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pcp-puzzle(freshmeat) PCP-Puzzle PCP-Puzzle is a theoretical puzzle game based o... Télécharger
pctail(freshmeat) pctail Python Colorized Tail is a script that tails an... Télécharger
pdq(freshmeat) pdq pdq is a direct replacement of lpr. Adding and ... Télécharger
peachpit(freshmeat) peachpit Peachpit is an automated "tarpit" uti... Télécharger
peagnut(freshmeat) PeaGnut PeaGnut is a Gnutella client which allows rewri... Télécharger
pentiumgcc(freshmeat) PentiumGCC PentiumGCC is a branch of GCC (the GNU Compiler... Télécharger
birthdays_pl(freshmeat) PERL Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder is a Perl script that reads t... Télécharger
perlchat(freshmeat) Perl Chat Perl Chat consists of a client and a server, bo... Télécharger
perlwebutilities(freshmeat) Perl Web Utilities PLUtils is a set of Perl scripts and modules de... Télécharger
perl-gps(freshmeat) perl-GPS Perl-GPS is a Perl module that gives access to ... Télécharger
vfs(freshmeat) VFS VFS is a Virtual FileSystem written in PHP. It ... Télécharger
perlbeans(freshmeat) PerlBeans Perl Beans is an implementation of the Java Bea... Télécharger
perldap(freshmeat) perldap PerLDAP is a set of modules written in Perl and... Télécharger
perldbgui(freshmeat) perldbgui perldbgui is a GUI for the standard Perl debugg... Télécharger
perledialout(freshmeat) Perle dialout Perle dialout allows you to dialout from one of... Télécharger
perlseti(freshmeat) PerlSETI PerlSETI is a GUI front end for the SETI@home c... Télécharger
perlwebserver(freshmeat) PerlWebServer PerlWebServer is very simple to use and configu... Télécharger
permute(freshmeat) permute Permute is a simple program to read lines from ... Télécharger
petey(freshmeat) Petey Petey is similar to fortune but with different ... Télécharger
pgpforwarder(freshmeat) pgpforwarder pgpforwarder is a Perl server that accepts plai... Télécharger
pgpgpg(freshmeat) pgpgpg Pgpgpg is a wrapper which takes PGP 2.6 command... Télécharger
pgppipe(freshmeat) pgppipe PGP Pipe allows encrypting a data stream of arb... Télécharger
phluid(freshmeat) Phluid Window Manager Phluid is a window manager that emphasizes effi... Télécharger
phonebook_php3(freshmeat) Phonebook.php Phonebook.php is designed for large companies w... Télécharger
photo(freshmeat) Photo Collection Photo Collection is a Web-based picture organiz... Télécharger
photoarchive(freshmeat) photoarchive photoarchive allows you to organize your person... Télécharger
phpbind(freshmeat) PHP Bind PHP Bind is a fully self-contained PHP class fo... Télécharger
firstpost(freshmeat) PHP FirstPost PHP FirstPost is yet another PHP weblog. It is ... Télécharger
phppicturevotingbooth(freshmeat) PHP Picture Voting Booth The PHP picture voting booth allows your websit... Télécharger
phpsubmit(freshmeat) PHP Submit PHP Submit is a script which can be used for in... Télécharger
php-stream(freshmeat) php-stream php-stream is a front end for the stream-db ice... Télécharger
php-x10(freshmeat) PHP-x10 PHP-x10 is a PHP interface to the BottleRocket ... Télécharger
phpcal(freshmeat) PHPCal PHPCal is a configurable library for generating... Télécharger
phpdoc(freshmeat) phpDoc phpDoc is a system for PHP class documentation.... Télécharger
phpezmlmadmin(freshmeat) PHPezmlmAdmin PHPezmlmAdmin is a set of php3 and html web pag... Télécharger
phpgiftlist(freshmeat) phpGiftList PHPGiftList is a Web-based tracking of gifts yo... Télécharger
phpnews(freshmeat) phpNews phpNews is a set of php scripts to enable a new... Télécharger
phppolls-extrasgoodiepack(freshmeat) phpPolls-extras Goodie Pack phpPolls-extras Goodie Pack is an add-on to php... Télécharger
phprpmbuilder(freshmeat) phpRPMBuilder phpRPMBuilder is a Web application/service that... Télécharger
phpsat(freshmeat) PHPSAT PHPSAT is a workflow utility designed specifica... Télécharger
phpsearchdoc(freshmeat) phpSearchDoc phpSearchDoc is a program that aims to do for P... Télécharger
phpsgvote(freshmeat) phpSGVote phpSGVote is a Web-based interface to direct de... Télécharger
php_imlib(freshmeat) php_imlib php_imlib is an extension for PHP4 that makes t... Télécharger
php_plot(freshmeat) php_plot php_plot is a PHP4 extension module interface t... Télécharger
pi-address(freshmeat) pi-address pi-address is a GUI frontend to address databas... Télécharger
pick-set(freshmeat) pick-set pick-set finds random subsets of a given list o... Télécharger
picmonger(freshmeat) PicMonger PicMonger is a GUI-driven app that scans a spec... Télécharger
picotk(freshmeat) picoTK picoTK is a C GUI toolkit that requires only a ... Télécharger
pikipiki(freshmeat) pikipiki pikipiki is a cooperative authoring system for ... Télécharger
pimp3(freshmeat) pimp3 Pimp3 is an mpg123 frontend that allows one to ... Télécharger
