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curve(sfnet) Curve A library for the iPhone that allows you to spe... Télécharger
refind(sfnet) rEFInd rEFInd is a fork of the rEFIt boot manager. Lik... Télécharger
ansible(freshmeat) Ansible Ansible is a radically simple deployment, confi... Télécharger
rdrand-java-utility(freshmeat) RdRand Java Utility RdRand Java Utility provides a java.util.Random... Télécharger
truemusic(freshmeat) TrueMusic TrueMusic is a pure Java music player that supp... Télécharger
rachota(freshmeat) Rachota Rachota is a small application for those who wo... Télécharger
jcrocus(freshmeat) JCrocus JCrocus is a GUI that allows representing the n... Télécharger
i810-tv-out-lenny(freshmeat) i810 TV-OUT Lenny i810 TV-OUT Lenny is a ready-to-use chroot envi... Télécharger
agenda2pdf(freshmeat) agenda2pdf agenda2pdf is a program that generates a book a... Télécharger
dbix-class(freshmeat) DBIx-Class DBIx-Class is an SQL to OO mapper with an objec... Télécharger
gae-filestore(freshmeat) gae-filestore gae-filestore is a really simple (but powerful)... Télécharger
netgandi(freshmeat) Net::Gandi Net::Gandi is a Perl module that provides a Per... Télécharger
machette(freshmeat) Machette Machette is an interactive tool for testing Per... Télécharger
epublib(freshmeat) epublib Epublib is a Java library for managing epub fil... Télécharger
xmlplus-xsd2cpp(freshmeat) XmlPlus xsd2cpp XmlPlus xsd2cpp is a tool that compiles an XML ... Télécharger
dmapd(freshmeat) dmapd The Dmapd project provides a GObject-based impl... Télécharger
ga4php(freshmeat) GA4PHP GA4PHP is a class for PHP that allows a coder t... Télécharger
fb-s60(sfnet) Frozen Bubble for Series 60 Frozen Bubble is the well known open source puz... Télécharger
movegraph(sfnet) MoveableGraphics To give users the full control over the running... Télécharger
markosproject(sfnet) MARKOS Project MARKOS will realize the prototype of a service ... Télécharger
ooc(sfnet) Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler OOC is an Oberon-2 development platform. It co... Télécharger
jproxyweb(sfnet) JProxyWeb The project is to imitate the PHP plype project... Télécharger
aloglib(freshmeat) ALogLib ALogLib is a simple thread-safe C++11 logging l... Télécharger
pasvnag_lite(freshmeat) pasvnag_lite pasvnag_lite is a (passive) Nagios checker. It... Télécharger
roguelikewithpy(sfnet) roguelikewithpy My first attempt at using Python with libtcod t... Télécharger
xynth(sfnet) Xynth Windowing System Xynth is a portable embedded windowing system, ... Télécharger
jcom(sfnet) JCom (Java-COM Bridge) JCom is a bridge library between Java and Com t... Télécharger
citizenintelligenceagency(freshmeat) Citizen Intelligence Agency Citizen Intelligence Agency is a project with t... Télécharger
jircii(freshmeat) jIRCii jIRCii is a cross platform Internet Relay Chat ... Télécharger
d2c(freshmeat) dibol to C translator dibol to C translator is a program that transla... Télécharger
jtunes-online(sfnet) jTunes This is THE alternative to iTunes in pure Java ... Télécharger
winvnkey(sfnet) winvnkey WinVNKey is a Vietnamese Keyboard Driver for Wi... Télécharger
fastqr(sfnet) FastQR Applications of Quick Response (QR) codes enabl... Télécharger
open-tas(sfnet) TAS - Transcription Analysis System TAS (Transcription Analysis System) is a multi-... Télécharger
csvkmlconvert(sfnet) Csv-Kml converter This program reads some csv files and convert t... Télécharger
sharc(sfnet) Sharc Sharc is used to download data from locally and... Télécharger
qwtplot3d(sfnet) qwt-plot3d QwtPlot3D is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI... Télécharger
csvtokml(sfnet) CSV to KML Converter A simple converter program from CSV to KML Télécharger
iwbcff(sfnet) InteractiveWhiteboard Common File Format Becta common file format for Interactive whiteb... Télécharger
prll(freshmeat) prll prll is a utility for parallelizing the executi... Télécharger
xmlbeans(freshmeat) XMLBeans XMLBeans is a technology for accessing XML by b... Télécharger
gwmos(freshmeat) GroundWork Monitor Community Edition GroundWork Monitor Community Edition can give y... Télécharger
cba(freshmeat) cba cba (continuous beam analysis) is a program tha... Télécharger
coin(freshmeat) Coin Coin is an implementation of Open Inventor. Ope... Télécharger
cinit(freshmeat) cinit cinit is a fast executing, small, and simple in... Télécharger
digital-forensics-framework(freshmeat) Digital Forensics Framework DFF (Digital Forensics Framework) is a simple b... Télécharger
blogtk(freshmeat) BloGTK BloGTK is a Weblog editor that lets you write, ... Télécharger
tipp(freshmeat) TIPP TIPP is an IP planning application for network ... Télécharger
sistemadeinforcarpsanpedro(sfnet) SistemaDeInformacionI-CarpSanPedro Proyecto de Sistema de Informacion I, Tecno Car... Télécharger
