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jmol(sfnet) Jmol Jmol/JSmol is a molecular viewer for three-dime... Télécharger
uribo(sfnet) uribo A real time OS based on uITRON 4.0 full specifi... Télécharger
darwiin-remote(sfnet) DarwiinRemote DarwiinRemote is a tiny program & library w... Télécharger
opencontroller(sfnet) opencontroller OpenController is a GPL control application tha... Télécharger
bankmanagement(sfnet) Bank management system the project is a simple example for bank system... Télécharger
wget(freshmeat) GNU Wget GNU Wget is a utility for noninteractive downlo... Télécharger
jalopy(sfnet) Jalopy Java Source Code Formatter Jalopy is a source code formatter/beautifier/pr... Télécharger
remotemedia(sfnet) Remote Media Player This software is to use with a remote control c... Télécharger
curve-builder(freshmeat) Curve Builder CurveBuilder provides the functionality for hig... Télécharger
koala-framework(freshmeat) Koala Framework Koala Framework is a framework for Web applicat... Télécharger
wildebeest(freshmeat) Wildebeest Wildebeest is a text editor which behaves in th... Télécharger
olapmapper(sfnet) Olap Mapper OLAP mapper is an OLAP engine written in Java. ... Télécharger
iauth(freshmeat) iAuth iAuth helps developers license their applicatio... Télécharger
syncserver(freshmeat) SyncServer SyncServer is a Firefox sync server written in ... Télécharger
fastflow(freshmeat) FastFlow FastFlow is a pattern-based programming framewo... Télécharger
bashcomp-config(freshmeat) bash-completion-config bash-completion-config is a utility to easily e... Télécharger
capstone(freshmeat) Capstone Capstone is a disassembly framework with the ta... Télécharger
alt-linux(freshmeat) ALT Linux ALT Linux is a set of Linux distributions that ... Télécharger
poche(freshmeat) poche poche is a self-hostable read-it-later app. It... Télécharger
glicompress(sfnet) Waveform Archiver Waveform Archiver Télécharger
vanubi(freshmeat) Vanubi Vanubi is a programming editor highly inspired ... Télécharger
web-console(freshmeat) Web Console Web Console is a web-based application that all... Télécharger
argtable(sfnet) argtable Argtable is an ANSI C library for parsing GNU s... Télécharger
dragondrop(sfnet) DragonDrop: Mac OS X tabbed windows DragonDrop is intended to serve as a quick-acce... Télécharger
xpathexplorer(sfnet) XML Explorer A utility to query xml files using XPath and al... Télécharger
bclash(sfnet) Versatile embedded environment The clash New Generation now focuses on making ... Télécharger
legaya(sfnet) Legaya - DirectX GUI Framework Legaya is a Microsoft® DirectX® 9 compatible GU... Télécharger
shib-http-client(freshmeat) shib-http-client shib-http-client provides no-frills access to U... Télécharger
bdiff(sfnet) Binary Diff (bdiff) bdiff is a tool to create a patch that can be u... Télécharger
obsmusicstreamd(sfnet) OBS music stream displayer This is a tool made for streamers who want to d... Télécharger
jaspersoft-studio(freshmeat) Jaspersoft Studio Jaspersoft Studio is a report designer for Jasp... Télécharger
searchenginerankings(freshmeat) Search Engine Rankings Search Engine Rankings is a tool that lets you ... Télécharger
bmake(freshmeat) bmake bmake is a program designed to simplify the mai... Télécharger
universaltext-interpreter(freshmeat) Universaltext Interpreter Universaltext Interpreter is a tool to produce ... Télécharger
projectpier(sfnet) projectpier The goal of the ProjectPier project is to devel... Télécharger
bitnami-jboss-stack(freshmeat) BitNami JBoss Stack BitNami JBoss Stack native installer is an easy... Télécharger
testdeklessio(sfnet) testdeklessio Arquivos que estão sendo usados no test. Télécharger
skweekykit(sfnet) skweekykit This is an open-source RuneScape toolkit made i... Télécharger
ircdbr(sfnet) IRCdBR SoftWare IRCdBR, IRCd de âmbito nacional (brasileiro), b... Télécharger
mifter(freshmeat) Mifter Mifter incorporates AJAX thinking into message ... Télécharger
git-daemon-selinux-policy(freshmeat) Git-Daemon SELinux Policy Git-Daemon SELinux Policy is a SELinux targeted... Télécharger
2ping(freshmeat) 2ping 2ping is a bidirectional ping utility. It uses ... Télécharger
simple-javascript-image-viewer(freshmeat) Simple Javascript Image Viewer Simple Javascript Image Viewer is an easy-to-em... Télécharger
mapn(sfnet) MAPn MAPn is a tool to auto-compile & install My... Télécharger
mpeg2ds(sfnet) mpeg2ds MPEG-2 Video Decoder DirectShow filter based on... Télécharger
kakurasu-solver(freshmeat) Kakurasu Solver Kakurasu Solver is a solver for the puzzle game... Télécharger
fiji(freshmeat) Fiji Fiji is an image processing package. It can be ... Télécharger
grenouille(freshmeat) Grenouille Grenouille is an online service for weather da... Télécharger
jarsigner(sfnet) Eclipse JAR Signer Plugin Eclipse Plugin for exporting signed Jars simila... Télécharger
yuur(sfnet) yuur 遇见网是一个新型的基于高匿名化的微型社区交流项... Télécharger
vcspawnfmt(sfnet) vcspawnfmt The vcspawnfmt is a replacement for Microsoft's... Télécharger
