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monoosc(freshmeat) MonoOSC MonoOSC is a project in two parts: a library in... Télécharger
cush(freshmeat) Cloud User Shell Cloud User Shell (cush) is a multi-call executa... Télécharger
sysdirector(freshmeat) SysDirector SysDirector is a template driven configuration ... Télécharger
tinyproxy(freshmeat) Tinyproxy Tinyproxy is a light-weight HTTP/HTTPS proxy da... Télécharger
squashfs(freshmeat) Squashfs Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only files... Télécharger
mycat(freshmeat) MySQL Cluster Administration Tools The MyCAT project is a toolset for managing MyS... Télécharger
oggify(freshmeat) Oggify Oggify is a program that was written to help ma... Télécharger
mime4j(freshmeat) mime4j mime4j provides a parser, MimeStreamParser, for... Télécharger
jsieve(freshmeat) Apache JSieve jSieve is a Java implementation of the Sieve ma... Télécharger
itsucks(freshmeat) ItSucks ItSucks is a Web spider with the ability to dow... Télécharger
slideshow(freshmeat) Slideshow Slideshow is a kiosk-style application for show... Télécharger
alterator(freshmeat) Alterator Alterator is a system configuration framework s... Télécharger
danshell(freshmeat) Danshell Danshell is a small, portable shell. It is mean... Télécharger
libapmath(freshmeat) Libapmath Libapmath is a C++ arbitrary precision math lib... Télécharger
tkdvd(freshmeat) TkDVD TkDVD is a GUI for dvd+rw-tools and cdrecord/cd... Télécharger
cdeengine(freshmeat) CDEEngine CDEengine is a PHP class which implements the g... Télécharger
googles-text-to-speech-for-ast(freshmeat) Speech synthesis for asterisk Speech synthesis for asterisk is an Asterisk AG... Télécharger
pgcalc(freshmeat) PG Calculator PG Calculator is a powerful scientific calculat... Télécharger
u2ps(freshmeat) u2ps u2ps is a text to Postscript converter similar ... Télécharger
ipv6check(freshmeat) ipv6check Ipv6check is a Web script to check if you are c... Télécharger
doubletype(freshmeat) DoubleType DoubleType is an attempt to make a type designe... Télécharger
mtx(freshmeat) MTX MTX is a set of programs for controlling tape d... Télécharger
gstfs(freshmeat) GSTFS GSTFS (GStreamer FS) is a filesystem for on-dem... Télécharger
sahi(freshmeat) Sahi Sahi is an automation and testing tool for Web ... Télécharger
ataidle(freshmeat) ATAidle ATAidle is a utility to set the power managemen... Télécharger
webavis(freshmeat) Webavis WebAvis is a Web frontend to amavisd-new. It al... Télécharger
kentoccam(freshmeat) Kent Retargettable Occam Compiler The Kent Retargettable Occam Compiler is a mul... Télécharger
jobbuddy(freshmeat) jobBuddy jobBuddy searches 9 top job sites and displays ... Télécharger
q4m(freshmeat) Q4M Q4M (Queue for MySQL) is a message queue that w... Télécharger
libnetdude(freshmeat) libnetdude libnetdude is the packet manipulation backend o... Télécharger
liboggpp-jni(freshmeat) libogg++java libogg++java is a Java native interface to libo... Télécharger
ind(freshmeat) ind ind allows you to indent output from a sub-proc... Télécharger
xchat(freshmeat) X-Chat X-Chat is a fully-featured graphical IRC client... Télécharger
mnbsd(freshmeat) MidnightBSD MidnightBSD is a FreeBSD 6 fork aimed at provid... Télécharger
riteway-reorgs(freshmeat) Riteway-Reorgs Riteway-Reorgs is a Tcl/TK GUI and Batch progra... Télécharger
pamlirc(freshmeat) pam_lirc pam_lirc is a PAM authentication module that le... Télécharger
os-sim(freshmeat) OS-SIM OSSIM aims to unify network monitoring, securit... Télécharger
tmapix(freshmeat) TMAPIX TMAPIX is a collection of Java libraries that p... Télécharger
traffstats(freshmeat) TraffStats TraffStats is a monitoring and traffic analysis... Télécharger
hachoir-core(freshmeat) Hachoir core Hachoir is a Python library used to represent a... Télécharger
hachoir-parser(freshmeat) Hachoir parser Hachoir parser is a collection of parsers for t... Télécharger
zoem(freshmeat) zoem Zoem is a general-purpose macro/programming lan... Télécharger
hachoir-urwid(freshmeat) Hachoir urwid hachoir-urwid is a binary file explorer that us... Télécharger
hachoir-wx(freshmeat) Hachoir wx hachoir-wx is a wxWidgets-based program that's ... Télécharger
hachoir-metadata(freshmeat) Hachoir metadata Hachoir metadata can extract metadata from arch... Télécharger
voisin(freshmeat) Voisin Voisin is a social networking and group collabo... Télécharger
midorijs(freshmeat) midori JavaScript framework midori is a JavaScript framework that does not ... Télécharger
loggedfs(freshmeat) LoggedFS LoggedFS is a transparent fuse-filesystem which... Télécharger
sitellite(freshmeat) Sitellite Content Management System Sitellite is an advanced Web content management... Télécharger
checkstyleas3(freshmeat) CheckstyleAS3 CheckstyleAS3 is an attempt to create the Check... Télécharger
