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epor(freshmeat) epor EPOR is an extensible package organiser for Uni... Télécharger
libopendaap(freshmeat) libopendaap libopendaap is a library used to access iTunes ... Télécharger
tunesbrowser(freshmeat) TunesBrowser TunesBrowser discovers iTunes shares over Rende... Télécharger
cw2dmk(freshmeat) Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools The Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools are a set... Télécharger
amcl(freshmeat) GNOME-Mud GNOME-Mud (formerly AMCL) is a Multi-User Dunge... Télécharger
knopils(freshmeat) knopILS knopILS is a customized version of Knoppix that... Télécharger
stegui(freshmeat) SteGUI SteGUI is a graphical front-end to Steghide tha... Télécharger
jhttptunnel(freshmeat) JHttpTunnel JHttpTunnel is an implementation of the GNU ht... Télécharger
lcvs(freshmeat) lcvs lcvs maintains a global log file for a CVS modu... Télécharger
tcpipcutter(freshmeat) TCP/IP Connection Cutter Cutter allows network administrators to close T... Télécharger
movida(freshmeat) Movida Movida helps you organize your movie collection... Télécharger
stroq(freshmeat) StroQ Stroq is a Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude clone. It ... Télécharger
makefiles(freshmeat) makefiles Makefiles is a high-level build system and suit... Télécharger
nhc98(freshmeat) nhc98 nhc98 is a small and highly portable compiler ... Télécharger
tardiff(freshmeat) TarDiff TarDiff compares two related tarballs and repor... Télécharger
freeb(freshmeat) FreeB FreeB is a medical billing engine. It is a col... Télécharger
yasql(freshmeat) Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement YASQL is an open source Oracle command line int... Télécharger
nsc(freshmeat) Nagios Console Monitor nsc (Nagios Console Monitor) is a curses-based ... Télécharger
dnsproxy(freshmeat) dnsproxy dnsproxy is a proxy for DNS queries. It forward... Télécharger
spoofax-editor(freshmeat) Spoofax Editor The Spoofax Editor is a basic, context-aware ed... Télécharger
gxmms(freshmeat) gxmms gxmms is a simple GNOME panel applet that lets ... Télécharger
ovanttasks(freshmeat) Orangevolt Ant Tasks Orangevolt Ant Tasks is the successor of ROXES ... Télécharger
mpsetup(freshmeat) MPlayer Setup MPlayer Setup is an installer for MPlayer and i... Télécharger
phpdoctor(freshmeat) PHP Doctor PHP Doctor is a Javadoc-style comment parser fo... Télécharger
jcrontab(freshmeat) Jcrontab Jcrontab provides a scheduler system written in... Télécharger
statcvs-xml(freshmeat) StatCvs-XML StatCvs-XML provides statistics about CVS usag... Télécharger
celect(freshmeat) CElect CElect is a console-based tool for determining ... Télécharger
gepolabo(freshmeat) Gepolabo Gepolabo is a GNOME application for technical a... Télécharger
array_sort(freshmeat) Advanced Array Sort This PHP class sorts two- or multidimensional a... Télécharger
howl(freshmeat) Howl Howl is a cross platform implementation of the ... Télécharger
ncxmms(freshmeat) NCXmms NCXmms is an XMMS frontend based on ncurses. Fe... Télécharger
ksvn(freshmeat) KSvn KSvn is a Konqueror-integrated frontend to the ... Télécharger
sanogles(freshmeat) San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version is an... Télécharger
hawserwar(freshmeat) Hawserwar Hawserwar's player objective is to "pull&q... Télécharger
nennius(freshmeat) Nennius Nennius is an object-oriented application engin... Télécharger
tripoli(freshmeat) Tripoli Tripoli is a Python implementation of a "t... Télécharger
fpwdman(freshmeat) fpwdman fpwdman manages a file of passwords that is ac... Télécharger
publish-ftpd(freshmeat) publish-ftpd publish-ftpd is a non-anonymous read-only FTP a... Télécharger
pyweather(freshmeat) PyWeather PyWeather is a collection of weather related mo... Télécharger
pytest(freshmeat) PyTest PyTest is a small package that facilitates the ... Télécharger
sanity(freshmeat) sanity.pl sanity.pl renames all files in a directory to a... Télécharger
kdediskfree(freshmeat) Free Disk Space Applet Free Disk Space Applet is a panel applet for th... Télécharger
wavemixer(freshmeat) Wavemixer WaveMixer is a multitrack wave editor. It can m... Télécharger
pricehistory(freshmeat) price history price history is a script that downloads the da... Télécharger
pgid(freshmeat) PGID PGID (PHP Google Image Downloader) searches, do... Télécharger
viruskiller(freshmeat) Virus Killer Virus Killer is a shoot 'em up that uses your f... Télécharger
orangelin(freshmeat) Project Akita OS The Project Akita OS (Orange OS) was started wi... Télécharger
rc-crypt(freshmeat) RC-Crypt RC-Crypt can be used to encrypt or decrypt data... Télécharger
burn_app(freshmeat) Burn.app Burn.app (formerly GSBurn.app) is a GNUstep-bas... Télécharger
ng(freshmeat) The Ng Java Roguelike Engine The goal of the Ng Java Roguelike Engine is to ... Télécharger
