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brewery(freshmeat) Brewery Brewery is a Python framework for data streamin... Télécharger
goinedit(freshmeat) goinedit goinedit is a text editor and integrated develo... Télécharger
quality-control(freshmeat) QualityControl Quality Control is a program to manage data in ... Télécharger
webfilesystem(sfnet) WebFileSystem A web-based , user frienldy interface, multi us... Télécharger
gnome-tla(sfnet) gnome-terminal-launcher GNOME Terminal Launcher applet permits to launc... Télécharger
fbi_improved(freshmeat) Fbi IMproved FIM (Fbi IMproved) aims to be a highly customiz... Télécharger
lsystem(sfnet) Editable L-system script for 3Ds Max This script is generator of L-system patterns b... Télécharger
rikulo(freshmeat) Rikulo Rikulo UI is a framework for creating incredibl... Télécharger
psensor(freshmeat) psensor Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature mon... Télécharger
file-drop(sfnet) fileDrop A web base ftp interface for a client-to-busine... Télécharger
rmlint(freshmeat) rmlint rmlint is a command line tool to clean your fil... Télécharger
stackops(freshmeat) StackOps StackOps is a bare-metal distribution of the cl... Télécharger
collectables-database(freshmeat) Collectables Database Collectables Database is a simple, easy-to-use ... Télécharger
muleebmsadapter(sfnet) Mule EbMS Adapter EbMS adapter written for Mule ESB. It does impl... Télécharger
htmlarea(sfnet) htmlarea HTMLArea 4 is a browser based WYSIWYG editor th... Télécharger
ivmsyn(sfnet) ivmsyn Based on IVM(Illinois Verilog Module), redeign ... Télécharger
foo2hiperc(freshmeat) foo2hiperc foo2hiperc is a printer driver for printers tha... Télécharger
webpos(sfnet) WebPOS a web-based(php+xajax+mysql) POS for restaurant... Télécharger
ecmdeveloper(sfnet) ECM Developer ECM Developer is an Eclipse plug-in aimed at su... Télécharger
cumulus4j(sfnet) cumulus4j Cumulus4j is an encryption plug-in for DataNucl... Télécharger
capturemock(freshmeat) CaptureMock CaptureMock provides capture-replay mocking for... Télécharger
skycabal(sfnet) SkyCABAL This is our client for Cabal Online Game Télécharger
radierl(freshmeat) Radierl The radierl project implements the RADIUS proto... Télécharger
easy-debugger(freshmeat) Easy Debugger Easy Debugger is a simple class that makes debu... Télécharger
flaka(freshmeat) Flaka Flaka is an extension for Ant that runs with An... Télécharger
doit-deluge(freshmeat) DoIt Deluge DoIt Deluge is a Deluge plug-in to execute comm... Télécharger
pgmp(freshmeat) pgmp pgmp is a PostgreSQL extension module that adds... Télécharger
sharp2word(freshmeat) Sharp2Word Sharp2Word is Word 2003 XML Documents Generator... Télécharger
graphix(freshmeat) Graphix Graphix is light PHP library that helps you use... Télécharger
gh-issues(freshmeat) gh-issues Gh-issues is a command line tool to display iss... Télécharger
projectvenom(sfnet) projectvenom Runescape automation application. Télécharger
coffee-sc(sfnet) Coffee Coffee will keep your computer wide awake while... Télécharger
lekho(sfnet) lekho A collection of tools and resources for using b... Télécharger
scsi_rescan(freshmeat) scsi_rescan scsi_rescan is a script that provides a list of... Télécharger
contra-cnv(sfnet) contra-cnv Copy Number Analysis for Targeted Resequencing ... Télécharger
hlanguage(sfnet) hlanguage H Language is a language derived from C And C++... Télécharger
open-board(freshmeat) open-board Open-Board is a Web application for developers ... Télécharger
rootify(freshmeat) rootify rootify is an easy-to-use privilege escalation ... Télécharger
wspurify(freshmeat) wspurify wspurify removes all whitespace from the end of... Télécharger
xmlpatch(freshmeat) xmlpatch Xmlpatch is a simple utility to change XML file... Télécharger
open-dhcp-server(freshmeat) Open DHCP Server Open DHCP Server is full fledged, all purpose D... Télécharger
wolf-software-geomap-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Geomap Class Wolf Software Geomap Class is a class that uses... Télécharger
linux-kernel-make-xconfig-enha(freshmeat) Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhancement Patch Linux Kernel "make xconfig" Enhanceme... Télécharger
canvas-events(freshmeat) Canvas Events Canvas Events is an object that can emulate mou... Télécharger
hawkowl(sfnet) hawkowl HawkOWL - A data Retrieval tool for the OWL ene... Télécharger
highlighter-js(freshmeat) Highlighter JS Highlighter JS is an object that highlights wor... Télécharger
gcountdown(freshmeat) gCountDown gCountDown is a simple countdown timer and alar... Télécharger
gamify(freshmeat) Gamify Gamify is a PHP class that can manage user expe... Télécharger
wavelet2d(freshmeat) wavelet2d wavelet2d is a set of C++ libraries for 1D/2D (... Télécharger
scriba-ebook-maker(freshmeat) SCRIBA eBook Maker SCRIBA eBook Maker is an engine that builds eBo... Télécharger
