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dfeta(freshmeat) DFeta DFeta samples disk free space information at re... Télécharger
ipq-bdb(freshmeat) IPQ BDB A fail2ban lite. IPQ BDB is a netfilter userspa... Télécharger
foobar-openal(sfnet) foobar2000 OpenAL Output foo_dsp_openal is an experimental plugin, use a... Télécharger
taskctl-source(sfnet) taskctl TASKCTL在ETL工具批量调度领域,是国内首款c语言开... Télécharger
ashd(freshmeat) ashd Ashd is an HTTP server that follows standard Un... Télécharger
sdom(freshmeat) SDOM SDOM is an attempt to provide a complete implem... Télécharger
beautylists(freshmeat) BeautyLists BeautyLists is a simple Mailman UI enhancement.... Télécharger
apt-metalink(freshmeat) apt-metalink apt-metalink allows you to download deb package... Télécharger
pen-driver(sfnet) pen-driver Driver and tools for Pegasus Mobile Notetaker Télécharger
jaadec(sfnet) JAAD JAAD is an open-source AAC decoder and MP4 demu... Télécharger
mxpcms(sfnet) MX-Publisher CMS MX-Publisher Modular-CMS System former mxBB Por... Télécharger
ior-sio(sfnet) IOR HPC Benchmark The IOR software is used for benchmarking paral... Télécharger
transie(sfnet) transie Transie is a dual-pane text editor for translat... Télécharger
h2h-messenger(freshmeat) h2H Messenger h2H Messenger is a secure messenger client that... Télécharger
s3ql(freshmeat) S3QL S3QL is a file system that stores all its data ... Télécharger
pdp8sim(sfnet) pdp8sim A text-mode simulator for the original 12-bit, ... Télécharger
raspicade(sfnet) Raspicade A distribution full configured for retrogaming ... Télécharger
impslide(sfnet) impslide new presentation system Télécharger
immgr(freshmeat) Internet Media Manager The Internet Media Manager is a Web-based datab... Télécharger
contao(freshmeat) Contao Contao is a content management system (CMS) for... Télécharger
scnic(freshmeat) Scénic Scenic is a free software suite for streaming a... Télécharger
cardio(freshmeat) Cardio Cardio is a library that can play back many dif... Télécharger
vote-mm(freshmeat) Vote-MM Vote-MM aims to improve current Mailman mailing... Télécharger
dancaptcha(freshmeat) DanCaptcha DanCaptcha is an AJAX-based CAPTCHA system that... Télécharger
lukestackwalker(sfnet) Luke Stackwalker Luke StackWalker is a GUI-based C/C++ source co... Télécharger
cweb(sfnet) CognitiveWeb A framework for building, deploying and managin... Télécharger
aprioricsharp(sfnet) Apriori Algorithm in C# This is a DataMining Tool developed by C# Just ... Télécharger
modgssapache(sfnet) modgssapache GSS-API/SPNEGO authentication module for Apache... Télécharger
ostorybook(sfnet) oStorybook oStorybook est unenouvelle version de Storybook... Télécharger
crayonizer(freshmeat) Crayonizer Crayonizer "crayonizes" the output of... Télécharger
firepile(sfnet) firepile GPU Programming in Scala Télécharger
twiki(sfnet) TWiki Enterprise Collaboration Platform Enterprise collaboration platform with over 400... Télécharger
robotics-irobot(freshmeat) Robotics-IRobot Robotics::IRobot provides a Perl interface for ... Télécharger
re-engine-re2(freshmeat) re-engine-RE2 re-engine-RE2 replaces Perl's regex engine in a... Télécharger
amir(freshmeat) Amir Amir is an accounting application, mainly desig... Télécharger
openucf(freshmeat) openucf OpenUCF is a unified communications/VoIP framew... Télécharger
timecodecalc(freshmeat) timecodecalc timecodecalc is a movie time code converter. It... Télécharger
open-erp(sfnet) Open ERP - Software Solution for all Open-ERP combines the power of HRMS, CRM, Inven... Télécharger
siptapi(sfnet) siptapi A TAPI driver for SIP. SIPTAPI gives you a clic... Télécharger
innovadesktop(sfnet) Innova Desktop Graphical environment to launch applications ad... Télécharger
jmce(freshmeat) JMCE JMCE a multiple computer emulator, a simulator ... Télécharger
ext4tc(freshmeat) ext4tc ext4tc is a file system plugin for total comman... Télécharger
gcp-goffis-copier(freshmeat) gcp gcp (Goffi's CoPier) is a command line file cop... Télécharger
grake(freshmeat) grake grake is a simple command line tool for scannin... Télécharger
stairvision(sfnet) The STAIR Vision Library The STAIR Vision Library (SVL), originally deve... Télécharger
pdns(freshmeat) PowerDNS Authoritative Server PowerDNS Authoritative Server is a high-perform... Télécharger
lm_sensors(freshmeat) lm_sensors lm_sensors provides essential tools for monitor... Télécharger
exponentcms(sfnet) Exponent CMS Exponent CMS is a content management system for... Télécharger
svgproject(sfnet) svgproject svg svg svg svg svg svg svg Télécharger
oshare(sfnet) oShare oShare - A very simple DLNA compliant media ser... Télécharger
j-interop(sfnet) j-Interop : Java - COM Interoperability Implementation of DCOM wire protocol (MSRPC) to... Télécharger
evnctv(sfnet) Enhanced Vnc Thumbnail Viewer The enhanced version of the Vnc Thumbnail Viewe... Télécharger
