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rpccalc(freshmeat) rpcCalc rpcCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notatio... Télécharger
cad2octree(freshmeat) cad2octree cad2octree allows users to generate an octree s... Télécharger
mplayerd(freshmeat) mplayerd mplayerd is a simple C daemon designed to contr... Télécharger
doulos(freshmeat) Doulos Web Application Framework Doulos is a framework for rapidly developing o... Télécharger
knit(freshmeat) Knit Knit is a new component definition and linking ... Télécharger
cmi(freshmeat) Cross Module Inliner CMI is an optimizing frontend for gcc which all... Télécharger
scripfm(freshmeat) scr_ipfm scr_ipfm is a PHP script which graphically disp... Télécharger
dvgrab(freshmeat) dvgrab dvgrab receives audio and video data from a dig... Télécharger
kaolak(freshmeat) Kaolak Kaolak is a Web-based community system. A Kaola... Télécharger
desift(freshmeat) desift desift is a tool for formatting and filtering t... Télécharger
krc(freshmeat) K remote control Krc is a graphical irexec for KDE. It docks in ... Télécharger
mylink(freshmeat) MyLink MyLink is a free Uplink clone with some new fea... Télécharger
mod_auth_tds(freshmeat) mod_auth_tds mod_auth_tds is a module for the Apache HTTP se... Télécharger
rtlab(freshmeat) RTLab RTLab is an RTLinux/RTAI-based data acquisition... Télécharger
archimede(freshmeat) Archimede Archimede is an all-purpose programmable calcu... Télécharger
autobench(freshmeat) autobench Autobench is a collection of scripts designed t... Télécharger
xppaut(freshmeat) XPPAUT XPPAUT is software for the analysis and simulat... Télécharger
fush(freshmeat) fush Fush is a Unix shell replacement. It provides i... Télécharger
routekill(freshmeat) routekill 'routekill' assists the Unix administrator in n... Télécharger
peffisaur(freshmeat) Peffisaur Peffisaur is a multiuser MMS blogging system. I... Télécharger
psplit(freshmeat) Psplit Psplit splits a large file into smaller segment... Télécharger
sgraph(freshmeat) Sgraph Sgraph is a utility to create graphs from data ... Télécharger
flamethrower(freshmeat) Flamethrower Flamethrower is a multicast file distribution s... Télécharger
cleanpop(freshmeat) CleanPOP CleanPOP cleans your POP3 mailbox based on your... Télécharger
php_rdf(freshmeat) PHP RDF Parser PHP RDF Parser is a PHP class designed to consu... Télécharger
tsemgr(freshmeat) tsemgr tsemgr is a GTK+ application to manage the Sony... Télécharger
mepis(freshmeat) MEPIS Linux MEPIS Linux is a desktop Linux system that is a... Télécharger
deep-view(freshmeat) Deep-View Deep-View is a graphical file browser. It can b... Télécharger
wmbatteries(freshmeat) wmbatteries wmbatteries is a wmaker dockapp which provides ... Télécharger
dttool(freshmeat) dttool dttool is a small tool for the Digitech USB pro... Télécharger
ksec(freshmeat) Kernel Security Checker Kernel Security Checker is a useful tool to loc... Télécharger
geurocalc(freshmeat) geurocalc geurocalc is a Euro converter which can also be... Télécharger
drugref(freshmeat) drugref Drugref is a collaborative effort to create and... Télécharger
teapop(freshmeat) teapop Teapop is another RFC1939 compliant POP3-server... Télécharger
jal(freshmeat) Jal Jal is a partial Java port of the C++ Standard ... Télécharger
fbi(freshmeat) fbi fbi is an image viewer which displays images on... Télécharger
zmw(freshmeat) Zero Memory Widget The Zero Memory Widget library is as powerful a... Télécharger
kstat(freshmeat) Kernel Security Therapy Anti-Trolls Kernel Security Therapy Anti-Trolls (KSTAT) is ... Télécharger
brag(freshmeat) brag Brag collects and assembles multipart binary at... Télécharger
invicta(freshmeat) Invicta Invicta is an open-source build management tool... Télécharger
underc(freshmeat) UnderC C++ Interpreter UnderC was designed as a compact fast interpret... Télécharger
cvsreport(freshmeat) cvsreport CVSreport produces text or enhanced HTML activi... Télécharger
myer(freshmeat) Myer Myer supports contemplative review of C source ... Télécharger
casm(freshmeat) CASM CASM is an offline content management tool. It ... Télécharger
digitaldj(freshmeat) DigitalDJ DigitalDJ is an SQL-based MP3-player frontend d... Télécharger
roam(freshmeat) Roaming Homedir Roaming Homedir is a script to make it easy to ... Télécharger
mailbox_reader(freshmeat) mailbox_reader mailbox_reader is a Python module providing two... Télécharger
okle(freshmeat) oKle oKle is a KDE frontend to the Ogle DVD player. Télécharger
buglist(freshmeat) BugList BugList is a bug/feature tracking system focu... Télécharger
jgim(freshmeat) KMapIME KMapIME is a Java-based input method engine (IM... Télécharger
algae(freshmeat) The Algae Programming Language Algae is a programming language for numerical a... Télécharger
