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wkb(freshmeat) Web Knowledge Base WKB allows users to upload files and informatio... Télécharger
gtyper(freshmeat) Gtyper Gtyper is GUI program which uses a GTK+ and GNO... Télécharger
gentle-db(freshmeat) gentle-db gentle-db is designed to allow anyone to create... Télécharger
pmf(freshmeat) Poor Man's Flight PMF is a set of integrated tools for DB2 databa... Télécharger
beaglepuppy(freshmeat) BEAGLE Puppy BEAGLE Puppy is a C++ library for genetic progr... Télécharger
a2ping(freshmeat) a2ping.pl a2ping is a Unix command line utility that conv... Télécharger
jpgpmime(freshmeat) PGPMime for Java PGPMime for Java extends Sun's JavaMail API by ... Télécharger
netics(freshmeat) netics netics is an extensible network statistics coll... Télécharger
pyvoicechat(freshmeat) pY! Voice Chat pY! Voice Chat is a voice chat program for Yaho... Télécharger
whitenoise(freshmeat) whitenoise whitenoise is a small utility that turns your c... Télécharger
class_protect_picture(freshmeat) class_protect_picture class_protect_picture is a PHP class which can ... Télécharger
mls(freshmeat) MailListStat MailListStat is a tool that generates useful st... Télécharger
freehtmltemplate(freshmeat) Free Htmltemplate Free Htmltemplate is a high-performance HTML te... Télécharger
evrouter(freshmeat) EvRouter EvRouter reads events from the Linux input laye... Télécharger
pyfind2(freshmeat) pyFind2 pyFind2 is a simple Find File utility. Télécharger
blutulip(freshmeat) Blu Tulip Blu Tulip is a GNUstep and Cocoa image editor t... Télécharger
anthill(freshmeat) Anthill Anthill is a bug tracking database system writt... Télécharger
tkfox(freshmeat) tkFOX tkFOX is a set of bindings for the FOX GUI tool... Télécharger
xmlbench(freshmeat) XML Benchmark XML Benchmark is a C/C++/Java XML parsers bench... Télécharger
qsoapman(freshmeat) Qt SOAP Manager Qt SOAP Manager is a GUI tool for sending SOAP ... Télécharger
jibs(freshmeat) Java Image Browser Sorter JIBS provides full-screen slide shows, image so... Télécharger
synaptic(freshmeat) Synaptic Synaptic is a graphical frontend for APT. It fe... Télécharger
yyac(freshmeat) YYAC YAC is "Yet Another Component" object... Télécharger
fakepop(freshmeat) fakepop fakepop is a POP3 server with a difference: the... Télécharger
checkcrc(freshmeat) check CRC check is a simple commandline utility to calcul... Télécharger
ws2500pc(freshmeat) Device::WS2500PC The Decvice::WS2500PC Perl package allows you t... Télécharger
potnia(freshmeat) Potnia Potnia is subject gateway software developed f... Télécharger
tk-browser(freshmeat) Tk::Browser Tk::Browser contains a several modules to brows... Télécharger
liarliar(freshmeat) Liar Liar LiarLiar is a computerized voice stress analysi... Télécharger
adrian(freshmeat) Adrian Adrian is an RPG using the OpenGL and SDL libra... Télécharger
eskuel(freshmeat) eSKUeL eSKUeL is MySQL database managment tool written... Télécharger
autofsm(freshmeat) Automated Finite State Machine Automated Finite State Machine (AutoFSM) is an ... Télécharger
zinf(freshmeat) Zinf Zinf is an MP3/Vorbis/CD audio player with juke... Télécharger
bbrun(freshmeat) BBrun BBrun is a run window for Blackbox with dropdow... Télécharger
initscriptsgeneric(freshmeat) initscripts-generic initscripts-generic is a modified version of th... Télécharger
netcallback(freshmeat) NetCallback NetCallback is a Java application permitting th... Télécharger
dejagnu(freshmeat) DejaGNU DejaGnu is a framework for testing other progra... Télécharger
papaan(freshmeat) Papaan Papaan is an XML publishing framework based on ... Télécharger
omail-admin(freshmeat) oMail-admin oMail-admin is a PHP-based Web frontend to qmai... Télécharger
clanbomber(freshmeat) ClanBomber ClanBomber is a Bomberman-like multiplayer game... Télécharger
solarwolf(freshmeat) SolarWolf SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written enti... Télécharger
libbubblemon(freshmeat) libbubblemon libbubblemon is a library for making bubbling m... Télécharger
nfcount(freshmeat) nfcount nfcount is a tool for counting network traffic ... Télécharger
id3iconv(freshmeat) ID3iconv ID3iconv is a Java command line tool to convert... Télécharger
javawizardcomponent(freshmeat) JavaWizardComponent The Java Wizard Component is a Swing component ... Télécharger
e2plug(freshmeat) E2 Gaim Plugin The E2 Gaim Plugin replaces text in your instan... Télécharger
lsb-fhs(freshmeat) lsb-fhs lsb-fhs tests the Filesystem Hierarchy aspects ... Télécharger
karmack(freshmeat) Karmack Karmack is an amusing CPU load monitor applet f... Télécharger
libcfgplus(freshmeat) libcfg+ libcfg+ is a C library that features multi- com... Télécharger
pipemore(freshmeat) PipeMore PipeMore is a utility to be used as the last of... Télécharger
