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openerp(freshmeat) OpenERP OpenERP is a complete business application suit... Télécharger
phpsimpledoc(freshmeat) phpSimpleDoc phpSimpleDoc is a documentation generator for P... Télécharger
rubynmap(freshmeat) Ruby Nmap::Parser Library Ruby Nmap::Parser Library provides a Ruby inter... Télécharger
brillien(freshmeat) Brillien Brillien, is an enterprise-level application se... Télécharger
avidemux(freshmeat) avidemux Avidemux is a graphical tool to edit videos. It... Télécharger
gpsd(freshmeat) gpsd gpsd is a daemon that listens to a GPS or Loran... Télécharger
wfmath(freshmeat) WorldForge::wfmath The primary focus of WFMath is geometric object... Télécharger
limpid-hosting(freshmeat) Limpid-hosting Limpid-hosting is a set of simple and transpare... Télécharger
dotiac(freshmeat) Dotiac::DTL Dotiac::DTL is a module that can interpret and ... Télécharger
checksysreport(freshmeat) checksysreport checksysreport performs some automatic tests ag... Télécharger
wrogue(freshmeat) Warp Rogue Warp Rogue is a dark science fantasy roguelike ... Télécharger
xmlparser(freshmeat) XML::Parser XML::Parser is a Perl extension module providin... Télécharger
shield(freshmeat) Shield Shield (Sequel Helper Interface Enabling Legacy... Télécharger
xwcm(freshmeat) XWCM XWCM (XML Web Content Management) is a library ... Télécharger
jotbug(freshmeat) JotBug jotBug is a Web-based project management and is... Télécharger
myoodb(freshmeat) MyOODB MyOODB (My Object-Oriented Database) is an inte... Télécharger
pngwriter(freshmeat) PNGwriter The PNGwriter library, which requires libpng, a... Télécharger
kundo(freshmeat) Kundo Kundo provides a structured, convention based a... Télécharger
aubit4gl(freshmeat) Aubit 4GL compiler Aubit 4GL compiler is a programming language ba... Télécharger
freelords(freshmeat) FreeLords Freelords is a rewrite of the well-known Warlor... Télécharger
g95(freshmeat) G95 G95 is a stable, production Fortran 95 compiler... Télécharger
dirac(freshmeat) dirac Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at... Télécharger
diskus(freshmeat) Diskus Diskus is a high-level hard drive diagnostic an... Télécharger
md5chk(freshmeat) md5chk md5chk is a tool for creating MD5 sums. It was ... Télécharger
web100(freshmeat) Web10G The Web10G project (a follow-on from Web100) wa... Télécharger
alc-rest(freshmeat) Alc REST Alc REST permits you to easily create REST styl... Télécharger
loadlin(freshmeat) loadlin Loadlin is a bootloader that starts Linux from ... Télécharger
rush(freshmeat) GNU Rush GNU Rush is a Restricted User Shell designed fo... Télécharger
anyevent(freshmeat) AnyEvent AnyEvent provides an identical interface to mul... Télécharger
nopaste(freshmeat) nopaste App::Nopaste allows easy access to any pastebin... Télécharger
kinterbasdb(freshmeat) KInterbasDB KInterbasDB is a Python extension package that ... Télécharger
vraptor(freshmeat) VRaptor VRaptor 2 is a Web-based MVC and IOC framework ... Télécharger
tosca(freshmeat) Tosca Tosca is a customer friendly, professional, and... Télécharger
streamline(freshmeat) Streamline Streamline is a pipelined I/O subsystem for bot... Télécharger
csvdiff(freshmeat) csvdiff csvdiff is a simple script for comparing two fi... Télécharger
zerod(freshmeat) Zero RRD Framework Zero RRD Framework provides a central HTTP-base... Télécharger
plc(freshmeat) plc plc is a GUI application that discovers 85 Mbit... Télécharger
mondorescue(freshmeat) Mondo Rescue Mondo Rescue archives Linux and Linux/Windows s... Télécharger
ipodfs(freshmeat) iPodFS iPodFS allows you to mount the iTunes DB from y... Télécharger
vt6530(freshmeat) VT6530 Terminal Emulator VT6530 is a C++ implementation of the proprieta... Télécharger
phpinheritance(freshmeat) PHP Template Inheritance PHP Template Inheritance consists of a handful ... Télécharger
libglade(freshmeat) libglade Libglade is a small library that allows a progr... Télécharger
lander(freshmeat) Lunar Lander Lunar Lander is a simple arcade game for Linux ... Télécharger
libsamplerate(freshmeat) Secret Rabbit Code Secret Rabbit Code is a sample rate converter f... Télécharger
ccscript(freshmeat) GNU ccScript GNU ccScript offers a class extensible threaded... Télécharger
gregarius(freshmeat) Gregarius Gregarius is a Web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM news aggr... Télécharger
sliderule(freshmeat) SlideRule SlideRule is a GTK-based slide rule. It can be ... Télécharger
yafpc(freshmeat) Yet Another Freeware PDF-Composer YAFPC (Yet Another Free PDF-composer) can compo... Télécharger
asug50oled(freshmeat) ASUS G50 OLED ASUS G50 OLED is a modular daemon that controls... Télécharger
mcmbackup(freshmeat) MCM Backup MCM Backup is PHP/MySQL Web site backup softwar... Télécharger