dcd(freshmeat) dave's cd player dave's cd player (dcd) is a simple command-line... Télécharger
tyserv(freshmeat) tyserv Tyserv is a DBMS for UNIX-like systems. It has ... Télécharger
viergewinnt(freshmeat) Viergewinnt Viergewinnt is the famous game "Connect 4&... Télécharger
sysmond(freshmeat) Sysmond Sysmon is a tool to monitor the state of one or... Télécharger
bib2htmlwkiri(freshmeat) Kiri's bib2html Kiri's bib2html is a utility for converting a b... Télécharger
result-set-dom(freshmeat) java.sql.ResultSet DOM Wrapper The java.sql.ResultSet DOM Wrapper implements t... Télécharger
ude(freshmeat) UDE UDE, the Unix Desktop Environment, is a new GUI... Télécharger
grapevine(freshmeat) The Grapevine Project The Grapevine Project is an anonymizing peer-to... Télécharger
etktab(freshmeat) eTktab eTktab edits ASCII tablature for 4, 5, 6, and 7... Télécharger
card304(freshmeat) 304 card game 304 is a very popular card game in Northern par... Télécharger
lowcal(freshmeat) LowCal LowCal is a lightweight Web-based calendar of e... Télécharger
kam2(freshmeat) KAM2 KAM2 is an answering machine for KDE2. It shows... Télécharger
popular(freshmeat) POPular POPular is a suite of programs for setting up a... Télécharger
textmaze(freshmeat) TextMaze TextMaze is a small console-based game. It gene... Télécharger
askemos(freshmeat) Askemos "Ball", the Byzantine Askemos Languag... Télécharger
mod_img(freshmeat) mod_img mod_img is an Apache module for image processin... Télécharger
apamod(freshmeat) APAMOD APAMOD is a command line tool for manipulation ... Télécharger
pcopy(freshmeat) Pcopy Pcopy is intended to be used when doing large d... Télécharger
jamm(freshmeat) Jamm Jamm (Java Mail Manager) is a Web application t... Télécharger
aedgui(freshmeat) aedGUI aedGUI is a cross-platform C++ GUI library tha... Télécharger
phpicalendar(freshmeat) PHP iCalendar PHP iCalendar is a PHP-based iCal file parser. ... Télécharger
quickdc(freshmeat) QuickDC QuickDC is a UNIX/Linux client for Neo-Modus's ... Télécharger
suavedns(freshmeat) SuaveDNS SuaveDNS is a set of Perl and PHP programs whic... Télécharger
first2html(freshmeat) First Choice to HTML First Choice to HTML converts PFS:First Choice ... Télécharger
darkfireircd(freshmeat) DarkFire IRC Daemon DarkFire IRCd is an efficient, modern, and flex... Télécharger
twistedjava(freshmeat) TwistedJava TwistedJava is an implementation of the Perspec... Télécharger
pathetic_org(freshmeat) Pathetic.org Community Software The Pathetic.org Community Software is the comp... Télécharger
lfgapp(freshmeat) lfgapp lfgapp is a client and server which provides a ... Télécharger
seksicmd(freshmeat) Seksi Commander Seksi Commander is a filemanager inspired by To... Télécharger
komport(freshmeat) Komport Komport is a KDE program which allows the user ... Télécharger
midas-nms(freshmeat) MIDAS NMS MIDAS NMS is a highly configurable network mon... Télécharger
s3tcboxen(freshmeat) S3TC-BOXEN S3TC-BOXEN is a simple S3TC texture compression... Télécharger
phpkickstarter(freshmeat) PHP Kickstarter PHP Kickstarter is an extremely powerful, flexi... Télécharger
bounceweb(freshmeat) Bounceweb Bounceweb is a Perl-based solution for approvin... Télécharger
honeypot(freshmeat) honeyPot honeyPot is a PHP class that will generate a ra... Télécharger
copernicus(freshmeat) Copernicus Copernicus is a program for remembering usernam... Télécharger
netbrake(freshmeat) netbrake netbrake is a tiny utility to limit the bandwid... Télécharger
docconversion(freshmeat) DocConversion The DocConversion kit provides a distributed ... Télécharger
xrayguibasedwebscrapingtool(freshmeat) XRay Web Scraping Tool XRay is a GUI tool for monitoring and logging a... Télécharger
txt2pdbdoc(freshmeat) Text-to-PDB-Doc txt2pdbdoc is a program that converts text file... Télécharger
eclipseengine(freshmeat) Eclipse 2D Game Engine Eclipse is a set of C++ classes designed to giv... Télécharger
pixdev(freshmeat) PixDev PixDev is a development environment built aroun... Télécharger
digiquest(freshmeat) digiquest digiquest is a system for creating and distribu... Télécharger
libtextcat(freshmeat) libTextCat Libtextcat is a library with functions that imp... Télécharger
wittycdplayer(freshmeat) Witty CD Player Witty CD Player is a CD player for Unix users w... Télécharger
kxparse(freshmeat) KXParse KXParse is a PHP-based, lightweight, easy-to-us... Télécharger
pblogan(freshmeat) Phone Box Log Analyzer Phone Box Log Analyzer allows you to capture an... Télécharger
ktools-oak(freshmeat) Oak Oak monitors syslogs from a collection of serve... Télécharger
yafic(freshmeat) Yet Another File Integrity Checker yafic is Yet Another File Integrity Checker. It... Télécharger

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