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phpmylibrary(freshmeat) PhpMyLibrary PhpMyLibrary is a PHP/MySQL Web based library ... Télécharger
tiquit(freshmeat) Tiquit Tiquit (Tiquit Is Quality User Incident Trackin... Télécharger
gimuse(freshmeat) gimuse gimuse allows concurrent multiple clients acces... Télécharger
ext2hide(freshmeat) ext2hide ext2hide allows the user to save and restore an... Télécharger
jnettop(freshmeat) jnettop Jnettop allows administrators of routers to wat... Télécharger
netek(freshmeat) neteK neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDA... Télécharger
basiliskii(freshmeat) Basilisk II Basilisk II is a free, portable, Open Source 68... Télécharger
unimaginatively-named-attendan(freshmeat) Unimaginatively-named Attendance Attendance is a Web application for taking and ... Télécharger
gld(freshmeat) gld Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Post... Télécharger
jnettop-gui(freshmeat) jnettop-gui JnettopGui is a GUI project for jnettop, the ne... Télécharger
phpfinance(freshmeat) PHPFinance PHPFinance is a Web-based financial management ... Télécharger
magellan-metasearch(freshmeat) Magellan Metasearch Magellan Metasearch is a modular meta search en... Télécharger
ptt(freshmeat) PTT PTT helps users to analyze and understand corre... Télécharger
arsc(freshmeat) ARSC Really Simple Chat ARSC Really Simple Chat is a Web chat system th... Télécharger
remosync(freshmeat) Remosync Remosync is a network-aware directory synchroni... Télécharger
scrssfeed(freshmeat) scrssfeed scrssfeed is a simple filter to use in mail pro... Télécharger
parano(freshmeat) Parano Parano is a GNOME frontend for creating, editin... Télécharger
biferno(freshmeat) Biferno Biferno is a new generation object-oriented Web... Télécharger
networkx(freshmeat) NetworkX NetworkX is a Python package for the creation, ... Télécharger
desperado(freshmeat) Desperado Desperado is a collection of C++ and C componen... Télécharger
beancounter(freshmeat) beancounter beancounter enables stockmarket data analysis a... Télécharger
bazaar(freshmeat) Bazaar Bazaar is a Web content hosting system. It is a... Télécharger
open5066(freshmeat) Open5066 Open5066 is an implementation of the NATO NC3A ... Télécharger
tarix(freshmeat) tarix tarix is a simple indexer for GNU and POSIX tar... Télécharger
ripx(freshmeat) ripx ripx is a script designed to make ripping CDs a... Télécharger
lsm_rsuid(freshmeat) rsuid LSM rsuid LSM is a Linux LSM kernel module that all... Télécharger
openvpn-auth-passwd(freshmeat) OpenVPN Auth Passwd OpenVPN Auth Passwd is a plugin that authentica... Télécharger
jdraw(freshmeat) JDraw JDraw is a pixel-oriented image editor designed... Télécharger
umltophp5(freshmeat) UML2PHP5 UML2PHP5 is a plugin designed to fit on the Dia... Télécharger
syntaxcms(freshmeat) Syntax CMS Syntax CMS simplifies publishing varied content... Télécharger
squidrestrict(freshmeat) SquidRestrict SquidRestrict is a Web-based tool that allows m... Télécharger
synergy2(freshmeat) synergy2 Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse an... Télécharger
alternc(freshmeat) AlternC Hosting Software AlternC is an automatic hosting software suite ... Télécharger
athana(freshmeat) Athana Athana is a small, simple standalone Web server... Télécharger
ecryptfs(freshmeat) eCryptfs eCryptfs is an POSIX-compliant enterprise-class... Télécharger
dungeoninc(freshmeat) Dungeon Inc Dungeon Inc is a 2D realtime dungeon simulator... Télécharger
weblogmine(freshmeat) Log Mine Log Mine is a tool that produces reports on usa... Télécharger
jarmor(freshmeat) Jarmor Jarmor (Java ASCII Armor) is a tiny collection ... Télécharger
swinput(freshmeat) swinput Swinput can fake a mouse and a keyboard by usin... Télécharger
earea(freshmeat) eArea eArea is a simple cross-browser WYSIWYG text ed... Télécharger
adodb(freshmeat) ADODB ADODB is a set of advanced PHP database abstrac... Télécharger
imgseekweb(freshmeat) imgSeekWeb imgSeekWeb is based on the imgSeek project. The... Télécharger
emacsversor(freshmeat) Versatile Cursors for GNUemacs Versatile Cursors for GNUemacs is a set of emac... Télécharger
aqmoney(freshmeat) AqMoney AqMoney is a console tool for home banking usin... Télécharger
tapecat(freshmeat) Tapecat Tapecat is a utility used to describe the physi... Télécharger
cap_ratelimit(freshmeat) CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit CGI::Application::Plugin::RateLimit is a plugin... Télécharger
gimphp(freshmeat) gimphp gimphp is a PHP class library to write Gimp scr... Télécharger
hopv(freshmeat) Hybridized Orbital Preview Hybridized Orbital Preview (HOPV) is an OpenGL ... Télécharger
ketchup-lksm(freshmeat) Ketchup Ketchup is a tool for updating or switching bet... Télécharger
atompp(freshmeat) Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby The Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby... Télécharger