pxes(sfnet) PXES PXES is a Linux micro distribution that will co... Télécharger
oval(sfnet) OVal - object validation framework OVal is an extensible object validation framewo... Télécharger
mover(freshmeat) Mover Mover is a system designed to move mail while e... Télécharger
libsh(sfnet) Sh GPU Metaprogramming Language Sh is a predecessor to the RapidMind Multi-core... Télécharger
efl(freshmeat) EFL EFL makes CFEngine easy by editing data files a... Télécharger
jpdfprocess(freshmeat) jPDFProcess jPDFProcess is a Java library to work with PDF ... Télécharger
proeduca(sfnet) Proeduca ProEduca es una organización orientada al desar... Télécharger
qrcode-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software QrCode Class QrCode Class is a PHP class that provides funct... Télécharger
ftester(freshmeat) Firewall Tester The Firewall Tester is a tool designed for test... Télécharger
web-fingerprint-php-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Web Fingerprint Class The Web Fingerprint Class creates as unique a f... Télécharger
ircd-hybrid-ru(sfnet) IRCD Hybrid RU IRCD Hybrid RU Télécharger
advanced-product-options-magen(freshmeat) Magento Product Options Extension Magento Product Options Extension makes it poss... Télécharger
opticks-extras(freshmeat) Opticks Extras Opticks Extras is a set of official extensions ... Télécharger
springtemplate(freshmeat) SpringTemplate SpringTemplate is a template Spring project to ... Télécharger
jedit-markdown-plugin(freshmeat) jEdit Markdown Plugin jEdit Markdown Plugin is a plugin for jEdit tha... Télécharger
community-oxtender-for-thunder(freshmeat) Community OXtender for Thunderbird The OXtender for Thunderbird is an addon for Th... Télécharger
ssc32servocontroller(freshmeat) SSC32ServoController SSC32ServoController is a utility for controlli... Télécharger
phperl2(sfnet) Phperl Phperl sets up a Webserver complete with PHP, P... Télécharger
python-pskc(freshmeat) python-pskc python-pskc is a Python library that handles Po... Télécharger
open-semantic-search(freshmeat) Open Semantic Search Open Semantic Search is a personal search engin... Télécharger
jpdfwriter(freshmeat) jPDFWriter jPDFWriter is a Java class library to create PD... Télécharger
osx86drivers(sfnet) osx86 drivers Drivers / utlities ported from other open sourc... Télécharger
treeline(sfnet) TreeLine TreeLine stores almost any kind of information ... Télécharger
pyxattr(freshmeat) pyxattr pyxattr is a Python extension module wrapper f... Télécharger
coccinellida(sfnet) Coccinellida Coccinellida - Simple SSH Tunnel Manager for Ma... Télécharger
waterstone-web-os(freshmeat) Waterstone Web OS Waterstone Web OS is a Web application that use... Télécharger
ipasswordsafe(freshmeat) iPasswordSafe iPasswordSafe is a password manager that facili... Télécharger
dvd-ranger-ui(freshmeat) DVD-Ranger UI DVD-Ranger UI is a GUI for the well known DVD-R... Télécharger
iftpd(freshmeat) Independent FTP Daemon iFTPd is an FTP server that features platform i... Télécharger
fcgid(freshmeat) FCGId FCGId is an FCGI daemon for serving FCGI reques... Télécharger
conky-gui(freshmeat) Conky GUI Conky GUI is a graphic editor for Conky files. ... Télécharger
blipapi(freshmeat) blipapi-php blipapi-php is a PHP library for accessing the ... Télécharger
wordbash(freshmeat) WordBash WordBash is a Wordpress clone written in Bash, ... Télécharger
3djson(freshmeat) 3DJSON 3DJSON implements a syntax for JSON for represe... Télécharger
bbot(freshmeat) BBot BBot is a Python IRC bot for everything from pr... Télécharger
empegify(freshmeat) empegify empegify is a networkable system for creating M... Télécharger
ibs(sfnet) ibs Accounting and Billing program for ISPs with Pr... Télécharger
helloworldgm(sfnet) HelloWorld goes mobile - on Android "HelloWorld goes mobile" is a decentr... Télécharger
iiiasn1(sfnet) III ASN.1 Tool An ASN.1 to C++ Compiler Télécharger
afoto(sfnet) :: afoto :: Galeria de fotos, audio y video pequeña, potent... Télécharger
aniketos-ssvv(freshmeat) Aniketos-SSVV Aniketos-SSVV (Aniketos Security Service Valida... Télécharger
webnotice(sfnet) webnotice webNotice is an easy to use notice management s... Télécharger
papervisiontut(sfnet) PaperVision Tutorials A series of tutorials that demonstrate how to u... Télécharger
emacsbinw64(sfnet) emacs-w64 A GNU Emacs binary distribution for users who w... Télécharger
iodbcdrivermanagerandsdk(freshmeat) iODBC Driver Manager and SDK iODBC is a cross-platform Driver Manager that c... Télécharger
jpdfnotes(freshmeat) jPDFNotes jPDFNotes is a Java bean component which can be... Télécharger
project64emulat(sfnet) project64emulat one of the best Nintendo 64 emulator available! Télécharger
speakgeektoday(sfnet) speakgeektoday speakgeektoday.com files that i will not be abl... Télécharger
evomediagallery(sfnet) EVO Media Gallery Nuke Evolution based Php Media Gallery German &... Télécharger

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