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pyjs(freshmeat) Pyjs Pyjs is a Python-to-Javascript compiler and an ... Télécharger
glunarclock(sfnet) GNOME Lunar Clock Applet displays the current phase of the Moon as an ap... Télécharger
bazaid-botnet(sfnet) Bazaid Http BotNet Http BotNet Coder : Bazaid Home : Dev-point.co... Télécharger
libofx(freshmeat) LibOFX LibOFX is a generic library to allow financial ... Télécharger
red-language(freshmeat) Red language Red language is a native-code compiled function... Télécharger
mynotex(freshmeat) MyNotex MyNotex is software for taking notes, filing do... Télécharger
domjudge(freshmeat) DOMjudge DOMjudge is an automated judgement system to ru... Télécharger
virtualaudiodev(sfnet) virtual audio capture device audio capture device to capture all the "w... Télécharger
path-defense-framework(freshmeat) Path Defense Framework Path Defense Framework is a .NET/Mono library f... Télécharger
libnetfilter_cttimeout(freshmeat) libnetfilter_cttimeout libnetfilter_cttimeout is an interface to Netfi... Télécharger
sysmt(freshmeat) SysMT SysMT implements a Web based calendar system to... Télécharger
dirfile(freshmeat) GetData Library GetData is a library that provides an API to in... Télécharger
pgahtow(sfnet) Digital Modellbahn Projekt Files für den Eigenbau von (Modellbahn)... Télécharger
lambdadroid(sfnet) Lambda Droid A lambda calculus interpreter for android. Télécharger
qtexmaker(freshmeat) Texmaker Texmaker integrates many tools needed to develo... Télécharger
ollyadvlabels(sfnet) OllyDbg plugin: advanced labels OllyDbg plugin: advanced labels with user datat... Télécharger
linkbrowser(freshmeat) LinkBrowser LinkBrowser is a program for browsing the links... Télécharger
fish-sync(freshmeat) Fish Sync Fish Sync is a file syncing application. It ca... Télécharger
bison(freshmeat) bison Bison is a parser generator in the style of yac... Télécharger
grep(freshmeat) grep GNU grep is based on a fast lazy-state determin... Télécharger
netgen-mesher(sfnet) Netgen Mesh Generator NETGEN is an automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh gene... Télécharger
imbushuoscode(sfnet) imbushuo's Code imbushuo's personal Code Library Télécharger
clfs(freshmeat) Cross-LFS Cross Linux From Scratch (CLFS) is a project th... Télécharger
wfrpv3(sfnet) WFRP 3rd Edition Ruleset Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition ruleset ... Télécharger
pxl(sfnet) PXL The Physics eXtension Library (PXL) is a C++ to... Télécharger
cosas(sfnet) Cosas Cosas is a web emulation of the GTD app Things.... Télécharger
bricolage(sfnet) Bricolage Bricolage is a full-featured open source conten... Télécharger
cell-id(sfnet) Cell-ID Toolchain for quantification of fluorescence in... Télécharger
htt(sfnet) HTTP Test Tool httest is a script based tool for testing and b... Télécharger
netiogui(sfnet) NetIO-GUI NetIO-GUI is a Windows frontend for the multipl... Télécharger
gabedit(sfnet) Gabedit Gabedit is a Graphical User Interface for FireF... Télécharger
multiple-eyepairs-only(freshmeat) Multiple Eyepairs Only Multiple Eyepairs Only is a project to define a... Télécharger
neddick(freshmeat) Neddick Neddick is part of the Fogcutter suite of tools... Télécharger
ganglia-job-monarch(freshmeat) Job Monarch Job Monarch is an add-on to the Ganglia Monitor... Télécharger
soaprest-mock-service(freshmeat) SOAP/REST Mock Service SOAP/REST Mock Service is a simple configurable... Télécharger
libvalhalla(freshmeat) libvalhalla libvalhalla is a library written in C. It is a ... Télécharger
aide(freshmeat) AIDE AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)... Télécharger
dupeguru-picture-edition(freshmeat) dupeGuru Picture Edition dupeGuru Picture Edition is a tool to find dupl... Télécharger
lizzy(sfnet) Lizzy Java library + tools allowing to parse/create/e... Télécharger
4th(freshmeat) 4tH compiler 4tH is a Forth compiler with a little differenc... Télécharger
astyle(freshmeat) Artistic Style Artistic Style is a fast and small open-source ... Télécharger
concordance(freshmeat) Concordance Concordance supports programming Logitech Harmo... Télécharger
termit(freshmeat) termit termit is a terminal emulator based on the vte ... Télécharger
sidu(sfnet) SIDU admin GUI : MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite SIDU is a FREE database web GUI written in PHP.... Télécharger
perl(freshmeat) Perl Perl is a high-level, general-purpose programmi... Télécharger
bitnami-stack-for-piwik(freshmeat) BitNami Stack for Piwik BitNami Stack for Piwik is an easy-to-install d... Télécharger
rgxg(freshmeat) rgxg rgxg (ReGular eXpression Generator) is a C libr... Télécharger
dkim-verify(freshmeat) dkim-verify DKIM-Verify is a software application that can ... Télécharger
megatools(freshmeat) megatools Megatools is a collection of programs for acces... Télécharger