secretmanager(sfnet) SecretManager FR : Cet outil permet de stocker et de partager... Télécharger
tsung(freshmeat) Tsung Tsung is a distributed load testing tool. It is... Télécharger
mineosplus(sfnet) MineOS+ MineOS+ is a Tinycore Linux based distro design... Télécharger
linuxmint13matedvd32bit(sfnet) linuxmint-13-mate-dvd-32bit Linux Mint 13 Maya построен на кодовой базе Ubu... Télécharger
hl7inspector(sfnet) HL7 Inspector The HL7 Inspector is a useful hl7 tool for inte... Télécharger
myparse-2(freshmeat) myparse myparse is a low-resource database-oriented PHP... Télécharger
pyjuice(freshmeat) PyJuice PyJuice is an simple Web application for the sm... Télécharger
dynaspring(freshmeat) DynaSpring DynaSpring is a dynamic, extensible DSL (Domain... Télécharger
diffkit(freshmeat) DiffKit DiffKit is an application and a framework, for ... Télécharger
rfidmonitor(sfnet) RFIDMonitor This project aims to provide a software solutio... Télécharger
yap4j(freshmeat) Yap4j Yap4j is the simplest library for parsing CSV f... Télécharger
gltk(freshmeat) gltk gltk is a C++ Widget library built on GLUT. Its... Télécharger
mccaskill-weather-centre(freshmeat) McCaskill Weather Centre McCaskill Weather Centre is a graphical desktop... Télécharger
retinapost(freshmeat) RetinaPost RetinaPost is a PHP class/WP plugin that makes ... Télécharger
inq-2(freshmeat) Inq Inq is a scripting language for client/server s... Télécharger
sbr-ksh-utils(sfnet) sbr-ksh-utils A set of utility Korn Shell (ksh) script functi... Télécharger
code-manager-2(freshmeat) Code Manager 2 Code Manager 2 (CM2) has been designed to provi... Télécharger
storebackup(freshmeat) storebackup storeBackup is a backup utility that stores fil... Télécharger
pyst(sfnet) pyst: Python for Asterisk Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and librar... Télécharger
openstego(freshmeat) OpenStego OpenStego is a tool for steganography. It also ... Télécharger
libcsdbg(freshmeat) libcsdbg libcsdbg is a C++ exception stack tracer. When... Télécharger
feed4testng(freshmeat) Feed4TestNG Feed4TestNG makes it easy to write parameterize... Télécharger
clickity(freshmeat) Clickity Clickity is a tray-icon program to simulate mou... Télécharger
jquery-calx(freshmeat) jQuery Calx jQuery Calx is powerful yet easy to use jQuery ... Télécharger
filesharing(sfnet) CNDT.OnlineFileSharing ChauTM - NgocNT - DucTM - ThucDT Télécharger
lazautoupdate(sfnet) lazautoupdate Version 0.0.2 updates to v.0.0.6 This project ... Télécharger
fab(freshmeat) fab fab is a software build utility for Linux/Unix ... Télécharger
voodoo-compiler(freshmeat) Voodoo Compiler The Voodoo compiler is an implementation of the... Télécharger
londondatastore(sfnet) londondatastore The London Datastore (http://data.london.gov.uk... Télécharger
clickndrag(freshmeat) Click'n'Drag Click'n'Drag is a Python module that introduces... Télécharger
ini-file-parser(freshmeat) Ini File Parser Ini File Parser is a PHP package that can be us... Télécharger
coteia(freshmeat) CoTeia CoTeia is a Computer Supported Collaborative Le... Télécharger
scalable-assembler-at-notre-da(freshmeat) Scalable Assembler at Notre Dame The Scalable Assembler at Notre Dame (SAND) rep... Télécharger
event(freshmeat) Event Event is a simple PHP-based software package fo... Télécharger
vordos-rejasca(freshmeat) Vordos Rejasca Rejasca is a modern and extensible RPC server f... Télécharger
clipclip(sfnet) ClipClip A simple Clipboard Manager for Windows. View, e... Télécharger
aurorasim(freshmeat) AuroraSim Aurora-Sim is the next generation of the OpenSi... Télécharger
gmtp(freshmeat) gMTP gMTP is a simple graphical MTP based device cli... Télécharger
pygreen(freshmeat) PyGreen PyGreen is a simple and hackish static website ... Télécharger
upnpproxy(sfnet) UPnP Proxy for UPnP-less Router Powerful SOHO or Small-business UPnP-less route... Télécharger
einsteinpuzzle(freshmeat) Einstein Puzzle Einstein is a remake of the old DOS game Sherlo... Télécharger
php-read-cli-arguments(freshmeat) Read Arguments Read Arguments is a PHP class that reads and va... Télécharger
simplebup(freshmeat) simplebup simplebup is a console application that can be ... Télécharger
rce(sfnet) Remote Command Executor RemCom is RAT Administration Tool that lets you... Télécharger
webanno(freshmeat) WebAnno WebAnno is a general purpose Web-based annotati... Télécharger
conmixer(sfnet) Software assisted Mix design of concrete This is an initiative to devolop a software for... Télécharger
zipextractshort(sfnet) 7zip Extract Shortcut[Autohotkey script] Go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip... Télécharger
pango(freshmeat) Pango The goal of the Pango project is to provide an ... Télécharger

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