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sgmltools-lite(freshmeat) sgmltools-lite SGMLtools-Lite is the successor of SGMLtools. I... Télécharger
whisper2(freshmeat) Whisper Whisper is for keeping your private communicati... Télécharger
virtfs(freshmeat) Virtfs Virtfs is a Perl script which aids in creating ... Télécharger
iff(freshmeat) IFF Format Library The IFF Format Library provides header structur... Télécharger
mwhois(freshmeat) Matt's Whois MWhois is a highly configurable and feature-lad... Télécharger
driver462(freshmeat) Linux Driver and API for Datel PC-462 The Linux Driver and API for Datel PC-462 proje... Télécharger
qmailadminweb(freshmeat) QmailAdminWeb QmailAdminWeb is an admin suite for Qmail+MySQL... Télécharger
xp(freshmeat) The xP Email System xP provides an intuitive, high quality, graphic... Télécharger
rinetd(freshmeat) rinetd rinetd is a simple but effective tool for redir... Télécharger
trafcount(freshmeat) Ethernet Traffic Counter Ethernet Traffic Counter is a loadable kernel m... Télécharger
pgbmrt(freshmeat) Perl/Gtk BMRT Frontend The Perl/GTK BMRT Frontend is a simple frontend... Télécharger
sandml(freshmeat) SandStorm::SandML SandStorm::SandML provides a run-time enviromen... Télécharger
soma(freshmeat) Soma Soma is an HTTP/1.1-compatible Web server writt... Télécharger
dialup_admin(freshmeat) dialup_admin dialup_admin is a Web-basedadministration inter... Télécharger
rsynchelper(freshmeat) rsynchelper rsynchelper helps you use the mirroring program... Télécharger
acalcpalmos(freshmeat) ACalc scientific calculator for PalmOS ACalc is a scientific calculator for PalmOS 3.5... Télécharger
cgu_utils(freshmeat) CGI_UTILS CGI_UTILS is a set of three C++ classes: CGI, T... Télécharger
citrus(freshmeat) Citrus Citrus is a library for converting numbers with... Télécharger
kmasqclient(freshmeat) kmasqclient kmasqclient is an mserver client for kde 2, it ... Télécharger
knmapfe(freshmeat) KNmapFE KNMapFE is a full featured frontend to Nmap, wh... Télécharger
kpinger(freshmeat) kpinger kpinger is a front-end for the ping command whi... Télécharger
ktroute(freshmeat) KTroute KTroute is a fully-featured KDE front end to th... Télécharger
layout(freshmeat) layout layout is a tcl package that allows you to crea... Télécharger
kwmail(freshmeat) Karfi Web Mail Karfi Web Mail is a web-based email application... Télécharger
sock(freshmeat) sock UCW sock is a simple utility serving as an inte... Télécharger
libwebform-perl(freshmeat) libwebform-perl WebForm is a library to develop Web-based (data... Télécharger
ncat(freshmeat) Ncat Ncat concatenates data streams and has a syntax... Télécharger
bioswriter(freshmeat) BIOS Writer BIOS Writer allows you to copy the settings of ... Télécharger
konverse(freshmeat) Konverse Konverse is a KDE Jabber client that is impleme... Télécharger
elastic(freshmeat) Elastic Webeditor Elastic Webeditor is Perl script that alows use... Télécharger
smsgo(freshmeat) SmSGO! SMSgo! is a program to send international SMS (... Télécharger
pppstatus(freshmeat) PPPStatus PPPstatus is a console-based utility for displa... Télécharger
infusion(freshmeat) Infusion Infusion is a fully integrated communications c... Télécharger
kylo(freshmeat) Kylo Kylo is a Gecko-based browser for computers con... Télécharger
mysite(freshmeat) My Site My Site is a template-based script to run an en... Télécharger
mysurveymysql(freshmeat) My Survey MySQL My Survey MySQL is a script which allows you to... Télécharger
poolman(freshmeat) PoolMan The PoolMan library and virtual JDBC2.0 driver ... Télécharger
creatorx(freshmeat) CreatorX CreatorX is a Java scripting language based on ... Télécharger
mkmed(freshmeat) mkmed mkmed is a set of tools for maintaining softwar... Télécharger
runwhen(freshmeat) runwhen runwhen is a set of utilities for running comma... Télécharger
l2h-gui(freshmeat) LaTeX2HTML-gui LaTeX2HTML-gui is a graphical user interface fo... Télécharger
dbdesigner(freshmeat) DbDesigner DbDesigner is a useful tool for constructing da... Télécharger
phorsale(freshmeat) phorSale phorSale is a very basic Web and database e-com... Télécharger
nodecol(freshmeat) nodeCol nodeCol allows you to create nodes and connect ... Télécharger
logitest(freshmeat) LogiTest LogiTest is a Java application for functional a... Télécharger
xscript(freshmeat) xscript xscript interprets a script file to automate th... Télécharger
logjack(freshmeat) LogJack LogJack extracts page view/file download counts... Télécharger
gnumaverik(freshmeat) GNU Maverik MAVERIK is a system for managing graphics and i... Télécharger
y-notes(freshmeat) y-notes y-notes is a set of lightweight applets and CGI... Télécharger
ilarn(freshmeat) iLarn iLarn is a port of Ularn, a classic rogue-like ... Télécharger
