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expressdownload(sfnet) Express Download Manager Express Download Manager is a download manager ... Télécharger
mwedit(sfnet) MWEdit An alternate editor for the Elder Scrolls: Morr... Télécharger
hxgrid(sfnet) hxGrid hxGrid is distributed computing library for C++... Télécharger
hibernatesynch(sfnet) Hibernate Synchronizer Eclipse Plugin HibernateSynchronizer is an Eclipse plugin code... Télécharger
blackballed(sfnet) BlackBallEd BlackBallEd is a graphical level-editor for the... Télécharger
urbi(sfnet) URBI Project URBI: Universal Robotic Body Interface. URBI is... Télécharger
fusiondirectory(freshmeat) FusionDirectory Fusiondirectory is an infrastructure manager. I... Télécharger
ackr(freshmeat) ackr Ackr is a very small subset of grep/ack/rak, fo... Télécharger
akrip(sfnet) AKRip CD-DA Extraction Library CD-DA digital audio extraction library for 32-b... Télécharger
gwget(sfnet) Gwget Download Manager for Gnome2. It uses wget as a ... Télécharger
almagest(sfnet) Almagest A multimedia database system comprised of a rel... Télécharger
exoops(sfnet) ScarPoX / Runcms / E-xoops A comprehensive content management system (CMS)... Télécharger
cardiacatlas(sfnet) Cardiac Atlas Project The aim of the cardiac atlas project is to esta... Télécharger
rarexpander(sfnet) RAR Expander Rar Expander is a MacOSX program which extracts... Télécharger
cerberus(sfnet) cerberus services cerberus is a modular and robust network operat... Télécharger
roaminsmpp(sfnet) RoaminSMPP SMPP library written in C#. Intended to be ful... Télécharger
lntogoogle(sfnet) Lotus Notes to Google Calendar tool This is a one-way sync program that will sync y... Télécharger
sol-enet(sfnet) solaris-etherdrivers Various ethernet drivers for Solaris. Télécharger
universerpg(sfnet) Universe RPG Universe is a set of documents for a freely-ava... Télécharger
magicajax(sfnet) MagicAjax.NET - AJAX Framework A framework that provides AJAX technologies for... Télécharger
bmp2c(sfnet) bmp2c Converts bitmap file to c/c++ files (usefull fo... Télécharger
gapps-moodle(sfnet) Google Apps for Moodle This will integrate Google Apps services with M... Télécharger
perfmonbar(sfnet) Performance Monitor Toolbar Displays performance counters on the Windows Ta... Télécharger
ipaint(sfnet) iPaint iPaint is a painting application for Mac OS X. ... Télécharger
huaweie169h3g(sfnet) Installation HUAWEI E169 E156 for H3G IT INSTALL USB KEY HUAWEI E169 and E156. Risolve i... Télécharger
iphoneprototype(sfnet) iPhonePrototype This is a plug-in to browser Mozilla FireFox fo... Télécharger
clammail(sfnet) ClamMail ClamMail is POP3 email proxy for Windows with i... Télécharger
modauthkerb(sfnet) Kerberos Module For Apache Mod_auth_kerb is a module that provides Kerbero... Télécharger
smartycms(sfnet) SmartyCMS - the Smarty CMS System SmartyCMS is a small PHP framework extension fo... Télécharger
fobs(sfnet) FFMpeg Objects - C++ & JMF bindings Fobs (Ffmpeg OBjectS) offers multiplatform obje... Télécharger
simplecheck(sfnet) SimpleCheck E-Mail Notification Client SimpleCheck is a fast, low resource, server ori... Télécharger
snmpjmanager(sfnet) SNMP JManager SNMP JManager is an open-source SNMP manager an... Télécharger
wput(sfnet) wput Wput is a command-line ftp-client that looks li... Télécharger
ifeffit(sfnet) IFEFFIT: Interactive XAFS Analysis IFEFFIT is a library and set of interactive pro... Télécharger
ryzom(sfnet) Ryzom Ryzom Core is a toolkit for the development of ... Télécharger
solarix(sfnet) Integra desktop search engine Full text search engine - console tools and GUI... Télécharger
pygccxml(sfnet) C++ Python language bindings This project will help you to expose C++ librar... Télécharger
dxr3player(sfnet) dxr3Player - DVD player for Linux/DXR3 This project aims to create a DVD player for Li... Télécharger
ninan(sfnet) NINAN NINAN, a webapplication to download binary cont... Télécharger
fgsd(sfnet) FlightGear Scenery Designer FGSD is an interactive scenery designer/builder... Télécharger
radiotray(sfnet) Radio Tray Radio Tray is a streaming player for listening ... Télécharger
rtss(sfnet) the Robotics Toolbox for Scilab/Scicos RTSS is intended for modeling and simulation of... Télécharger
sphider-plus(sfnet) Sphider-plus This project is based on the PHP Sphider search... Télécharger
kshowmail(sfnet) KShowmail New Maintainer wanted! I'm looking for a new ma... Télécharger
spserver(sfnet) spserver SPServer is a C++ server framework library that... Télécharger
spe(sfnet) Stani's Python Editor SPE is a python IDE with auto indentation&c... Télécharger
ipodmanager(sfnet) iPod Manager This program can do a lot of thing to the ipod.... Télécharger
iostools(sfnet) IOSTools A collection of network and administration tool... Télécharger
groboutils(sfnet) GroboUtils A group of Java-based testing tools and JUnit e... Télécharger
gpsdrive(sfnet) GpsDrive Gpsdrive is a car (bike, ship, plane) navigatio... Télécharger