gmodconfig(freshmeat) gmodconfig gmodconfig provides a simple way for end- users... Télécharger
marelle(freshmeat) Marelle Marelle implements a Marelle Triple game. Télécharger
randomcsp(freshmeat) RandomCsp RandomCsp is a set of C++ classes and a set of ... Télécharger
ng_netflow(freshmeat) ng_netflow Netflow is a de-facto standard of traffic analy... Télécharger
tiwarriors(freshmeat) TiWarriors TiWarriors is an arcade-style game based on the... Télécharger
nast(freshmeat) Nast Nast is a packet sniffer and a LAN analyzer bas... Télécharger
connectman(freshmeat) The Connection Manager The Connection Manager allows users to preconfi... Télécharger
julp(freshmeat) Java Ultra-Lite Persistence Java Ultra-Lite Persistence is an RDBMS-indepen... Télécharger
fiscal(freshmeat) Java Fiscal Device API The Java Fiscal Device API is a medium-level AP... Télécharger
iso8211lib(freshmeat) ISO8211Lib ISO8211lib is a C++ library for reading ISO8211... Télécharger
pyreverse(freshmeat) pyreverse pyreverse is a set of tools for reverse enginee... Télécharger
pylint(freshmeat) pylint Pylint is a lint-like tool for Python code. It ... Télécharger
vls(freshmeat) VideoLAN::Server The VideoLAN Server (VLS) can stream MPEG-1, MP... Télécharger
logilab-common(freshmeat) logilab common python libraries This package contains some modules used by diff... Télécharger
jtime(freshmeat) jTime jTime is a Web-based time tracking package for ... Télécharger
class_google(freshmeat) class_google.php class_google.php is meant to connect to Google ... Télécharger
class_cache(freshmeat) class_cache.php class_cache.php is a class for caching arbitrar... Télécharger
layer7-firewall(freshmeat) layer7-firewall layer7-firewall is an easily configured layer s... Télécharger
goggle(freshmeat) goggle goggle locates a random image from the Web, and... Télécharger
jggapi(freshmeat) Java Gadu Gadu Java Gadu Gadu (jGG) is a client for the Polish... Télécharger
xscanmaster(freshmeat) XScanMaster XScanMaster is a program to control intelligent... Télécharger
rundoc(freshmeat) rundoc Rundoc is an Ant task designed to help with the... Télécharger
snip(freshmeat) snip snip is an Ant task designed to help with the s... Télécharger
snarfed(freshmeat) Snarfed Snipsnap macros Snarfed is a collection of macros for the Weblo... Télécharger
genesys(freshmeat) GeneSyS GeneSyS aims to define and implement a middlewa... Télécharger
fcatalog(freshmeat) fcatalog fcatalog is similar to security scripts that mo... Télécharger
simsam(freshmeat) simsam Simsam is a simple MIDI sample playback program... Télécharger
xcw(freshmeat) xcw xcw is a small utility that makes it possible t... Télécharger
axmls(freshmeat) adodb-xmlschema adodb-xmlschema is a class that allows the user... Télécharger
jagzilla(freshmeat) Jagzilla Jagzilla is a Java-based set of components buil... Télécharger
its(freshmeat) Ignition Test System ITS (Ignition Test System) is a simple tool tha... Télécharger
ns-scheme(freshmeat) ns_scheme ns_scheme is a Scheme module for the SunOne We... Télécharger
goldseeker(freshmeat) GoldSeeker GoldSeeker is a small formatted data extraction... Télécharger
pcxportal(freshmeat) PCX Portal The PCX Portal provides a desktop environment, ... Télécharger
pgaccess(freshmeat) PgAccess PgAccess is a Tcl/Tk frontend for PostgreSQL. I... Télécharger
jsinputja(freshmeat) JavaScript Japanese Input Module The JavaScript Japanese Input Module makes it ... Télécharger
vampire_test(freshmeat) Vampire Testing Tool Vampire is a remote package testing tool writte... Télécharger
gkrellmxkb(freshmeat) GKrellM xkb GKrellM xkb is a plugin for GKrellM that displa... Télécharger
epic(freshmeat) EPIC4 EPIC4 is a new direction in ircII development. ... Télécharger
squash(freshmeat) Squash Squash is a C/Ncurses-based music player. It su... Télécharger
lyrc(freshmeat) Lyrc Lyrc is an XMMS plugin, which displays the lyri... Télécharger
adpass(freshmeat) AdPass AdPass is a high-end password protector and mem... Télécharger
dlp(freshmeat) The Distributed Library Project The Distributed Library Project is a distribute... Télécharger
dav(freshmeat) Dav Dav (Dav Ain't Vi) is an ncurses-based console ... Télécharger
ktell(freshmeat) Ktell Ktell is a user level daemon that monitors expi... Télécharger
portage56k(freshmeat) Portage56k Portage56k is a program that makes it easier to... Télécharger
mindia(freshmeat) MinDia MinDia is an application for creating, modifyi... Télécharger
sddns(freshmeat) Simple Dynamic DNS Simple Dynamic DNS is a very light and simple s... Télécharger
mau(freshmeat) Mcafee Automatic Updater MAU is a Mcafee version of NAU: it will look fo... Télécharger
tic-tac-toe(freshmeat) Tic-tac-toe Tic-tac-toe is an OpenGL game that focuses on g... Télécharger

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