regex-markup(freshmeat) regex-markup Regex-markup performs regular expression-based ... Télécharger
housespider(freshmeat) HouseSpider HouseSpider is a Java applet that adds indexing... Télécharger
mdf2iso(freshmeat) mdf2iso mdf2iso is a very simple utility to convert an ... Télécharger
webalizer_asn(freshmeat) webalizer-asn webalizer-asn is an autonomous system number (A... Télécharger
nagios-php(freshmeat) Nagios PHP Nagios PHP is an alternative PHP Web interface ... Télécharger
gofun(freshmeat) GoFun GoFun is an implementation of the Desktop Entry... Télécharger
iomode(freshmeat) Io major mode Io major mode is an Emacs major mode for the Io... Télécharger
slime(freshmeat) Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs SLIME is an integrated development environment ... Télécharger
qastrocam(freshmeat) Qastrocam Qastrocam is a capture program that can work wi... Télécharger
samjr(freshmeat) SAM Jr SAM Jr is a real-time analysis tool for Snort d... Télécharger
acalproj(freshmeat) ACal Project The ACal Project is a Web-based event calendar ... Télécharger
serialdump(freshmeat) serialdump serialdump works with a special piece of cablin... Télécharger
x-p-s(freshmeat) eXtensible Programming System The goal of XPS is to make programming simpler ... Télécharger
ammentos(freshmeat) Ammentos Ammentos is a lightweight persistence framework... Télécharger
feedisto(freshmeat) The Feedisto Feedisto is your personal newspaper. Your newsp... Télécharger
fbnews(freshmeat) fbnews fbnews is an RSS/RDF newsfetcher for Fluxbox. I... Télécharger
sshdchroot(freshmeat) SSHd Chrooting support The OpenSSH daemon commonly has its own securit... Télécharger
formgenie(freshmeat) HTML Form Genie HTML Form Genie is a CGI form handler, which ca... Télécharger
outgun(freshmeat) Outgun Outgun is a simple fast-paced multiplayer captu... Télécharger
tnef(freshmeat) tnef tnef unpacks those annoying Microsoft TNEF atta... Télécharger
bediary(freshmeat) BE-Calculator The BE-Calculator is a Java application written... Télécharger
pwmanager_dump(freshmeat) pwmanager_dump pwmanager_dump is a command line tool for readi... Télécharger
sms_clickatell(freshmeat) SMS_Clickatell SMS_Clickatell is a class for interacting with ... Télécharger
ruby-dict(freshmeat) Ruby/DICT Ruby/DICT is an RFC 2229-compliant client-side ... Télécharger
clamupg(freshmeat) ClamUPG ClamUPG is a shell script to automatically upgr... Télécharger
frogsofwar(freshmeat) Frogs Of War In Frogs of War II, you play a giant Lizard/Dra... Télécharger
leipzig(freshmeat) Leipzig Leipzig is a Just Intonation library. It makes ... Télécharger
apes(freshmeat) Apes Apes is a process production tool (in the proje... Télécharger
skfind(freshmeat) SkFind SkFind is a set of portable and scriptable tool... Télécharger
clockwork(freshmeat) clockwork clockwork is a small script to keep track of ti... Télécharger
closedshop(freshmeat) closedShop - Open Source Shopping closedShop - Open Source Shopping attempts to ... Télécharger
phpdomxml(freshmeat) dom xml class dom xml class implements the DOM XML standard w... Télécharger
uma(freshmeat) Unix Mobile Agents Unix Mobile Agents is a generic, flexible, easy... Télécharger
dbglog(freshmeat) DbgLog DbgLog filters and logs debugging/error message... Télécharger
fintan(freshmeat) fintan fintan aims create free (as in freedom) speed-r... Télécharger
mydbrandomizer(freshmeat) My DB Randomizer My DB Randomizer allows you to make a private M... Télécharger
phpdyndns(freshmeat) phpdyndns phpdyndns is a dynamic DNS client written in PH... Télécharger
nameserver-tool(freshmeat) Nameserver Query Tool Nameserver Query Tool performs nameserver zone ... Télécharger
rpsl(freshmeat) RPSL RPSL (Rapid Prototyping Shared Library) is a se... Télécharger
lasange(freshmeat) LASANGE LASANGE aims at creating a mostly-automated LAN... Télécharger
hacburn(freshmeat) HacBurn HacBurn is a graphical frontend for cdrtools, m... Télécharger
deawk(freshmeat) deawk deawk is a very simple double-entry bookkeeping... Télécharger
g-inspector(freshmeat) G-Inspector G-Inspector is a GLib(GTK+) object/class inspec... Télécharger
yex(freshmeat) Yepp Explorer Yepp Explorer (Yex) is a C++ library and a simp... Télécharger
jmediacat(freshmeat) jMediaCat jMediaCat is a simple audio file catloging/data... Télécharger
checkrdf(freshmeat) CheckRDF CheckRDF is a tool, consisting of a shell scrip... Télécharger
imapcopy(freshmeat) imapcopy imapcopy is a script and Perl module for quickl... Télécharger
portfwd(freshmeat) portfwd portfwd is a small user-level daemon which forw... Télécharger
commons(freshmeat) Thought River Commons The Thought River Commons is a collection of Ja... Télécharger
icar(freshmeat) iCAR iCAR is the [iC]hat [A]uto-[R]eply. It adds a f... Télécharger

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