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priority(sfnet) Priority Estimation Tool (AHP) Priorty Estimation Tool (PriEsT) is a decision ... Télécharger
chromium-bsu(freshmeat) Chromium B.S.U. You are captain of the cargo ship Chromium B.S.... Télécharger
a1404mm(sfnet) Anno 1404 Modification Manager An application to create and manage modificatio... Télécharger
rago600(sfnet) Rego600 heatpump controler interface This project describing how to connect PC to Re... Télécharger
jsqsh(sfnet) JSqsh JSqsh is a Java implementation of sqsh, a conso... Télécharger
naturalrisksens(sfnet) naturalrisksens Platform providing the support for Wireless Sen... Télécharger
ecompte(freshmeat) ECompte ECompte is a French tool for managing your bank... Télécharger
e-cops(sfnet) e-Cops This is a web application for e policing loaded... Télécharger
mcelog(freshmeat) mcelog mcelog is a daemon to handle machine check even... Télécharger
jlinbar(freshmeat) JLinBar JLinBar allows you to continuously scan barcode... Télécharger
rikaisama(sfnet) Rikaisama Rikaisama is a modification of the rikaichan Ja... Télécharger
rosariosis(freshmeat) RosarioSIS RosarioSIS is a Student Information System (SIS... Télécharger
open-camera(freshmeat) Open Camera Open Camera is a camera app for Android phones ... Télécharger
ldapuseradd(freshmeat) ldapuseradd ldapuseradd is a set of utilities that aid in t... Télécharger
pvbrowser(sfnet) Process Visualization Browser ProcessViewBrowser & ProcessViewServer repr... Télécharger
audocker(sfnet) AUDocker AUDocker is a GUI for AutoDock Vina.. helps in ... Télécharger
libviper(freshmeat) libviper libviper is an API for quickly developing conso... Télécharger
registerfse(sfnet) registerfse Register FSE files for Lord Mayo's class Télécharger
jj-cdm(sfnet) CDM (CD Manager) CDM (CD Manager) is a database (based on Oracle... Télécharger
mojomojo(freshmeat) MojoMojo MojoMojo is a Web2.0 wiki with AJAX live previe... Télécharger
ipset(freshmeat) ipset ipset allows administration of sets of IP addre... Télécharger
xerl(freshmeat) Xerl Xerl is a Website template engine (TE) with som... Télécharger
dclassifieds-free-php-classifi(freshmeat) DClassifieds Free PHP Classifieds Script DClassifieds Free PHP Classifieds Script is a c... Télécharger
eclipsedotproj(sfnet) Qualdev dotProject Eclipse Plug-in Qualdev Eclipse Team has developed a dotProject... Télécharger
pffft(freshmeat) PFFFT PFFFT is a very small 1D Fast Fourier Transform... Télécharger
android-for-x86(freshmeat) Android for x86 Android for x86 is a port to the x86 platform. Télécharger
junit-quickcheck(freshmeat) junit-quickcheck junit-quickcheck is a library which supplies JU... Télécharger
oprofile(freshmeat) OProfile OProfile is a low-overhead, transparent profile... Télécharger
lmarks(sfnet) Linux KernelBR Compilation of kernel linux with many improveme... Télécharger
gpfilm(sfnet) gpfilm 3gp filmler indirebilirsiniz Télécharger
catsgenerationquickfixes(sfnet) CATS Generation Quickfixes Eclipse update site: http://master.dl.sourcefor... Télécharger
anyedit(sfnet) AnyEdit AnyEdit is a highly customizable Development En... Télécharger
serpent(sfnet) Serpent Serpent is a real-time scripting language inspi... Télécharger
rlimit(freshmeat) rlimit rlimit is a program that lets you run processes... Télécharger
shannon(freshmeat) Shannon Shannon is a general purpose stream-oriented pr... Télécharger
sysprof(freshmeat) sysprof Sysprof is a statistical whole-system profiler ... Télécharger
velocitoro(freshmeat) Velocitoro Velocitoro converts HTML templates to final pag... Télécharger
snes9express(freshmeat) snes9express snes9express is a graphical front-end for snes9... Télécharger
shanidom(freshmeat) ShaniXmlParser ShaniXmlParser is an XML/HTML DOM/SAX parser. ... Télécharger
warsow(freshmeat) Warsow Warsow is a standalone, eSports-oriented FPS ga... Télécharger
ldif2dot(freshmeat) ldif2dot ldif2dot is a simple Python script to convert L... Télécharger
moinupdate(freshmeat) moinupdate moinupdate allows you to update a remote MoinMo... Télécharger
sqlcipher(freshmeat) SQLCipher SQLCipher provides fully transparent encryption... Télécharger
googlepicasa(sfnet) Google Picasa Portable (Auto Update) Google Picasa Portable (with Auto Update) is fu... Télécharger
gonmonkey(sfnet) gonmonkey This is the space devoted to the development of... Télécharger
virtualruby(sfnet) RailsBox Customizing Lubuntu for Ruby on Rails Developme... Télécharger
task-stalker(freshmeat) Task Stalker Task Stalker provides visual process monitoring... Télécharger
tanhungyen(sfnet) tanhungyen document for learning Télécharger
wesnoth(sfnet) Battle for Wesnoth The Battle for Wesnoth is a Free, turn-based ta... Télécharger
lazy-mofo-datagrid(freshmeat) Lazy Mofo PHP MySQL Datagrid Lazy Mofo Datagrid is a single class data grid... Télécharger
wye(freshmeat) wye wye is a pipe multiplexer. It works by copying ... Télécharger