sleuth(freshmeat) Sleuth Sleuth is a simple Perl script for checking DNS... Télécharger
cdcontrol(freshmeat) CDcontrol CDcontrol is a parallel CD-writing burner. It a... Télécharger
snifob(freshmeat) snifob snifob is a sniffer output beautifier written i... Télécharger
gtkmodeline(freshmeat) gtkmodeline gtkmodeline is supposed to aid you in coming u... Télécharger
ldse(freshmeat) Local Domain Search Engine Local Domain Search Engine is a distributed sea... Télécharger
religiousagenda(freshmeat) Religious Agenda The Religious Agenda is a multi-translation Bib... Télécharger
magnum(freshmeat) MagNum MagNum (MAGic NUMber properties) helps you reco... Télécharger
hsysmon(freshmeat) horizontal system monitor horizontal system monitor was created because ... Télécharger
webwader(freshmeat) WebWader WebWader is a tool to automatically and thoroug... Télécharger
scanlog(freshmeat) scanlog scanlog reads logfiles generated by CommuniGate... Télécharger
openbt(freshmeat) AXIS OpenBT Stack The Axis OpenBT Stack is an Open Source Bluetoo... Télécharger
myxiris(freshmeat) MyXiris MyXiris is a wizard for building J2EE componen... Télécharger
itasms(freshmeat) itaSMS itaSMS sends SMS to phones using customizable s... Télécharger
slavelineprinter(freshmeat) Slave Line Printer Generic Slave Line Printer support for Linux. A... Télécharger
wmmge(freshmeat) wmmge wmmge is a little dockapp for Window Maker whic... Télécharger
rico_radio(freshmeat) rico_RADIO rico_RADIO is little application to listen to t... Télécharger
linuxcmd(freshmeat) Linux Commander Linux Commander is a powerful file manager for ... Télécharger
tucan(freshmeat) TUCAN TUCAN is an API for abstract messaging that is ... Télécharger
mosquito(freshmeat) Mosquito Window Manager Mosquito is a window manager programmed in C++ ... Télécharger
homedns(freshmeat) Homedns Homedns is a program that allows you to set up ... Télécharger
gsms(freshmeat) gsms gsms is a graphical frontend to itaSMS. It lets... Télécharger
yard(freshmeat) Yard Yard is a suite of Perl scripts for creating re... Télécharger
kt(freshmeat) Kalki Template Kalki Template is a special template mechanism ... Télécharger
yplot(freshmeat) yplot yplot is an interface to the PLPlot plotting li... Télécharger
previking(freshmeat) PreViking PreViking is a telephony daemon written in C. I... Télécharger
cbg-quotes(freshmeat) Simpsons Comic Book Guy Quotes Simpsons Comic Book Guy Quotes is a 'fortune' q... Télécharger
ralph-quotes(freshmeat) Simpsons Ralph Wiggum Quotes Simpsons Ralph Wiggum Quotes is a 'fortune' quo... Télécharger
sdlzombies(freshmeat) SdlZombies SdlZombies is a clone of old zombie games. The ... Télécharger
usermanagement(freshmeat) UserManagement Usermanagement provides a Web-based interface f... Télécharger
modtext2html(freshmeat) mod_text2html mod_text2html is an Apache module which is desi... Télécharger
quarterstaff(freshmeat) Quarterstaff Quaterstaff is a Tcl/Tk application geared towa... Télécharger
matgen(freshmeat) matgen Matgen is a command line matrix generator. It u... Télécharger
megahalforeggdrop(freshmeat) MegaHAL for Eggdrop This is an Eggdrop mod that I wrote out of bore... Télécharger
gnomermind(freshmeat) GnomerMind GnomerMind is a configurable and attractive loo... Télécharger
phpresent(freshmeat) PHPresent PHPresent creates simple HTML presentations usi... Télécharger
gtklean(freshmeat) gtklean gtklean is a C header file generated directly f... Télécharger
webgallery(freshmeat) Webgallery Webgallery is a Perl script which produces high... Télécharger
mod_sed(freshmeat) mod_sed mod_sed embeds a copy of sed into Apache, so th... Télécharger
pilotgone(freshmeat) PilotGOne PilotGOne is a GO game viewer and recorder for ... Télécharger
thoughtstream(freshmeat) ThoughtStream ThoughtStream is a program that allows you to s... Télécharger
linkmaster(freshmeat) LinkMaster LinkMaster is a method of linking data between ... Télécharger
hotdate(freshmeat) Hot Date Hot Date is a useful viewer, giving an effectiv... Télécharger
lispme(freshmeat) LispMe LispMe is a Scheme compiler and runtime system ... Télécharger
dstpanel(freshmeat) DST Panel DST Panel is a system preference panel for Palm... Télécharger
mail_body(freshmeat) mail_body mail_body is an SMS email forwarder, written in... Télécharger
ghw(freshmeat) gHW gHW is a simple GTK+ interface for viewing the ... Télécharger
gfetchnews(freshmeat) GFetchnews GFetchnews is a newsfetcher for GTK. It downloa... Télécharger
regexpnews(freshmeat) RegExp@News RegExp@News allows you to search through newsgr... Télécharger
pystem(freshmeat) PyStem PyStem is a fast Python module with the the Por... Télécharger
cgioutput(freshmeat) cgiOutput cgiOutput is an object-oriented CGI output modu... Télécharger

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