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slp-emulator(sfnet) Samsung plaform emulator Samsung Linux Plaftorm emulator is a S5PC110 (o... Télécharger
jiva(sfnet) JIVA CMS jiva est un CMS open sourece creé par JAVA/J2EE... Télécharger
rompl(sfnet) rompl Spolszczenie do modu Rise of Mankind. Télécharger
libzplay(sfnet) libzplay Windows (WIN32) multimedia library for playing ... Télécharger
recls(freshmeat) recls recls is a multi-platform recursive filesystem ... Télécharger
ymmv-real-web-stats(freshmeat) YMMV Real Web Stats YMMV Real Web Stats is a tool to be used in con... Télécharger
passtools(freshmeat) PassTools PassTools were written to simplify the process ... Télécharger
bignozepicks(freshmeat) BigNoZePicks BigNoZePicks is a Web based system for footy ti... Télécharger
xtests(freshmeat) xTests xTests is a small, simple, lightweight, portabl... Télécharger
brain-party(freshmeat) Brain Party Brain Party is a fun, family-friendly puzzle ga... Télécharger
reindeer(freshmeat) Reindeer Reindeer is a C library for the rendering of vi... Télécharger
colibri-2(freshmeat) Colibri Colibri is a mailing list manager, with an emph... Télécharger
the-goblin-and-the-butterfly(freshmeat) The Goblin and the Butterfly The Goblin and the Butterfly (TGATB) is a 2D/3D... Télécharger
h264bitstream(sfnet) h264bitstream libh264bitstream provides a complete set of fun... Télécharger
kalarm(freshmeat) KAlarm KAlarm lets you schedule personal messages to d... Télécharger
xjeshua(sfnet) xjeshua jeshua jeshua jeshua jeshua Télécharger
osp(sfnet) opensurveypilot opensurveypilot is a strong opensource webbased... Télécharger
fft-z(sfnet) fft-z Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) for Multi-CPU (an... Télécharger
nix32(sfnet) nix32 This project aims to create a set of commands t... Télécharger
pynguin(freshmeat) pynguin Pynguin is a Python-based turtle graphics appli... Télécharger
tclpro(sfnet) TclPro The TclPro tool set includes a graphical debugg... Télécharger
apache2triad(sfnet) Apache2Triad Server bundle of : Apache2 , MySQL , PostgreSQ... Télécharger
scummvm(freshmeat) ScummVM ScummVM is an interpreter and emulator for seve... Télécharger
audition(freshmeat) auditive auditive is a small music and sound player for ... Télécharger
protobuf-rpc-pro(freshmeat) protobuf-rpc-pro protobuf-rpc-pro is a Java developer library th... Télécharger
coccinella(freshmeat) Coccinella Coccinella is a cross-platform communication to... Télécharger
uhub(freshmeat) uhub uhub is a high performance peer-to-peer hub for... Télécharger
pycam(freshmeat) PyCAM PyCAM generates toolpaths (GCode) for CNC machi... Télécharger
elilo(sfnet) ELILO: EFI Linux Boot Loader ELILO is the EFI linux boot loader for IA-64(IP... Télécharger
gds2000tools(freshmeat) gds2000tools gds2000tools is a set of command line tools for... Télécharger
iniphile(freshmeat) Iniphile Iniphile is a C++ library for parsing a dialect... Télécharger
iniphilephp(freshmeat) Iniphile/PHP Iniphile/PHP is a PHP binding for the Iniphile ... Télécharger
libjpeg-turbo(freshmeat) libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo is a high-speed version of libjpe... Télécharger
literate-molly(freshmeat) Molly Molly, a MO-dule for LI-terate programming is a... Télécharger
entangle(freshmeat) Entangle Entangle is a desktop application for interacti... Télécharger
supermarioworld(sfnet) Super Mario World DP Levels, Editor, and more in one download. ( Com... Télécharger
invoicex(sfnet) Invoicex Programma per gestione fatture,ddt,clienti e pa... Télécharger
taskfacade(sfnet) taskfacade TaskFacade is an open source graphical task man... Télécharger
cliphist2(freshmeat) Cliphist2 Cliphist2 is an application that shows the hist... Télécharger
foldersize(sfnet) Folder Size for Windows Folder Size for Windows adds a new column to th... Télécharger
mahiranomili(sfnet) Rano can tell you after finish Télécharger
arabeyes(sfnet) Arabeyes Arabeyes is a Meta project that is aimed at ful... Télécharger
modpythonwin32(sfnet) mod_python win32 Kompilacja mod_python dla Windows Télécharger
stressitout(freshmeat) StressItOut StressItOut is a hardware stressing and testing... Télécharger
pv(freshmeat) Pipe Viewer pv (Pipe Viewer) is a terminal-based tool for m... Télécharger
kantaris(sfnet) Kantaris Media Player Kantaris Media Player is a all-in-one media pla... Télécharger
phpcas(freshmeat) phpCAS phpCAS is a client library for the ITS Central ... Télécharger
wesnoth-umc-dev(sfnet) wesnoth-umc-dev Version-controlled repository for coordinated a... Télécharger
rbtexteditor(sfnet) RB Text Editor lightweight text editor written in realbasic wi... Télécharger
javafpdf(sfnet) Java FPDF This is a Java port of the original FPDF free P... Télécharger
onapos(freshmeat) Onapos Onapos is a simple, extensible collections mana... Télécharger