htmlformsgenerationandvalidati(freshmeat) HTML Forms generation and validation HTML Forms generation and validation is a PHP c... Télécharger
distroslinux(sfnet) DistrOS Multiboot System Customizable multi-boot system installer. Télécharger
qdae(freshmeat) Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator QDAE is an emulator supporting various 16-bit c... Télécharger
foo2slx(freshmeat) foo2slx foo2slx is a printer driver for printers that u... Télécharger
cutesdr(sfnet) cutesdr Qt based Software Defined Radio Interface Télécharger
chnorm(freshmeat) Chnorm Chnorm is a simple command line utility for set... Télécharger
dumbsvnreview(freshmeat) dumbsvnreview dumbsvnreview is a very simple frontend for per... Télécharger
xstatbar(freshmeat) xstatbar xstatbar is a minimal system stats viewer for X... Télécharger
xosdvolume(freshmeat) XOSDVolume XOSDVolume is a graphical sound volume level in... Télécharger
hopspack(freshmeat) HOPSPACK HOPSPACK solves derivative-free optimization pr... Télécharger
ttx-teletext-browser(freshmeat) ttx teletext browser ttx teletext browser is a little program to rea... Télécharger
spritemapper(freshmeat) SpriteMapper SpriteMapper is a program that creates sprite m... Télécharger
webfloor(freshmeat) WebFloor WebFloor is a Web application framework built o... Télécharger
excel2fv(sfnet) Excel2FV Version Control and Development Center for Exce... Télécharger
briss(sfnet) briss This project aims to offer a simple cross-platf... Télécharger
ai-prolog(freshmeat) AI-Prolog AI::Prolog is a predicate logic engine implemen... Télécharger
steelsquiddelinorrapp(freshmeat) SteelsquidDeliNorrApp SteelsquidDeliNorrApp is an Android app for dis... Télécharger
qliss3d(freshmeat) 3D Lissajous Figures qliss3d renders 3D Lissajous figures (figures m... Télécharger
flac-utils(freshmeat) flac-utils Flac-utils is a toolkit for managing FLAC files... Télécharger
mplayer2(freshmeat) mplayer2 mplayer2 is an advanced general-purpose video p... Télécharger
exchange(freshmeat) Exchanges Exchanges is a Bash CGI script that publishes o... Télécharger
psx(freshmeat) psx PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful API... Télécharger
extcarve(freshmeat) extcarve extcarve is a ext2/ext3/ext4 file recovery and ... Télécharger
beanoh(freshmeat) Beanoh Beanoh (pronounced Bean-oh) is a simple tool fo... Télécharger
apiary-db(sfnet) Apiary A simple embedded database engine, its a utilit... Télécharger
wedana(freshmeat) Wedana Wedana (Web Electronic Design Automation Native... Télécharger
zebra_mptt(freshmeat) Zebra_Mptt Zebra_MPTT is a PHP class that provides an impl... Télécharger
absolutelyessen(sfnet) Learning-Words - J2ME This is a j2me "Learning-Words" proje... Télécharger
scrabble-words(freshmeat) Scrabble-Words Scrabble-Words is a Web application that rememb... Télécharger
libidn2(freshmeat) Libidn2 Libidn2 is an implementation of IDNA2008 that p... Télécharger
keldair(freshmeat) Keldair Keldair is an IRC bot framework. It supports mo... Télécharger
easysync(freshmeat) Easysync Easysync allows you to synchronize files among ... Télécharger
pam_ttylog(freshmeat) pam_ttylog pam_ttylog is a PAM module to log console outpu... Télécharger
mailchariot(freshmeat) MailChariot MailChariot's only mission is to get your incom... Télécharger
relational-etudes(freshmeat) Relational Ètudes Relational Ètudes (re, for short) is an impleme... Télécharger
qoo-framework(freshmeat) qoo framework Qoo is a lightweight and easy-to-customize PHP5... Télécharger
helm(freshmeat) Helm Helm is a system monitor. It allows you to cust... Télécharger
jscicalc(sfnet) java scientific calculator A desktop calculator/scientific calculator. Use... Télécharger
group-e(sfnet) group-e GROUP-E integrates groupware, project managemen... Télécharger
jgamebase(sfnet) jGameBase - Universal Emulator Frontend jGameBase is a Java port of GameBase, a fully-f... Télécharger
oss2(sfnet) oss2 here we go again..... Télécharger
chopzing(sfnet) chopzing Creation of an Open Source Disc as part of a Te... Télécharger
transmod2(sfnet) Transmod 2 : Torchlight 2 en français Traduction française de Torchlight 2. Pour en ... Télécharger
screencopy(sfnet) screencopy A tool to create screenshots and more. Télécharger
aria2cremote(sfnet) Aria2c Remote Control Aria2c Remote Control UI for Aria2c Télécharger
elfio(freshmeat) ELFIO ELFIO is an ELF (Executable and Linkable Format... Télécharger
listparser(freshmeat) listparser listparser is a Python library that parses subs... Télécharger
whiteboard-2(freshmeat) Whiteboard Whiteboard lets the user draw freehand graphics... Télécharger
spotlightjs(freshmeat) SpotlightJS SpotlightJS shows a spotlight over a Web page. ... Télécharger
opendj(freshmeat) OpenDJ OpenDJ is an LDAPv3 compliant directory server ... Télécharger

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