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pyuid(freshmeat) PyUID PyUID provides an implementation of a "uni... Télécharger
passwdqc(freshmeat) passwdqc passwdqc is a password/passphrase strength chec... Télécharger
packamasterweb(freshmeat) Pack Master Web XoopsPackMasterWeb is a Xoops module written in... Télécharger
talloc(freshmeat) talloc talloc is a small wrapper around malloc that ma... Télécharger
pdnmesh(freshmeat) pdnmesh pdnmesh is an automatic, 2D Delaunay mesh gener... Télécharger
linux_debug(freshmeat) Linux Debug Linux Debug is a functional clone of the old DO... Télécharger
test-manager(freshmeat) Open Test Manager Open Test Manager aims to be a simple tool for ... Télécharger
yappa-ng(freshmeat) yappa-ng yappa-ng is an easy to use online PHP photo gal... Télécharger
continuum(freshmeat) Continuum Continuum is a continuous integration server. I... Télécharger
exupoli(freshmeat) Exupoli Exupoli is a JavaScript libary to make communic... Télécharger
colorsnatch(freshmeat) ColorSnatch ColorSnatch is a board game built using the Laz... Télécharger
toolwrap(freshmeat) toolwrap toolwrap is a tool for managing package install... Télécharger
chronic(freshmeat) Chronic Chronic is a constraints-based opportunistic ap... Télécharger
pysquila(freshmeat) PySquiLA PySquiLA is a Squid log analyzer. It was starte... Télécharger
gronk(freshmeat) Gronk Gronk is a Web-based MP3 jukebox. It generates ... Télécharger
wlan-config(freshmeat) wlan-config wlan-config is designed to make connecting to w... Télécharger
shoutchat(freshmeat) ShoutChat ShoutChat allows developers to add an instant m... Télécharger
rrdutil(freshmeat) RRDutil RRDutil is a a tool to collect statistics (typi... Télécharger
onepad(freshmeat) onepad Onepad is a suite of programs for one-time pad ... Télécharger
sourceflow(freshmeat) SourceFlow SourceFlow is a source code generation library ... Télécharger
pmping(freshmeat) pmping pmping is a script that pings multiple hosts in... Télécharger
gentle-m(freshmeat) GENtle GENtle is bioinformatics software for everyday ... Télécharger
jukquiz(freshmeat) JukQuiz JukQuiz is a fun, addictive quiz game designed ... Télécharger
popsearch(freshmeat) POPsearch POPsearch is a desktop search engine that is de... Télécharger
kf(freshmeat) kf kf is a small Jabber client for GNU/Linux. It a... Télécharger
mysitemaker(freshmeat) mySiteMaker mySiteMaker is a collection of CGI tools to rap... Télécharger
pyblosxom(freshmeat) pyblosxom pyblosxom is a CGI-based Weblog program written... Télécharger
libfilo(freshmeat) libfilo libfilo is a small portable library to do file ... Télécharger
trufilemanager(freshmeat) tru filemanager tru filemanager is a Web-based file manager. It... Télécharger
bibliophile(freshmeat) Bibliophile Bibliophile is a collection of libraries for We... Télécharger
qtforfpc(freshmeat) FPC Qt binding for Zaurus FPC Qt binding for Zaurus is a binding to Qt/Em... Télécharger
umbrella(freshmeat) Umbrella Umbrella is a security mechanism that implement... Télécharger
snmppd(freshmeat) snmppd snmppd is an SNMP proxy daemon that is designed... Télécharger
cfenginedoc(freshmeat) cfenginedoc The cfenginedoc project provides two methods fo... Télécharger
zlog(freshmeat) Zlog Zlog is a 2D platform game using the Allegro ga... Télécharger
leksbot(freshmeat) LEKSBOT LEKSBOT is an explanatory dictionary of botanic... Télécharger
dphys(freshmeat) DPHYS DPHYS is aimed at creating an installer for (re... Télécharger
movtable(freshmeat) movTable movTable is a PHP class for creating database d... Télécharger
jdphoto(freshmeat) jdPhoto jdPhoto is easy to install, easy to configure, ... Télécharger
musicman(freshmeat) Music Manager Music Manager is a Konqueror plugin that lets y... Télécharger
libmba(freshmeat) libmba The libmba package is a collection of mostly in... Télécharger
formentry(freshmeat) FormEntry FormEntry allows you to to generate an HTML int... Télécharger
fastphpchat(freshmeat) FastPHPChat FastPHPChat is a fast and secure Web chat syste... Télécharger
shibboleth(freshmeat) Shibboleth Shibboleth is a privacy and security-aware mail... Télécharger
tcpsound(freshmeat) tcpsound The tcpsound utility plays sounds in response t... Télécharger
pchar(freshmeat) PChar PChar attempts to characterize the bandwidth, l... Télécharger
xkins(freshmeat) Xkins Xkins is a framework that manages skins. Skins ... Télécharger
deepvacuum(freshmeat) DeepVacuum DeepVacuum is a download manager based on the G... Télécharger
notsofancy(freshmeat) NotSoFancy! NotSoFancy! is a directory indexer designed as ... Télécharger
licom(freshmeat) Lightweight Contact Manager Lightweight Contact Manager (LiCoM) is a Web-ba... Télécharger
pam_userwheel(freshmeat) pam_userwheel pam_userwheel is a tool that can be used to res... Télécharger