hackmodcore(sfnet) .hack Server modded Mangos Core & SD2 Mangos core & SD2 compiled with Chrnp Lawli... Télécharger
http-tunnel(sfnet) HTTPTunnel Enables tunneling of network connections throug... Télécharger
javagb(sfnet) Java GB A Java-based Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator... Télécharger
tktable(sfnet) TkTable / Tile / Vu TkTable is a full-featured 2D table widget for ... Télécharger
ssfiledll(sfnet) Outlook msg file parser DLL Outlook Msg file parser dll, for retrival of in... Télécharger
adempierelbr(sfnet) ADempiere ERP Localization Brazil This project is an extension to the Adempiere/C... Télécharger
itheater(sfnet) iTheater: The Mac Media Center iTheater is an open source project that aims to... Télécharger
scim(sfnet) Smart Common Input Method platform The Smart Common Input Method platform (SCIM), ... Télécharger
one-jar(sfnet) One-JAR(TM) One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing pr... Télécharger
stealthnet(sfnet) RShare/StealthNet StealthNet is the new and enhanced standard cli... Télécharger
novelclient(sfnet) Novel Client for Linux Provides an easy to use, GUI, network client to... Télécharger
mstone(sfnet) mstone multi-protocol testing system Mstone is a mail performance measurement system... Télécharger
roadnav(sfnet) Roadnav Roadnav is an open source street navigation sol... Télécharger
xu4(sfnet) xu4 - Ultima IV recreated xu4 is a recreation of the classic computer RPG... Télécharger
itunesnowplayin(sfnet) iTunes Now Playing plug-in iTunesNowPlaying is a plug-in for Itunes for wi... Télécharger
jblend(sfnet) JBlend Framework Final productions of Open Source Software 2009 Télécharger
jbmfont(sfnet) BMFont for Java BMFont is a Java class for using bitmap fonts (... Télécharger
atutor(sfnet) ATutor (Learning Management System) ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Man... Télécharger
linguistico(sfnet) A set of linguistics tools Linguistico is a linguistics tools project base... Télécharger
corona(sfnet) Corona Image I/O Library Corona is an image reading/writing library for ... Télécharger
jarsync(sfnet) Jarsync - a Java rsync implementation. Jarsync is a Java implementation of the rsync a... Télécharger
stucksweep(sfnet) Stuck Pixel Sweeper Stuck pixels are those pixels on an LCD (TFT) s... Télécharger
galaxyhack(sfnet) GalaxyHack Multiplayer AI script based strategy game. Télécharger
amigaone-linux(sfnet) AmigaOne/Teron CX/PX Linux support Linux support for the AmigaOne/MAI Teron CX/MAI... Télécharger
mirdeepstar(sfnet) miRDeep* MiRDeep*: An Integrated Application Tool For Mi... Télécharger
can4linux(sfnet) can4linux can4linux is an universal Linux device driver f... Télécharger
fbmath(sfnet) FBMath FreeBasic Math library Télécharger
lngooglecalsync(sfnet) LotusNotes-Google Calendar Synchronizer This application synchronizes Lotus Notes Calen... Télécharger
lam(sfnet) LDAP Account Manager LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a webfrontend for... Télécharger
edumips64(sfnet) EduMIPS64 EduMIPS64 (aka edumips) is a cross-platform MIP... Télécharger
fam-connections(sfnet) Family Connections Family Connections is a private social networki... Télécharger
htmlcleaner(sfnet) HtmlCleaner HtmlCleaner is HTML parser written in Java. It ... Télécharger
autoradiobc(sfnet) autoradio Radio automation software. Starting from media... Télécharger
sunshineun(sfnet) SunshineUN SunshineUN is a free Napster based filesharing ... Télécharger
subdownloader(sfnet) Subdownloader: subtitle downloader SubDownloader is an automatic tool to find the ... Télécharger
netkiller(sfnet) Neo's ebook Series Documents: Netkiller Linux ,Ubuntu, Cent... Télécharger
javaopenchess(sfnet) Java Open Chess Java Open Chess is a project written in Java in... Télécharger
numexp(sfnet) NumExp A Gnome Application for numeric calculations an... Télécharger
kernel-netbook(sfnet) kernel-netbook Nieoficjalna wersja jądra, ma dać pełne wsparci... Télécharger
snmpsim(sfnet) SNMP Simulator SNMP Simulator is a software that would act lik... Télécharger
twincat(sfnet) Beckhoff TwinCAT Examples Examples for Beckhoff TwinCAT Developers. See a... Télécharger
hamsimanager(sfnet) Hamsi Manager Hamsi Manager is a file manager developed for e... Télécharger
softprojector(sfnet) softProjector Наша цель это создать программу которая простая... Télécharger
fourdo(sfnet) 4DO An open-source emulator for the 3DO Game Console. Télécharger
zynaddsubfx(sfnet) ZynAddSubFX ZynAddSubFX is a powerful realtime, multi-timbr... Télécharger
zpar(sfnet) ZPar ZPar statistical parser. Universal language sup... Télécharger
rem1(sfnet) REM - A NetBeans Module for ZK REM is a NetBeans module for ZK application dev... Télécharger
wowexplorer(sfnet) wow explorer a WPF and Directx9, Directx11, OpenGL implement... Télécharger
matriux(sfnet) Matriux Matriux is a GNU/Linux, Debian based security d... Télécharger
ooo-imath(sfnet) iMath Intelligent formulas: Numeric and symbolic calc... Télécharger

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