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libero(freshmeat) Libero Libero is a valuable tool for building programs... Télécharger
libfoxcontrol(freshmeat) libfoXcontrol libfoXcontrol is a library which allows you to ... Télécharger
libgaudio(freshmeat) libgaudio libgaudio is a C/C++ library to facilitate easy... Télécharger
libgcj(freshmeat) libgcj libgcj is the runtime component of the Java fro... Télécharger
liblcd(freshmeat) liblcd liblcd is a simple Linux user-space driver for ... Télécharger
libmaterial(freshmeat) libmaterial libmaterial is a library that provides a system... Télécharger
libmcal(freshmeat) libmcal mcal stands for Modular Calendar Access Library... Télécharger
libmdate(freshmeat) libmdate libmdate is a Mayan date conversion library wit... Télécharger
libow(freshmeat) libow libow is a start on an interface library for Da... Télécharger
libpetmax(freshmeat) LibPETMAX LibPETMAX is a library written in C++ which con... Télécharger
libradio(freshmeat) libradio Libradio is a small, simple C library to contro... Télécharger
librt(freshmeat) librt librt is a small general programming library (l... Télécharger
libslaktool(freshmeat) libslaktool libslaktool provides library functions for adva... Télécharger
libsrvtab(freshmeat) libsrvtab libsrvtab provides a simple API to Kerberos v4 ... Télécharger
libsvm(freshmeat) libsvm LIBSVM is an integrated software for support ve... Télécharger
libvrmldb(freshmeat) libvrmldb libvrmldb produces VRML worlds from databases. ... Télécharger
libweb(freshmeat) LibWeb LibWeb is a Perl library and toolkit for buildi... Télécharger
libxmi(freshmeat) libxmi libxmi is a standalone C library for rasterizin... Télécharger
libzdt(freshmeat) libzdt libzdt is a free general library aimed at anyon... Télécharger
licq2micq(freshmeat) licq2micq licq2micq converts LICQ's contact list to an mI... Télécharger
liftoffjavainstaller(freshmeat) Lift Off Java Installer Lift Off Java Installer is an installer for Jav... Télécharger
linefeed(freshmeat) LineFeed Linefeed is a GTK graphical utility which offer... Télécharger
lamp(freshmeat) Linux Animation and Movie Player LAMP is a movie player based on different libra... Télécharger
zoranmjpeg_linuxdriver(freshmeat) DC10plus/LML33/Buz Linux Driver The DC10plus/LML33/Buz Linux Driver provides MJ... Télécharger
linuxdriverfordmx512lightcontr(freshmeat) Linux Driver for DMX512 Light Controller This driver provides support for all DMX 512 PC... Télécharger
linux_general_ledger(freshmeat) Linux General Ledger The Linux General Ledger is accounting and book... Télécharger
linuxhamradioax_25patchesandto(freshmeat) Linux HamRadio AX.25 patches and tools This patch adds better ham radio AX.25 protocol... Télécharger
linuxieee1394subsystem(freshmeat) Linux IEEE 1394 Subsystem The Linux IEEE1394 Subsystem provides support f... Télécharger
limp(freshmeat) Linux Internet Messaging Program LIMP is a small messaging program. It allows th... Télécharger
linuxjoystickdriver(freshmeat) Linux joystick driver The Linux joystick driver provides support for ... Télécharger
linuxkernelspinlockmetering(freshmeat) Linux Kernel Spinlock Metering The Linux SMP kernel uses spinlocks to protect ... Télécharger
linuxmemorytechnologydevicepro(freshmeat) Linux Memory Technology Device project The Linux Memory Technology Device project prov... Télécharger
linuxreviewheadlinegrabber(freshmeat) Linux Review Headline Grabber Linux Review Headline Grabber is a perl script ... Télécharger
linuxsmbusbiosdriver(freshmeat) Linux SMBus BIOS driver The Linux SMBus BIOS driver is an experimental ... Télécharger
linuxsnipes(freshmeat) Linux Snipes Linux Snipes is a reimplementation of an old te... Télécharger
linux-kontor(freshmeat) Linux-Kontor Linux-Kontor is a project for the development o... Télécharger
thinkengine(freshmeat) Think Engine Think Engine is a PHP news site written from sc... Télécharger
ecartis(freshmeat) Ecartis Ecartis (fomerly known as Listar) is a mailing ... Télécharger
listmate(freshmeat) ListMate ListMate is a Zope based product that allows zo... Télécharger
literateperl(freshmeat) Literate Perl This module implements a simple Literate Progra... Télécharger
ljos(freshmeat) LJOS LJOS stands for a sequence of the words Linux, ... Télécharger
lla(freshmeat) LLA LLA is a Perl-based LDAP log statistics generator. Télécharger
lma-init(freshmeat) lma-init lma-init is a set of shell scripts that aim at ... Télécharger
lmp3(freshmeat) lmp3 lmp3 walks a directory structure in search of M... Télécharger
lnxfire(freshmeat) LnxFire LnxFire is a Linux & Gnome firewall tool fo... Télécharger
loadmeter(freshmeat) Loadmeter Loadmeter is a system monitoring app for X11 th... Télécharger
loadmon_epplet(freshmeat) loadmon.epplet loadmon.epplet is a simple load monitor for Enl... Télécharger
