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quamachi(freshmeat) Quamachi Quamachi is a Hamachi GUI for Linux. Hamachi i... Télécharger
probus(freshmeat) Probus Probus is a Web framework for developing in PHP... Télécharger
ftwin(freshmeat) ftwin ftwin is a tool useful to find duplicate files ... Télécharger
libkarma(freshmeat) libkarma libkarma is a C library for managing the Rio Ka... Télécharger
gmp-javascript-game-engine(freshmeat) GMP Javascript Game Engine GMP is a fast, free, JavaScript game engine. It... Télécharger
timer_entropyd(freshmeat) timer_entropyd timer_entropyd feeds the /dev/random device wit... Télécharger
stupidzombie(freshmeat) StupidZombie StupidZombie is a tool that can be used to &quo... Télécharger
scspell(freshmeat) scspell scspell is an interactive spell checker for sou... Télécharger
libposix(freshmeat) libposix libposix is an impementation of the core functi... Télécharger
xemeiah(freshmeat) Xemeiah Xemeiah is a fast, modular, and scalable XML fr... Télécharger
wikyblog(freshmeat) WikyBlog WikyBlog is a groupware application that fuses ... Télécharger
assuma(freshmeat) Association Subscribers Manager Association Subscribers Manager is software des... Télécharger
freenats(freshmeat) FreeNATS FreeNATS is a network monitor that supports var... Télécharger
sux0r(freshmeat) sux0r sux0r is a blogging package, an RSS aggregator,... Télécharger
havefnubb(freshmeat) HaveFnuBB HaveFnuBB is bulletin board software with the g... Télécharger
kittens(freshmeat) kittens Kittens is an application container that can em... Télécharger
nzb(freshmeat) nzb nzb is a binary news grabber. It natively downl... Télécharger
egroupware(freshmeat) EGroupware EGroupware is a Web-based groupware suite. It c... Télécharger
webware(freshmeat) Webware for Python Webware for Python is a suite of Python package... Télécharger
syslog4j(freshmeat) Syslog4j Syslog4j provides Java components for client an... Télécharger
hawkscope(freshmeat) Hawkscope Hawkscope is a productivity tool that allows yo... Télécharger
sinthgunt(freshmeat) Sinthgunt Sinthgunt is a graphical user interface for ffm... Télécharger
ipteditor(freshmeat) IPTEditor IPTEditor intends to ease the task of managing/... Télécharger
tftgallery(freshmeat) TFTgallery TFTgallery is a media gallery to show images, v... Télécharger
p7zip(freshmeat) p7zip p7zip is a port of 7za.exe for Unix, Mac OS X, ... Télécharger
easygis(freshmeat) EasyGIS EasyGIS is a simple way to share and publish ge... Télécharger
nextpe(freshmeat) neXtgen Povray Editor neXtgen Povray Editor (XPE) is a graphical edit... Télécharger
sublib(freshmeat) SubLib SubLib is a library that eases the development ... Télécharger
qtmtp(freshmeat) QTMTP qtmtp is a small tool to manage files on MTP-ca... Télécharger
censorshiptools(freshmeat) censorshiptools The censorship tools are a collection of bash s... Télécharger
perfectear(freshmeat) perfectear perfectear is an ear training application for L... Télécharger
joomla(freshmeat) Joomla! Joomla! is an award-winning Web-based content m... Télécharger
portecle(freshmeat) Portecle Portecle is a GUI version of the command-line k... Télécharger
likee(freshmeat) LiKee LiKee (which stands for LIne KEEper) is a monit... Télécharger
gtimelapse(freshmeat) gTimelapse gTimelapse is a program for creating timelapse ... Télécharger
nxt(freshmeat) NXT NXT is a portable, personal Web application for... Télécharger
capivara(freshmeat) Capivara Capivara is an application to manage and synchr... Télécharger
freeplane(freshmeat) Freeplane Freeplane is an application for mind mapping, k... Télécharger
jfsplib(freshmeat) Java FSP Library Java FSP Library adds support for the FSP proto... Télécharger
ipplan(freshmeat) IPplan IPplan is a Web-based, multilingual IP address ... Télécharger
fslint(freshmeat) FSlint FSlint is a toolkit to find various forms of li... Télécharger
zenmagick(freshmeat) ZenMagick ZenMagick is a reliable, flexible e-commerce so... Télécharger
zina(freshmeat) Zina Zina is a graphical interface to your MP3 colle... Télécharger
simpleini(freshmeat) SimpleIni SimpleIni is a cross-platform C++ library that ... Télécharger
libnodelay(freshmeat) libnodelay libnodelay is an LD_PRELOAD library for disabli... Télécharger
kaufkauflinux(freshmeat) KaufKauf Slim Linux KaufKauf Slim Linux is a fully configured Linux... Télécharger
dictconv-cx(freshmeat) dictconv-CX Dictconv-cx is a dictionary converter that is a... Télécharger
wired-php(freshmeat) Wired-php Wired-php is an XML-RPC client for interfacing ... Télécharger
toka(freshmeat) Toka Toka is a portable dialect of Forth. It has bee... Télécharger
z80ex(freshmeat) z80ex Z80~Ex is a portable ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator des... Télécharger
halo_radio(freshmeat) halo_radio halo_radio is a library for an MP3 radio statio... Télécharger
