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jddynamo(freshmeat) Joel Dare's Dynamo Dynamo is a PHP library that executes complex M... Télécharger
usagi(freshmeat) USAGI Project The USAGI Project (UniverSAl playGround for Ip... Télécharger
agora-basic(freshmeat) Agora BASIC Agora BASIC is a BASIC compiler for POSIX syste... Télécharger
mmbase(freshmeat) MMBase MMBase is an Open Source Java-based content man... Télécharger
cryptonit(freshmeat) Cryptonit Cryptonit is a client side cryptographic tool w... Télécharger
jake2(freshmeat) Jake2 Jake2 is a pure Java port of the Quake2 game en... Télécharger
phpwikibot(freshmeat) phpWikiBot phpWikiBot is a PHP framework for writing robot... Télécharger
sspamm(freshmeat) SSpamM Semi's Spam Milter (sspamm) is a spam filter f... Télécharger
celtix(freshmeat) Celtix Celtix delivers a Java enterprise service bus (... Télécharger
brainwash(freshmeat) brainwash brainwash is an optimizing interpreter for the ... Télécharger
phasis(freshmeat) Phasis Phasis is a financial application solution for ... Télécharger
m3u123(freshmeat) m3u123 m3u123 is a very simple command line music play... Télécharger
captivator(freshmeat) Captivator-Gw Captivator-Gw is a "Captive Portal" o... Télécharger
agatha(freshmeat) Agatha Agatha is a Web-based MP3 playing system that a... Télécharger
phpautotest(freshmeat) phpautotest phpautotest is a tool for testing PHP-driven We... Télécharger
tao(freshmeat) Tao Tao is a software package for sound synthesis u... Télécharger
ftp4che(freshmeat) ftp4che ftp4che is an FTP library for Java 1.4 and 5.0 ... Télécharger
libnode(freshmeat) LibNode LibNode is a C library which manages generic li... Télécharger
lua-sqlite3(freshmeat) Lua-Sqlite3 Lua-Sqlite3 is a binding of SQLite 3 for Lua. I... Télécharger
xfree86(freshmeat) XFree86 XFree86 is a freely redistributable implementat... Télécharger
fontimage(freshmeat) fontimage fontimage is a small, portable tool that genera... Télécharger
s2s(freshmeat) Stream-2-Stream Stream-2-Stream (abbreviated "s2s" or... Télécharger
solcal(freshmeat) Solistic Calendar Solistic Calendar is a Web diary and calendar s... Télécharger
mantaray(freshmeat) Mantaray MantaRay is a distributed, peer-to-peer, server... Télécharger
monsterz(freshmeat) Monsterz Monsterz is a puzzle game where you need to cre... Télécharger
ra-plugins(freshmeat) The RA SPP Plugin collection The RA SPP Plugin collection provides several p... Télécharger
xflat(freshmeat) xflat eXtended FLAT (XFLAT) is a binary format that s... Télécharger
cadmenu(freshmeat) CADmenu CADmenu makes ctrl-alt-delete more user-friendl... Télécharger
smtphandler(freshmeat) smtphandler smtphandler is an SMTP handler for java.util.lo... Télécharger
torpheus(freshmeat) Orpheus Orpheus is a text-mode menu- and window- driven... Télécharger
xui(freshmeat) XUI XUI is a Java and XML platform for building Ric... Télécharger
gtestrunner(freshmeat) GTestRunner GTestRunner is a GTK+-based graphical frontend... Télécharger
homage(freshmeat) The Homage Project Homage is yet another game inspired by Scorched... Télécharger
xdelta(freshmeat) xdelta xdelta is a library and application for computi... Télécharger
klamav(freshmeat) KlamAV KlamAV provides ClamAV protection for the KDE d... Télécharger
jpa(freshmeat) Jogger Publishing Assistant Jogger Publishing Assistant is a specialized (s... Télécharger
bigquotes(freshmeat) bigquotes bigquotes is a quotes database based on the bpq... Télécharger
sheepshaver(freshmeat) SheepShaver SheepShaver is a free, portable, feature-rich, ... Télécharger
madjack(freshmeat) MadJACK MadJACK is a MPEG audio deck for the Jack Audio... Télécharger
xmonitors(freshmeat) xmonitors xmonitors is a set of X11 tools which are simil... Télécharger
sdl(freshmeat) Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL is a library that allows you portable low-l... Télécharger
firefly-crm(freshmeat) Firefly CRM Firefly CRM is a Web-based customer relationshi... Télécharger
ktctool(freshmeat) Ktctool Ktctool is a graphical user interface to tc, a ... Télécharger
asp2php(freshmeat) asp2php asp2php converts WWW Active Server Pages (ASP) ... Télécharger
poorcalculator(freshmeat) Poor man's Financial Calculator Poor man's Financial Calculator is a small fina... Télécharger
blues55(freshmeat) Blues55 Blues55 allows you to use a Siemens S55 (and ma... Télécharger
nemerle(freshmeat) Nemerle Nemerle is a hybrid (functional, object-oriente... Télécharger
php3guest(freshmeat) php3guest php3guest is a Web guestbook written in PHP usi... Télécharger
class_date(freshmeat) Class::Date Class::Date provides a date datatype for Perl. ... Télécharger
taginfo(freshmeat) taginfo Taginfo is a quick implementation of the taglib... Télécharger