loco(freshmeat) loco loco is a Perl script which gives the messages ... Télécharger
lc(freshmeat) Logcheck Consolidator Logcheck Consolidator is a utility which manage... Télécharger
loginserver(freshmeat) LoginServer LoginServer is a multi-client TCP server class ... Télécharger
lperfex(freshmeat) lperfex lperfex is a utility which accesses the hardwar... Télécharger
lrzsz(freshmeat) lrzsz lrzsz is a portable and fast implementation of ... Télécharger
ls-l(freshmeat) ls -l ls -l is a two-pane file manager. Télécharger
lsdldoom(freshmeat) LsdlDoom LsdlDoom is a port of Doom, the original 3D sho... Télécharger
lsfcc(freshmeat) lsfcc lsfcc is a compiler generating Linux Socket Fil... Télécharger
lucid_calendar(freshmeat) lucid . calendar The lucid . calendar is a PHP/MySQL-based calen... Télécharger
lupengo(freshmeat) lupengo lupengo is the most famous arcade game involvin... Télécharger
lvm-viewer(freshmeat) lvm-viewer LVM-viewer is a tool for viewing and managing L... Télécharger
lwmenu(freshmeat) lwmenu lwmenu is a TCL/Tk program that displays an app... Télécharger
lwpp(freshmeat) lwpp Lwpp is a lightweight text file preprocessor. L... Télécharger
lynx2links(freshmeat) lynx2links lynx2links is a small utility to convert bookma... Télécharger
lyx2html(freshmeat) lyx2html lyx2html is a very simple LyX to HTML converter... Télécharger
m3gtk(freshmeat) m3gtk m3gtk adds Modula-3 bindings to the GTK. Télécharger
machineinfo(freshmeat) MachineInfo machineinfo is a web interface to Linux periphe... Télécharger
macrosystem(freshmeat) MacroSystem MacroSystem is a powerful C++ template system d... Télécharger
maelstrom(freshmeat) Maelstrom Maelstrom is an excellent Asteroids-type game w... Télécharger
mmounter(freshmeat) Magic Mounter mmounter tries to mimic the behaviour of MacOS ... Télécharger
mdmda(freshmeat) MailDirMDA MailDirMDA is a tiny program to deliver mail ga... Télécharger
mailwatch(freshmeat) Mailwatch MailWatch is a program for analyzing mail traff... Télécharger
mail_log(freshmeat) mail_log mail_log logs incoming emails in either common ... Télécharger
makeheaders(freshmeat) makeheaders The makeheaders program is a simple utility tha... Télécharger
makehtml(freshmeat) makeHTML makeHTML is a script to create complete HTML pr... Télécharger
makesig(freshmeat) makesig.pl makesig.pl is a very flexible random signature ... Télécharger
man-db(freshmeat) man-db This package provides the man command. This uti... Télécharger
manstyle(freshmeat) ManStyle ManStyle helps you create good-looking HTML man... Télécharger
mapis(freshmeat) MAPis MAPis is an installation script for MySQL, Apac... Télécharger
markoff(freshmeat) markoff markoff is a program to generate random text, b... Télécharger
mary(freshmeat) mary mary is a free native code optimizing Forth com... Télécharger
massrename(freshmeat) Mass Rename Mass Rename is a simple pair of shell scripts w... Télécharger
math3d(freshmeat) Math3d Math3d is a C++ library that provides everythin... Télécharger
masm(freshmeat) MathASM MathASM (MASM) is a scripting language similar ... Télécharger
mathfun_py(freshmeat) Mathfun.py Mathfun.py is a little Python library that make... Télécharger
matritsa(freshmeat) matritsa matritsa is a computer version of a board game ... Télécharger
matrixtemplatelibrary(freshmeat) Matrix Template Library The Matrix Template Library is a C++ class libr... Télécharger
matrixclock(freshmeat) matrixclock matrixclock is a clock for Matrix Orbital alpha... Télécharger
mavric(freshmeat) Mavric Mavric is a python module/application that aims... Télécharger
maxwell(freshmeat) Maxwell Maxwell is a word processor application for Lin... Télécharger
mca(freshmeat) MCA Mandelbrot Cellular Automaton Combines features... Télécharger
mcal(freshmeat) Mcal Mcal is a replacement for the traditional unix ... Télécharger
mcal-drivers(freshmeat) mcal-drivers The mcal-drivers package consists of additional... Télécharger
mcfeely(freshmeat) mcfeely McFeely makes it possible to run multiple progr... Télécharger
mcgi(freshmeat) MCgi MCgi is a CGI parser written in C++. Télécharger
php_net_idna(freshmeat) PHP Net_IDNA PHP Net_IDNA is a class to convert between the ... Télécharger
mebay(freshmeat) MeBay MeBay is a Perl/GTK client for eBay with suppor... Télécharger
megazeux(freshmeat) MegaZeux MegaZeux is a Game Creation System (GCS) with s... Télécharger
melati(freshmeat) Melati Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed w... Télécharger
memchan(freshmeat) Memchan Memchan is an extension library to the script l... Télécharger
mercat(freshmeat) Mercat Mercat is a light-weight, cross platform progr... Télécharger
messageoftheday(freshmeat) Message of the Day This little script shows a new quote every time... Télécharger
metachk(freshmeat) metachk metachk checks the health and safety of DiskSui... Télécharger

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