phpedna(freshmeat) php edna php edna is a port of the edna MP3 server to PH... Télécharger
fv_milter(freshmeat) Fv_Milter Fv_milter is a configurable sendmail plugin tha... Télécharger
bioschematics(freshmeat) BioSchematics BioSchematics is a L-System interpreter and dra... Télécharger
hearse(freshmeat) Hearse Nethack sometimes saves the level on which you ... Télécharger
ifchk(freshmeat) Project ifchk Ifchk is a network interface promiscuous mode ... Télécharger
animplot(freshmeat) animplot animplot is a simple command based visualizatio... Télécharger
paranix(freshmeat) PARANIX PARANIX is a PARAnoid uNIX file monitor and ale... Télécharger
checkstylexmltohtml(freshmeat) Checkstyle XML to HTML transformer CheckstyleXMLtoHTML simply converts XML files c... Télécharger
fugussh(freshmeat) Fugu SSH Fugu SSH is a Mac OS X graphical frontend to Op... Télécharger
freedos(freshmeat) FreeDOS FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DO... Télécharger
yammi(freshmeat) Yammi Yammi ("Yet Another Music Manager I...&quo... Télécharger
tclpython(freshmeat) tclpython Tclpython allows the execution of Python code f... Télécharger
sdlbasic(freshmeat) SdlBasic GameBasic language sdlBasic is a simple cross-platform basic inter... Télécharger
vendue(freshmeat) vendue::auctions online vendue is a highly extensible online auction pl... Télécharger
gid(freshmeat) Graph Invariant Database The Graph Invariant Database is a growing colle... Télécharger
postgresql_autodoc(freshmeat) Postgresql AutoDoc Postgresql AutoDoc has the ability to output XM... Télécharger
revdump(freshmeat) revdump Revdump is a tool that can dump values from ra... Télécharger
jgcomp(freshmeat) JGComp JGComp (Java Global Computation) is a Java fram... Télécharger
checkdns(freshmeat) CheckDNS CheckDNS is a domain name server analysis and r... Télécharger
cvsanaly(freshmeat) CVSAnalY CVSAnalY is a tool that extracts and analyzes i... Télécharger
libacuta4(freshmeat) libacuta4 libacuta4 is a C library for monitoring an Accu... Télécharger
vdradmin(freshmeat) VDR Admin VDR admin is a program to administrate and cont... Télécharger
xawtv(freshmeat) XawTV XawTV is a simple Xaw-based TV program which us... Télécharger
riverlayout(freshmeat) RiverLayout RiverLayout is a flexible, yet very easy-to-use... Télécharger
rpm2localinstalled(freshmeat) RPM2::LocalInstalled RPM2::LocalInstalled is a wrapper around RPM2.... Télécharger
wnsqlbuilder(freshmeat) WordNet SQL Builder WordNet SQL Builder is a tool that builds an SQ... Télécharger
wnwa(freshmeat) WordNet Web Application WordNet Web Application is a four-tier applicat... Télécharger
secpwgen(freshmeat) Secure Password Generator Secure Password Generator delivers several meth... Télécharger
bitdefender-samba(freshmeat) BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba BitDefender AntiVirus for Samba protects Samba ... Télécharger
canzoniere(freshmeat) Canzoniere Canzoniere is an MP3 classification tool that a... Télécharger
upn-calc(freshmeat) UPN-Calc UPN-Calc is a RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) cal... Télécharger
proc2dox(freshmeat) PRO*C to Doxygen Convertor Proc2Dox is a pre-processor addon for the Doxyg... Télécharger
splitpipe(freshmeat) splitpipe Splitpipe accepts the streamed output of a prog... Télécharger
amarokweb(freshmeat) amaroK Web amaroK Web is a Web frontend to amaroK, the KDE... Télécharger
gnetload(freshmeat) Gnetload Gnetload is a GNOME applet showing the networ... Télécharger
dsproxy(freshmeat) dsproxy dsproxy emulates an OSS device that "virtu... Télécharger
_sps(freshmeat) Schily Source Package System The Schily Source Package System (SPS) is a sou... Télécharger
nuapplet(freshmeat) NuApplet NuApplet is a graphical client for NuFW. It is ... Télécharger
riot(freshmeat) riot Riot is a tool for keeping (textual) informatio... Télécharger
scanssh(freshmeat) ScanSSH ScanSSH scans a list of addresses and networks ... Télécharger
kognition(freshmeat) kognition Kognition is an omnifont OCR software for KDE. ... Télécharger
mp3cut(freshmeat) mp3cut mp3cut is a very rudimentary tool for removing ... Télécharger
recps(freshmeat) recps recps takes a stream from an encoder board and ... Télécharger
ruby-revolution(freshmeat) Revolution Revolution is a Ruby binding for the Evolution ... Télécharger
bbps(freshmeat) bbps bbps is a simple and small PHP/MySQL applicatio... Télécharger
synaesthesia(freshmeat) Synaesthesia Synaesthesia is an eyecandy program that repres... Télécharger
syslogger(freshmeat) syslogger syslogger is a complete ripoff of Dan Bernstein... Télécharger
d-e-b-t-s(freshmeat) Double Entry Based Transaction System DEBTS (Double Entry Based Transaction System) a... Télécharger
codeville(freshmeat) Codeville Codeville is a distributed version control syst... Télécharger

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