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ushar(sfnet) Ushare Ushare is a script to make a Linksharing websit... Télécharger
gt-jdbc-korean(sfnet) gt-jdbc-korean The Development of Domestic Spatial DBMS Driver... Télécharger
spacewalk(freshmeat) Spacewalk Spacewalk is a Linux and Solaris systems manage... Télécharger
navigationalalgorithms(sfnet) Navigational Algorithms - Celestial Navigation: Sight Reduction, Line O... Télécharger
dx2dlib(sfnet) DirectX9 2D Library The DirectX 2D Library provides support for cre... Télécharger
luksus(freshmeat) Luksus Luksus makes it quick and easy to create encryp... Télécharger
ngale(sfnet) Nightingale Nightingale is a community created fork of the ... Télécharger
advance-project(sfnet) ADVANCE Public resources of the ADVANCE European FP7 pr... Télécharger
japs(sfnet) Entando Entando is the leading lean Open Source portal ... Télécharger
fontforgebuilds(sfnet) FontForge Windows builds The aim of this project is to compile up-to-dat... Télécharger
androidonbeaglebonebtutorials(sfnet) Android on Beaglebone Black Tutorials These tutorials includes: Create SDCard with An... Télécharger
openmaint(sfnet) openMAINT openMAINT is an enterprise open source solution... Télécharger
anybackup(sfnet) AnyBackup AnyBackup is designed to keep two pools of volu... Télécharger
gsa-japi(sfnet) Google Search Appliance Java API A Java library as a wrapper for the Google Sear... Télécharger
chakra-linux-pf(sfnet) Chakra Linux-PF Linux-pf is a kernel package based on the stock... Télécharger
jdg-qos-script(freshmeat) Jim diGriz's QoS Script What makes this QoS script different than many ... Télécharger
group-office(freshmeat) GroupOffice groupware and CRM GroupOffice is a groupware suite that takes you... Télécharger
intervals(freshmeat) Interval arithmetic for Ada The library provides an implementation of inter... Télécharger
salto-db(sfnet) Salto Persistence Mechanism Salto Persistence is a object/relational persis... Télécharger
e1000(sfnet) Intel Ethernet Drivers and Utilities This project contains the Linux kernel drivers ... Télécharger
lernstick-personal-learning-en(freshmeat) Lernstick Personal Learning Environment Lernstick is a Live Linux distribution with foc... Télécharger
astguiclient(freshmeat) astGUIclient astGUIclient is part of a suite of programs tha... Télécharger
apache-uimafit(freshmeat) Apache uimaFIT Apache uimaFIT provides Java annotations for de... Télécharger
clamtk(freshmeat) ClamTk ClamTk is a graphical frontend for Clam Antivir... Télécharger
nut(freshmeat) nut nut is nutrition software to record what you ea... Télécharger
yellow(freshmeat) Yellow Yellow is a flat-file content management system... Télécharger
why-cant-i-connect(freshmeat) Why Can't I Connect? "Why Can't I Connect?" makes it easie... Télécharger
zuid(freshmeat) zUID zUID is a unique ID generator service based on ... Télécharger
chrubix(freshmeat) Chrubix Chrubix transforms your ARM-based Chromebook in... Télécharger
datanucleusaccess(freshmeat) DataNucleus AccessPlatform DataNucleus AccessPlatform is a standards-compl... Télécharger
benchthemall(freshmeat) benchthemall benchthemall is a bunch of programs for benchma... Télécharger
php5dimesoap(sfnet) PHP5 SOAP DIME/MIME Attachments PHP5 SOAP Class for DIME Attachments Télécharger
phpcompressor(sfnet) PHPCompressor - auto decompressor file PHP Compressor is a PHP class that compress a s... Télécharger
backupod(sfnet) BackuPod A small program to backup and restore your musi... Télécharger
xinput(sfnet) xinput Project Name : Xinput (Unicode Based Indian Lan... Télécharger
htmlmotorsfree(sfnet) HTML MOTORS FREE Instale na sua maquina esse servidor gratis de ... Télécharger
themoviecollector(sfnet) The Movie Collector This program searches you harddrive for any mov... Télécharger
donnerlaparole(sfnet) DonnerLaParole Clavier virtuel et synthétiseur vocal pour les ... Télécharger
civ4betterai(sfnet) civ4betterai A mod of the Civilization 4 DLL (SDK) with the ... Télécharger
xfdeb(sfnet) XFDeb The purpose of this project is to create a set ... Télécharger
visa-payment-gateway-integrati(freshmeat) Visa Payment Gateway Integration Visa Payment Gateway Integration allows you to ... Télécharger
jdforms(sfnet) JdForms Purpose of this Software is to create a skinned... Télécharger
gmodcommunity(sfnet) Gmod Community gmod community the place to be Télécharger
miarn(sfnet) Experimental Robotics Framework MIARN(Modules for Intelligent Autonomous Robot ... Télécharger
autokeyboardpresser(sfnet) Auto Keyboard Presser The Autosofted Auto Keyboard Presser and Record... Télécharger
componentjs(freshmeat) ComponentJS ComponentJS is a stand-alone library for JavaSc... Télécharger
nuhelp(sfnet) NüHelp: Word/HTML to CHM converter NüHelp converts Microsoft Word documents and HT... Télécharger
xinfo(sfnet) Xsuite (xdrae-xinfo-xedit) This is little suite of software write in tcl/t... Télécharger
dgsh(sfnet) dgsh Dungeon Shell is a shell for D20 Dungeon Master... Télécharger