schemacrawler-maven-plugin(freshmeat) SchemaCrawler Maven Plugin SchemaCrawler Maven Plugin generates a SchemaCr... Télécharger
jnmonanalyser(sfnet) jnmonanalyser The Java Nmon analyser is a free, open source a... Télécharger
free-gov(freshmeat) Free-gov Free-gov is a software platform for e-governmen... Télécharger
limesurvey(freshmeat) LimeSurvey LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a Web appl... Télécharger
wxgeometrie(sfnet) WxGeometrie Calculatrice graphique en français, destinée au... Télécharger
fai(sfnet) Fully Automatic Installation FAI is a non-interactive system to install, cus... Télécharger
beetl(sfnet) beetl 功能强大的java模板引擎 Télécharger
dfmegabeast(sfnet) Dwarf Fortress Randomized Megabeasts This is a python script which, when placed in t... Télécharger
erpproject(sfnet) ERP Project ERP Project a solutions soft corp project Télécharger
shogun(freshmeat) SHOGUN SHOGUN is a machine learning toolbox whose focu... Télécharger
struts(sfnet) Struts Applications The Struts/SourceForge site hosts sample applic... Télécharger
fbexport(sfnet) FBExport FBExport is a tool for importing/exporting data... Télécharger
kernelloader(sfnet) Kernelloader Kernelloader is a free bootloader for PS2 Linux... Télécharger
alternatedjvu(sfnet) AlternateReader DjVu & PDF reader for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, ... Télécharger
picstar-starlet(sfnet) picstar-starlet Sharing software code around the Didel and Z-Co... Télécharger
picasagallery(sfnet) picasaGallery using asp classic to show picasa albums run alb... Télécharger
simbad(sfnet) Simbad Simbad is a Robot 3d simulator for scientific a... Télécharger
gslbme-dynamic-dns-client(freshmeat) GSLB.me Dynamic DNS Client GSLB.me Dynamic DNS Client is a client for serv... Télécharger
itzam(freshmeat) Itzam Itzam is an embedded database engine that creat... Télécharger
radvd(freshmeat) radvd radvd implements IPv6 router advertisements for... Télécharger
jframework(freshmeat) jFramework jFramework is a PHP framework that supports int... Télécharger
kp-atomix(freshmeat) kp-atomix kp-atomix is a JavaScript version of the Atomix... Télécharger
srsv(freshmeat) SurrealServices SurrealServices is a full replacement IRC Servi... Télécharger
taskforest(freshmeat) TaskForest TaskForest is a simple but expressive job sched... Télécharger
tangocms(freshmeat) TangoCMS TangoCMS is a PHP content management system (CM... Télécharger
spectmorph(freshmeat) SpectMorph SpectMorph allows you to analyze samples of mus... Télécharger
key-train(freshmeat) key-train key-train is a typing tutor that supports multi... Télécharger
netnessusxmlrpc(freshmeat) Net::Nessus::XMLRPC Net::Nessus::XMLRPC is Perl interface for commu... Télécharger
mumpot(freshmeat) mumpot mumpot is an application for viewing, simple ed... Télécharger
extcalc(freshmeat) Extcalc Extcalc is a multifunctional scientific graphic... Télécharger
networkled(freshmeat) networkled Networkled is a small system tray utility which... Télécharger
morselab(freshmeat) MorseLab MorseLab is a Morse code training system. It fe... Télécharger
reflex(freshmeat) RefleX RefleX is a Java tool that allows people that h... Télécharger
elatexam(freshmeat) elateXam elateXam is a solution for e-assessment for uni... Télécharger
gadmin-squid(freshmeat) GAdmin-Squid GADMIN-SQUID is an easy-to-use GTK+ frontend fo... Télécharger
xml-tools(freshmeat) XML tools xmltools is a collection of command-line utilit... Télécharger
smb4k(freshmeat) Smb4k Smb4K is a SMB and CIFS (Windows) share browser... Télécharger
mediacore(freshmeat) Mediacore MediaCore is a media-focused CMS. It features r... Télécharger
mrtgwebcfg(freshmeat) MRTGWebCfg MRTGWebCfg is a tool for configuring MRTG throu... Télécharger
cdwrite(freshmeat) cdwrite cdwrite is a console shell for reading, writing... Télécharger
beem(freshmeat) Beem Beem is an XMPP (Jabber) client for Android. Be... Télécharger
talendprofiler(freshmeat) Talend Open Profiler Talend Open Profiler (TOP) helps you to profile... Télécharger
personal-gateway(freshmeat) Wolf Software Personal Gateway Personal Gateway is a lightweight secure gatewa... Télécharger
strsync(freshmeat) StrSync StrSync synchronizes subtitles with a movie. It... Télécharger
masterm(freshmeat) MasterM MasterM is a simple Master Mind game with color... Télécharger
secure-gateway(freshmeat) Wolf Software Secure Gateway Secure Gateway is a secure login gateway that h... Télécharger
tspflaming(freshmeat) TSP Flaming TSP Flaming is a solution for the Traveling Sal... Télécharger
trool(freshmeat) TROOL TROOL is an object-oriented interface for SQL d... Télécharger
tls(sfnet) TLS: OpenSSL Tcl Extension TLS is an OpenSSL / RSA-bsafe Tcl extension tha... Télécharger

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