) Compiere Fixed Assets Compiere Fixed Assets System is a seamless exte... Télécharger
jmagallanes(sfnet) JMagallanes Olap and Report JMagallanes is an open source end user applicat... Télécharger
snarlwin(sfnet) Snarl Snarl is all about notifications. They can be ... Télécharger
fcicumaze2(sfnet) FCI_CU.Maze2 A maze played on a map that consists of a numbe... Télécharger
wowheadtooltips(sfnet) wowheadtooltips A Wowhead tooltips BBCode parser for your forum... Télécharger
sharkemu(sfnet) sharkemu Emulateur de Dofus 1.29.1 développé originellem... Télécharger
motif(sfnet) Motif Motif is a freely available source code distrib... Télécharger
eqemu(sfnet) EverQuest(tm) Server Emulator EQEmu provides an alternative experience to the... Télécharger
softw4r3fr33(sfnet) softw4r3fr33 All Software, Video, n Education Télécharger
vclean(sfnet) VClean Cleaning your Windows computer and makes your c... Télécharger
greenshot(sfnet) Greenshot Screenshot tool optimized for productivity. Sav... Télécharger
ajaxuibuilder(sfnet) Sigma Ajax UI builder Written in javascript and PHP, SigmaVisual is w... Télécharger
openii(sfnet) Open Information Integration Open Information Integration Tool Suite (Open I... Télécharger
ctys-doc(sfnet) ctys-doc The documentation for the UnifiedSessionsManage... Télécharger
pvfs(freshmeat) Parallel Virtual File System The Parallel Virtual File System is a user-spac... Télécharger
xnreseditpe(sfnet) XNResourceEditor Portable Edition XNResourceEditor Portable Edition is the XNReso... Télécharger
sharpffmpeg(sfnet) SharpFFmpeg SharpFFmpeg is a C# binding of ffmpeg. The goal... Télécharger
pyrogue(sfnet) Pyro - PYthon ROguelike Pyro aims to be the first major Roguelike game ... Télécharger
adodotnetsqlite(sfnet) ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite ADO.NET Data Provider for SQLite (This project ... Télécharger
symvnc(sfnet) VNC Viewer for Symbian This is a VNC Viewer for Symbian 3rd Edition. I... Télécharger
metamod-p(sfnet) Metamod-P Metamod-P is enhanced version of Metamod. It ha... Télécharger
ituneslibparser-pms(sfnet) Itunes Library - PS3 Media Server Plugin This is a PS3 Media Server (PMS) plugin that re... Télécharger
owbland(sfnet) OWBLand (Oracle Warehouse Builder Land) Misc scripts and utilities related to Oracle Wa... Télécharger

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