xblockout(freshmeat) XBlockOut XBlockOut is an excellent 3D game of Tetris/Blo... Télécharger
samizdat(freshmeat) Samizdat Samizdat is a generic RDF-based engine for buil... Télécharger
voreen(freshmeat) Voreen Voreen is a rapid application development frame... Télécharger
midgard(freshmeat) Midgard Midgard is a persistent storage framework. It p... Télécharger
qsvn-qtbasedsubversiongui(freshmeat) QSvn QSvn is a cross platform GUI Subversion client ... Télécharger
javaftp(freshmeat) edtFTPj edtFTPj is an FTP client library that allows an... Télécharger
cgiapplication(freshmeat) CGI::Application CGI::Application is a Perl framework intended t... Télécharger
python-ptrace(freshmeat) python-ptrace python-ptrace is a debugger using ptrace writte... Télécharger
gvpe(freshmeat) GNU Virtual Private Ethernet GNU VPE creates a virtual ethernet by creating ... Télécharger
lightblue-bluetooth(freshmeat) LightBlue LightBlue is a cross-platform Python Bluetooth ... Télécharger
phpeasyinstaller(freshmeat) PHP Easy Installer PHP Easy Installer is a script for creating a u... Télécharger
magicrescue(freshmeat) Magic Rescue Magic Rescue scans a block device for file type... Télécharger
jpilot(freshmeat) J-Pilot J-Pilot is a full-featured desktop organizer ap... Télécharger
pysql(freshmeat) PySQL PySQL aims to be a full replacement for sqlplus... Télécharger
chk4mail(freshmeat) chk4mail chk4mail lists the number of read and unread me... Télécharger
mtwrite(freshmeat) MT-write MT-write is a binary patch for multi-threaded w... Télécharger
pywatermark(freshmeat) PyWatermark PyWatermark is a tool that generates images wit... Télécharger
ftdi_eeprom(freshmeat) ftdi_eeprom ftdi_eeprom is a tool for creating, uploading, ... Télécharger
jenes(freshmeat) Jenes Jenes is an optimized Java library for genetic ... Télécharger
pngphoon(freshmeat) pngphoon pngphoon is intended as a successor to xphoon, ... Télécharger
jame(freshmeat) JAME JAME is an application for creating fractals an... Télécharger
konqil_icio_us(freshmeat) konqil.icio.us konqil.icio.us is a KDE service menu for del.ic... Télécharger
jgraphpad(freshmeat) JGraphpad JGraphpad Pro is a complete application framewo... Télécharger
grecipe-manager(freshmeat) Gourmet Recipe Manager Gourmet Recipe Manager is a simple but powerful... Télécharger
aoemask(freshmeat) aoemask The aoemask tool manipulates the MAC address ma... Télécharger
shake(freshmeat) Shake Shake is a defragmenter that runs in user-space... Télécharger
ccf(freshmeat) CollabNet Connector Framework CollabNet Connector Framework is an Openadaptor... Télécharger
couch-unit(freshmeat) CouchUnit CouchUnit is a JUnit extension that helps admi... Télécharger
mpls(freshmeat) MPLS-Linux MPLS for Linux is a project to implement an MPL... Télécharger
netfriends(freshmeat) Net::Friends Net::Friends allows for the reporting to and qu... Télécharger
sticker(freshmeat) Sticker Sticker is a tickertape instant messaging and v... Télécharger
flashdist(freshmeat) flashdist Flashdist is an embedded OpenBSD installer for ... Télécharger
edtftpnet(freshmeat) edtFTPnet/Free edtFTPnet/Free is a .NET FTP library written in... Télécharger
tftp-hpa(freshmeat) tftp-hpa tftp-hpa is an enhanced version of the BSD TFTP... Télécharger
gutenmark(freshmeat) Project Gutenberg Markup Tool The Project Gutenberg Markup Tool is a command-... Télécharger
nano(freshmeat) GNU nano GNU nano (Nano's ANOther editor, or Not ANOther... Télécharger
javacavemaps(freshmeat) Java Cave Maps Java Cave Maps is a project for helping spelunk... Télécharger
ddd(freshmeat) Data Display Debugger GNU DDD, the Data Display Debugger, is a GUI to... Télécharger
clac(freshmeat) clac clac (Command Line Advanced Calculator) evaluat... Télécharger
tartarus(freshmeat) Tartarus Tartarus is a backup script designed to make ba... Télécharger
exiftool(freshmeat) ExifTool ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library... Télécharger
www-phpbb(freshmeat) WWW::phpBB WWW::phpBBp is a Perl module to copy a phpBB fo... Télécharger
jep(freshmeat) Jep Jep is a Java library for parsing and evaluatin... Télécharger
gpgdir(freshmeat) gpgdir gpgdir is a script that encrypts and decrypts d... Télécharger
taskspooler(freshmeat) task spooler task spooler is a Unix batch system where the t... Télécharger
wxperl(freshmeat) wxPerl wxPerl is a Perl module that allows a Perl prog... Télécharger
linkextend(freshmeat) LinkExtend LinkExtend is a Firefox add-on that gets link i... Télécharger
txtfl(freshmeat) tXtFL tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. T... Télécharger
anemondhcpserver(freshmeat) Anemon Dhcp Server The Anemon Dhcp Server is a part of the Anemon ... Télécharger
sysrqd(freshmeat) sysrqd sysrqd is a small daemon for managing Linux's S... Télécharger

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