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xpe(sfnet) XPath Explorer XPath Explorer (XPE) is a GUI application that ... Télécharger
officialmerakifirmware(sfnet) Official Meraki Firmware This is an archive of official meraki GPL firmware Télécharger
wp-auto-affiliate-links(freshmeat) Wp Auto Affiliate Links Wp Auto Affiliate Links is a Wordpress plugin t... Télécharger
fatdriveravr(sfnet) FAT 16/32 File System Driver for ATMEL FAT 16/32 File System Driver for ATMEL AVR Télécharger
java-3d-cad(sfnet) Java 3d Cad A Java Cad program with 3d properties Télécharger
easyhtml5(sfnet) easyhtml explicite site html Télécharger
pammpegjoint(sfnet) PaM MPEGJoint PaM MPEGJoint is an application for joining two... Télécharger
primecoincpugpuminers(sfnet) PrimeCoin CPU & GPU Miners This is an application for PrimeCoin [XPM] cryp... Télécharger
gradecsd(sfnet) Grade CSD An application that calculates the grade of the... Télécharger
texttopc(sfnet) Text to PC Simple texting (SMS) service for the Android wh... Télécharger
garc(sfnet) GARC - An eLearning System This software has been developed for Educationa... Télécharger
sunderworld(sfnet) Sunderworld RPG A hybrid science-fantasy RPG set in the near fu... Télécharger
webhost(sfnet) WebHost http://sourceforge.net/projects/WebHost Télécharger
deltaqt(freshmeat) DeltaQt DeltaQt is a cross-platform library of C++ clas... Télécharger
tkn(sfnet) tkn Sách tự chữa bệnh bằng Thiên Khí Năng Télécharger
file2radius(freshmeat) File2Radius File2Radius is a daemonized script that tails a... Télécharger
iometer(sfnet) Iometer I/O performance Analysis Tool Télécharger
datamine(freshmeat) The Data Mine The Data Mine is a search engine designed to ma... Télécharger
mod_reserve(freshmeat) mod_reserve mod_reserve is an Apache2 module for Linux that... Télécharger
gunicorn(freshmeat) Gunicorn Gunicorn (Green Unicorn) is an WSGI HTTP server... Télécharger
stupa(freshmeat) Stupa Stupa is an associative search engine. It lets... Télécharger
bindmaker(sfnet) bindmaker CZ Bind Maker is a custom buy script and config... Télécharger
kactus2(sfnet) Kactus2 Kactus2 is the first graphical open source IP-X... Télécharger
quick-quake-network-copy(freshmeat) Quick Quake Network Copy Quick Quake Network Copy sends files and direct... Télécharger
jfreechart(freshmeat) JFreeChart JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java plat... Télécharger
stxxl(sfnet) STXXL STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard ... Télécharger
dpha(freshmeat) DPHA The DPHA tools help you migrate from one HP Dat... Télécharger
freedomforce(sfnet) Freedom Force Mod Project Freedom Force Mod Project Télécharger
diskeditor(sfnet) Disk Editor 28/05/14 - **THIS PROJECT IS ABANDONED DO NOT D... Télécharger
skunks(sfnet) skunks 3D realistic driving simulation with software r... Télécharger
pgcluu(freshmeat) pgCluu pgCluu is a program that performs a full audit ... Télécharger
zsh-nt(sfnet) WinZsh Z shell for Windows Télécharger
obapps(freshmeat) OBApps OBApps is a graphical tool for configuring the ... Télécharger
odd-island(freshmeat) Odd Island Odd Island is a 3D MORPG with a fantasy setting... Télécharger
scruffrp(sfnet) scruffrp A modified version of DarkRP for Garry's Mod Télécharger
vpnd(freshmeat) vpnd vpnd is a daemon which connects two networks on... Télécharger
lawlietfox(sfnet) lawlietfox That's My Private Build of Mozilla Firefox, Pro... Télécharger
flvtomp3(sfnet) FlvToMp3 FlvToMp3 is a program which permit you to extra... Télécharger
fmj(sfnet) FMJ Freedom for Media in Java - an implementation o... Télécharger
uterus(freshmeat) uterus uterus is a codec library for financial tick da... Télécharger
vrjuggler(sfnet) VR Juggler VR Juggler is a virtual platform for virtual re... Télécharger
cv97java(sfnet) CyberVRML97 for Java CyberVRML97 for Java is a development package f... Télécharger
rdfeditor(sfnet) RDF Editor in Java This is an RDF editor written in Java(Swing) an... Télécharger
facetgroup(sfnet) Collaborative Classification Collaborative Classification of Large, Growing ... Télécharger
lightweight-support-ticket-sys(freshmeat) Lightweight Support Ticket System Lightweight Support Ticket System is a ticket s... Télécharger
unimodeling(freshmeat) UniModeling UniModeling is a big data analytics tool for un... Télécharger
netmate-netdude-clone(freshmeat) netmate (netdude clone) Netmate shows network protocols headers in 32-b... Télécharger
perky(freshmeat) PeRKy PeRKy is computer software dedicated to managem... Télécharger
rolisteam(freshmeat) Rolisteam Rolisteam helps you to manage a role playing ga... Télécharger
antijop(freshmeat) AntiJOP AntiJOP is an anti-malware solution that recode... Télécharger
jhotcorner(freshmeat) JHotCorner JHotCorner is a Java library which gives the us... Télécharger