hg-diff(freshmeat) hg-diff hg-diff is a simple GUI program to browse mercu... Télécharger
yate(freshmeat) Yet Another Telephony Engine Yate is a next-generation telephony engine. Whi... Télécharger
plugui(freshmeat) PlugUI PlugUI is a sysadmin Web interface for small AR... Télécharger
leeditor(freshmeat) le editor LE has many block operations with stream and re... Télécharger
jspbrowser(freshmeat) jsp File Browser jsp File Browser is an easy to use and install ... Télécharger
data-validator(freshmeat) Data Validator Data Validator is a class to validate a set of ... Télécharger
libadapt(freshmeat) libadapt libadapt is a generic framework to add adaptivi... Télécharger
pdfvcon(freshmeat) PDFvcon PDFvcon is a GUI front-end for Ghostscript that... Télécharger
liblacewing(freshmeat) liblacewing liblacewing is a cross-platform, high-level net... Télécharger
avogadro(sfnet) Avogadro Avogadro is an advanced molecular editor design... Télécharger
ldiftoxlsmodule(sfnet) LDIF to XLS (Excel) module ENGLISH: (Español más abajo) Module (.bas) base... Télécharger
corporatevault(sfnet) corporatevault A multi-user password management web applicatio... Télécharger
freepops(sfnet) FreePOPs FreePOPs is a webmail to pop3 conversion daemon... Télécharger
ktree(sfnet) ktree K-tree provides a scalable approach to clusteri... Télécharger
dtastatix(freshmeat) DataStatix DataStatix manages data of every kind, creates ... Télécharger
jfaq_gen(freshmeat) Java FAQ Generator Java FAQ Generator is a command line tool that ... Télécharger
wraithbotpack(sfnet) Wraith IRC Botpack Wraith is an open source IRC bot written in C++... Télécharger
ppcoin(sfnet) PPCoin Continue on Satoshi Nakamoto's groundbreaking p... Télécharger
bimiso8583java(sfnet) BIM-ISO8583.JAVA BIM-ISO8583.JAVA is a Java based library that a... Télécharger
wwwhisper(freshmeat) wwwhisper wwwhisper is a privacy-friendly system which si... Télécharger
lazarusproject(sfnet) LazarusProject software Цель проекта - популяризация свободного програм... Télécharger
mp3splt(sfnet) mp3splt mp3splt is a free utility to split mp3, ogg vor... Télécharger
cudalucas(sfnet) CUDALucas CUDALucas is a program implementing the Lucas-L... Télécharger
bladedesigner(sfnet) bladedesigner The BladeDesigner package is a CAD/CAE tool pro... Télécharger
twinkql(freshmeat) Twinkql Twinkql is a SPARQL to Object mapping framework... Télécharger
d2ce-ds(sfnet) Diablo 2 Character Editor (D2CE-DS) This is a character and items editor for the ga... Télécharger
openmedialibrary(freshmeat) Open Media Library openmedialibrary is a media library based on Op... Télécharger
wolf-cms(freshmeat) Wolf CMS Wolf CMS simplifies content management by offer... Télécharger
easytodolist(sfnet) Easy ToDoList An easy to use front end Todo list web application Télécharger
aletheia(freshmeat) aletheia Aletheia is a browser-like application for send... Télécharger
acrotsr(freshmeat) acrotsr acrotsr is an IRC game in which players are giv... Télécharger
authforce(freshmeat) authforce Authforce is an HTTP authentication brute force... Télécharger
musicextras(freshmeat) Musicextras Musicextras is a program for automatically retr... Télécharger
mapito(freshmeat) Mapito Mapito is a platform for editing and sharing sp... Télécharger
wwine(freshmeat) wwine wwine is a simple Wine wrapper. It supports sev... Télécharger
enc2ly(freshmeat) Enc2ly Enc2ly is a small tool for dumping musical info... Télécharger
stlport(sfnet) STLport Multiplatform C++ Standard Library (STL impleme... Télécharger
geotypes(freshmeat) GeoTypes GeoTypes is a Python library that implements bo... Télécharger
enrollix(freshmeat) Enrollix Enrollix manages enrollment of people to associ... Télécharger
ocrodjvu(freshmeat) ocrodjvu ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems that allo... Télécharger
windows7neuinst(sfnet) Windows Neuinstall Software Hier bekommt ihr so ziemlich alles was Ihr nach... Télécharger
j2mod(sfnet) j2mod This is a fork of the jamod Modbus library, tak... Télécharger
dbcopyplugin(sfnet) SQuirreL DB Copy Plugin DB Copy Plugin is a plugin for the SQuirreL SQL... Télécharger
ipdc(freshmeat) iPDC iPDC is a Phasor Data Concentrator that collect... Télécharger
denunce(sfnet) denunceinrete Pdf denunce dei cittadini Télécharger
redis-live(freshmeat) RedisLive RedisLive is a dashboard that allows you to vis... Télécharger
watintestrecord(sfnet) Test Recorder Application to record tests for Celerity, SODA,... Télécharger
xinco(sfnet) xinco - Document Management System, DMS xinco INformation COre is a powerful Web-Servic... Télécharger
awake-sql(freshmeat) Awake SQL Awake SQL is a virtual JDBC Driver and a framew... Télécharger
gforge(freshmeat) GForge GForge is a Web-based collaborative development... Télécharger
hpc-portal(sfnet) Cloud WebCenter Platform Cloud WebCenter Platform is the upgrade edition... Télécharger

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