gatesim(sfnet) Logic Gate Simulator Logic Gate Simulator is an open-source tool for... Télécharger
appkonference(freshmeat) Appkonference Appkonference is a high performance voice/video... Télécharger
securecam(freshmeat) SecureCam SecureCam is a video surveillance system with a... Télécharger
id3taglibnet(freshmeat) Id3TagLib.Net The Id3TagLib.Net library provides reading and ... Télécharger
monster-2(freshmeat) Monster 2 Monster 2 is a nostalgic trip back to the days ... Télécharger
deja-dup(freshmeat) Déjà Dup Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the ... Télécharger
winkvid(sfnet) winkvid Implementation of Justin.TV's Namespace API for... Télécharger
phpusersystem(sfnet) phpusersystem A project intended for a developer to kick star... Télécharger
elrte(sfnet) elRTE elRTE is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Web written ... Télécharger
jperf(sfnet) JPerf JPerf is a simple framework for writing and run... Télécharger
qfsm(freshmeat) Qfsm Qfsm is a graphical editor for easily drawing f... Télécharger
ooo4kids(freshmeat) OOo4Kids OOo4Kids is a simplified version of OpenOffice.... Télécharger
chmc(freshmeat) chmc chmc is a CHM compiler command targeted for Uni... Télécharger
varplan(freshmeat) VarPlan VarPlan is a Web application to visualize and m... Télécharger
qore-xmlsec-module(freshmeat) Qore xmlsec Module The Qore xmlsec Module provides the ability for... Télécharger
qore-asn1-module(freshmeat) Qore asn1 Module The Qore asn1 Module provides initial ASN.1 fun... Télécharger
bleetz(freshmeat) Bleetz Bleetz is an XML-based template parser. It tran... Télécharger
mika(freshmeat) mika mika is a multi-platform business mobility appl... Télécharger
amiga(sfnet) amiga Here you'll find several Open Source Software p... Télécharger
autogen(sfnet) AutoGen: The Automated Program Generator AutoGen is designed to generate text files cont... Télécharger
flaim(sfnet) flaim FLAIM is an embeddable cross-platform database ... Télécharger
duper(freshmeat) Duper Duper is a GUI tool that scans directories for ... Télécharger
batman-2(freshmeat) B.A.T.M.A.N. B.A.T.M.A.N. (better approach to mobile ad-hoc ... Télécharger
kipmp(freshmeat) kipmp kipmp is an IPMP-like daemon that will flip a s... Télécharger
gperf(freshmeat) GNU gperf GNU gperf is a program that generates perfect h... Télécharger
qsource-highlight(freshmeat) QSource-Highlight QSource-Highlight is a Qt4 front-end for GNU So... Télécharger
apache-traffic-server(freshmeat) Apache Traffic Server The Apache Traffic Server (TS or ATS) is a modu... Télécharger
ide_php(freshmeat) Ide.php Ide.php is a Web-based editor for quick develop... Télécharger
cpu-z80-assembler(freshmeat) CPU-Z80-Assembler CPU-Z80-Assembler implements Z80 assembler and ... Télécharger
mv-plugin(sfnet) MV EPG plugin MV is a free EPG plugin for the Dreambox digita... Télécharger
coopgis(freshmeat) COOPGIS COOPGIS is a Web-based electric utility GIS wit... Télécharger
ld-network-device-manager(freshmeat) ld Network Device Manager The ldNetManager.py tool gives you the ability ... Télécharger
gicl(sfnet) GICL This package automates clustering and assembly ... Télécharger
plymouthmanager(sfnet) plymouthmanager Plymouth Manager is a software written in Gamba... Télécharger
tftgallery(sfnet) tftgallery TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery whi... Télécharger
echtwaar(sfnet) javascript: programm guide This programm guide is build from a XML file an... Télécharger
mritechglasgow(sfnet) mritechglasgow The archive of technical meeting by Hao Gao Télécharger
jspvote(sfnet) jspVote jspVote is the system for organising online sur... Télécharger
thumbak(freshmeat) Thumbak Thumbak automates the backup of USB drives. It ... Télécharger
lorem-ipsum-generator(freshmeat) Lorem Ipsum Generator Lorem Ipsum Generator provides a GTK+ graphical... Télécharger
icare(freshmeat) ICARE ICARE allows you to manage configurations of bo... Télécharger
console-2(freshmeat) ConSole ConSole is an open and modular application for ... Télécharger
postfilter(freshmeat) Postfilter Postfilter is a Perl filter for Internet Net Ne... Télécharger
totem(freshmeat) Totem Totem is the official movie player for GNOME. I... Télécharger
siptrack(freshmeat) Siptrack Siptrack is a project intended for automated, h... Télécharger
sendemail(freshmeat) sendEmail SendEmail is a lightweight, completely command ... Télécharger
pyobd(freshmeat) pyOBD pyOBD is an OBD-II compliant car diagnostic too... Télécharger
gnuada(sfnet) The GNU Ada compiler This project provides binary packages for the A... Télécharger
slritools(sfnet) SLRI Bioinformatics Toolkit This project is obsolete/orphaned. The Samuel L... Télécharger
webdataproject(sfnet) WebProject Webprograming and Database project Télécharger
jpeginfo(freshmeat) jpeginfo jpeginfo is a command line tool used to generat... Télécharger

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