messages(freshmeat) cintoo Messages cintoo Messages is a framework to make internat... Télécharger
nstow(freshmeat) nstow nstow is a reimplementation of Bob Glickstein's... Télécharger
corbicula(freshmeat) Corbicula Anti Virus Corbicula Anti Virus provides a GNOME HIG compl... Télécharger
sonyrm(freshmeat) Sony RM-X2S XMMS Plugin This plugin lets you control XMMS with a Sony R... Télécharger
sidebrain(freshmeat) Sidebrain Sidebrain is a working-memory tool for programm... Télécharger
gtk-im-vi(freshmeat) gtk-im-vi gtk-im-vi contains two simple GTK+ input method... Télécharger
x-unikey(freshmeat) X-Unikey X-Unikey is a tool that lets you type Vietnames... Télécharger
exmat(freshmeat) C++ expression template matrix library exmat is a generic C++ matrix library using exp... Télécharger
pxw4pa(freshmeat) pXw4Pa pXw4Pa (poor XML wrapper for PHP arrays) consis... Télécharger
mroovcastats(freshmeat) mroovca stats mroovca stats is a Web site statistics generato... Télécharger
oz2remind(freshmeat) oz2remind oz2remind is a tool to convert OpenZaurus Opie ... Télécharger
fsscanner(freshmeat) filesystemscanner If you have a filesystem where many different f... Télécharger
redeemer(freshmeat) redeemer Redeemer is a database, frontend, and backend a... Télécharger
htmlsql(freshmeat) htmlSQL htmlSQL is a PHP class which allows you to acce... Télécharger
mantisbt(freshmeat) Mantis Bug Tracker Mantis Bug Tracker (MantisBT) is a Web-based is... Télécharger
fearann(freshmeat) Fearann Muin Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game (MM... Télécharger
htmlo(freshmeat) HTML Objects HTML Objects is a Perl module library for turni... Télécharger
meteo(freshmeat) Meteo Meteo is an interface to weather stations from ... Télécharger
agendamanager(freshmeat) Agenda Displayer Agenda is a Web-based application that let you ... Télécharger
asternic(freshmeat) Flash Operator Panel Flash Operator Panel displays information about... Télécharger
pflogx(freshmeat) pflogx pflogx is a simple tool that exports OpenBSD pa... Télécharger
slag(freshmeat) Slag The Slag project is a pattern-based audio seque... Télécharger
ptlinkircd(freshmeat) PTlink IRCd The PTlink IRC daemon integrates some of the mo... Télécharger
happyhttp(freshmeat) HappyHTTP HappyHTTP is a simple C++ library for issuing H... Télécharger
chaussette(freshmeat) Chaussette Chaussette is a PHP/MySQL Web group calendar us... Télécharger
mbsebulletinboardsystembbs(freshmeat) MBSE Bulletin Board System (BBS) MBSE BBS is a full Fidonet-capable ANSI BBS pac... Télécharger
novi(freshmeat) novi novi is a tool for finding the latest-version R... Télécharger
jddynamo(freshmeat) Joel Dare's Dynamo Dynamo is a PHP library that executes complex M... Télécharger
usagi(freshmeat) USAGI Project The USAGI Project (UniverSAl playGround for Ip... Télécharger
agora-basic(freshmeat) Agora BASIC Agora BASIC is a BASIC compiler for POSIX syste... Télécharger
mmbase(freshmeat) MMBase MMBase is an Open Source Java-based content man... Télécharger
cryptonit(freshmeat) Cryptonit Cryptonit is a client side cryptographic tool w... Télécharger
jake2(freshmeat) Jake2 Jake2 is a pure Java port of the Quake2 game en... Télécharger
phpwikibot(freshmeat) phpWikiBot phpWikiBot is a PHP framework for writing robot... Télécharger
sspamm(freshmeat) SSpamM Semi's Spam Milter (sspamm) is a spam filter f... Télécharger
celtix(freshmeat) Celtix Celtix delivers a Java enterprise service bus (... Télécharger
brainwash(freshmeat) brainwash brainwash is an optimizing interpreter for the ... Télécharger
phasis(freshmeat) Phasis Phasis is a financial application solution for ... Télécharger
m3u123(freshmeat) m3u123 m3u123 is a very simple command line music play... Télécharger
captivator(freshmeat) Captivator-Gw Captivator-Gw is a "Captive Portal" o... Télécharger
agatha(freshmeat) Agatha Agatha is a Web-based MP3 playing system that a... Télécharger
phpautotest(freshmeat) phpautotest phpautotest is a tool for testing PHP-driven We... Télécharger
tao(freshmeat) Tao Tao is a software package for sound synthesis u... Télécharger
ftp4che(freshmeat) ftp4che ftp4che is an FTP library for Java 1.4 and 5.0 ... Télécharger
libnode(freshmeat) LibNode LibNode is a C library which manages generic li... Télécharger
lua-sqlite3(freshmeat) Lua-Sqlite3 Lua-Sqlite3 is a binding of SQLite 3 for Lua. I... Télécharger
xfree86(freshmeat) XFree86 XFree86 is a freely redistributable implementat... Télécharger
fontimage(freshmeat) fontimage fontimage is a small, portable tool that genera... Télécharger
s2s(freshmeat) Stream-2-Stream Stream-2-Stream (abbreviated "s2s" or... Télécharger
solcal(freshmeat) Solistic Calendar Solistic Calendar is a Web diary and calendar s... Télécharger

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