struts2nbplugin(sfnet) Netbeans Struts2 Plug-in Repack of "Struts2 Support" plug-in a... Télécharger
winusb(sfnet) WinUSB WinUSB is Windows Portable. WinUSB can install ... Télécharger
synfig-studio(freshmeat) Synfig Studio Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vect... Télécharger
diver(sfnet) Div/er (Diver is in the process of being moved to GitH... Télécharger
password-chest(freshmeat) Password Chest Password Chest is a simple password management ... Télécharger
lincom-linux(freshmeat) Lincom Linux Lincom is a Linux distribution created by volun... Télécharger
iso2repo(freshmeat) iso2repo iso2repo is a script that mounts Debian ISO ima... Télécharger
terminal-etch-n-sketch(freshmeat) Terminal Etch 'n Sketch Terminal Etch 'n Sketch is a tiny "Etch 'n... Télécharger
hellband(freshmeat) Hellband Hellband is a Rogue-like game in which you desc... Télécharger
delaycut(freshmeat) delaycut delaycut is a tool that cuts and corrects delay... Télécharger
xoopsdemo(sfnet) xoopsdemo Traducciones de módulos de Xoops, instalados en... Télécharger
openpilot(sfnet) OpenPilot Navigation and monitoring system primarily inte... Télécharger
yosucker(sfnet) Y(aho)o!Sucker Download your Yahoo Mail messages to you local ... Télécharger
maveryx(freshmeat) Maveryx Maveryx is an automated functional testing tool... Télécharger
trek-communal-web-browser(freshmeat) Trek Communal Web Browser Trek is both a Web browser and a new kind of so... Télécharger
syncless(freshmeat) Syncless Syncless is an experimental, lightweight, non-b... Télécharger
the-nx-array-programming-langu(freshmeat) The Nx Programming Language The Nx programming language is a strictly typed... Télécharger
bikeroute(freshmeat) BikeRoute BikeRoute is an Android application providing G... Télécharger
chimera_(freshmeat) ChiMeRA ChiMeRA is a configuration management tool desi... Télécharger
simplexbmcremote(freshmeat) simplexbmcremote simplexbmcremote is a simple application for co... Télécharger
q-dvd-author(freshmeat) 'Q' DVD-Author 'Q' DVD-Author is a GUI frontent for dvdauthor ... Télécharger
imapfoldermanager(freshmeat) IMAP Folder Manager IMAP Folder Manager was created to manage IMAP ... Télécharger
pyst(freshmeat) pyst Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and librar... Télécharger
wordpress-for-soteshop(freshmeat) Wordpress for SOTESHOP Wordpress for SOTESHOP provides a Wordpress ext... Télécharger
archonproject(sfnet) Archon: Archival Information System Archon is an award-winning web application used... Télécharger
chartlyrics(sfnet) chartlyrics Get lyrics information using ChartLyrics Lyric ... Télécharger
corsixth(freshmeat) CorsixTH CorsixTH is a clone of Theme Hospital. As compu... Télécharger
boapi(freshmeat) BOAPI BOAPI is an implementation of default often use... Télécharger
maarch-entreprise(freshmeat) Maarch Entreprise Maarch Entreprise is a professional Document Ma... Télécharger
oscar_couchdb(freshmeat) Oscar_couchDb Oscar_couchDb is a PHP class that allows you to... Télécharger
spill(freshmeat) spill spill manages symbolic links under one tree whi... Télécharger
jshrink(freshmeat) JShrink JShrink is a PHP class that minimizes JavaScrip... Télécharger
mvdsv(sfnet) MVDsv MVDSV (MultiView Demo Server) - most popular Qu... Télécharger
javacurl(sfnet) JavacURL Javacurl: Eclipse Plugin JNI binding to the C c... Télécharger
ipclassify(freshmeat) ipclassify ipclassify is a Linux user space application th... Télécharger
speechresearch(sfnet) Speech Research Tools Software for speech research. It includes progr... Télécharger
jmp3tageditor(sfnet) Java Mp3 Tag Editor Features: 1. Support for ID3v1 tags. 2. Support... Télécharger
klondiketheme(sfnet) Klondike Theme I was inspired to make this theme after being a... Télécharger
io-util(freshmeat) io-util io-util is a small, scalable Java library for s... Télécharger
thief-catcher(freshmeat) Thief Catcher Thief Catcher is an educational game where you ... Télécharger
openblas(sfnet) OpenBLAS OpenBLAS is an optimized BLAS library based on ... Télécharger
amakb(sfnet) AMAKB AMAKB Amazigh KEYBOARD Amakb is a useful progra... Télécharger
jxbmapeditor(sfnet) jxbmapeditor A tool to build maps to be used inside ThunderB... Télécharger
ossim(sfnet) OSSIM - Open Source Software Image Map Open Source Remote Sensing OSSIM project, pron... Télécharger
fireflies(freshmeat) Fireflies Screensaver Fireflies is an OpenGL screensaver for Linux (u... Télécharger
smartear(freshmeat) SmartEar Pidgin plugin SmartEar allows you to assign different sounds ... Télécharger
argot(freshmeat) Argot Argot is a custom HTML generator for the ocamld... Télécharger
lillepos(freshmeat) LillePOS LillePOS is a "point of sales" applic... Télécharger
cute-cw(freshmeat) Cute CW Most morse code (CW) training requires you to l... Télécharger

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