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gnugift(freshmeat) GNU Image-Finding Tool GNU Image-Finding Tool (GIFT) is a Content-Base... Télécharger
evennia(freshmeat) Evennia Evennia is a Python MUD server, based on Twiste... Télécharger
qaparadigm(freshmeat) QAParadigm The term "question-answer paradigm" (... Télécharger
taxipilot(freshmeat) Taxipilot Taxipilot is a silly little game based on Space... Télécharger
kopete_silc(freshmeat) SILC Plugin for Kopete Kopete SILC is an SILC protocol plugin for Kope... Télécharger
xspyder(freshmeat) XSpyDer XSpyDer is XSD introspection in Python. It is m... Télécharger
honeyd(freshmeat) honeyd Honeyd is a small daemon that creates virtual h... Télécharger
comediclientserver(freshmeat) ComediClientServer ComediClientServer is a system for controlling ... Télécharger
wmmsg(freshmeat) wmmsg wmmsg is a dockapp that informs you of new even... Télécharger
sorgdownloader(freshmeat) SlashOrg Downloader SlashOrg Downloader is a PHP file management so... Télécharger
manyears(freshmeat) ManyEars Intelligent systems would benefit from being ab... Télécharger
visualturing(freshmeat) Visual Turing Machine Visual Turing Machine (VTM) is a program that l... Télécharger
valknutdclib(freshmeat) Valknut/DCLib Valknut/DCLib is a Direct Connect file sharing ... Télécharger
nfswatch(freshmeat) nfswatch nfswatch monitors all incoming network traffic ... Télécharger
penguintv(freshmeat) PenguinTV PenguinTV is a Python-based RSS reader specific... Télécharger
pygtkshell(freshmeat) PyGTK Shell The PyGTK Shell provides widgets derived from P... Télécharger
memleek(freshmeat) MemLeek MemLeek is a convenient graphical memory profil... Télécharger
pygments(freshmeat) Pygments Pygments is a fast syntax highlighter written i... Télécharger
dspdap(freshmeat) DSPdap DSPdap provides hardware and firmware for a DSP... Télécharger
fripper(freshmeat) File Ripper File Ripper is a file extractor based on header... Télécharger
mindquarrymacclient(freshmeat) Mindquarry Mac Client This Mac client for the Mindquarry Collaboratio... Télécharger
vor(freshmeat) Variations on Rockdodger VoR (Variations on Rockdodger) is a quick littl... Télécharger
newsnotification(freshmeat) News Notification News Notification pops up a small window when a... Télécharger
espgame(freshmeat) espgame.sh espgame.sh is a script designed to experiment w... Télécharger
dubot(freshmeat) Dial-up bot Dubot aims to be a fully functional automated r... Télécharger
log-malloc(freshmeat) log-malloc log-malloc is a simple malloc/free logger. It i... Télécharger
xptetris(freshmeat) XPTetris XPTetris is a cross-platform Tetris clone. Télécharger
udat(freshmeat) UDAT The UDAT ruby library is a parser and generator... Télécharger
isdnmonitor(freshmeat) isdnMonitor isdnMonitor saves call information (number, nam... Télécharger
momelib(freshmeat) MoMELib MoMELib is a library for development of J2ME ap... Télécharger
pyhearts(freshmeat) pyHearts pyHearts is a Black Lady Hearts card game. Télécharger
kamaelia(freshmeat) Kamaelia Kamaelia is a project that aims to allow the B... Télécharger
chombovis(freshmeat) ChomboVis ChomboVis is a program for visualization of 2D ... Télécharger
richierich(freshmeat) Richie Rich Richie Rich is an HTML document editor that run... Télécharger
codex(freshmeat) CODEX CODEX (the Cornell Data Exchange) is a key dist... Télécharger
petals(freshmeat) PETALS PETALS is an ObjectWeb Java Business Integratio... Télécharger
dvbsnoop(freshmeat) dvbsnoop dvbsnoop is a DVB and MPEG stream analyzer pro... Télécharger
cap2-mercurial(freshmeat) cap2-mercurial cap2-mercurial is a Capistrano 2.x plugin that ... Télécharger
wmluabutton(freshmeat) wmluabutton wmluabutton is a general purpose dockapp that i... Télécharger
accerciser(freshmeat) Accerciser Accessibility Browser Accerciser lets you test all aspects of accessi... Télécharger
freepops(freshmeat) FreePOPs FreePOPs is a POP3 server that is scriptable in... Télécharger
gtk-gallery(freshmeat) GTK Photo Gallery GTK Photo Gallery is an album to manage small a... Télécharger
sbackup(freshmeat) SBackup SBackup is a simple backup solution intended fo... Télécharger
katchtv(freshmeat) KatchTV KatchTV is an "Internet TV" applicati... Télécharger
dns_py(freshmeat) DNS.py DNS.py is a Python module that provides a robus... Télécharger
simgear(freshmeat) SimGear Simgear is a library for rapid construction and... Télécharger
rvndev(freshmeat) RVNDEV RVNDEV is a set of utilities to assist develope... Télécharger
log4sh(freshmeat) log4sh log4sh is a logging framework for shell scripts... Télécharger
uic(freshmeat) UICollection UICollection is a rich set of Java Swing widget... Télécharger
vertris(freshmeat) Vertris Vertris is a simple cross-platform Tetris clone... Télécharger
tomkitty(freshmeat) tomkitty Tomkitty is a Web server written in Java. It wa... Télécharger
