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kcemu(sfnet) KC85 Emulator KCemu is an emulator for the KC85 homecomputer ... Télécharger
jgap(sfnet) JGAP JGAP is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Progra... Télécharger
apradar(sfnet) AP Radar Linux 2.6/GTK+ wireless netstumbler. displays i... Télécharger
mod_dosblock(freshmeat) Mod_dosblock Mod_Dosblock is an Apache module written to pro... Télécharger
pys60-emulator(freshmeat) pys60 emulator pys60 emulator is a simple and incomplete "... Télécharger
dbforbix(freshmeat) DBforBIX DBforBIX is a daemon designed to work in combin... Télécharger
alcedo(sfnet) Alcedo Software Alcedo Software Is a group trying to promote th... Télécharger
idraw(sfnet) iDraw Simple Draw application Télécharger
googles(sfnet) googles ........ Télécharger
ffsb(sfnet) Flexible File System Benchmark The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark (FFSB) is a c... Télécharger
medfdtd(sfnet) MedFDTD MedFDTD is a 3D parallel electromagnetic simula... Télécharger
jged(sfnet) jged A simple, yet useful, product management system. Télécharger
cwwav(freshmeat) cwwav cwwav takes one or more text files (or text rea... Télécharger
da(freshmeat) da da is a command line script for creating and ma... Télécharger
scopejs(freshmeat) ScopeJS ScopeJS is a JavaScript library for defining an... Télécharger
gclip_select(freshmeat) gclip_select gclip_select is a small program that allows you... Télécharger
mod_sendmail(freshmeat) mod_sendmail mod_sendmail is a restful HTTP to SMTP gateway ... Télécharger
hacksforirepo(sfnet) hacksforirepo We Hane Alll your jailbreak needs! (in a few mo... Télécharger
dbeauty(sfnet) DBeauty A relationship-oriented Database Browser. Provi... Télécharger
projettheatre(sfnet) Projet théatre Projet théatre IRIS 2011 Télécharger
nice(sfnet) The Nice Programming Language New object-oriented programming language based ... Télécharger
phpforum1(sfnet) phpforum1 A forum built in PHP. Télécharger
islamicazan(sfnet) Islamic Azan Player Islamic Azan Player Télécharger
facebookersulba(sfnet) facebooker Sulbar Jejaring Sosial Sulawesi Barat Télécharger
pcu(freshmeat) pcu pcu is a set of simple command-line utilities t... Télécharger
openoctave(sfnet) openoctave The OpenOctave MIDI and Audio sequencer. Télécharger
xslet-xsltester(freshmeat) xslet / xsltester xsltester is an applet for testing XSL files. ... Télécharger
fiweather(freshmeat) FiWeather FiWeather is a script that fetches weather info... Télécharger
contracts-for-java(freshmeat) Contracts for Java Contracts for Java (Cofoja) adds contract progr... Télécharger
algebraic-modelling-system(freshmeat) Algebraic Modelling System Algebraic Modelling System (AMS) is an approach... Télécharger
jawe(freshmeat) Enhydra JaWE Enhydra JaWE (Java Workflow Editor) is an XPDL2... Télécharger
dextop(freshmeat) Dextop The Dextop application framework allows you to ... Télécharger
slack-bash-scripts(freshmeat) sous-marin tools Sous-marin tools are bash scripts for analyzing... Télécharger
neslisp(freshmeat) neslisp neslisp is a LISP compiler suite for the Ninten... Télécharger
vivi50(sfnet) vivi50 ViVi is a Text Editor for Windows/Mac/Linux, wh... Télécharger
camviewer(sfnet) Cam Viewer CamViewer is a simple application designed for ... Télécharger
tclxml(sfnet) TclXML TclXML provides XML support for the Tcl scripti... Télécharger
cglib(sfnet) Code Generation Library cglib has moved to https://github.com/cglib/cglib Télécharger
vbnes(sfnet) vbnes An NES emulator written in VB.NET based on JSNES. Télécharger
mavenjython(sfnet) Maven Jython/Python integration Allows easy building and deployment of your Jav... Télécharger
xptable(sfnet) XPTable - advanced data grid This is XPTable component (advanced data grid) ... Télécharger
cups(freshmeat) CUPS CUPS is a standards-based printing system for M... Télécharger
imgurup(freshmeat) ImgurUp ImgurUp is a GNOME desktop application for uplo... Télécharger
autoplot(freshmeat) Autoplot Autoplot is an interactive browser for data on ... Télécharger
moscrack(freshmeat) Moscrack Moscrack is a WPA cracker for use on clusters. ... Télécharger
buildconf(sfnet) autogen.sh buildconf provides the autogen.sh automatic bui... Télécharger
tcl-cpan(freshmeat) Tcl (CPAN) The Tcl extension provides a small but complete... Télécharger
ormesque(freshmeat) ORMesque ORMesque is an object relational mapper for the... Télécharger
tmake-2(freshmeat) TMake TMake is a fast, lightweight, yet very powerful... Télécharger
geckoproj(sfnet) Gecko Hamaker Cross-platform, Java/C app for calculating full... Télécharger
vdsf(sfnet) Photon Software Photon provides very fast access to data contai... Télécharger