emifreq-multicore-applet(freshmeat) Emifreq-Applet Multicore Emifreq-Applet Multicore is a modification of t... Télécharger
jitterbit(freshmeat) Jitterbit Jitterbit is an integration tool for designing,... Télécharger
history-selector(freshmeat) history selector selector is a command line utility for dynamic ... Télécharger
bibletime(freshmeat) BibleTime BibleTime is a Bible study tool. It is based on... Télécharger
droid(freshmeat) DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) is... Télécharger
epris(freshmeat) epris Epris is a D-Bus service and command line clien... Télécharger
aluminiumlang(freshmeat) Aluminium Language Aluminium was started as an effort to find a di... Télécharger
scc-srv(freshmeat) System Configuration Collector Server System Configuration Collector Server generates... Télécharger
shva(freshmeat) shva shva is a Web-start graphical editor to hear, v... Télécharger
modelica(sfnet) Modelica Standard Library The Modelica Standard Library is an open source... Télécharger
diet-pc(freshmeat) Diskless Embedded Technology PC (DIET-PC) DIET-PC (DIskless Embedded Technology Personal ... Télécharger
archmage(freshmeat) arCHMage arCHMage is an extensible reader and decompiler... Télécharger
inetdxtra(freshmeat) inetdxtra inetdxtra is a collection of inetd servers aime... Télécharger
hammock(freshmeat) Hammock Hammock is a mock object framework for J2ME dev... Télécharger
pdfslide(freshmeat) PDFSlide PDFSlide is an application for displaying PDF-b... Télécharger
pici-nms(freshmeat) PICI-NMS PICI-NMS is an object oriented middleware which... Télécharger
furfs(freshmeat) FUR filesystem Fur is a filesystem based on FUSE which mounts ... Télécharger
jcols(freshmeat) JCols JCols is a small Java-based text processing uti... Télécharger
wmiface(freshmeat) WMIface WMIface is a command line tool that allows user... Télécharger
sms-server-tools-3(freshmeat) SMS Server Tools 3 The SMS Server Tools 3 is a SMS gateway that ca... Télécharger
cec(freshmeat) cec The Coraid Ethernet Console client, cec, can co... Télécharger
dnport(freshmeat) Domain Portfolio Manager Domain Portfolio Manager is a domain sales and ... Télécharger
xpslc(freshmeat) XPS Led Changer XPS Led Changer is a graphical front-end for th... Télécharger
web-bench(freshmeat) Web-bench Web-bench is simple Web server benchmarking uti... Télécharger
tmw(freshmeat) The Mana World The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to cre... Télécharger
linklist(freshmeat) Doubly Linked List This package consists of an API for a doubly li... Télécharger
nettle(freshmeat) Nettle library Nettle is a cryptographic library that is desig... Télécharger
minimac-macro-processor(freshmeat) minimac Minimac is a minimalist, general purpose text m... Télécharger
sunrise-sunset(freshmeat) Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset is a Python package that can det... Télécharger
bnm(freshmeat) BNM BNM is a build system that uses Maven pom.xml f... Télécharger
blier(freshmeat) Bélier Belier allows opening a shell or executing a co... Télécharger
fsp(freshmeat) File Service Protocol FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transferring fi... Télécharger
wicker(freshmeat) Wicker Wicker is a modified version of Ubuntu designed... Télécharger
seascope(freshmeat) Seascope Seascope is a multi-platform, multi-language so... Télécharger
rhope(freshmeat) Rhope Rhope is a dynamically typed dataflow programmi... Télécharger
gtune(freshmeat) gtune gtune is a small application for musicians that... Télécharger
random-front-end(freshmeat) Random Front End Random Front End is a Java front end that facil... Télécharger
qdvdauthor(freshmeat) 'Q' DVD-Author 'Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontent for dvdauthor ... Télécharger
dd_listmsgs(freshmeat) dd_listmsgs dd_listmsgs is a small door program for the Day... Télécharger
tric-tac-toe(freshmeat) Tric-Tac-Toe Tric-Tac-Toe is a new twist (or perhaps "t... Télécharger
rdfparser(freshmeat) RDFParser RDFParser is a PHP class that loads and parses ... Télécharger
contenite(freshmeat) contenite contenite is a tiny Web framework for PHP5 that... Télécharger
memsl(freshmeat) Memory Structures Library Memory Structures Library (MemSL) is a complete... Télécharger
lcd-linux(freshmeat) LCD-Linux LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer... Télécharger
remood(freshmeat) ReMooD ReMooD is a source port of Doom Legacy, which i... Télécharger
apertus-open-source-cinema(freshmeat) Apertus Apertus combines Open Hardware and Free Softwar... Télécharger
wikka(freshmeat) WikkaWiki WikkaWiki is a lightweight and flexible wiki en... Télécharger
fstrcmp(freshmeat) fstrcmp The fstrcmp library provides an fstrcmp functio... Télécharger
nagios-phone-number-check(freshmeat) Nagios Phone Number Check The Nagios Phone Number Check plugin verifies w... Télécharger

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