andutteye(freshmeat) Andutteye Andutteye is a systems management platform that... Télécharger
jbigkit(freshmeat) JBIG-KIT JBIG-KIT implements a highly effective data com... Télécharger
sigtranslator(freshmeat) SigTranslator SigTranslator is a project able to translate ID... Télécharger
spelling-suggestion(freshmeat) Spelling Suggestion Class Spelling Suggestion Class is a PHP class that c... Télécharger
cerberus-prox(freshmeat) Cerberus-Prox Cerberus-Prox is backend software for an inexpe... Télécharger
wordtip(freshmeat) Wordtip Wordtip aims to provide text classification ser... Télécharger
morigin(freshmeat) morigin email classifier morigin email classifier is a filter that class... Télécharger
jelio(freshmeat) jelio jelio is a C stdio replacement library. The aim... Télécharger
m0n0wall(freshmeat) m0n0wall m0n0wall is an all-in-one firewall software pac... Télécharger
pyweblib(freshmeat) PyWebLib PyWebLib is a Web programming framework for Pyt... Télécharger
flail(freshmeat) Flail Flail is a flexible, lightweight, minimalist ma... Télécharger
mkcdrec(freshmeat) Make CD-ROM Recovery mkCDrec (Make CD-ROM Recovery) makes a bootable... Télécharger
shepherd-project(freshmeat) Shepherd Project The Shepherd Project is a software framework to... Télécharger
octaviz(freshmeat) octaviz Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave. I... Télécharger
dazuko(freshmeat) Dazuko The Dazuko project provides a virtual device dr... Télécharger
syncevolution(freshmeat) SyncEvolution SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information... Télécharger
auroraframework(freshmeat) aurora framework aurora framework is a slim modular MVC framewor... Télécharger
pyjd(freshmeat) Pyjamas-Desktop Pyjamas-Desktop is a cross-platform framework a... Télécharger
xmonad(freshmeat) xmonad xmonad is a tiling window manager for X. Window... Télécharger
str2img(freshmeat) str2img str2img is a simple way to display a string of ... Télécharger
gnupod(freshmeat) gnuPod gnuPod is a collection of tools which allow you... Télécharger
indent-finder(freshmeat) Indent Finder Indent Finder computes the indentation being us... Télécharger
ior(freshmeat) Interleaved-Or-Random Filesystem Benchmarking The IOR software is used for benchmarking paral... Télécharger
cwtrainer(freshmeat) CW-Trainer CW-Trainer is a tool for learning and practicin... Télécharger
g15daemon(freshmeat) G15Daemon G15daemon provides access to the LCD and extra ... Télécharger
netspeed_applet(freshmeat) netspeed_applet for gnome netspeed_applet is a little GNOME applet that s... Télécharger
namingmuse(freshmeat) namingmuse namingmuse is a library and application that ac... Télécharger
lookuptables(freshmeat) Lookup Tables C Code Generator Lookup Tables C Code Generator consists of two ... Télécharger
nota(freshmeat) NoTA NoTA ("Network on Terminal Architecture&qu... Télécharger
mspsim(freshmeat) mspsim mspsim is a Java-based instruction level emulat... Télécharger
z-push(freshmeat) Z-Push Z-push is an implementation of the ActiveSync p... Télécharger
goblinxxflash(freshmeat) GoblinX XFlash GoblinX XFlash is an edition specially designed... Télécharger
enblend(freshmeat) Enblend Enblend is a postprocessing tool for creating p... Télécharger
mqssave(freshmeat) MQSSave MQSSave is a simple Java program that saves mes... Télécharger
sdlhana(freshmeat) SDLHana SDLHana is an SDL-based Hanafuda game. Hanafuda... Télécharger
sipfwd(freshmeat) SIPFwd The SIP forwarding daemon (implemented as a sta... Télécharger
eddietool(freshmeat) The EDDIE Tool The EDDIE Tool is a system and network monitori... Télécharger
rstash(freshmeat) rstash rstash is a server and client for transferring ... Télécharger
netc(freshmeat) Net-C Net-C is a cross-platform LAN chat system for L... Télécharger
mxallowd(freshmeat) mxallowd mxallowd is a daemon for Linux Netfilter (using... Télécharger
mds(freshmeat) Mandriva Directory Server MDS (Mandriva Directory Server), along with the... Télécharger
phpldapadmin(freshmeat) phpLDAPadmin phpLDAPadmin is a Web-based LDAP administration... Télécharger
erdtext(freshmeat) ERDtext ERDtext is a simple text file viewer that is pa... Télécharger
linuxclc-driver(freshmeat) Linux CLC driver Linux CLC driver is a Linux 2.4 driver for Indr... Télécharger
libwbxml(freshmeat) WBXML Library The WBXML Library is a C library for handling W... Télécharger
liquibase(freshmeat) LiquiBase LiquiBase is a DBMS-independent library for tra... Télécharger
mjpeg(freshmeat) mjpeg tools Mjpeg tools is a suite of programs which suppor... Télécharger
artipacs(freshmeat) artiPACS The artiPACS (Art in a Picture Archive) is a da... Télécharger
winzig(freshmeat) Winzig Winzig is suite of a PIM style applications wri... Télécharger
doxygenfilter(freshmeat) Perl Doxygen Filter DoxygenFilter is an input filter for Doxygen. I... Télécharger

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