lcars24(sfnet) LCARS 24 Star Trek 24/7: LCARS (Starfleet) GUI, full-scr... Télécharger
henscripthost(sfnet) henscripthost host for any script. Télécharger
mudlet(sfnet) Mudlet A modern open source MUD client with a graphica... Télécharger
jensembl(sfnet) JEnsembl: JavaAPI to Ensembl Datasources A version aware Java API to Ensembl data systems. Télécharger
geocalculator(sfnet) GeoCalc - Geometric Shapes Calculator GeoCalc è una calcolatrice per forme geometrich... Télécharger
bumcheekascend(sfnet) bumcheekascend bumcheekascend bumcheekascend Télécharger
freeskysww(sfnet) 581119 个人网站 Télécharger
magicvisionport(sfnet) magicvisionport Magic Vision Portal is software that creates a ... Télécharger
kqp(sfnet) Kernel Quantum Probabilities framework This projects aim at providing an API for compu... Télécharger
php-1-line-enum(freshmeat) PHP 1 Line Enum PHP 1 Line Enum is a standalone PHP class that ... Télécharger
abacia-event(freshmeat) Abacia Event Abacia Event is an event registration and manag... Télécharger
idempiere(freshmeat) iDempiere iDempiere is a complete business suite. It incl... Télécharger
python-tracing(freshmeat) python-tracing python-tracing provides the Python library &quo... Télécharger
paw-project(sfnet) PAW - Pro Active Webfilter PAW (pro-active webfilter) is an Open-Source fi... Télécharger
wprograms(sfnet) WPrograms Repository for various programs created for use... Télécharger
unfuzzy(sfnet) UNFUZZY Design, Simulation and analysis of Fuzzy Logic ... Télécharger
security-onion(sfnet) Security Onion Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS (Intru... Télécharger
jproto(sfnet) jproto java语言使用Protocol Buffer的轻量级解析器。 原G... Télécharger
registtest(sfnet) registTest delphi7 simple register complement test Télécharger
drvicon(sfnet) Vista Drive Icon Changes the drive icons shown in Windows "... Télécharger
cellmlcompiler(sfnet) cellmlcompiler The target system of this project is to develop... Télécharger
asterisk-amr(sfnet) asterisk-amr Asterisk ARM-NB codec patch. This is only a pat... Télécharger
knlivecommentary(freshmeat) KnLiveCommentary KnLiveCommentary is a realtime video comment st... Télécharger
murasaki(sfnet) Murasaki Whole-genome scale multiple genome local alignm... Télécharger
osrts53(sfnet) osrts53 RTS Splitsearch project Télécharger
softs1(sfnet) softs1 Some normal softwares Télécharger
circuit(sfnet) Logisim An educational tool for designing and simulatin... Télécharger
flowplayer3x(sfnet) flowplayer3x By envisioning how things should be in the web-... Télécharger
biosig(sfnet) Biosignal Tools BioSig is a software library for processing of ... Télécharger
comirror(freshmeat) comirror comirror is a program that reads a Web comic or... Télécharger
robinhood-policy-engine(freshmeat) Robinhood Policy Engine Robinhood Policy Engine is a multi-purpose tool... Télécharger
milanui(freshmeat) MilanUI MilanUI is a lightweight user interface kit for... Télécharger
imdbpy(sfnet) IMDbPY IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve a... Télécharger
sysfunc(freshmeat) sysfunc sysfunc is a shell library intended for Unix sy... Télécharger
hyperic-hq(freshmeat) Hyperic HQ Hyperic HQ is application monitoring and perfor... Télécharger
playaplaya(freshmeat) PlayaPlaya PlayaPlaya is a "fire-and-forget" aud... Télécharger
oce(freshmeat) OCE OCE (OpenCascade Community Edition) is a commun... Télécharger
autocomplete-serverpl(freshmeat) autocomplete-server.pl autocomplete-server.pl is a Web server dedicate... Télécharger
unzix(freshmeat) Unzix Unzix is a small command-line program for extra... Télécharger
epydial(freshmeat) epydial epydial is a little application in order to tes... Télécharger
postgresql9x(sfnet) PostgreSQL9x PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-re... Télécharger
bracket-tracker(freshmeat) Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker Tournament Pool and Bracket Tracker contains ev... Télécharger
meffect(sfnet) Matrix Effect This has an AWESOME EFFECT! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!... Télécharger
javaruntime(sfnet) Java Runtime Environment Java allows you to play online games, chat with... Télécharger
diagkwp(sfnet) DiagKWP This lazarus project is a diagnostic tool for c... Télécharger
janfla(sfnet) janfla Miejsce sieciowe i repozytorium dla Linuxa Télécharger
cliparser(sfnet) CLI Parser CLI Parser provides a framework for quickly dev... Télécharger
mobiscroll(freshmeat) Mobiscroll Mobiscroll is an easy to set-up and customize s... Télécharger
mptsd(freshmeat) mptsd mptsd receives MPEGTS streams from UDP/multicas... Télécharger

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