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relaxngcc(freshmeat) RelaxNGCC RelaxNGCC is a Java source code generator for a... Télécharger
eifinet(freshmeat) Eiffel INET Eiffel INET is a set of Eiffel classes (written... Télécharger
qjoypad(freshmeat) QJoyPad QJoyPad is a Qt program that converts joystick/... Télécharger
dragonforth(freshmeat) Dragon FORTH Dragon FORTH is a fast 32-bit FORTH system for ... Télécharger
noflushd(freshmeat) noflushd noflushd is a simple daemon that monitors disk ... Télécharger
kmilo-thinkpad(freshmeat) KMilo Thinkpad Plugin The KMilo Thinkpad Plugin allows you to use the... Télécharger
epiar(freshmeat) Epiar Epiar is a space adventure/combat game where yo... Télécharger
libyahoo2(freshmeat) libyahoo2 libyahoo2 is a single-threaded, asynchronous Ya... Télécharger
violinstrings(freshmeat) ViolinStrings ViolinStrings is a very useful Java package tha... Télécharger
monitor_68hc08(freshmeat) 68hc08 monitor 68hc08 monitor is a serial monitor to access an... Télécharger
xfmail(freshmeat) XFMail XFMail is an X11 application for receiving elec... Télécharger
xmlto(freshmeat) xmlto xmlto converts an XML file (DocBook or XSL-FO) ... Télécharger
ekit(freshmeat) Ekit Ekit is a simple Java-based HTML editor with co... Télécharger
vtgrab(freshmeat) vtgrab vtgrab is a utility for monitoring the console ... Télécharger
noexec(freshmeat) noexec noexec is a package for preventing a process fr... Télécharger
pyprint(freshmeat) PyPrint PyPrint is a print dialog and printer spool man... Télécharger
pyinstallshield(freshmeat) PyInstallShield PyInstallShield is a GTK-based, cross-platform ... Télécharger
jzonic-cache(freshmeat) jZonic-Cache jZonic-Cache is a Java-based caching system. It... Télécharger
dkimap(freshmeat) dkimap dkimap4 is a fast, easy-to-install IMAP4 daemon... Télécharger
gbf(freshmeat) GBrainFuck GBrainFuck is a bloated BrainFuck interpreter. ... Télécharger
proquake(freshmeat) ProQuake ProQuake is a modification to the Quake source ... Télécharger
pod2s5(freshmeat) Pod::S5 Pod::S5 is a script that generates an HTML slid... Télécharger
mp3cdbrowser(freshmeat) Mp3cdBrowser Mp3Cdbrowser is a tool to organize large collec... Télécharger
ext2ifs(freshmeat) EXT2IFS EXT2IFS is an Installable File System for Windo... Télécharger
rope(freshmeat) ROPE ROPE is template engine that allows developers ... Télécharger
projectpi(freshmeat) Calculating Pi Calculating Pi is a project for the calculation... Télécharger
eggjabot(freshmeat) Eggdrop Jabber Bot The Eggdrop Jabber Bot bridges your Eggdrop IRC... Télécharger
ifmetric(freshmeat) ifmetric ifmetric is a Linux tool for setting the metric... Télécharger
odysseus(freshmeat) Odysseus Odysseus is a J2ME application for mobile devic... Télécharger
horde-luxor(freshmeat) Horde Luxor Horde Luxor is a source code indexer and cross-... Télécharger
connectfive(freshmeat) Connect Five Connect Five is a 3D game of gomoku. It is simi... Télécharger
brcontrol(freshmeat) Brcontrol Brcontrol is a set of patches to allow some int... Télécharger
furioustv(freshmeat) furious_tv furious_tv is a PVR backend that uses an SQLite... Télécharger
openacs(freshmeat) OpenACS OpenACS (Open Architecture Community System) is... Télécharger
ftvgnome(freshmeat) ftv_gnome ftv_gnome is a GNOME front end for the furious... Télécharger
newpki(freshmeat) NewPKI NewPKI is a PKI based on the OpenSSL low-level ... Télécharger
musiclib(freshmeat) Music Library Music Library is a music-on-demand system for p... Télécharger
antsalarm(freshmeat) Ants Alarm Ants Alarm is an alarm tool designed to be used... Télécharger
jabbernet(freshmeat) JabberNET JabberNET is a Mono/.NET library that allows ea... Télécharger
smscgw(freshmeat) SMSC-Gateway SMSC-Gateway can send/receive SMSes from/to ce... Télécharger
ethwireck(freshmeat) ethwireck ethwireck can detect if the physical layer of t... Télécharger
custom(freshmeat) Custom Custom is an E-Commerce system providing Orderi... Télécharger
xbiso(freshmeat) xbiso xbiso is an Xbox xdvdfs ISO extraction utility. Télécharger
leech(freshmeat) Leech Leech was developed to relieve one from having ... Télécharger
libshout-java(freshmeat) libshout-java libshout-java is a set of Java bindings for lib... Télécharger
omcsnetcpp(freshmeat) OMCSNetCPP OMCSNetCPP is a C++ API and inference toolkit f... Télécharger
litrix(freshmeat) Litrix Linux Litrix is a Linux live CD based on Slax/Slackwa... Télécharger
phpromis(freshmeat) PHPromis PHPromis is a PHP implementation of Promis, the... Télécharger
diota(freshmeat) DIOTA DIOTA is a just-in-time instrumentation tool fo... Télécharger
cmykgimp(freshmeat) CMYK Plugin for The GIMP Th CMYK GIMP plugin allows RGB -> CMYK separ... Télécharger