java-inherited-annotations(freshmeat) Java Inherited Annotations Java Inherited Annotations is a library of inhe... Télécharger
jpatchlib(freshmeat) jPatchLib jPatchLib is a Java library that implements the... Télécharger
integrit(freshmeat) integrit integrit is an alternative to file integrity ve... Télécharger
toro-projects(freshmeat) Toro Projects Toro is a set of technologies built as part of ... Télécharger
pysbig(freshmeat) PySBIG PySBIG is a Python module to read SBIG CCD files. Télécharger
pyxlwriter(freshmeat) pyXLWriter pyXLWriter is a Python library for generating E... Télécharger
cackrpg(freshmeat) Crap Adventure Construction Kit Crap Adventure Construction Kit (CACK) is a kit... Télécharger
lince(freshmeat) LinCE LinCE is a programming environment that is simp... Télécharger
mysqlpdump(freshmeat) MySQL Parallel Dump mysqlpdump can dump all your MySQL tables and d... Télécharger
gst-plugins-base(freshmeat) GStreamer Base Plug-ins GStreamer Base Plug-ins is a well-groomed and w... Télécharger
simple-timetracker(freshmeat) Simple Timetracker Simple Timetracker is an application useful for... Télécharger
docebolms(freshmeat) DoceboLMS DoceboLMS is an e-learning platform used in cor... Télécharger
mergence(freshmeat) Mergence HL7 Integration Engine Mergence is a high-performance HL7 integration ... Télécharger
innovation3d(freshmeat) Innovation3D I3D is a 3D modeling program for Linux. While i... Télécharger
quantlib(freshmeat) QuantLib QuantLib is a cross-platform, quantitative fina... Télécharger
gretl(freshmeat) gretl gretl is an open-source econometrics package, d... Télécharger
mfbyas(freshmeat) MFbyAS MFbyAS is an Italian Web-based financial monito... Télécharger
puno(freshmeat) Puno Puno is a PHP module (PHP5 and Linux/Unix only)... Télécharger
python-wmii(freshmeat) python-wmii python-wmii is a Python-only configuration scri... Télécharger
tablelog(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Table Log PostgreSQL Table Log contains functions that al... Télécharger
cobertura(freshmeat) Cobertura Cobertura is a Java tool that calculates the pe... Télécharger
x86info(freshmeat) x86info Unlike other cpuinfo' tools which just parse /p... Télécharger
jsms(freshmeat) JSMS JSMS is a program which lets you send text mess... Télécharger
lcdtest(freshmeat) lcdtest lcdtest is a utility to display monitor test pa... Télécharger
myvd(freshmeat) MyVirtualDirectory MyVirtualDirectory is a virtual directory that ... Télécharger
libarena(freshmeat) libarena libarena provides a custom memory allocator int... Télécharger
remo(freshmeat) remo Remo is a graphical rule editor for ModSecurity... Télécharger
expat(freshmeat) expat Expat is a fast, non-validating, stream-oriente... Télécharger
openal(freshmeat) OpenAl OpenAL, the Open Audio Library, is a joint effo... Télécharger
caravelcms(freshmeat) Caravel Caravel is a robust content management system d... Télécharger
h264bitstream(freshmeat) h264bitstream libh264bitstream provides a complete set of fun... Télécharger
phparmory(freshmeat) phpArmory phpArmory is a PHP class library. It allows PHP... Télécharger
yazproxy(freshmeat) YAZ Proxy The YAZ Proxy is highly configurable and can be... Télécharger
bankconvert(freshmeat) bankconvert bankconvert is a Web script that is able to con... Télécharger
libpcapnav(freshmeat) libpcapnav libpcapnav is a libpcap wrapper library that al... Télécharger
sofa(freshmeat) Sofa Media Center Sofa is a media center aimed at easy usage, min... Télécharger
sgce(freshmeat) SGCE SGCE is a skin care management system that mana... Télécharger
jpublish4(freshmeat) JPublish4 JPublish is a Web publishing framework which me... Télécharger
mical(freshmeat) mical mical is a minimal iCalendar toolset, comprised... Télécharger
avast-ng(freshmeat) Avast-ng Avast-ng gives you the ability to sift through ... Télécharger
kexi(freshmeat) Kexi Kexi is an integrated environment for managing ... Télécharger
l10nmessageretrieval(freshmeat) Locale::Memories Locale::Memories is a specialized search engine... Télécharger
gregexp(freshmeat) GRegExp Explorer GRegExp Explorer is a graphical regular express... Télécharger
synapse(freshmeat) Apache Synapse Synapse is an ESB engine and XML router built c... Télécharger
bcr-beats(freshmeat) bcr beats bcr beats is a beat slicer that lets you cut up... Télécharger
nethack-records(freshmeat) Nethack Records Nethack Records is an on-demand statistics gene... Télécharger
wuja(freshmeat) wuja Wuja is a Gnome desktop applet for integration ... Télécharger
clevo-mailled(freshmeat) Clevo Mail LED Linux Driver The Clevo Mail LED Linux 2.6 Driver operates th... Télécharger
kokua(freshmeat) Kokua Kokua is a Trade Wars 2002 assistant with the g... Télécharger

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