splitdist(freshmeat) Split-Dist Split-Dist calculates the number of splits (edg... Télécharger
sdl_image(freshmeat) SDL_image SDL_image is a simple library to load images of... Télécharger
rhinoinspring(freshmeat) Rhino in Spring Rhino in Spring is an integration of the Mozill... Télécharger
bion(freshmeat) bion bion is a classical biorhythm program which use... Télécharger
openntpd(freshmeat) OpenNTPd OpenNTPd is a portable implementation of the Ne... Télécharger
src(freshmeat) Simultaneous Remote Command Simultaneous Remote Command sends multiple comm... Télécharger
singapore(freshmeat) singapore singapore is a sleek PHP image gallery that doe... Télécharger
tarlisted(freshmeat) tarlisted Tarlisted takes lines of text as an input and c... Télécharger
baseballnuke(freshmeat) baseballNuke BaseballNuke is a module for PHP-Nuke that allo... Télécharger
osxmoontool(freshmeat) OSXmoontool OSXmoontool displays information about the moon... Télécharger
x11guitest(freshmeat) X11::GUITest X11::GUITest is a Perl package intended to fac... Télécharger
tangerine(freshmeat) Tangerine Tangerine is a music server. It uses DAAP, the... Télécharger
enomalism(freshmeat) Enomalism Virtualized Management Console Enomalism is a pre-packaged virtualization infr... Télécharger
sdl_ttf(freshmeat) SDL_ttf The SDL_ttf library is a wrapper around the Fre... Télécharger
mkcgi(freshmeat) mkcgi mkcgi is a simple command line utility for prod... Télécharger
phpoliat(freshmeat) PHP-O-Lait PHP-O-Lait makes it possible for browser-side J... Télécharger
file2xliff4j(freshmeat) File2XLIFF4j File2XLIFF4j is a modular implementation of a t... Télécharger
opal(freshmeat) OPAL OPAL (Open Physics Abstraction Layer) has two m... Télécharger
podtool(freshmeat) Podtool Podtool is a Python-based utility for managing ... Télécharger
sharpconstruct(freshmeat) SharpConstruct SharpConstruct is an OpenGL graphics applicati... Télécharger
large-c(freshmeat) C C (pronounced large-C) is a pseudo-interpreter ... Télécharger
foundationphys(freshmeat) Foundational Physics Foundational Physics is a 2D physics engine wri... Télécharger
syrep(freshmeat) syrep Syrep is a generic file repository synchroniza... Télécharger
cultbooking(freshmeat) Cultbooking Cultbooking is a hotel booking system. Via a ce... Télécharger
olereader(freshmeat) OLE Reader OLE Reader is an alternative to the Jakarta pro... Télécharger
brabosphere(freshmeat) Brabosphere Brabosphere is a program for the 3D visualizati... Télécharger
camlget(freshmeat) Caml-get Caml-get is a tool to distribute and get Object... Télécharger
jguigen(freshmeat) jguigen jguigen (Java GUI Generator) generates screens ... Télécharger
bbsengine(freshmeat) bbsengine bbsengine is a modular, object-oriented applica... Télécharger
midirecord(freshmeat) Midirecord Midirecord is a simple command-line application... Télécharger
nbench(freshmeat) nbench This release is based on the Unix port of beta ... Télécharger
entityforge(freshmeat) EntityForge EntityForge is a 3D graphical media display, an... Télécharger
wxcl(freshmeat) wxCL wxCL is an industrial strength GUI library for ... Télécharger
mfgraph(freshmeat) mfGraph Library mfGraph is a graph rendering library for intera... Télécharger
logtail(freshmeat) logtail logtail is an AJAX-based logfile download and v... Télécharger
cwirc(freshmeat) CWirc CWirc is a plugin for the X-Chat IRC client to ... Télécharger
libcoroutine(freshmeat) libCoroutine libCoroutine is a simple, stack-based coroutine... Télécharger
libgarbagecollector(freshmeat) libGarbageCollector libGarbageCollector is an incremental garbage c... Télécharger
lesserwiki(freshmeat) LesserWiki LesserWiki is a TiddlyWiki style Wiki engine us... Télécharger
gmailbox(freshmeat) Gmailbox gmailbox allows offline browsing of a gmail fol... Télécharger
build-pkg(freshmeat) build-pkg BuildPKG is a tool to create packages for Slack... Télécharger
freecoins(freshmeat) FreeCoins FreeCoins is an accounting program written in C... Télécharger
dc_qt(freshmeat) dc_qt dc_qt is a Direct Connect client based on DC++.... Télécharger
httpfilemanager(freshmeat) httpFileManager httpFileManager is a file management script tha... Télécharger
zone2host(freshmeat) Zone2Host Zone2Host is a utility that converts ISC BIND s... Télécharger
libjd(freshmeat) LibJAD LibJAD is collection of miscellaneous routines ... Télécharger
pyinotify(freshmeat) pyinotify pyinotify is a Python module for watching files... Télécharger
subether(freshmeat) Sub Ether Sub Ether is a system that includes software to... Télécharger
xbone(freshmeat) X-Bone X-Bone dynamically deploys and manages Internet... Télécharger
sharetodo(freshmeat) ShareToDo ShareToDo is a Web-based todo list application.... Télécharger

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