pircy(freshmeat) Pircy Pircy is a collection of sirc scripts and a sma... Télécharger
pjbmanager(freshmeat) pjbmanager pjbmanager is a GNOME GUI manager for the Hango... Télécharger
pkgbuild(freshmeat) pkgbuild pkgbuild is a graphical development environment... Télécharger
pks-commands_php3(freshmeat) pks-commands.php3 pks-commands.php3 allows your Web server to sea... Télécharger
plfingerd(freshmeat) plfingerd The plfingerd finger daemon listens for request... Télécharger
plook(freshmeat) plook plook is a search tool developed as part of pab... Télécharger
pm2imap_pl(freshmeat) pm2imap.pl pm2imap.pl is a perl script that will convert P... Télécharger
pm2v(freshmeat) pm2v PM2V is a library for parallel encoding of a vi... Télécharger
pmfirewall(freshmeat) PMFirewall PMFirewall is an Ipchains Firewall and Masquera... Télécharger
png2html(freshmeat) png2html png2html takes a PNG image and transforms it in... Télécharger
pngencoder(freshmeat) PngEncoder PngEncoder is a Java class which takes a Java I... Télécharger
pnuts(freshmeat) Pnuts Pnuts is a scripting language totally written i... Télécharger
pocketlinux(freshmeat) Pocket Linux Pocket Linux is an almost minimal, one floppy l... Télécharger
podfuk(freshmeat) podfuk Podfuk wants to replace userfs; the reasons for... Télécharger
sun12x22pl(freshmeat) Polish sun12x22 console font The Polish sun12x22 console font is the standar... Télécharger
pontifex(freshmeat) Pontifex Pontifex provides a usable version of the encry... Télécharger
poorcount(freshmeat) Poorcount Poorcount is a program used to create counters ... Télécharger
popchecker(freshmeat) Popchecker Using popchecker you can log onto a popserver t... Télécharger
popexec(freshmeat) popexec popexec is a program for Unix/Linux which check... Télécharger
popdrop(freshmeat) PopDrop PopDrop is a Pike-based POP3 mail fetcher. It s... Télécharger
popol(freshmeat) Popol popol is a small ID3v1.1 tagger. Télécharger
portaloo(freshmeat) Portaloo Portaloo is a set of reading tools for RSS form... Télécharger
postgresqljdbcdriver(freshmeat) PostgreSQL JDBC Driver The PostgreSQL JDBC package provides a Type 4 J... Télécharger
postilion(freshmeat) Postilion Postilion is a mail user agent based upon the p... Télécharger
powerbounce(freshmeat) PowerBounce PowerBounce is an IRC proxy tool that allows yo... Télécharger
powerforms(freshmeat) PowerForms PowerForms is a tool for extending your HTML pa... Télécharger
powershell(freshmeat) PowerShell PowerShell is a GNOME/Gtk+-based terminal emula... Télécharger
ppcforth(freshmeat) PPCForth PPCForth is a minimal version of FORTH targette... Télécharger
pport1(freshmeat) pport1 pport1 is a set of drivers which support the In... Télécharger
ppower(freshmeat) ppower Ppower, short for 'Penguin Power', is a piece o... Télécharger
pppkeepalive(freshmeat) PPP Keepalive PPP Keepalive is a perl script intended to main... Télécharger
ppp-counter(freshmeat) ppp-counter ppp-counter logs PPP activity and computes the ... Télécharger
ptyz(freshmeat) ppp-in-telnet PPP-in-telnet allows Solaris users to establish... Télécharger
pppctl(freshmeat) pppctl pppctl is a suite of programs suitable for use ... Télécharger
ppstats-csc(freshmeat) ppstats-csc Personal Proxy Statistics is a Perl script to h... Télécharger
ppstats-des(freshmeat) ppstats-des Personal Proxy Statistics is a Perl script to h... Télécharger
ppstats-ogr(freshmeat) ppstats-ogr Personal Proxy Statistics is a Perl script to h... Télécharger
ppstats(freshmeat) ppstats ppstats (Personal Proxy Statistics) is used to ... Télécharger
prattle(freshmeat) Prattle message board system Prattle is a Web-based message board system tha... Télécharger
prensalibre(freshmeat) PrensaLibre PrensaLibre is a monolithic Perl CGI which auto... Télécharger
primalform(freshmeat) Primal Form Primal Form is a 3D modeler for UNIX. It sports... Télécharger
printerpowerd(freshmeat) printerpowerd printerpowerd is a little Python script designe... Télécharger
printerspy(freshmeat) Printerspy Printerspy is a tool to monitor SNMP-capable pr... Télécharger
print_filter(freshmeat) print_filter The print_filter package contains a simple prin... Télécharger
privacyguardglue(freshmeat) Privacy Guard Glue Privacy Guard Glue is a well-designed library w... Télécharger
probe(freshmeat) Probe Probe is a website-usage analysis tool. It 'pro... Télécharger
proclog(freshmeat) ProcLog ProcLog is a procmail log reporting and summary... Télécharger
productionbasic(freshmeat) Production BASIC Production BASIC is an Open-Source, Multi-user ... Télécharger
prp(freshmeat) PRP PRP is the dynamic pages generator. It is simil... Télécharger
psrip(freshmeat) psrip psrip is a small perl-script that extracts imag... Télécharger

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