myshaper(freshmeat) MyShaper MyShaper is a traffic shaper for use over an In... Télécharger
transvn(freshmeat) Transvn Transvn is designed primarily for middle- and l... Télécharger
allconsumingpy(freshmeat) allconsuming.py allconsuming.py is a simple Python wrapper for ... Télécharger
jniosocket(freshmeat) Raining Sockets Raining Sockets is a high-performance, non-bloc... Télécharger
calltree(freshmeat) calltree calltree is a static call tree generator for C ... Télécharger
ilfive(freshmeat) ILFIVE ILFIVE is a library of Lisp objects in C, with ... Télécharger
wiport(freshmeat) WIPORT WIPORT is a layer over the grx graphics library... Télécharger
godsend(freshmeat) GodSend Godsend is a command line program written in PH... Télécharger
phpdirindexer(freshmeat) PHP Directory Indexer PHP Directory Indexer is a PHP script which is ... Télécharger
tacakiss(freshmeat) TACAKISS TACAKISS is an application which analyses the l... Télécharger
inklog(freshmeat) inklog Inklog is an Object Oriented Framework for PHP ... Télécharger
chkdb(freshmeat) ChkDB ChkDB is rule-based data checking software for ... Télécharger
hyades(freshmeat) Hyades Hyades is a free space strategy game. There are... Télécharger
sophie(freshmeat) Sophie Sophie is a daemon which uses 'libsavi' library... Télécharger
bfcommander(freshmeat) BF-Commander BF-Commander is graphical file manager for Linu... Télécharger
pointless(freshmeat) Pointless Pointless is a wywiwyg (what you write is what ... Télécharger
easylatex(freshmeat) EasyLatex EasyLatex is a preprocessor to make writing LaT... Télécharger
emacro(freshmeat) EMacro EMacro is a .emacs that easily configures Emacs... Télécharger
spamfilters(freshmeat) SpamFilters SpamFilters is a collection of rulesets that ex... Télécharger
largorecipes(freshmeat) LargoRecipes LargoRecipes is an application for managing rec... Télécharger
tavrasm(freshmeat) tavrasm tavrasm is an assembler for the Atmel AVR serie... Télécharger
xmms-scivi(freshmeat) Scivi Scivi is a visualization plugin for XMMS, the X... Télécharger
xsg(freshmeat) X Screen Grabber X Screen Grabber is a command line tool which a... Télécharger
_mp_(freshmeat) MP Module Player MP is a module player for Linux. It is able to ... Télécharger
papo(freshmeat) PAPO PAPO is an Enterprise Resource Planning package... Télécharger
wmtimer(freshmeat) WMTimer WMTimer is a dockable alarm clock for Windowmak... Télécharger
totalshield(freshmeat) TotalShield TotalShield is a transparent add-on installed o... Télécharger
optcomplete(freshmeat) optcomplete optcomplete is a Python module that provides pr... Télécharger
ficc(freshmeat) File Integrity Command & Control File Integrity Command & Control (FICC) hel... Télécharger
restore-freebsd(freshmeat) restore-FreeBSD restore-FreeBSD is a tool that generates a pseu... Télécharger
phrealon(freshmeat) Phrealon Linux Phrealon is a bootable Linux CD based on Slackw... Télécharger
tnefclean(freshmeat) Tnefclean tnefclean is a Perl script that allows users of... Télécharger
tpmsecurityserver(freshmeat) ThePacketMaster ThePacketMaster Linux Security Server is a CD-b... Télécharger
collaborativesoftwaredevelopme(freshmeat) CodeBeamer CodeBeamer allows computer science, engineering... Télécharger
izsound(freshmeat) IzSound IzSound is a C++/STL stream-oriented sound proc... Télécharger
sbxp(freshmeat) SBXP SBXP is a high performance stream-based XML par... Télécharger
brookgpu(freshmeat) Brook for GPUs Brook for GPUs is a compiler and runtime implem... Télécharger
recvnet(freshmeat) recvnet recvnet is the inverse of telnet. Instead of co... Télécharger
q3master(freshmeat) Q3Master Q3Master is a standalone master server for Quak... Télécharger
realrekord(freshmeat) Real Rekord Real Rekord allows users to record RealAudio st... Télécharger
brawlball(freshmeat) Brawl Ball Brawl Ball is a game of football based on the r... Télécharger
q_graph(freshmeat) Q-Graph Q-Graph is a collection of Q scripts that provi... Télécharger
xmlproperties(freshmeat) XMLProperties XMLProperties is a utility class which stores a... Télécharger
ccorpirc(freshmeat) ccorp-irc ccorp-irc is an ncurses-based IRC client. It ca... Télécharger
ircrelay(freshmeat) IRCRelay IRCRelay is an IRC relay client based on Tkinte... Télécharger
ezt(freshmeat) EZ-Ticket EZ-Ticket is a Web-based ticket tracking system... Télécharger
kakasi(freshmeat) KAKASI KAKASI (Kanji Kana Simple Inverter) is a langua... Télécharger
spokeculator(freshmeat) Spokeculator Evo3 Spokeculator Evo3 is a tool helping bicycle mec... Télécharger
papercut(freshmeat) Papercut NNTP Server Papercut is a multi-threaded NNTP server writte... Télécharger
henplus(freshmeat) HenPlus HenPlus is a SQL shell written in Java that wor... Télécharger

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