intellij-idea-ic-portable(sfnet) IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Portable Portable IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Télécharger
foxy(sfnet) FOXY FOXY is a filtering web proxy. Originally desig... Télécharger
pauker(sfnet) Pauker Pauker is a generic flashcard program written i... Télécharger
myerp(sfnet) MyErp: Software gestionale Open Source Accounting and ERP Software in italian - Softwa... Télécharger
idcheck(sfnet) idcheck Cookie based web authentication and single sign... Télécharger
jbento(sfnet) JBento JBento is performance benchmark toolkit written... Télécharger
sdispatialetl(sfnet) Talend Spatial Module Talend Spatial Module (aka Spatial Data Integra... Télécharger
rogeek(sfnet) rogeek The Downloads I provide for www.RoGeek.net visi... Télécharger
fakturama(sfnet) Fakturama - Invoicing Made Easy Fakturama is an open-source software solution d... Télécharger
ts3tools(sfnet) The Sims 3 Tools Tools created for modding/helping purposes on t... Télécharger
cairoclocktheme(sfnet) Cairo Clock themes A collection of themes for MacSlow's Cairo-cloc... Télécharger
windowsxpfreecellformacosx(sfnet) Windows XP Freecell for Mac OS X Port of the classic Windows XP Freecell game to... Télécharger
nmapfe-win(sfnet) Nmap GUI for Windows A really simple User Interface for Nmap 4.01 fo... Télécharger
libnet-dev(sfnet) libnet-dev libnet provides a portable framework for low-le... Télécharger
jboss(sfnet) JBoss Community Community driven projects featuring the latest ... Télécharger
win2flash(sfnet) Win2Flash Please be sure to back all data on your flash d... Télécharger
esfeditor(sfnet) EsfEditor An esf file editor for Empire: Total War Télécharger
pyperclip(sfnet) pyperclip A Python module that provides cross-platform cl... Télécharger
avconv(sfnet) AVConv - Automatic video converter With AVConv, convert video files is automatic a... Télécharger
nodezero(sfnet) nodezero NodeZero is Ubuntu based linux designed as a co... Télécharger
logfiletools(sfnet) Eclipse Logfile Viewer Eclipse Plugin for tailing logfiles, including ... Télécharger
dnd3rd(sfnet) dnd3rd 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Gene... Télécharger
mod2avi(sfnet) mod2avi mod2avi is a bash script that can be used to co... Télécharger
ifme(sfnet) Internet Friendly Media Encoder Convert all your video to the latest and next g... Télécharger
volemon(sfnet) volemon Ce programme a pour but de rendre le mini-jeu V... Télécharger
kidbasic(sfnet) BASIC-256 BASIC-256 is an easy to use version of BASIC de... Télécharger
ylife(sfnet) yLife : Yu-Gi-Oh! Life yLife aims to be the Firefox of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Very... Télécharger
rb3d(sfnet) RPG Builder 3D RPG Builder FREE is a non commercial RPG Develo... Télécharger
xplico(sfnet) Xplico Xplico is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFA... Télécharger
ctftpclient(sfnet) C# TFTP Client A simple TFTP client class written in C#. Télécharger
mpjexpress(sfnet) MPJ Express: Parallel Computing for Java MPJ Express is an implementation of an MPI-like... Télécharger
u3apps(sfnet) U3 Open Source apps Ce projet vise à produire des applications libr... Télécharger
sage-scada(sfnet) sage-scada SAGE is an add-on feature for Inkscape to enabl... Télécharger
unkcsis(sfnet) unkcsis Full repository of all projects completed by st... Télécharger
ccc-language(sfnet) The CCC Programming Language Project The CCC Language is yet another programming lan... Télécharger
openflashchart(sfnet) Open Flash Chart Tutorials: http://teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash... Télécharger
gp-facedetect(sfnet) gestion-photos-face-detection Face detection part for the project Gestion Pho... Télécharger
mmlinuxserver(sfnet) Mobile Mouse Server for Linux An unofficial Mobile Mouse (http://www.mobilemo... Télécharger
eap-ikev2(sfnet) EAP-IKEv2 Project contains a library and patches for free... Télécharger
amanda(sfnet) Amanda Network Backup Amanda is the most popular Backup and Archiving... Télécharger
efi-mips(sfnet) EFI-MIPS uefi on loongson(MIPS). Télécharger
ipodwizard(sfnet) iPodWizard iPodWizard is a program that allows you to chan... Télécharger
ilikeyoumore(sfnet) iLikeYouMore It's a filetype/creator changer for mac os x. W... Télécharger
webacula(sfnet) Webacula Webacula - Web Bacula - web interface of a Bacu... Télécharger
fiji-bi(sfnet) Fiji Fiji is an image processing package based on Im... Télécharger
mfradio(sfnet) MFRadio Streaming radio client for Java 2ME Télécharger
pixelitor(sfnet) Pixelitor Pixelitor is a cross-platform raster graphics e... Télécharger
quinico(freshmeat) Quinico Quinico is a Web application designed to help y... Télécharger
pxpdv(sfnet) PX PDV "PX Point de vente" is a French "... Télécharger
dbgt-ri(sfnet) DBGT-RI English: Game of DBAF made in the RPG Maker 200... Télécharger
s-m-i(sfnet) SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a c... Télécharger

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