yuck(freshmeat) yuck yuck is a command line option parser for C that... Télécharger
quake2delphi(sfnet) Quake2 to Delphi conversion Purpose of the project is to port GPL:ed Quake2... Télécharger
riofs(freshmeat) RioFS RioFS is a userspace filesystem for Amazon S3 b... Télécharger
tigefa(sfnet) tigefa forum repository for hosting tigefa.org with mybb eng... Télécharger
pilot-qof(sfnet) pilot-qof pilot-qof provides a query interface to data on... Télécharger
alicetvliste(sfnet) ALICE.TV.Liste Eine Playlist für das AliceTV-Angebot im m3u-Fo... Télécharger
chameleon-problem-solving-envi(freshmeat) Chameleon - Problem Solving Environment The Chameleon Problem Solving Environment is ba... Télécharger
perl-sedna(freshmeat) perl-Sedna perl-Sedna is a Perl driver to connect to the S... Télécharger
date-manip(freshmeat) Date::Manip Date::Manip is a Perl module for handling Grego... Télécharger
jcblock(freshmeat) jcblock The jcblock program uses a modem to detect call... Télécharger
wincevncsvr(sfnet) Windows CE VNC server Bare bone VNC server for Windows CE. Currently ... Télécharger
dotnettelnet(sfnet) .NET Telnet .NET Telnet is a telnet library written for the... Télécharger
xlsjdbc(sfnet) XlsJdbc Platform independent readonly jdbc driver to re... Télécharger
tablesforada(sfnet) Tables for Ada This library provides an implementation of tabl... Télécharger
tellstickcontroller(freshmeat) TellstickController TellstickController is a Java interface for the... Télécharger
wize(freshmeat) Wize Wize is a simplified application development en... Télécharger
qt4urbi(freshmeat) Qt4Urbi Qt for Urbi is a binding of the Qt library in U... Télécharger
libsysactivity(freshmeat) libsysactivity libsysactivity is a lightweight library that re... Télécharger
scantonag(freshmeat) ScanToNag ScanToNag scans a network for services and then... Télécharger
mound(freshmeat) ::mound:: ::mound:: is a software development management ... Télécharger
emergencycd2(sfnet) Emergency and Cool Linux CD Emergency CD is a console version liveCD for ma... Télécharger
easunlock(sfnet) Range Rover - EAS - Reset Range Rover EAS Reset. Applications designed to... Télécharger
hectic(freshmeat) HECTIC HECTIC converts HEC-RAS geometry files, represe... Télécharger
javavp8decoder(freshmeat) javavp8decoder javavp8decoder aims to provide a pure Java VP8 ... Télécharger
mpiburn(freshmeat) MPIBurn MPIBurn is an MPI unicast benchmark. Modern int... Télécharger
spuug(freshmeat) spuug spuug is a little tool that generates the boile... Télécharger
dictator-2(freshmeat) Dictator Dictator is a small application for writing tra... Télécharger
jedi-set(freshmeat) Jedi Set Jedi Set is an implementation of the game of Se... Télécharger
isam(freshmeat) iSAM iSAM is an optimization library for sparse nonl... Télécharger
ebrainpool(freshmeat) eBrainPool eBrainPool provides a system that allows you to... Télécharger
adamjsgenerator(freshmeat) Adam.JSGenerator Adam.JSGenerator is a JavaScript and JSON code ... Télécharger
tmetacalc(freshmeat) tmetaCalc tmetaCalc is a scientific calculator for BlackB... Télécharger
fesa(freshmeat) FESA FESA is a JavaScript class that can be used to ... Télécharger
transie(freshmeat) Transie Transie is a CAT (computer-aided translation) t... Télécharger
firewall(freshmeat) Altimate Firewall Altimate Firewall is a small and easy-to-use fi... Télécharger
squid-real-monitor(freshmeat) SQUID Real Monitor SQUID Real Monitor is a Webmin module that give... Télécharger
mrtoms(freshmeat) mrtoms mrtoms is an IRC bot written in Scala. It suppo... Télécharger
dezoomify(sfnet) dezoomify dezoomify is a program to reverse the "Zoo... Télécharger
movieinfoplus(sfnet) Movie Info Plus Movie Info Plus is a movie tool that pulls IMDB... Télécharger
pdfdoclet(sfnet) PDFDoclet This is a javadoc doclet which produces PDF out... Télécharger
ij2x(sfnet) ImageJ2x ImageJ2x is medical image processing program in... Télécharger
javaipstool(sfnet) Java IPS patcher IPS patcher program. Patches files using ips pa... Télécharger
ed2k-gtk-gui(sfnet) Overnet/eDonkey2000 GUI Graphical user interface for the Overnet and eD... Télécharger
refractag(sfnet) refracTag Mainly created for purpose of file tagging for ... Télécharger
nettool(sfnet) NetTool NetTool is a developer tool for monitoring and ... Télécharger
tcl-nap(sfnet) Tcl NAP Tcl n-dimensional array processor Télécharger
triplyx(sfnet) Triplyx Backup tool for storing data on three separate ... Télécharger
stringsedit(sfnet) Strings Edit Strings edit is a library that provides I/O fac... Télécharger
telescope3d(sfnet) Telescope3D Currently being unified with other sites listed... Télécharger

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